Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker

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Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker
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Saturday, March 31, 2018
Principality Stadium, Cardiff, Wales, UK
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WBA, IBF & WBO Heavyweight World Titles


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Champion97's picture


I think this could be the fight of the year.
There is nothing better than a unification fight between two undefeated heavyweight champions.
This fight isn't getting the recognition, anticipation it deserves, much like Joseph Parker isn't. Parker is written off, underestimated, by many, disrespected in the UK, but what matters, is that Anthony Joshua knows Parker is a threat, he is taking him seriously, because he's too intelligent, too wise to be convinced Parker is a weak champion just because he has had a couple of difficulties in past fights.

I think Joshua will win, for a few reasons.
Joshua is about 6 centimetres taller than Parker, he has half a foot of extra reach, effectively, he probably has about 5 kilograms on him, he's the bigger fighter, that much is clear. Joshua is 2 years older than Parker, at this stage, when they haven't reached 30, I think being older is not only, not a disadvantage, but if anything, an advantage, it is just experience, maturity.

I think Joshua makes fewer mistakes than Parker, I think there are certain things both do well, that Joshua does slightly better, and with a little bit more consistency. I think Joshua and Parker are both improving, but I think Joshua is improving more efficiently, and I think at this stage, Joshua might be the more complete fighter.

Parker is a threat, he definitely has a good chance, he has fought the majority of the top 5 of the 44 past opponents between himself and Joshua, he had the longer amateur career, he has the higher punch output, the stronger stamina, the better chin, and he is the more experienced, established long distance fighter. Parker has been a professional for a year longer than Joshua, and has had a few more professional fights, so there are reasons why Parker could win this fight.

I think this will go the distance.

The first 6 rounds will be very important, I think it will be tense, tentative, at least for 2 rounds. In that type of fight, where there is so much at stake, so much of a reason to play it safe, it is so much about not making a single mistake, and with both of them trying not to make mistakes, I see Joshua taking a slight lead. I think in the early stages of a major fight, with such a high risk element, it will be boxed at distance, and if this fight starts to unfold like that for an opening few minutes, the extra 15 centimeters' reach could be a huge help for Joshua.

I think the mid-late rounds are Parker's territory, 6 rounds in, is likely to be the point when Joshua starts to struggle for pace, I think at this point, he'll be more heavy legged, his punches will be more forced, and at this point, Parker being the lighter, having the better engine, will be able not only to out work Joshua, but also, land heavy leather, find the chin, and inflict some damage. Parker has a good chance of stopping Joshua in round 8, give or take a round either way. I think one of the really interesting aspects of this fight, is when it comes to ultimate, all out fitness.

Joshua went from being hanging by the skin of his teeth, in a fight that was Klitschko's to lose, to rallying back with a sensational uppercut which turned it around, and he won the fight, so no matter how exhausted he looks, no matter how hurtful the shots from Parker he is taking are, Joshua has the ultimate durability, the heart, the fitness, the desire to find a good second wind, rally back late in the fight, so even if Parker staggers, drops Joshua, there will always be that decent chance that Joshua will manage to return fore late, of course, how well Parker's chin, stamina, overall durability will serve him late in the fight, when the naturally bigger fighter who carries more power is applying pressure, probably throwing that special right uppercut, is an entirely different question.

I think Joshua will win via unanimous decision, I think Parker might hit the deck, Joshua could as well, but I think he'll stay on his feet for 36 minutes. I think Parker will lose, but win 4-5 rounds, impress, and still improve his reputation even in defeat.

If Joshua does win this fight (as I'm 70% sure he will), he deserves a lot of credit, he shouldn't be expected to impress with overall dominance, he isn't fighting Whyte, Breazeale, or weaker anymore, this is his third serious fight, it will be in the top 2 toughest fights of his career. Joshua is competing at a high level now, that means if he wins, however he does it, he deserves credit, not criticism, and it really is as simple as that.

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Lucas Browne - Joshua
Gary Cornish - Joshua
Dillian Whyte - Joshua
Jim Lampley - Joshua
David Price - Joshua
Dave Coldwell - Joshua
Tony Bellew - Joshua
Bob Arum - Parker
Nick Webb - Joshua
Hasim Rahman - Joshua
Jarrell Miller - Joshua
Brandon Krause - Joshua
Paulie Malignaggi - Joshua
Dave Allen - Joshua

Joshua: 13
Parker: 1

Champion97's picture

Tale of the tape.

Height: 198
Reach: 208
Year of debut: 2013
Career lightest weight: 229
Career heaviest weight: 254
Fights: 20
Age: 28
Year of first title fight: 2014
World title contests: 5
Amateur record: 40-3
Losses: 0
Decision wins: 0
Disputed decision wins: 0
KO percentage: 100
Career best win (opinionated): Wladimir Klitschko (April 2017, TKO 11)
Previously unbeaten opponents: 5
Past opponents with losing records: 2
Current activity rate (fights from 2016-present): 5
Finishes inside 4 rounds: 16
Former or current world champions beaten: 1
Knockdowns suffered as a professional: 1
Experiences of boxing 12 rounds: 0
Experiences of boxing 8 rounds or beyond: 2
Experiences of boxing 6 rounds or beyond: 4

Height: 193
Reach: 193
Year of debut: 2012
Career lightest weight: 226
Career heaviest weight: 247
Fights: 24
Age: 26
Year of first title fight: 2013
World title contests: 3
Amateur record: (66 fights, at least 7 losses, but unlikely many more than that)
Losses: 0
Decision wins: 6
Disputed decision wins: 2
KO percentage: 75
Career best win (opinionated): Hughie Fury (September 2017, MD)
Previously unbeaten opponents: 2
Past opponents with losing records: 3
Current activity rate (fights from 2016-present): 7
Finishes inside 4 rounds: 15
Former or current world champions beaten: 0
Knockdowns suffered as a professional: 0
Experiences of boxing 12 rounds: 4
Experiences of boxing 8 rounds or beyond: 5
Experiences of boxing 6 rounds or beyond: 9

Best opponents between them (opinionated).
1. Wladimir Klitschko (Joshua won, TKO 11)
2. Hughie Fury (Parker won, MD)
3. Andy Ruiz (Parker won, MD)
4. Carlos Takam (Joshua won, TKO 10. Parker won, UD)
5. Alexander Dimitrenko (Parker won, KO 3)
6. Dillian Whyte (Joshua won, TKO 7)
7. Sherman Williams (Parker won, UD)
8. Dominic Breazeale (Joshua won, TKO 7)

BoxNationscores12's picture

This will be a special fight.

Champion58's picture

I think it will be a close fight, I think Parker will be resilient, the fight might well go the distance, with Joshua winning a decision, but not necessarily very wide. Would not rule out a knock out either way.