Danny Jacobs vs Maciej Sulecki

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Danny Jacobs vs Maciej Sulecki
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Saturday, April 28, 2018
Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, New York, USA
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Champion97's picture


I like this match up, it's a very good one.

Danny Jacobs is one of the most underrated fighters in the world in my opinion, bar one loss, to a fighter who was probably also underrated at the time, there is no reason to doubt him a great fighter of this era. Jacobs has defeated Sergio Mora, Peter Quillin, Caleb Truax. Jacobs lost to Golovkin, but it was close, he won 5-6 rounds, boxed extremely well, and proved himself to be on the same level as the Golovkins and Canelos of the boxing world.

Maciej Sulecki is a good fighter, he isn't a big name, he hasn't been in a high profile fight before, but he is undefeated, at prime age, and he has wins over Jack Culcay, and Hugo Centeno. This is a leap up in class for Sulecki, he is an underdog, probably a heavy underdog, but it will be interesting to see whether he is held down below this level by a crushing defeat to Jacobs, or whether he will rise to the occasion, do well when challenged.

I think Sulecki probably has age on his side, probably size as well, so he certainly has a chance in this fight.
I definitely think Jacobs is the puncher in this fight.
Jacobs has competed at the far higher level of the two, he has more really good wins, and the best couple of victories between the two fighters.
Jacobs has been I think more dominant in victory we have he's beaten tough opponents.

It is always likely it is going to be a competitive fight, when you have a favourite who is not unbeaten, vs an unbeaten
underdog who has fought decent opponents.

This fight is very interesting.
I've seen Sulecki fight, only once, that was his last fight, his fairly comfortable unanimous decision win against Jack Culcay. Based on what I saw Sulecki, I would say he is a solid boxer who does the basics very well, his jab, cross, well placed, his work rate, good, footwork, brilliant. Sulecki is not a big puncher, and I think given that he has been at 154 for his last few fights, he certainly won't be able to punch any harder against Jacobs, Jacobs can be hurt, but he has a decent chin, and I don't think Sulecki can hurt Jacobs at all.

I think Sulecki, strangely, despite having short arms, is a great outside fighter, and a limited inside fighter, but he is good at using his feet to get in and out of range, and his fully extended shots, jabs and crosses in a straight line, are great. I don't think Sulecki is much of a counter puncher, I think when he is out of range, and tries to box going backwards, he can be caught static, Culcay hit him with a lot of overhand rights which I think fighter who is that good on the outside, with really good feet, should have been able to evade.

Jacobs is a great fighter who does everything well, only small amount of negativity you can state, is maybe that he is simply not quite spectacular enough, not quite the outstanding fighter a Golovkin, a Canelo, Crawford is. Jacobs does not have real weaknesses I don't think, and what I notice when I watch him fight, is that if an opponent wants to make it a mess, and ugly push and shove kind of fight, Jacobs can delay with that, work out of a clinch in a controlled way, he has the basic skills, all the rudimentary weapons boxers learn to use, but sometimes lose consistency with, he has the ability to box in that kind of fight.

As Jacobs proved against Golovkin, he has no stamina issues whatsoever, he can really fight as well, he's shown us he has power many times, he has speed. I think because if Jacobs having all the fundamentals, and being such an awkward, experienced fighter, it is hard to prepare for Jacobs fight, it is hard to find something to capitalise upon, he does get too adventurous at times, lands himself in trouble, as he did against Mora, but not too often, and most of the time, of he does get hurt, he recovers, and fires back. I think a Crawford, Mayweather, Leonard, current and historic, stand out adjustment kings, might have found a way to find the blueprint, but apart from that kind of talent, I think Jacobs is close to unbeatable, Golovkin certainly never really took over their fight, stopped Jacobs having success, he was just simply a notch up, slightly better than his opponent, but I think that fight was actually closer than Golovkin vs Canelo was, although that's very arguable.

I think Jacobs will this fight.
I think Jacobs will get off to a good start, he'll have the better of most early exchanges, he'll beat Sulecki to the punch several times.
I see Sulecki's fundamental skills making the fight more interesting in the early-mid rounds, as he steps on the gas, raises his output, and Jacobs is not so dominant. I think rounds 3-6 will be close, with both guys having success at distance. I think Jacobs, as the far heavier handed, and the more established middleweight, will be landing with steam sapping shots, but Sulecki, even when landing a clean shot, will do no damage.
I think Sulecki will begin to fade at the midway point, having taken some painful straight shots to the body.
I think Jacobs will remain at a steady pace punch count wise, but he will punish Sulecki with his counters and lead right hands, as Sulecki's tactics become more defensive, but I don't think he will frustrate Jacobs with his defence. I think Jacobs will finish one or both of rounds 7 and 8 with a head/body attack, pinning Sulecki against the ropes, and beginning to give him a beating in what seems to be becoming a one sided fight.
I think Jacobs will unleash and onslaught at some point in the ninth, drop Sulecki a couple of times, and after a tough minute or two, the referee will take Sulecki out of his misery.

Champion97's picture

Height: 182
Reach: 185
Age: 31
Fights: 35
Wins: 33
Year of debut: 2007
Experiences at 160: 14
Career heaviest weight: 168
Career lightest weight: 159
KO percentage: 83
Title bouts: 10
World title contests: 7
Current activity rate (2016-present): 3 fights
Unbeaten opponents: 2
Opponents with losing records: 5
Best win (opinionated): Peter Quillin (December 2015, TKO 1)

Height: 185
Reach: 173
Age: 28
Fights: 26
Wins: 26
Year of debut: 2010
Experiences at 160: 13
Career heaviest weight: 168
Career lightest weight: 153
KO percentage: 38
Title bouts: 2
World title contests: 0
Current activity rate (2016-present): 5 fights
Unbeaten opponents: 2
Opponents with losing records: 5
Best win (opinionated): Jack Culcay (October 2017, UD)

Best opponents between them (opinionated)
1. Gennady Golovkin (Jacobs lost, UD)
2. Peter Quillin (Jacobs won, TKO 1)
3. Dmitry Pirog (Jacobs lost, TKO 5)
4. Caleb Truax (Jacobs won, TKO 12)
5. Jack Culcay (Sulecki won, UD)