Jarrell Miller vs Johann Duhaupas

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Jarrell Miller vs Johann Duhaupas
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Saturday, April 28, 2018
Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, New York, USA
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Eliminator for the WBA Heavyweight World Title


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Champion97's picture


This is a good one for the undercard.

This is fight which most of us have an easy time predicting, it is between an unbeaten heavyweight, and a good fighter who has a lot of experience, always wins against limited opponents, always makes a good account of himself against great fighters, and does have a couple of stand out wins, but seems to be seen as a bit of stepping stone nowadays.

Jarrell Miller is very good, he is unbeaten, he has beaten a few good fighters, but he is still untested really, and at the moment, in terms of the purpose of this fight, Miller is probably just staying active, and looking towards a big opportunity in the near future.

Johann Duhaupas is a good fighter, underrated, I don't think he is great, he has lost when he has stepped up to this level, he was stopped against Wilder, and Povetkin, but when he fought Wilder, he gave it his best shot, he went beyond 10 rounds, showed a lot of grit, and swung a few wallops back at the champion. Duhaupas has some very good victories, he knocked out Robert Helenius, he out pointed Manuel Charr, for some reason he never gets any credit or recognition for it, but he has those wins.

Miller is the younger, fresher fighter, I think in terms talent, potential, he might be a level up from Duhaupas.
Miller's last two opponents were guys who had lost to Wilder, Klitschko, etc, but win everything else, quite like Duhaupas, Gerald Washington, Mariusz Wach, he stopped both in rounds 8-9, I don't think Duhaupas is a step up from these guys, but by no means a step down either.

I think Duhaupas might be more resilient to punches than Washington and Wach, this could be a little bit interesting if he can take shots better than Miller expects, he can punch himself, he could land some big shots on Miller, maybe test his chin a bit as well. I think as the rounds go by, Miller will be taking his time, gradually taking a toll on Duhaupas, I think his output will be low in the early rounds, but he will raise his work rate slightly as the fight goes on.

Miller isn't a devastating puncher, and his size makes a fast paced 12 rounds almost impossible, but in fights against opponents who can't take at least some degree of control over the fight, can't stop Miller from pacing himself, forcing the opponent to drain himself, and Miller is so big, his shots are thudding blows, that taking shots in the corner, only knocks more out of the opponent.

I don't see Duhaupas managing to stop Miller from taking control of the fight, he might try to land something early, but if he has a centre ring brawl, even for a few seconds, he will come off worse I think, Miller might aim specifically for an early finish, maybe try to make a statement, and although it probably shouldn't, the Wilder fight, might put pressure on Miller to stop Duhaupas a lot earlier.

I think Miller will be on the offensive for one of the early rounds, he'll hurt Duhaupas, but not have the speed or ferocity to stop him very early as he aims to. Miller will be able to take a rest, without being made to pay, anything he is hit with, he will take well. I think through rounds 3-4, Duhaupas will fight tooth and nail, have success, but not hurt his bull of an opponent, and he will take energy sapping punches, maybe even just the strong, thudding jab as well.

Duhaupas has a lot of miles I think, and I think he will slow down after 4 rounds, allowing Miller to have more chances to throw punches when at the right distance, and he'll tee off to head and body, begin to inflict more damage. I think Miller will stop Duhaupas in 5.

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Tale of the tape

Height: 193
Reach: 198
Age: 29
Fights: 21
Wins: 20
KO percentage: 86
Year of debut: 2009
Title bouts: 3
World title contests: 0
Heavyweight fights: 21
Career heaviest weight: 299
Career lightest weight: 242
Unbeaten opponents: 0
Opponents with losing records: 7
Current activity rate (2016-present): 5 fights
Experiences of completing 12 rounds: 0
Experiences of completing 10 rounds: 0

Height: 195
Reach: 210
Age: 37
Fights: 41
Wins: 37
KO percentage: 59
Year of debut: 2004
Title bouts: 9
World title contests: 1
Heavyweight fights: 41
Career heaviest weight: 250
Career lightest weight: 223
Unbeaten opponents: 2
Opponents with losing records: 13
Current activity rate (2016-present): 6 fights
Experiences of completing 12 rounds: 2
Experiences of completing 10 rounds: 5

Best opponents between them (opinionated)
1. Deontay Wilder (Duhaupas lost, TKO 11)
2. Alexander Povetkin (Duhaupas lost, KO 6)
3. Gerald Washington (Miller won, TKO 8)
4. Erkan Teper (Duhaupas lost, UD)
5. Robert Helenius (Duhaupas won, KO 6)