Adrien Broner vs Omar Figueroa Jr

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Adrien Broner vs Omar Figueroa Jr
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Saturday, April 21, 2018
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Eliminator for the WBC Light Welterweight World Title


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There is a chance of this fight being cancelled.
I'm not saying it should be cancelled, I'm not saying Figueroa and Broner should lose their boxing licences, but I'm not saying the opposite either, sexual battery and driving under the influence of alcohol are serious crimes, and they should not go unpunished, what should happen? I don't know.

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I like this fight, it's very interesting, it is one of those fights you predict to unfold a certain way, then you change your mind.

I think these guys are both good, world level boxers, both are in their primes, at 28, they are at the point in their careers when they have to make the most of their potential. I don't think either of these guys are top level fighters, Figueroa is undefeated, Broner isn't, I think that is because Figueroa has never come across a a Gold level fighter like Mikey Garcia, or a Silver level fighter like Shawn Porter or Marcos Maidana.

Broner and Figueroa are both dangerous fighters, but tough as tungsten, but in the past, have both lacked consistency, discipline in the past, they have both won fights, but not really made a statement, struggled in victory, in fights they shouldn't have struggled so much in. Both these guys have a lot of talent, both have been world champions, both have really impressed on a couple of occasions. Broner may be the guy with the losses, but he is also the guy who has been in more world title fights, won more of them, and been a world champion more times.

This is a 50/50 fight I think, I think on account of the fact that this is being fought at light welterweight, Broner will win this, if it was fought at welterweight, I think Figueroa would win.