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Erislandy Lara

Carlos Molina

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What did you think of the fight?

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Interesting, close one, Lara, producing all the real quality, the cleaner work, if it was an amateur fight, it would be all Lara, but late, Molina closing the gap, man handling Lara more often, chopping away to the body with hooks and bringing it upstairs as well with the attacks in close quarters. It was anybody's fight really, but it is Molina I was impressed by in that you would expect more from Lara, given their statuses. A draw was fair I think.

I think Hurd will do an absolute number on Lara.

Both did well, Molina did great at mixing it up and Lara did well with cleaner work. That's true Molina was more impressive because we expected more from Lara.

I'm edging Hurd it's a tough one for me to pick. I would pick Lara but his stamina issues might let him down.

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Have you heard about Adrien Broner?
I think at a certain point, people have to ask questions, and to be honest, although I can't excuse sexual battery, I think Broner is a victim of his own crimes, and he is mentally unstable, he needs help.

Yeah, unfortunately. I think he has some serious problems, possibly could be on drugs I think. I remember last week he went on a rant on Instagram. He needs the help.

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I do think he deserves to be punished for what he has done, he has committed serious crimes, he has issues, but there is no excuse, he should go to jail, but I think he should be helped as well, I wonder how good the mental care, possible counselling there is in US jails.

This is unrelated to boxing, but I'm getting a puppy soon and I'm very excited! How are your dogs doing?

I'm a big Broner fan but I totally agree, that is some pretty serious stuff that he's in right now. I think he could be on drugs possibly. Not making excuses but that's my guess. You think this will effect his upcoming fight with Figeora?

That's cool, what type of dog? And my dogs are doing well.

You excited for Garcia vs Rios and Eubank jr vs Groves this weekend?

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It all goes out the window, the same rules should apply to an athlete as to a supermarket worker. If it doesn't it should! He should lose his licence, sexual battery, that's sexual assault? Rape? No he should not ever box again!

A cavapoo, she hasn't been born yet, but we hope to have her quite soon, I will make it my mission to train her from day one.

Yep, I'll enjoy Garcia vs Rios, but I'll be rooting for Groves, and it will very disappointing if Eubank wins. You?

I agree. I do think if he's proven guilty that should be the case he shouldn't be allowed to box. I don't know the difference between all those but they are all bad.

That's sweet.

I'm going to try and watch both. I'm rooting for Garcia in the one fight and neutral for Groves fight.

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Yeah I can't wait.

We have very different opinions, I'm always rooting for guys from Robert and Mikey's team, and Angel Garcia is a ******, that isn't even a word, haha, but he is a piece of garbage. Eubank is a skumbag, I think the world should certainly be behind Groves! If Eubank loses, man, he will get slaughtered by the public. The best result would be Groves and Rios winning, for me anyway.

Do you like my idea of posting predictions from the boxing world on EOTR?

I heard Figeroua got in trouble for a dui, trouble all around in that fight.

I actually don't like Angel Garcia, I used to find his antics funny now it's just old. He came off like such a sore loser after the Thurman fight. I actually like Danny, he seems like a good guy, but I can see why people root against him. I would be happy if Rios won though.

I like the idea, because it gives us a perspective of the fighters on how they think the fight will go in their minds.

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That's terrible, I read about that earlier. The fight should be cancelled. Both guys are criminals, and should go to prison.

Nah well I've always been against that nonsense, it is like seeing a kid kicking and screaming in a super market, it's funny, but after years of tantrums, the kid grows up to be foul mouthed, irresponsible adult, you see there is nothing funny about it. Danny Garcia needs to accept that he lost that fight, give Thurman credit, be better than his dad, I will be happy for him if he beats Rios, but I'm really hoping Rios can pull it out. It is not Garcia's fault that his dad is a nasty man, I have nothing against him. I would honestly laugh if Eubank got knocked out, he is a callas skumbag, he thinks safety is a joke, he's taken digs at Nick Blackwell since their fight, he posted a video of him knocking out a young sparring partner, he got shirty when Lerrone Richards whooped him in sparring, he takes advantage of the whole "referee has to protect you" line, well fingers crossed, Groves can knock his head off and see how he like talking about referees and their protective services then.

That's good to know, thanks. It looks like Canelo is the favorite in the Golovkin rematch, Joshua is a heavy favourite against Parker.

I Think Stevenson vs Jack should be talked about more, don't you think that is a very interesting one? I'm definitely predicting Jack, I'm sorry, you've told me before, but who do you think wins again?

Sorry for my rant about CEJ.

There was a joke made, a little inappropriate but kind of funny it said that they'll have 3 judges ring side and 2 judges courtside.

I just don't really like Angel Garcia, I don't like him talking trash on Crawford and all the Thurman drama. I don't like how he is on rematches, he was so against giving Peterson and Herrera rematches but, is begging for one against Thurman. I mean I find Eubank entertaining and will watch his fight but he talks a lot of nonsense. Didn't really like all the Ward talk, or making fun of Kell Brook.

I noticed that more people are picking Canelo now, and I noticed a lot of people are picking Joshua.

It's probably the second best fight that is official. I think Jack will win a UD.

It's all good don't worry about it.

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I'm not amused, but maybe I need to lighten up.

Yeah that's stupid, but it's the racism which is really bad. What a b**** he was more than happy to rematch a fat, depressingly faded Erik Morales just so Danny could spark him, but no rematch for Matthysse, Peterson, Herrera, BS! Great, but he must be pretty darn fun to watch if people think it is worth it, the sparring video, his attitude, it is terrible.

Joshua is the heavy favourite, it's understandable.

I think a stoppage. I think Stevenson could well take him out early, but come round 5, if Jack is still there, and he isn't in a bad way, I would highly doubt Stevenson could win.

Did I tell you what Leonard Bundu said about Spence and Thurman?

All jokes aside, when they booked Figeora he weighed in at 170 pounds, that's so much weight to lose in 2 months.

I forgot about the racist stuff he's said. I thought Morales was still solid at old age like when he fought Maidana, but the second fight he was obviously faded. Hated that there were no rematches for ones that deserved them..


I'm picking Jack by split decision, I can see him knocked down early but recover well and compete with Stevenson in the later rounds. I've picked against him too much, I got to pick him now.

What did he say?

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140 or 147 is the determining factor as to who wins in my opinion. I think Broner will win, because it is at 140. I don't know, I mean that might not mean as much as you think, he could be wearing a lot of layers, he could be desperate for the toilet, he could even be holding a heavy item like a bag or something, and 2 months, that's 9 weeks, 63 days, not so long to lose 30 lbs, but I think he would have to melt the weight off himself at a high pace in the early weeks, because one thing is for sure, the pounds get more stubborn the later the point in time.

I don't agree completely, but he did well to put up a fight like that. Morales was at his best many, many years ago, in the Garcia rematch, he was way, way over the hill.

I certainly don't think it goes the distance, Stevenson has to take a gamble early, because if it goes past 4, it is really going to look up for Jack, a bit like the situ with Haye vs Bellew. He doesn't do anything spectacular which really catches your eye, but he is just a good, solid all round fighter who trains with the best.

Nothing crappy or personal, I wouldn't have mentioned it it he had, that didn't stop idiots and 'trolls' all over the world from tearing into him.

What Bundu said was very interesting, and let's get one thing out there, nobody is a better person to ask about this fight, for the same reason the most valuable opinion on Joshua vs Parker is that if Carlos Takam, as much as we don't like his style, Malik Scott is the best judge of Wilder vs Ortiz.

The general concensus is that Spence is not so much a boxer, as much as a fighter, a puncher, a powerhouse, who isn't a great technical fighter, and Thurman is a boxer/mover who doesn't hit with as much venum.

Well interestingly, Bundu has a different view, just to rule out any BS, Bundu is a top guy, he doesn't like or dislike Spence or Thurman, he isn't biased either way. Bundu said after his defeat to Spence, "Errol was more precise than Keith". Just before Spence fought Kell Brook, Bundu made a very different point, he stated that Thurman hits harder than Spence, his explanation was that Spence set up the finish, caught him with enough accuracy to use his power well, caught him cold, but he said that against Thurman, with every shot Thurman hit him with, clean or blocked, he felt shockwaves rattle through his whole body, and overall, round by round, Thurman throws the more impactful punches. Very interesting I think.

There could be a lot of factors to why he weighed a lot, I'm not sure how they weigh people when arrested, it could be with their clothes on and stuff. I agree Broner is very good at 140 and I give him a good shot of winning a title at 140 in the future.

The Morales that fought Maidana was still good enough to give the best fighters problems, but he had like a Pacquiao like decline when fighting Garcia.

I can see it going the distance, but also see it being stopped as well. I think it depends on Stevensons stamina later on in the fight.

I agree with that, opponents who fought the two guys that are fighting is the best to hear from even if they aren't the best opponent.

I agree with what Spence said, that is very accurate. I think Spence is very accurate and is better at setting up the finish then Thurman. Also is a better body puncher. But Thurman can hit very hard. Who do you think Spence and Thurman should fight next? They both have fight dates but no opponent.

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I don't know if he deserves the opportunity, I mean, he has committed assault many times, if he is mentally unstable, he needs help.

Bear in mind that Maidana was nowhere near as good then as he was against Broner and Mayweather, he had a poor trainer, he hadn't prepared well for the fight.

I don't agree that that's what it depends on, I think it depends on whether or not Stevenson has stopped Jack before round 5. Stevenson might try to be patient, make Jack work, try to nick the rounds, but that's bad tactics I think, because down the stretch, that will not work. I'm 90% sure it doesn't go the distance, you never know, it might, but I doubt it. I think either Stevenson gets him out of there early, or Jack stops him mid-late. This is a bit like Haye vs Bellew. Stevenson is quite the front runner, but on a 12 round basis, he can't get the better of Jack, he doesn't have the stamina, the fundamentals, the inside fighting ability, or the durability. Gun to my head, I say Jack stops Stevenson in 9.

For Broner vs Figueroa, it is Antonio DeMarco, for Hurd vs Lara, it is Austin Trout.

Spence should fight once this year, but if he can, Thurman should get two in. I think Thurman should target a decent opponent next, I would say Thomas Dulorme, or maybe Jamal James, Chris Algieri, I think he should give Porter his shot in November. I think Spence should either fight a Jessie Vargas, or maybe a slightly less challenging opponent, but fight another twice this year. Neither Spence or Thurman have had a tough fight this year, so they have a few good options. Always the chance of Spence vs Porter as well, they are great friends, but just because they are buddies, doesn't mean they can't compete against each other, I wouldn't say that is a 50/50 fight, but I think Porter has a shot against anybody, I think that would be a great fight, I just think Spence is a notch up talent wise, and I think as well as having the serious pure power, he is just a fighter of a slightly higher calibre, but two fighters who would both want to win, two hard working athletes who are always in fighting shape, some fight that would be. Final answer, Thurman needs two fights this year, if he can, he can't rush into a Spence or Porter fight next, because he will lose, that 'tune up' as you guys overseas say, is crucial, at the same time, he would gain little from fighting Dans and Biziers, he needs a tough, live opponent who shows up to win, but is not much of a threat in terms of talent, calibre.


That is also true on Maidana.

I think you could be right on that. I can also see it being a cautious fight and it possibly go the distance. That's just my guess, I could actually see it going the way you see it. I can see Stephenson stopping Jack early or Jack stopping Stehenson late. I change my prediction to late stoppage for Jack.

Very true.

Thurman should fight twice this year, and Spence should fight at least once again this year. I brought this up but Matthysse is a good fight for either of them. Maybe we can see Spence vs Matthysse next. I agree on the Porter fight, he might not beat Spence but he'll give him his toughest fight to date if they fight next. I could say a tune up is good but not against a dan or Bizier like you said, like a level above them.

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It's plausible, but I just think Jack will have no ultimate tactics which his opts to use instead of just pressure, volume, and Stevenson, well he'd make a mistake not to blast Jack out of there in a few rounds, he should go out all guns blazing, he shod be methodical, but he has to get a shift on, because if it goes long, he won't win, and once he's tired, once it's Jack's fight, he's not going to last the distance. I think Stevenson is underestimating Jack, because he has been challenged, I think Stevenson might think he's a blown up super middleweight, well he isn't. I think Jack will beat Stevenson into retirement, but Stevenson may get more credit in defeat than he ever has in victory, unless he retires himself from the fight like Rigondeaux.

Yeah I think that's an interesting one, Matthysse is always a threat. I think because of their different styles, Thurman and Spence would fight Matthysse very differently, I think Spence would be potentially more susceptible early, because he holds his feet for longer, but I think he could do more damage than Thurman early as well, with his higher output, and I think Spence could finish Matthysse before long at all, I think Thurman would have to be more cautious, he wouldn't give Matthysse any ground, as long he kept switched on, I think it could become a fairly easy fight, but I think he would inflict less punishment Matthysse, although, I do think he would stop him. I think it is just finding the right balance, you shouldn't come back too soon, suffer a toll taking ordeal even still in victory, let it dent your confidence, give you hand damage, give you miles, but at the same time, it is close to pointless to come back, take on a guy of that low level, in a mismatch, and not get challenged at all.