Gennady Golovkin vs Saul Alvarez II

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Gennady Golovkin vs Saul Alvarez II
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Saturday, May 5, 2018
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WBA, WBC, IBF & TRM Middleweight World Titles


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Champion97's picture


I love this fight!
This is a very necessary sequel to what was a great first fight.
I predicted Golovkin to defeat Alvarez in September, I called a split decision, that, I was right about, but what I didn't get right, was the verdict, because although most of us disagreed, and thought Golovkin should have been declared the winner, the fact remains, that the outcome was a draw.

I think Alvarez will win this one, I'm actually quite confident in that prediction, I do not mind who wins, I'd be happy for either fighter, but I think Alvarez is going to take this one.

I don't see any way that Golovkin, at his age, having had a weight advantage the first time which might well be a lesser advantage in the rematch, can do anything to really make the changes required. Both these guys can and will make adjustments, but I think the fact that they both can do so, means they can somewhat cancel each other out. I think power, ability to land hurtful punches, and resistance, were very key, very important in the first fight, and I think if either fighter loses a degree of ability to take good shots from the other, it will really cost them.

This is very much about age and timing, Canelo is 27, Golovkin is 36, Golovkin is declining, Canelo isn't. Given that the fight was a draw last time, I don't see how Golovkin can afford to decline due to his age, and produce again, the performance we saw from him last time, I think his resistance might well be weakened, he'll need more recovery time, he'll be slower, less agile, and because of this, he has dropped down to not being as good as a fighter he was just as good as, if not better than, 6 months ago.

There is a very understandable case to be made that Golovkin will win this fight, he is still the natural middleweight, some people think Golovkin was robbed in the first fight, some scorecards were in favour of the Kazakh, by 4 points, which suggests there is more than a very small gap between the two of them, and even if he has declined, he was better enough than Canelo last time, for his decline or Canelo's possible improvement to be enough for Canelo to be better than Golovkin when the rematch takes place.

I think because Golovkin doesn't have many miles, he isn't old as far as 36 year old fighters go, he is declining slowly, so this might still be a really close fight, but nevertheless, I still think he has dipped since the first fight, Canelo won't have dipped, if anything, he'll be better second time around. I think the first fight was taxing on the fighters, and at Golovkin's age, these fights really take it out of you, and make you worse at holding up against big punches, I think this could be the biggest difference in the rematch.

I think Canelo has a good chance of stopping Golovkin, but I don't think he will, I think the fight will go the distance, it will be quite similar to the first fight. I think relative to the first fight, the two big differences will be Golovkin being less dominant in rounds 4-9, more specifically and more importantly, 6-9, and I think rather than just rallying, seeming to edge the late rounds, Canelo, overall, will really dominate the last quarter or third of the fight. I think Canelo will win a decision, could be split, maybe majority, but more likely unanimous, obviously it depends on how well Golovkin does, and if it goes into disputed decision territory, that would imply Golovkin may well get the decision himself if it is that close.

Golovkin shouldn't be written off, he has a chance, I would be quite surprised if he won, but not really shocked. If the fight goes the way I think it will, you have to sympathise with Golovkin, most of us thought he was done an injustice last time, and he edged that first fight, and considering that, it is frustrating on his behalf, to think that that might well have been his best and maybe even only chance of beating Canelo.

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Sharife Bogere - Alvarez
Eddie Mustafa Muhammad - Golovkin
Mike McCallum - Alvarez
Layla McCarter - Golovkin
Dewey Cooper - Golovkin
Lanell Bellows - Golovkin
Frank Stea - Alvarez
Stacy Mayweather - Alvarez
Elaine Castro - Golovkin
Quatavious Cash - Golovkin
Daquan Mays - Alvarez
Sanjar Rakhmanov - Golovkin
Henry Namauu - Golovkin
Robert Garcia - Alvarez
Brandon Rios - Golovkin
Danny Garcia - Alvarez
Jim Lampley - Alvarez
Roy Jones Jr - Alvarez
Bernard Hopkins - Alvarez
Nonito Donaire - Alvarez
Gervonta Davis - Alvarez
Kelly Pavlik - Alvarez
David Benevidez - Golovkin
Ben Lair - Golovkin
Peter Quillin - Alvarez
Deontay Wilder - Alvarez
Shane Mosley - Golovkin

Golovkin - 12
Alvarez - 15