Jeff Horn vs Terence Crawford

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Jeff Horn vs Terence Crawford
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Saturday, June 9, 2018
MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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WBO Welterweight World Title
Tony Weeks


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Crawford by 8th round TKO. Even making it to the final bell would be an accomplishment for Horn. This isn't a knock on Horn. Crawford's just a different animal.

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I like this fight, I think it should be more hyped.
I think as of the results of 2017, Terence Crawford is the pound for pound best in most opinions, he has the dedication, and the talent, he has had a fantastic couple of years, he has a couple of outstanding victories, which were great performances, in 2016-17, against previously unbeaten fighters, who were both very highly rated, there are many candidates for the top spot on a pound for pound list, but Crawford may the one who has proved the most, has more wins as evidence for being the best boxer, than Lomachenko, Garcia, Spence.
Jeff Horn is underrated, he gets no credit, but he should, he's undefeated, and he beat Manny Pacquiao fair and square.
Horn may be the champion, the A-side, granted, he is, but he is the underdog, a huge underdog, and so he should be.

The bottom line is that these guys are both undefeated, they are the same age, and they will give the fight and the preparation for it, their best efforts, they will stop at nothing to win, they will try their 100% best to win, they both have great desire, by this logic, this fight is not at all a waste of anybody's time. There are a few ways this fight could go.

I would not be at all surprised if Crawford was able to make this about levels, dominate Horn from the outset, Horn is undefeated, a world champion, but so was Gamboa, so was Postol, so was Indongo, and he made these fights, a mismatch, a boxing lesson, and a demolition after his only career struggle for the first few rounds.

I think the wild card is the weight, it benefits Horn, the question is, how important will it be?
Moving up in weight is a big deal, and the difference between light welterweight, and welterweight, is underestimated, jumping up in weight too quickly is a bad idea, I think fighters, in their careers, should move up in weight, a maximum of twice, if at all.
Crawford is 5'8, just slightly shorter than Horn, and he was a tank of a lightweight, he also had a good few years at light welterweight, so he isn't skipping anything, it's not irrational for him to move up in weight, but this is his first fight at 147, he's fighting an unbeaten world champion, and a fighter who is big for the weight.
I think because Crawford hasn't rushed it, he is 5'8, not too short, and he will do the weight the right way, he can adapt well to 147, I think he will be strong at the weight, do well, it will take a fight or two for him to adjust, but I don't think the weight will be big fight factor against him, even in his 147 debut, having said that, it is impossible to be a former lightweight world champion, competing a welterweight world title bout, for the first time without having an obstacle to overcome.

Crawford is not a real welterweight, but that doesn't mean he can't do well at 147, especially considering just how successful he was at 140.

Crawford has still moved up in weight at a gradual pace, he is also taking his experience, boxing brain up to 147, he has a lot of power, and he's fighting a guy who has been hurt before in a few fights, and has been through more struggles in lower level fights, than Crawford himself has been through in higher level fights.

I think it is very possible that Crawford could put Horn away early, like he did against Indongo, this fight could be similar to Crawford vs Gamboa, but I think the weight will be very relevant, I think Horn makes the top 4 of Crawford's opponents, and considering the weight advantage, that Gamboa, Postol, Indongo didn't have, I think this will be Crawford's toughest fight so far.

Horn has a chance, he is much bigger than Crawford is, he's stronger, Crawford's speed and power will be compromised by the weight, Horn is a nightmare opponent, I think he will go the distance, push Crawford, but I think that ultimately, although weight, size matters, so does calibre, so do levels, and Crawford's ease at world level, compared to Horn's difficultly in his one real world level fight, suggests to me strongly, besides other evidence, that Crawford is too much better than Horn, has too much skill, and is such a higher calibre fighter, that Horn won't be able to manage the upset despite his size advantage.

I would say Horn would have maybe a 55% shot at winning, if Crawford had been at 130, 6 years ago, and was leaping straight up from 135, if he was doing an Adrien Broner, at 5'6, racing from 130 to 147 as a kid, still being Crawford, having the same level of talent and skill, I think Horn would win, but I think Crawford is big enough, and near enough to being a welterweight, that he can still win this comfortably.

To a degree, this might turn out like Mayweather vs Maidana did, I think from the opening bell, Horn will be aggressive, try to drag the smaller athlete into a dogfight, he'll make people eat their words even with a good start, and Crawford will have difficulty with the weight, but as the middle rounds go by, the difference in levels, will be apparent, and Crawford's skill will trump Horn's aggression and relentless pressure, he'll be able to sap a lot of steam out of Horn with body/head attacks, which he will make Horn walk into.

It is draining to fight at a high pace, straight after a move up in weight, and I think late in the fight, Crawford will fade a bit, I think Horn will be drained himself, and because of his inferior all round ability, he will have had to work harder, run a mile to have success Crawford could have had with less effort. I think Horn will be swinging for the fences late, and in the last quarter of the fight, he will need to put Crawford on the canvas, but he won't be able to do that.

I think Crawford will win clearly, quite comfortably, but will have been challenged, I think he'll win maybe 112-116 on all the cards, so comfortable, but not a landslide.

If Horn puts up the effort I expect him to, and does as well as I think he will, I hope he finally gets the credit he deserves, I don't think he will beat Crawford, but I think he will exceed 99% of peoples' expectations.

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Accidental double post.

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Accidental triple post.

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Accidental quadruple post.

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Tale of the tape.

Height: 175
Reach: 173
Age: 30
Experiences at 147: 17
World title contests: 2
Fights: 19
Losses: 0
Career heaviest weight: 151
Career lightest weight: 146
Year of pro debut: 2013
KO percentage: 63
Been a world champion: once
World title belts owned past or current: 1
Best win (opinionated): Manny Pacquiao (July 2017, UD)
Unbeaten opponents: 1
Opponents with losing records: 4
Current activity rate (2016-present): 5 fights
Time since last fight: 4 months

Height: 173
Reach: 178
Age: 30
Experiences at 147: 0
World title contests: 10
Fights: 32
Losses: 0
Career heaviest weight: 142
Career lightest weight: 134
Year of pro debut: 2008
KO percentage: 72
Been a world champion: twice
World title belts owned past or current: 5
Best win (opinionated): Yuriorkis Gamboa (June 2014, TKO 9)
Unbeaten opponents: 5
Opponents with losing records: 10
Current activity rate (2016-present): 5 fights
Time since last fight: 8 months

Best opponents between them (opinionated)
1. Manny Pacquiao (Horn won, UD)
2. Yuriorkis Gamboa (Crawford won, TKO 9)
3. Viktor Postol (Crawford won, UD)
4. Julius Indongo (Crawford won, KO 3)
5. Felix Diaz (Crawford won, TKO 10)
6. Thomas Dulorme (Crawford won, TKO 6)
7. Henry Lundy (Crawford won, TKO 5)
8. Raymundo Beltran (Crawford won, UD)
9. Dierry Jean (Crawford won, TKO 10)
10. Ricky Burns (Crawford won, UD)

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I think this is a decent fight. It will be interesting to see if Terence Crawford can carry his success up to Welterweight. Most of all, given that Jeff Horn is the WBO champion, this fight is certainly one that is necessary to set up bigger unification fights in the future. I am very confident Crawford will win this fight, I think it is a 90/10 fight where he would have to do a lot wrong and Jeff Horn would have to do a lot right for Crawford to lose.

I think there are some potential outside factors that could have and will show in this fight. Regardless of if you think Horn won or not, the 117-111 Horn card would simply not have happened if the fight was in Las Vegas like this fight is. Crawford has fought in Las Vegas previously on undercards and in the main event versus Viktor Postol while Horn has never fought outside of Australia. Crawford is the fighter who the promoters want to win and he has a decent following, therefore I think if anyone will get the benefit of the doubt in this fight it will be Crawford.

For Crawford, this is his first fight at Welterweight. He is 30 years old and a decent sized fighter for Welterweight, 5’8 with a 70 inch reach. He had an okay amateur career with 70 bouts, but not a really notable one. He beat Mikey Garcia and Danny Garcia most notably, but lost to Danny Garcia, Sadam Ali, Ray Robinson, and Yordenis Ugas. Since turning pro, Crawford improved immensely. In my view, he has developed into the best pound for pound fighter in the world, and the most skilled fighter to begin his career in the 2000’s bar Andre Ward. He really does everything well, he has good power and speed, he can switch hit, he counter punches, and most importantly out-thinks his opponents. His first notable bout was when he beat Breidis Prescott, the Khan killer, on the undercard of the Brandon Rios vs. Mike Alvarado rematch. He followed this up with defeats of Alejandro Sanabria and Andrey Klimov before getting his title shot versus Ricky Burns who was attempting to make the fifth defense of his WBO Lightweight title. Crawford outclassed Burns by a wide decision to win his first world title. He then faced the undefeated Cuban Yuriorkis Gamboa, a former unified champion and Olympic Gold medal champion. Gamboa displayed his immense natural skill in the first few rounds and gave Crawford trouble with his incredible speed and offensive ability. Crawford adjusted to Gamboa and began to catch Gamboa, putting him down four times before the fight was stopped. Following this, he beat longtime contender Ray Beltran to win the vacant Lineal and Ring Magazine Lightweight titles. He then moved up, beat Thomas Dulorme to win the vacant WBO Super Lightweight title, and defended the titles against Dierry Jean and Henry Lundy. Crawford moved up in class following these bouts facing WBC Super Lightweight champion Viktor Postol, who had knocked out Lucas Matthysse to win his title. The fight was seen as a relatively even fight by most, but Crawford dominated and knocked down Postol to win a wide unanimous decision which saw him become the unified WBC and WBO Super Lightweight champion as well as winning the vacant Lineal and Ring Magazine titles. After a tune-up versus John Molina Jr, Crawford widely decisioned and dominated Felix Diaz, an Olympic Gold medal champion. In his last bout, Crawford faced Julius Indongo, the undefeated unified WBA and IBF Super Lightweight champion. Crawford dominated Indongo, knocked him down in the second and knocked him out in the third. This made Crawford the first undisputed four belt champion since Jermain Taylor beat Bernard Hopkins over a decade ago. Crawford had no business left at Super Lightweight and announced a move up to Welterweight. Crawford is most certainly leagues more skilled and experienced as a pro than Horn is, but moving up in weight is where people who doubt Crawford believe he will have trouble with Horn. I personally think his size will be a non-factor versus Horn. Crawford was a huge Super Lightweight, weighing in at 157 lbs after rehydrating from 140 lbs against both Postol and Diaz.

For Horn, this is his second true world level fight. He is also in his prime, at 30 years old and similarly sized at 5’9 with a shorter 68 inch reach. Horn had quite a good amateur career, most notably making the quarterfinals at the 2012 Olympics. Despite his amateur background, his style is not the most technically refined or complex in the world. He generally comes forward, tries to cut off the ring and crowd his opponent by throwing combinations in close. On his way to becoming a champion, Horn faced Randall Bailey, a huge puncher and former champion, and exchanged knockdowns in route to winning by a 7th round corner stoppage. Before getting his world title shot, he faced Ali Funeka, where he was cut and dropped before Horn dropped him twice and scored a 6th round technical knockout. Versus an aged Manny Pacquiao, he was seen as a huge underdog, but used his size and arguably dirty boxing tactics to crowd and wear down the much smaller Pacquiao. Horn was cut and nearly stopped by Pacquiao, but persevered and won a very controversial unanimous decision. He then won a tune-up fight versus Cary Corcoran where both fighters were cut and Horn scored a late corner stoppage. Simply put, the biggest problem for Horn is his skill level. Will he have enough skill to impose his style versus a true pound for pound level opponent?

I am very sure Crawford will win this fight. I believe he is simply too skilled for Horn and has looked increasingly sharp in recent fights. For Horn to win, he is going to have to make Crawford respect him early on, he is going to have to show a level of technical ability he hasn’t shown thus far in his career to get inside of Crawford’s counters and wear Crawford down. I do not believe Horn will be able to impose his size on Crawford, Horn was supposedly around 160 lbs versus Pacquiao for the 147 lbs weight limit and Crawford was 157 lbs versus Postol and Diaz. There is no way that Horn will outweigh Crawford, Crawford has a very good build for going up in weight classes and a good style for countering aggressive fighters. Unless Crawford comes in undertrained and with a complacent mentality, which has not been an issue with him before, I think Crawford will out-think and out-box Horn. Crawford will catch Horn with big counters, winning nearly every round, dropping Horn who has been hurt and dropped before and possibly getting a late stoppage or a wide unanimous decision.

If Crawford wins, this puts him right in the race for the best fighter in a loaded Welterweight division. He would likely have to take a lower level opponent or two before he gets a crack at the winner of Thurman vs. Spence which will likely happen in early 2019. Top Rank doesn’t really have any other good Welterweights to my knowledge except for Pacquiao, and I don’t think the Pacquiao fight will ever happen for Crawford. Pacquiao and his team seem to want absolutely nothing to do with him and it isn’t a fight I would want to see either. If Horn wins, we would have to say he is a pound for pound level fighter. I don’t know what Bob Arum would do if Horn won. I assume if Crawford loses, he would get an immediate rematch given what he has accomplished. If Horn loses, I think he can get some work at the contender level, he has the skill and style to have success there. Possibly the domestic matchup with Mundine is still on the table for him as a way to make money.

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Great analysis!

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I think Horn just needs to do himself proud even if he loses by stoppage and it isn't close, he has already overachieved, I still think he will give Crawford problems, but I think Crawford will win by at least 4 points. Is Crawford top of your pound for pound list?

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Yes even if he goes out on his shield fighting that would be fine. If I'm Horn I just don't want to let the fight get to the point of Postol or Diaz where Crawford is humiliating them. Yeah, he is at the top of my pound for pound list.