Badou Jack vs Adonis Stevenson

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Badou Jack vs Adonis Stevenson
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Saturday, May 19, 2018
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Unified Light Heavyweight Titles


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EndOfMe1994's picture

Although unlikely, I would absolutely love to see Stevenson get knocked out here.

Champion97's picture

I wouldn't rule that out!
I get the sense you are not a Stevenson fan, certainly not a champion who is winning any popularity contests.

Champion97's picture


This is a very fascinating one.
There are two very different ways I think this fight could turn out. I will be shocked if one of the following doesn't happen,

- Stevenson stops Jack inside 4 rounds.
- Jack stops Stevenson somewhere within rounds 8-10.

Stevenson has a very good chance of defending his title, he is heavy handed, very quick, and he is a very dangerous puncher, he has a lot of muscle as well, which I think is advantage early, it doesn't necessarily slow you down, and it is outright size, centre ring presence. Stevenson has a shot, if he can catch Jack with a big shot early, but, he must take that gamble, and if he does not, he will be tactically foolish, to put it lightly, and ultimately, nullifies his chance to win.

Jack has a great chance of winning this, but for a few rounds, he will be in a lot of danger, Stevenson is a monster, he has stopped opponent after opponent, he has defended his title 8 times, and Badou Jack cannot fully prepare himself for this based on past experience, he hasn't been in against an aggressive, live opponent, at this weight, nevermind a fast, sharp, and explosive banger like Stevenson, Jack can be hurt as well, he has to make Stevenson miss early, take what he has to, be smart, even take a knee if necessary, but with no panic, he just has to stick to his game plan show grit, that (grit, toughness), we know he has plenty of. If Jack makes it into the middle third of the fight, I think it's his fight to lose, he wants to win, he has the desire, he is fighting a vulnerable fighter with not such a tough chin, a 40 year old, and a guy who, naturally, isn't even all that bigger than he is, Jack is certainly taller.

This is sink or swim for Jack. If he is shocked, overwhelmed when he is being attacked by a lump of a 175 lb fighter with bags full of power and speed, and he can't recover, he will probably get blasted out of there and he could get hurt, he must drag Stevenson into deep waters, tough out what will be torrid early sessions, he has the bottle to tough it out, but he needs knowledge of how to survive.

This is sink or swim for Stevenson. If Stevenson throws the kitchen sink at Jack early, as he should, and Jack endures it, he will blow a gasket after a few rounds, every punch he throws will be more ragged, he'll struggle for oxygen, and his muscle mass won't help him, it will just be extra weight which makes the pace more gruelling. Jack has a solid all round, fundamental skilset, and he is very consistent, he makes his opponent work hard, he has a great work ethic, high output, and he wastes nothing, he blocks shots very well, steps forward with his shots, uses range well, he's a 12 round fighter as well. At his age, against a guy who is not naturally small for the weight, who is relentless, when he is exhausted, Stevenson will not be able to bully or overpower Jack, it will be Jack's fight, and Stevenson can't stand there and take solid shots in such high volume. Stevenson must set Jack up early, hit him with a shot he doesn't see coming, this would be his best win in years, and he has the power to demolish Badou Jack, but he has got to use his experience, use his power in the most effective way, because if he lacks method, then he may well fail to get Jack out of there, if this happens, I give him almost no chance of staying a world champion.

Will Stevenson make this a sprint? That's his fight.
Will Jack make this a marathon? That's his fight.

I think Jack will win, I think he'll hit the deck once or twice, he'll be on the defensive, and it will be anxious times for his corner, he will be under some fire, but as the minutes tick by, the fight will swing in his favour. I think Jack will break Stevenson down, turn the tables on him, become more the aggressor round after round, and at some point, he'll start to beat Stevenson up, at which point, I don't think the stoppage will be far off when it gets to the point that Stevenson is clearly no longer in the fight.

Champion97's picture


Travis Peterkin - Stevenson
Montell Griffin - Jack

Stevenson - 1
Montell Griffin - 1

Gold's picture

This is an interesting fight, definitely one I will be watching. I think there are two well-defined paths of how this fight can go. Stevenson KO's Jack inside the first half or Jack takes over and wins wide by UD or late stoppage.

Some of the outside factors: The fight is going to be in Quebec like pretty much all of Stevenson's fights. He is a Haitian immigrant who speaks French, living and fighting out of Quebec. Therefore I expect a near-unanimous pro-Stevenson crowd. I don't think this will affect Jack, he's been in plenty of big fights by now. For the judges, I don't really think they will matter because of the aforementioned ways I think this fight can go.

Adonis Stevenson is kind of an interesting boxer to look at. He got sparked by the greatest journeyman of all time, Darnell Boone, early in his career. Boone is an absolutely huge puncher, having knocked down both Ward and Kovalev. Speaking of absolutely huge punchers, Stevenson's left is probably pound for pound the best punch in boxing currently. He avenged his loss vs. Boone, then beat three quality opponents. He annihilated Chad Dawson in a round to win the WBC, Ring, and Lineal Light Heavyweight titles, battered Tavoris Cloud forcing a corner stoppage, and stopped Tony Bellew. He was a very good and explosive offensive fighter with a huge punch. I think around this time there were talks for him to first face Hopkins and then Kovalev after Kovalev beat Hopkins for the undisputed Light Heavyweight Championship of the world. These talks obviously never materialized. So what happened after that for Stevenson? Well as we all know, he decided to do absolutely nothing. After this, he decided to become the worst champion in boxing. Bellew was the last mandatory challenger he has faced, which was in 2013. Since then, he has paid step aside fees to an unambitious Eledier Alvarez. The most relevant opponent he has faced since Bellew was a shot Sakio Bika in 2015. He got stripped of his Ring Magazine Lineal title for not fighting a top-five opponent over a two-year span. He hasn't been terribly active as of late either, the Jack fight will be his third fight since the beginning of 2016.

Badou Jack seems to universally be recognized as the opposite of Stevenson, someone who has overachieved in regards to the expectations of him. He's a hard-working fighter who tries to grind guys out over the duration of the 12 rounds. Jack, like Stevenson, got sparked early in his career. He started slow and got dropped a few times before being stopped. After this, he won the WBC Super Middleweight title off of Anthony Dirrell, defending it against quality opposition in George Groves and Lucian Bute (A bad draw changed to a DQ win for Jack) and drawing DeGale in a unification where he really battered DeGale. He then moved up to Light Heavyweight and won the fake WBA Light Heavyweight paper title off of a faded Cleverly which set him up for this fight with Stevenson.

As for the measurables, Stevenson is the natural Light Heavyweight, he is shorter but with a longer reach. I don't see this really coming into play though, both are sufficiently big enough for this weight. Neither are young, Jack is 34 and Stevenson 40. I really wonder how much Stevenson has declined with age. Power is usually the last thing to go but he was a relatively explosive and fast offensive fighter when he was fighting good competition. Of course, he hasn't faced good competition in years so it's hard to judge.

I think this is probably a 65/35 fight for Jack and I will predict him to win. I don't think there are a lot of different paths to victory to analyze in this fight. I am willing to bet Stevenson has declined significantly over these years and he won't be able to keep up with Jack going down the stretch. When Stevenson was fighting more relevant competition, he had more difficulty when he was forced to go down the stretch such as versus Fonfara in their first fight. There is a good chance Jack gets shut off by Stevenson early because Jack has had some slow starts and Stevenson is a huge puncher, but I think more than likely Jack weathers the early storm, grinds down Stevenson and wins by late stoppage or wide UD.

If Jack wins, he will likely have to fight the mandatory, which I think Eledier Alvarez has to fight Oleksandr Gzozdyk to decide. I wouldn't mind seeing either of those as a first defense. For Stevenson, he would likely have to retire as he wouldn't have the belt anymore or just take domestic level fights if he wants to continue. If Stevenson wins, he will have to face the mandatory and after that if he wins he will likely try to cash the belt out in a unification as he is getting quite old. For Jack, he should probably try to get himself into another title opportunity at Light Heavyweight, with Ward's retirement I think there is potential for him at the weight.

Champion97's picture

Tale of the tape.

Height: 180
Reach: 196
Age: 40
Experiences at 175: 11
Career heaviest weight: 175
Career lightest weight: 165
World title contests: 9
Fights: 30
Two best wins (opinionated): Either Chad Dawson (June 2013 KO 1), and. Sakio Bika (April 2015, UD).
Knockouts inside 2 rounds: 13
Knockdowns suffered in career: 2 or more
Losses: 1
Wins: 29
Activity rate (2016-present): 2 fights
Rounds: 131
Experiences of going past 4 rounds: 12
Decision wins: 5
Disputed decision wins: 0
Unbeaten opponents: 1
Opponents with losing records: 3
KO percentage: 80

Height: 185
Reach: 185
Age: 34
Experiences at 175: 5
Career heaviest weight: 174
Career lightest weight: 167
World title contests: 5
Fights: 25
Two best wins (opinionated): Anthony Dirrell (April 2015, MD), and George Groves (September 2015, SD).
Knockouts inside 2 rounds: 5
Knockdowns suffered in career: 2 or more
Losses: 1
Wins: 22
Activity rate (2016-present): 3 fights
Rounds: 147
Experiences of going past 4 rounds: 15
Decision wins: 10
Disputed decision wins: 3
Unbeaten opponents: 2
Opponents with losing records: 2
KO percentage: 52

Best opponents between them (opinionated)
1. James Degale (Jack drew with Degale, MD)
2. George Groves (Jack won, SD)
3. Anthony Dirrell (Jack won, MD)
4. Lucian Bute (Jack won, Dq)
5. Sakio Bika (Stevenson won, UD)
6. Chad Dawson (Stevenson won, KO 1)
7. Tony Bellew (Stevenson won, TKO 6)
8. Andrzej Fonfara (Stevenson won, UD. Stevenson won, TKO 2)
9. Nathan Cleverly (Jack won, TKO 5)
10. Marco Antonio Periban (Jack drew with Periban, MD)
11. Tavoris Cloud (Stevenson won, TKO 7)
12. Thomas Williams Jr (Stevenson won, KO 4)
13. Derek Edwards (Jack lost, TKO 1. Stevenson won, KO 3)
14. Rogelio Medina (Jack won, TKO 6)
15. Alexander Brand (Jack won, SD)