Jarrett Hurd vs Erislandy Lara

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Jarrett Hurd vs Erislandy Lara
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Saturday, April 7, 2018
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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WBA & IBF Light Middleweight World Titles


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Champion97's picture


This is a good match up, it is a very significant fight, that's for sure.

Lara is very skilful, he is a well schooled Cuban, he had a great amateur career, and as a professional, he has proven himself to be a ring technician. Lara is not fan friendly, he will gladly have a lacklustre fight, do what it takes to win, and nothing more, which isn't a bad thing, but I do think he would be more supported by the public, he would be a more marketable fighter, if he was a more positive fighter.

Hurd is a powerhouse, a thudding puncher, who loves to fight with his face, can break opponents with his own ability to soak up punishment. Hurd has a lot to prove, but he is 27, 21-0, and now, he is taking on an experinced world champion from the 'who needs him?' club, and because he has the IBF title as well, this is the right time for him to step up. Picking a tough opponent like Austin Trout, not having it all his own way, but winning, getting the stoppage, that was very impressive from Hurd, and he took that fight I think because he wanted to be consistent, and also to take on a guy of that high calibre, get a good idea himself of what his flaws and strengths are, not just to look good with the opponent comparison.

I think Hurd will win this, and I don't think it is a hard fight for him, not really. Hurd has 7 years on Lara, he is a fair bit taller, Lara has been known to gas, when he doesn't have it all his own way, and is forced to engage, he often struggles. On a hit and don't get basis, I can see Lara being successful early, but I don't think skills will matter, I don't think defence will be important early, I don't think Lara can sustain a high pace against Hurd, and I don't think he can hurt him. I think Lara will be fading by round 5, and Hurd will only find less difficulty in controlling more aspects of the fight, and he will begin to walk Lara down, put some volume on him, and stop him. I think this will be a mid round finish for Hurd.

I'd love to see Jarrett Hurd vs Jermell Charlo.

Champion58's picture

Lara to win this one, he's a very skilful fighter, just too good for Hurd.

Gold's picture

I think this is a very good fight, unification fights are always welcome in boxing and I think this will be an interesting stylistic matchup. I personally think this is a 65/35 fight for Hurd, however both Lara and Hurd are definitely two of the top three best Super Welterweights in the world.

In terms of outside factors, the fight location hasn’t been announced yet but one can assume it will be at the Barclays Center where Showtime has a deal with the arena. Both guys have fought there before and Hurd is from the Washington D.C. area which isn’t very far from New York City. I strongly believe this will be a pro-Hurd crowd. Hurd has a very fan friendly style and Lara does not endear himself to casual fans at all. I think this could be a factor in the judging as fans will cheer Hurd and boo Lara. Lara has also had issues with judging in the past.

For Lara, he is an experienced and extremely high quality boxer. Off the top of my head I would rate him in my top 20 pound for pound. Stylistically he is a student of the traditional Cuban style of boxing where he had an excellent amateur career before defecting to the United States. Lara uses a lot of lateral movement to avoid opponents and to set up counter punching opportunities. He has good power, enough to get the respect of his opponent but he isn’t a big power puncher or a high output fighter. In Lara’s early career, he got absolutely robbed versus Paul Williams but eventually worked himself up to an interim WBA title opportunity versus Alfredo Angulo. I think this is the most relevant fight in Lara’s career to how he will do versus Hurd. Angulo is a very limited guy who wants to come forward and make the fight ugly, which he was able to do versus Lara. He dropped Lara twice but ate some big counters and was stopped on a horrific eye injury. Following this Lara won a wide UD over prime Austin Trout and lost a controversial split decision versus Canelo Alvarez in a non-title bout. Both very good fights for his resume. Since that bout, he has defended his title six times against relatively low level competition and hasn’t really been tested. He is “34” now but I wonder if he may be older given Cuban fighters ages are sometimes falsified when they enter the United States. He also is a smaller Super Welterweight at 5’9 with a 74 inch reach.

For Hurd, he is a relatively inexperienced and limited title holder. He didn’t really have much of an amateur career so he did a lot of learning on the job. Stylistically he wants to come forward, get inside and grind guys down. He won his IBF title doing this versus a lower level opponent in Tony Harrison and versus a faded Austin Trout. The issues with Hurd is that he takes a lot of punches to try to grind guys down and he can be outboxed. His defense is suspect, but he covers for that with his chin. He was definitely getting outboxed by Trout until he was able to grind Trout down. He is still relatively young and inexperienced at 27 so maybe he can improve still. He does hold an advantage over a lot of Super Welterweights in his size, he is huge at 6’1 with a 76 and ½ reach.

I think for Lara to win he is really going to have to use his movement and counters in the early part of the fight to try to wear Hurd down like he did with Angulo. He may have difficulty keeping his output high enough to keep Hurd off of him and win rounds. In addition, if he moves enough he risks gassing, but maybe he can outlast and outbox Hurd over the distance. The issue I have with that though is Lara is now older than he was in the Angulo fight, and more importantly Hurd is a lot bigger, heavier and more skilled than Angulo. I think he will be able to get inside on Lara, impose his size, and wear him down. Therefore, I think Hurd will win by late KO/TKO.

Regardless of who wins, the next fight they have will be against WBC Super Welterweight titleist Jermell Charlo. I think this is a good fight for both guys and could especially be interesting for Lara as they have extensive sparring experience versus each other. If Lara loses, I think he should retire. He had a good career but it is hard to see him getting back to title contention with his style. If Hurd loses then he will just have to build himself back up to title contention. With his size and youth I think he would have a good shot to get back to becoming a titleist.

Champion97's picture

Tale of the tape.

Height: 185
Reach: 194
Age: 27
Career heaviest weight: 158
Career lightest weight: 153
Fights: 21
Wins: 21
Best win (opinionated): Austin Trout (September 2017, TKO 10)
World title contests: 2
Year of debut: 2012
Unbeaten opponents: 5
Opponents with losing records: 8
Activity rate (2016-present): 4 fights

Height: 175
Reach: 188
Age: 34
Career heaviest weight: 158
Career lightest weight: 152
Fights: 29
Wins: 25
Best win (opinionated): Austin Trout (December 2013, UD)
World title contests: 5
Year of debut: 2008
Unbeaten opponents: 3
Opponents with losing records: 1
Activity rate (2016-present): 3 fights

Best opponents between them (opinionated).

1. Saul Alvarez (Lara lost, SD)
2. Austin Trout (Lara won, UD. Hurd won, TKO 10)
3. Paul Williams (Lara lost, MD)
4. Vanes Martirosyan (Lara drew with Martirosyan, TD. Lara won, UD)
5. Tony Harrison (Hurd won, TKO 9)
6. Terrell Gausha (Lara won, UD)
7. Alfredo Angulo (Lara won, TKO 10)
8. Carlos Molina (Lara drew with Molina, MD)