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Joshua vs Parker is offical!! Can't wait

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Yeah man! I added it! I'm not looking forward to any other fight more. You think Joshua gets him out of there? Or do you think by decision?

Same here, I'm so excited to see this fight, and better yet it's happening at the right time. I think it's more then likely this one goes the decison. I think it depends on how Parker reacts to Joshua's power.

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I agree, his most likely mistake is to underestimate his skill though, Parker has a granite chin, and I think he's a recuperative fighter as well. Joshua's jab is underrated, like Golovkin's defence, Ward, Mayweather's power, just because we don't see a lot of evicting of it, doesn't mean it is not there. Size matters, Parker is a slow starter I think, so early, I see Joshua being dominant, maybe hurting Parker, Joshua breaks steal, not just glass, that right uppercut particularly is something special. If Parker starts well, attacks the body early, Joshua is in trouble, because Parker has the output, the gas tank, and Joshua doesn't have an iron jaw, he can be hurt, and Parker has been 12 at least 3 times. I think Joshua needs to start well, that's important. If Parker wins, it will be great for boxing, because it shouldn't just be the AJ show, but what would be disappointing is if it isn't a good fight, if Joshua has a hard time, but wins, that will be good for boxing as well, because Joshua is an asset to the sport, let's just hope he gets the credit he deserves if he beats Parker.

I think that can be it to, but I doubt Joshua will underestimate him though. One thing that might be a problem is Joshua getting discouraged if he can't get Parker out of there. Sometimes with power punchers it's discouraging to see a fighter not go down. Joshua is a particulary good starter, and if he can build on a led and not take too much damage he could be good. Although if Parker invests to the body early that could be bad for Joshua since he doesn't have the best gas tank, not from poor work ethic just from being too big. On the other hand Joshua is good at recovering, he got his second wind against Klitschko and stopped him, but it could be another story. Parker is a different beast then Klitschko was when they both fought Joshua. If Parker wins, I would be happy for him, but I would be very disappointed about Joshua losing. All I hope for is a classic fight, and no controversy. I think if Joshua wins a fair decision or doesn't win by premature stoppage he'll get credit from the fans. Hopefully we get Joshua Wilder at the end of the year, maybe that's wishful thinking, but maybe it's likely since the winner of this will fight the winner of Wilder Ortiz.

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It would be good for the balance of the heavyweight division, but we all want AJ to succeed, I agree, let's hope for a great fight, may the best man win. It isn't about Joshua, it is that he might not get anymore credit for beating Parker than he would if he beat Whyte again. I doubt it, if Wilder wants to fight Joshua, it will have to be this year or next, I highly doubt he could beat Joshua if the fight happens too late, he's not young, he will be old in a couple of years, Joshua has a good few left. Parker should be considered a class above Luis Ortiz, a 38 year old dodgy drug user, who can't even stop Malik Scott, he's good, but he's not top 5, I think Wilder sparks him in 4. I'm not convinced that will turn out to be the case. I'm annoyed about Wilder vs Ortiz happening, Ortiz shouldn't have a licence, come March, goodnight Mr 'Blood pressure meds'.

Those 2 fights are good for the division. We do want Aj to succeed, but it's not just his division. He's definitely a good face for the division along with Wilder and Parker. I think he'll get credit by the hardcore fans like you and me but not so much by the casuals. They'll say that he beat Parker who should've technically have a loss on his record. I disagree on how long the window for the Joshua Wilder fight will be winable for Wilder. He's 32 which isn't really old but it's getting there, he's on the good side of 32. He hasn't had many grueling fights yet. I also think he is very motivated to fight still, he's said in a recent interview that he wants to beat Marciano and Mayweathers record. I agree that Ortiz shouldn't have a license, but it's the way it is I guess.

Here is something interesting I have heard about Ortiz.Some boxer said he's older then it actually said, some say 48. Do you believe that?

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No, but 34, is, and although Wilder hasn't had a long career at a high level, he has had almost 40 fights, let's not forget that, he has very brittle hands, he has been in tough fights, I don't think he will be a young old fighter like Klitschko was, of the other hand, to be fair, power is an attribute old fighters can keep, how old was George Foreman when he knocked out Michael Moorer? And power is Wilder's best attribute, so Wilder will still be a puncher in a few years, but he will be slower, less agile, easier to hit, his gas tank won't be what it was, he will be a more vulnerable fighter, and in 18 months, Joshua won't even quite be 30 I don't think, I believe Wilder will be 34, at least 33, the age is a factor here, no doubt, a fighters prime is probably 26-29, some fighters come of age and stay young at 30-31, some even carry youthful boxing ability into 32-33, but when it comes to saying fighters who are any older than that, aren't old fighters, old athletes, it is always proven to be over optimistic when the fight happens. I'm not saying fighters can't be really good fighters when old, heck, look at B-hop!, but that is because they are fighting guys who they would have embarrassed in their youth, not because they aren't poorer for being old, and in boxing, closer to 40 than 30 is always old.

You shouldn't take any notice of that, Wilder is full of motivation, anger etc, he doesn't really think he has plenty of time, he didn't really want Stiverne to die, he won't be happy if Joshua needs an oxygen bag if he knocks him out in a possible fight.

No, not if it is based on silly rumours from keyboard nutters who like to have a natter (assuming it is), it is not full on impossible, but I think it is highly, highly unlikely. Ortiz may look 50, but that means nothing, unless there is evidence (such as a picture of little Luis as a boy in 1975) I'd call BS on those claims. Ortiz is old though, 38, that is older than people think for a boxer, mark my words, as soon as Wilder has success, hell get a reaction, Ortiz won't go 6, I don't think he'll go 4, out it this way, Ortiz is older than Stiverne, say that to someone who spouts nonsense about Ortiz being better than Wilder.

Honestly I keep forgetting about that on his hands. He's admitted they aren't 100 percent. I think he will be a fresh fighter like Klitschko left, he hasn't taken much damage in his career, any injuries that occured in his career were somewhat self inflicted. Hasn't been in any wars. Age might be a factor. I hope that when the fight happens it will be at the right time.

I think he says those things to hype fights up. I do see him lasting long in the sport.

He does look old but there's no concrete evidence that he's closer to 50 then 40. The only piece of evidence is just words said by a fighter. I don't think Ortiz will last long against Wilder like you say. I say around round 5 he gets knocked out cold. I wasn't impressed with Ortiz's last fight. I mean that counter punch that knocked the other guy out looked nice, but really he looked slower foot wise and hand speed wise. He's declined a lot since the Jennings fight which I think was one of his best performances.

I'm really excited for the Joshua vs Parker fight. The press conferences have been exciting, the crowd at the arena is going to be hype. Not just that it's a great fight that is meaningful, the winner of this will have 3 of the 4 major belts and is one step away from becoming the undisputed heavyweight champ. Also do you think Parker can be better then David Tua when his career is over?

Mikey Garcia vs Lipnets is off, Lipnets had to withdraw because of a hand injury.

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OK well that's just something we don't agree on, one of us is right, we won't know for years which, some could defend my argument by looking at the fact that two 30 year old former world champions looked awful when being stopped inside 5 round mismatches, and revisit Haye vs Bellew, Pacquiao vs Horn, many others, on the other hand, you said it, Wilder hasn't been in any 12 round back and fourth wars, heavyweights often last longer, Klitschko came very close to getting the win last April, at 41, we don't agree in it, but what we can surely agree on, is that it isn't good for Wilder, being 4 years older than Joshua, it the fight happens later rather than sooner, what we differ on is how significant age is in this scenario. To be honest, I think you, as a hardcore Joshua fan might be slightly relieved if it happens at the right time for AJ, should still be a classic. I think Wilder, as an outstanding puncher, and an under challenged heavyweight, will still be great at 35, the difference is, at that time, he will stand a much thinner chance of beating Joshua.

I think he has lasted longer, done more than people realise, like Mayweather, he won't be appreciated until he has retired.

He should darn well have been able to knock Daniel Martz out early, in a mismatch, Bryant Jennings did on the undercard of Crawford vs Indongo. Ortiz isn't angry at Wilder, he's angry at himself, he got caught, he's a dirty, cheating lowlife, I hope his pride, his confidence as a fighter gets battered out of him when he fights Wilder, that is the punishment he deserves, physically, long term, in terms of clinical mental health, I hope he is ok, no human deserves to be killed or permanently damaged, but Ortiz does not deserve to go out on a high, because drugs in boxing, it is so dangerous, unethical, and metaphorically, it is basically urinating all over every rule book of the sport. I think Ortiz will probably try to fill himself will all kinds of steroid esc shite before the Wilder fight.

You can make a case for either side really, that's just my prediction. I was wrong about Haye and Pacquiao, I knew both were declined but I thought they had enough to beat their opponent and they ended up losing. I do agree on the fact that Wilder has a better chance this year then he does 4 years from now. As a Joshua fan, I want it to happen at the right time for both fighters reall, I want to see a classic. I really feel for Wilder, he has had opportunities to fight big names and they got caught cheating and missed out on proving himself against the big names. It's somewhat similar to what happened with GGG it took a while for big names to fight him.

Sadly, that's the case with most fighters.

Exactly, he did what he had to do, but I thought he showed some declining. That's normal for an old fighter who is also very inactive. Wilder I think will win by a brutal knockout, he seems very pissed at Ortiz and wants to beat him bad. Usually I don't like when fighters fight with emotion, it usually throws fighters off, but I think in Wilder's case it makes him better. I can see Ortiz doing that as well, something like a last chance type thing.

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It was when Haye said, "I feel better than ever, this David Haye is better than the young Haye" that I knew he was one deluded fighter, it is the realists that don't lose in boxing, that's why Mayweather fought an absolute bum in McGregor rather than a great from the next generation, Crawford, Lomachenko, Canelo again etc, I would give him a less than 10% chance against these guys at over 40. There is no doubt about it, an active world champion does not improve as he approaches his mid thirties, it just doesn't happen, so absolutely, the years won't benefit Wilder. It would still be a classic, but it would be a strong bonus for Joshua it happened after 2019. It would be smart for Joshua to do as he has suggested, and try to smoke Wilder out, I mean, he doesn't need the fight, it is Wilder who needs it, so why have the fight when Wilder is still just about in his prime when he could wait for him to decline?, boxing is about timing. Absolutely, but that is not Joshua's problem, while these athletes respect each other whole heartedly, they are not going to give a monkeys about another fighter being denied opportunities. Yeah Absolutely, and it's what I said when we were stating our opinions on that topic, Golovkin only had 2 really meaningful fights, one mega fight, and now, due to age, if I were Golovkin, I would try to get Saunders to fight me next, win the belt, earn more money, have more world title success, because Golovkin is getting old, but Saunders is no Canelo, he can afford the age disadvantage.

I think that was just ring rust or a lack of motivation, you do pare real decline or anything positive in a mismatch like that. I don't agree on that, but he can afford it against Mr pipe and slippers. Why wouldn't he?, I bet he'd rather get caught again, but he'll be confident he'll have learned from last time, and he'll take steroids or whatever and be sneaky.

David Price vs Alexander Povetkin is a possibility, I like that fight, who you got? Also, I just wrote my prediction analysis for Smith vs Braehmer, am I the only one who thinks Braehmer deserves more credit than he gets for all his career achievements.

Maybe he felt that while training, but when you get in the ring that's when it's a different story. I remember you telling me someone like Pacquiao could look great in training, but when they step in the ring it is all different, well at least at his current age. That is probably why Mayweather fought Mcgregor instead of a real boxer, that and money as well. When there are 2 fighters, the more years the fight it is held off the more it hurts the older fighter. In this case time will benefit Joshua, he's in his prime and getting better. I don't like when they wait for fighters wait for others to get older before stepping in the ring. I don't think the fighters do that it's the promoter, they want to maximize the payday and with the lowest possible risk. I think Golovkin taking the Saunders route isn't a bad idea.

I can see him trying to get something in his system right before he fights. I don't see Ortiz winning.

I want Price to win but I got Povetkin. Honestly I haven't watched Braehmer fight yet but I'll have to check some of his fights out.

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Money as well, that's why he didn't fight Jeff Horn I think, a fight he could maybe still win, but not a big money fight, unlike McGregor, or a real fight. I believe Mayweather made a fifth of a billion $s, that is a vast amount of money, you could live more than one lifetime off that with a privilegef lifestyle. I expect that as Mayweather gets older and more mellow, he'll probably be more charitable with his money, he has been charitable in the past, but when you have $200, 000, 000, you can make some positive changes, help others with kind of money. I would say he should give some of the best, most honest, good hearted charities a grand or two.

It's what any good promoter does, but the fighters as well, maybe under the advice of a promoter, because promoters are more updated than fighters and obviously do more research on the current state of the sport, but no I think often it is the fighters as well, I certainly think Joshua won't fight Wilder until 2020, unless he gets a massive amount of money, boxing is a business, and in business, it is not about being fair, it is about being smart. Tony Bellew admitted he wouldn't have beaten Haye 5 years ago, he fought him, because he's old, Joshua wouldn't have fought Klitschko in 2015, he'd have doubted his own chances, but he knew he could beat him because of the timing of it. I said in my prediction analysis for Wilder vs Ortiz, that Wilder is entitled to 40% against Joshua, well now I think if Hearn will let him near his fighter this year or next, he might make him cut his price down to 30 or even 20, he'd still get a lot of money even at 20%, that way, if they lose, they'll have a rematch clause, but more to the point, Hearn will try to help his fighter earn and profit as much as he can from these fights, and it would still take guts to fight Wilder even with two broken hands, for 99% of the purse. We don't like to see fighters smoking out opponents, but if we think about what a fighter's priorities are, we see why it is very understandable that these fighters do it, also we are just fans at the end of the day, and some them can't accept that it is a different world inside the ring, they is why "diva" and all that is thrown around, but it is good for fighters like Joshua that they have so many loyal fans as well.

It is extremely unlikely, nothing is impossible, but I would be very shocked if Ortiz somehow pulled out what should be a bigger upset than it would be.

I agree, interesting one though, Price a few years younger, bigger, punches harder, neither of them can take punches well, but Povetkin has been more active in recent years, he is better in a pot of ways, been at a higher level, was a much, much better amateur, and mentally, I'd say the Russian has the upper hand.

I think Mayweather would still beat Horn, I think he didn't fight him because it isn't a huge day. I think he did the Mcgregor fight since it was bound to make a lot of money despite being a sub par fight. I think when Mayweather gets older he will be more charitable.

It's good as a promoter, but as a fan it's not so much liked. It's definitely a smart move by the promoter, but as fans they don't like it because it makes them impatient on when the fight happens. Boxing is all about timing, you can beat an opponent if you get them at the right time. Hearn or Joshua said that Wilder can happen this year, but you never know because promoters always say one thing but do another. Not blaming Hearn, but certain things come up to ruin certain fights.

How would you react if Ortiz somehow wins? I would be disappointed, I would feel the bad guy won. Also what do you think Ortiz needs to do to win this fight? I also think this will be Wilders career defining victory.

I agree on that.

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Oh no of course not, neither is school, neither is having to pay taxes. That's their problem, nobody make them follow boxing, nobody forces them to pay anything, they choose to. No I don't think he was lying, he was careful with his words, it is true, if he can negotiate Wilder into an 80/20, maybe 70/30 split, they'll fight him, but they don't think he'll agree to it, as far as I know Wilder hasn't even offered to let Joshua take the majority, so no they won't stop cooperating, being open to the possibility of the Wilder fight, but they don't want the fight, I mean, yes there's the belt, but he is already a multi-title champion, I mean, think about how much of a high Joshua is on, Hearn will want him to quit while he is ahead, why even take the risk against Wilder? Wilder gets no credit, he needs the fight. I think it was Steve Farhood that said GGG and Canelo needed each other's competition, that worked out, we got to see the fight, but with Joshua and Wilder, it is different. For now, why even think about Wilder? Joshua has Parker to focus on, behind the screens of British TV, Joshua knows Parker is by far his toughest opponent apart from Klitschko. Well you can blame Hearn if you want, he doesn't mind being hated by some, he has his pride, wealth, he is good at his job, but he does not want Joshua vs Wilder to happen prime to prime.

What could I say?, I have to say now, that is possible, but I'm declaring it, unlikely, very, very unlikely. I'll just have to say I was proven wrong, but let's cross that bridge which is above a river in the town of flying pigs, if we come to it, haha. I think he needs mistakes, he needs an unwell, seriously injured or mentally challenged Wilder to suffer unexpected factors, but if I wanted him to win, I'd say try to bait Wilder into lefts to the body early, try to knock wind out of him, be dirty, wrestle a tall but not stacked Wilder into the ropes, be rugged, rough him up, pick your moments, for the duration of rounds, don't engage, but in my mind, it seems like I'm constructing game plan for a 3 or 4 round fight, Ortiz doesn't have the gas tank, I don't think he can hurt Wilder, and I don't think even a tactically perfect effort would work well for him. If you look at Ortiz's record, you see he has isn't all that, he fought Barrett and Thompson when they were at their oldest and most vulnerable, he was caught out against Kayode, he couldn't stop Scott, did not show us as much as you might think against Allen, a guy who can hardly win a round against Dillian Whyte, I really do not think he's that good Ortiz, and I'm confident enough to put my word on the line, he is not going 6! and I think he won't go 4. I don't know, he's beating a 38 year old for that to be a career defining victory, you have to beat a boxing legend or a top, top fighter. The first Stiverne win was a bigger deal in my opinion.

I am a fan of Eddie Hearn, I was saying that a lot of promoters say one thing but another happens. Some of it not being their fault because of other circumstances, or sometimes they say things to build hype. I think for Joshua, he should focus on Parker, and worry about the Wilder fight later on. I do think the fight with Wilder is extremely likely if Joshua can get past Parker. Then that will give Joshua 3 belts and Wilder the last missing piece of the undisputed heavyweight belts.

It's possible, but I don't think it happens. I think for Ortiz to win, he needs to have a good gas tank, and a granite chin, and I don't think he has either considering how old he is. If he still has good power then that helps Ortiz as well, and we saw against Scott he has lost some. He struggled to stope Dave Allen, a guy who I think Wilder and Joshua beat easily. I think this is a fight that we'll see how good really is Ortiz. I do think this will be his biggest win at the moment. I know the first Stiverne fight was a big deal because he was a challenger, fighting for a world title and proved a lot of people wrong. The reason I think this will be his best win to date is because, a good amount of people think that Ortiz is the boogeyman of the division, and that he would crush Wilder and Joshua, people will be in for a big surprise if the fight goes as we expect. I give Ortiz 6 rounds max before he gets knocked out.

Final predictions for Spence vs Peterson and Easter vs Fortuna?

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Yeah and that's great, but as a fan, you don't have to like him, he doesn't want you to like him, he wants you pay for but also enjoy the sport he works within. Because of the fact that Hearn is a good promoter, and wants the best for his fighter, but the best for Joshua doesn't necessarily tie in with what we want to see. Oh yeah absolutely, that's very relevant, but specifically, they want to find that missing puzzle piece, that win over Wilder, that belt, later, not sooner,if they can get past Parker, Joshua might have fights against opponents who are slightly or considerably below Parker and Wilder, so don't worry about Joshua vs Wilder being spoiled.

He needs more than that, he needs more overall adaptability, more skills, but anyway, there is only so much a 38 year old drug user can do fitness wise in this sport, and if you can't take a shot, you can't take a shot. His power is overrated I think, but more relevantly, his power won't last, Wilder carries his power late, so if Ortiz manages to get on his bike and go past 6, quite unlikely but possible, it will turn in Wilder's favour. Yep, and I'm very confident he'll get stopped, humiliated. Yeah but that's not what I meant, I'm talking about what I think his best achievement was, but for what it is worth, all that talk will stop when Ortiz gets sparked. People have limited brain power, I mean, what's this cap based on? Beating a fat 45 year old Tony Thompson? In boxing, people should look less for fighters looking convincing against opponents who are past prime so then can look better than the guys who beat younger versions of these opponents, and more for flat out achievements, forget how good Joshua looked against Breazeale and Molina, forget how he nearly lost to Klitschko what is important is, he beat Klitschko, Golovkin, forget how well he dismantled Lemieux, Stevens, smashed through Wade, Geale, and lost anywhere between 4 and 7 rounds to Jacobs and Canelo, what is important is, he beat Jacobs, and was not defeated by Canelo. Ortiz has no wins really, Szpilka, Duaphas, Molina, when Wilder fought them, were better than most of Ortiz's opponents if not all.

Spence stops Peterson in 10.
Easter stops Fortuna in 7.

I know that, but I like what he does for boxing in general. He puts up great cards and he pays his fighters well, and there's nothing else to ask for out of a promoter. I also find him to be entertaining as well in interviews. I do believe after the Parker fight, win or lose Joshua can maybe take an easier fight. The only thing I can see ruining Joshua vs Wilder for this year is if Tyson Fury comes back, because they could possibly fight.

His skills aren't a problem to me, I do think he needs to have more adaptability. A lot of what Ortiz needs is physical, and as you said it's hard for someone his age with a past of drug use to come back from. When I first started watching Ortiz's fights, I was really impressed with his power and thought he could be up there as the best current heavyweight. After the Jennings fight, I really haven't been impressed with Ortiz all around. His power hasn't looked all that great, and he's declining as well. His best achievment was beating Stiverne, but name wise Ortiz might be the best, maybe not though. He's older now. I think most fans will think this is Wilder best name on his resume, and best win. I think people see some of Ortiz's brutal stoppages and think he's capable of doing it against a big name like Wilder. The only solid name I can think of that Ortiz beat was Bryant Jennings, other then that he really didn't beat anyone at their best. There are some fighters out there that people hype up that aren't good as people say.

Spence stops Peterson round 11.
Easter by UD.

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He's good at his job, no doubt. If he can, I'd say definitely, Fury would be the dream opponent, Fury might nick the opening couple, and within 4, bang! All that talk and build up for that, Joshua would go out of that looking great. I've started a forum page about this, maybe read it if you want. Ultimately, until either Wilder accepts he's the B-side, or Hearn accepts he isn't, negotiations are a dead end, Fury is irrelevant, I don't think he can ruin the fight, if he was a threat to Joshua, yes, but he isn't, he's a deluded, vulnerable, mentally unstable has-been, could he delay the fight?, yes, ruin it?, no.

I think they are overrated, you don't have to agree, I respect your opinion, and if I'm proven wrong, who can question my knowledge, but I think he is good at building on success when everything is going great, he has slow feet, he can't walk a guy down, he isn't a counter puncher, his defence is steady, but not great, he doesn't judge and control distance well. Yeah I remember, and I told you, of you are going to worry for your favourite fighter, forget Ortiz, it is Wilder who is the threat. That was your opinion, fine, you're entitled to it, but it was based on (was it not?) the win over Jennings, OK, great he looked good, but do you think that was an on form Jennings?, how good is Jennings?, I don't think you can.praise a guy that highly based off that, he was made to look good in that fight. It does not interest me in the slightest that the casuals think, they also said Bellew, Fury were getting eaten alive by Klitschko and Haye, they said Ward was getting beaten by Kovalev, well he put Kovalev on the seat of his pants and made him cry, so, they don't influence me. Ortiz is good, he was a great amateur, but he hasn't impressed me as a professional, then again, I might be biased against the scumbag, I'll let you be the judge of that, but the best evidence will be what happens on March 3.

Good that Lipinets vs Garcia, and the other fights were moved to 4 weeks later, and still in San Antonio don't you think?

He's very good. I think Hearn would want the Fury fight more then Wilder I think. If you think about it Fury is inactive, and more beatable now then he was after the Klitschko fight, and there's a lot of money to be made in that fight. Fury is a bigger name then Wilder at that point in the UK. I still rather see the Wilder fight first. But if Fury looks good I wouldn't mind seeing it in the near future.

I agree to some extent. I think that now since he's older some of his skills and all of that has declined. I used to be worried about Ortiz but I feel like he's overrated now, I think in 2015 around that he could've done some real damage, now I don't think so that much. Casuals, I tend to stay away, most of them are haters who will always have some excuse when their guy doesn't win. Ortiz has impressed me in the past, but in his last few performances he hasn't.

Good thing they didn't scrap the card, that was a fight I want to see.

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Fury is going to look good against whoever he fights first, it will fool people, the end result is the same, Fury being chinned, for a couple of rounds, he'd do well, and then, he's done.

Do you want me to explain my exact theory on what I think is the case with Joshua vs Wilder?

Some are OK (casuals), others are idiots. Ultimately, it all goes down to the facts, the things that are important in boxing, the fans should focus less on how well a guy can look against an opponent everybody knew he would beat without much trouble, less on what look like worse mistakes than in reality ('windmill Wilder'), and more about what matters, actual past struggles in the ring, (and that doesn't mean Wilder shipping a shot from Molina and looking unsteady for 10 seconds, I'm talking about Ortiz failing to stop a guy as vulnerable and easy to size up as Malik Scott), age, size, experience, consistency, past achievements, based on these five aspects alone, it is clear that the chances of Wilder winning are very high.

Did you see Spence vs Peterson?
By the way, Javier Fortuna did I great, I thought he was one the end of a bad one there, I thought Easter was very inaccurate at times, often enough, and even though he was the aggressor, he was the one getting hurt in the fiery exchanges.


I'll read about it on the forum post.

It goes from fan to fan I guess, boxing fans should focus on the important things in the sport. And yeah that should've been an easy stoppage for Ortiz against Scott. The fans should look into more then stuff that's irrelevant.

No I couldn't for some reason, I'm trying to find video of both though which has been difficult. I heard Spence made easy work of Peterson and Easter won a questionable decision against Fortuna.

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It doesn't take high IQ, people who want to learn, learn, the media, the fans, they should listen to the right people, but some media members ask good questions when talking to fighters who not only know what they mean but are good at explaining what they mean, Paulie Malignaggi for example, Keith Thurman, it is good for fans who want to learn, I have learned a lot about why certain fighters do well in certain sort of fights, what is important and unimportant, when a boxer can do well, when a fighter won't do well and why, and a lot of other aspects of the sport, from listening to the right to people. Malignaggi was talking earlier about Ortiz being clean, and how he might struggle, to be honest, I think hell know from last time, how not to get caught, I think he has probably always taken drugs, but been caught only 3 times.

The general consensus is that it was a close one, that could have disputed, I didn't see it that way, at that final bell, Fortuna was a fighter who darn well knew he had won, and win, he did, legitimately anyway.

I heard Adrien Broner talking on YouTube earlier, he was going off on Khan, but importantly, he said he fights at 140 from now on, that is a wise move, if Figueroa can make the weight, that is an awesome fight!

I was like that about the sport when I first came in. When I didn't watch boxing, I really hated Mayweather and didn't really give him credit of anything. As I got more interested in the sport I've grown to appreciate all styles instead of just one. And I paid attention to the thing that matter in the sport. I listen to all sorts of fighters and get knowledge from, and certain broadcasters. I used to hate Paulie, but most things he says are very accurate. I heard something that Paulie said about Ortiz's daughter is sick, that's a tough break honestly. But yeah, I feel like that's accurate that he's always been juicing just been caught 3 times.

So you think it was a robbery? Hopefully I can watch it soon.

Very wise move, I think 140 is best suited for Broner, question is will Khan go down to 140 for that fight. I think the Figeroa is more likely.

Are you watching Usyk vs Bredis this weekend, or the Matthysse and Linares card?

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Yeah I know he used to sound off on Pacquiao, but that is only because people kept asking him about it. Yeah it is, but it is irrelevant, I'm very sorry about his daughter, and a wish him and his family all the best with that, but in terms of him, just him, in the sport he fights in, he's a lowlife, and I hope he loses.

I don't like to use that word, but yeah.

No way, he can't make that now. Broner would destroy Khan at 140 I think. Would be a great fight, Broner can win, Figueroa is a very strong threat.

If I can, both, you?

Prograis vs Postol, who you got?

I couldn't agree more.

I feel the word robbery is used too lightly now a days. I think the perfect example of a robbery is Lewis vs Holyfield 1. How do you think Easter does against the other top dogs of the division?

The Figeroa fight is a good one.

I know I'm watching the Usyk fight, not sure yet about the HBO card.

Progarais, what about you?

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Ortiz is probably a nice guy when at home with his family, and when we talk on this topic, all the stuff regarding boxing goes out the window, nobody deserves to have their child suffer, and no child should ever be judged for the wrong doing of their parents. I think Ortiz was disgusting after he beat Martz, almost standing on his opponent as if he is trash, the paramedic had to push him off, show some respect, so I won't go easy on him as a fighter because of anything that happens outside of the sport.

Absolutely, good example, landslide for Lewis. Well I think he is better than we saw against Fortuna, he could rise to the occasion against Mikey Garcia, but I don't think he would come close to winning, could give them problems, but not win I don't think. He doesn't have to, but he could fight Fortuna again.

I would struggle to make a prediction, both big punchers, both tough as tungsten, both got a lot of talent, neither have made the most of their talent. That is a 50/50 fight. I might edge Broner slightly, but little in it.

Mark my words, Matthysse vs Kiram is not one to be missed.


It looks like Horn vs Crawford is going to happen, should be a good one. I hope Thurman vs Porter II happens this year.

I can see that with Ortiz, there's some people who are so competitive it changes them and stuff like that. Hopefully all ends well with his child. I didn't see that with Ortiz after the Martz, but that's in poor taste of him to do that.

I don't know where I rate Easter yet, but I don't think he beats Mikey at all. I think Flanagan is a good fight.

I might edge Broner in that fight.

I don't doubt it, Matthysse is always in an entertaining fight.

That's not a bad fight, Progarias vs Postol, I've heard a lot about Progaris this will be the first time seeing him fight.

Good fights. I saw that Showtime just added a bunch of good fights this yeat, Hurd Vs Lara, Jack vs Stevenson, and many others have been confirmed, should be great.

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He can beat that fool I think, I'd love to see Hooker and Murray beat Warren's guys, but sadly, I doubt it.

I think Kiram will pull out the upset, maybe end Matthysse's career, I don't think Joel Diaz has done all that much with him.

Me too, it will be interesting to see how he carries his ability up to this level.

Yes I saw, without a second thought, I added two of them, I should have asked you if you wanted to add them, maybe you add Stevenson vs Jack, and the next big fight to be announced, if you want.

I could see Easter edging out Flanagan. I agree I don't see Hooker beating Flanagan, or Murray beating Saunders.

I think Matthysse has just enough in the tank to pull off the win.

That's fine. I'll just add the Stevenson vs Jack fight, and possibly Thurmans next fight if that's ok? Thurman also has an official fight date in May.

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I hate what Frank Warren is doing with Saunders, he's putting him in there against guys who are obviously way past their primes, guys who fought Golovkin, and he wants him to look better than Golovkin, I think that's for those who are silly enough to be fooled by it, what is funny is, Saunders is probably not even good enough to do better than Golovkin, he didn't do better against Lemiuex, and I don't think he'll do better against Murray.

I think he has a good chance for two reasons, one very important reason, levels, two, the wild card which is his devastating power, he is an extremely big puncher, he's 35, he is old, but not to old to knock someone the fuck out.

Of course go for it. Yeah, bit of a layoff, 14 months, not good, ideally, he'd get another fight in this year, or that'll be three fights in as many years, but to be fair to him, he has been injured, what's happened, has happened, nothing you can do. It would be great for Porter if Thurman fought him next, but that is too risky for Thurman after his layoff, because Porter has been more active, much more in the last 9 months. I think he should fight Vargas.

Do you think Hurd stops Lara?

I don't like Saunders fighting Murray either. I feel it's an underwhelming fight. One thing I can take positive is that at least he's being active, hopefully he steps up in his next fight.

I'm not doubting him, it's just I feel Matthysse is a little better and has just enough to win. On the other hand he's getting older and is more vulnerable.

Cool, thanks. I was a little upset that Thurman only fought once in 2016, since he could've fought again. I understood why he did in 2017 because he was injured. I think Vargas is a good return fight for him, then fight again sometime in the winter. Maybe Porter. What do you think about him saying no Spence fight in 2018?

I see Lara starting the fight boxing great, then fade in the mid to late rounds and lose a close decision. I might change my position, I still have to think of the fight.

What you think of Jack vs Stevenson?

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I doubt he will. I think Saunders wants Golovkin now he is 35.

It's questionable, it isn't going to help his popularity, but it is his decision, then again, if you look at the big picture, sooner or later, he should be ordered to fight Spence, because Spence deserves the opportunity to unify, just like Joshua. It is possible Thurman wants all the time he can take to research, study Spence, before fighting him, maybe he never wants to fight him, doubts his own chances, maybe Thurman wants to the fight on his own terms, it could be about activity, but I don't see why he couldn't agree to fight him in December. What do you think?

Great fight, interesting, Jack is more basic, but he is also more durable, makes less errors, more compact, younger as well, but Stevenson is the bigger fighter, I do think Jack wins though. What do you think?

You think Saunders can give Golovkin any problems?

It won't do him any favors popularity wise. I think the fight should happen at some point. I understand not fighting him in the return fight but I don't see why it can't happen in December. I think the fight might happen in 2019, but I could be wrong. It could be the case of Thurman not wanting the fight.

When I pick against Jack I get proven wrong, so I'm going with him in this fight.

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Yes, I think because he's in his prime, and Golovkin is declining, he can give him problems, but I think Golovkin is still a level above him, and by the time Golovkin gets old enough that this Saunders can beat him, he'll be declining too. I'd give Saunders a chance of going 12, maybe even winning 4 rounds, it I'd be shocked if he had any more success than that. What do you think?

It is the responsibility of the officials, sanctioning bodies, not Thurman, if he doesn't have to fight Spence, that is, if he does seriously doubt his chances long term, which he might not, then why risk losing his titles? why lose the money? He won't be the A-side anymore if he loses his belts. Thurman should be ordered to fight Spence, so he either vacates, or fights him. It is such an interesting fight, I see Thurman being ahead after 6, he can land that straight right down the middle, and Spence would have to take it, from a more active, heavier handed Thurman, than Brook, and the feet of Thurman, could really frustrate Spence, make him punch nothing and walk onto counters, but I just think down the stretch, Spence would close the distance, as Thurman feet slow down, Spence would zone in, attack both head and body, Thurman doesn't block well I don't think, and moving your head, that takes it out of you, Thurman as well, doesn't take punches very well, and Spence, naturally bigger, and he hits harder, higher stamina, I think Kiram Spence would win, on the other hand, to be fair to Thurman, when he is in the deep end, tested, pushed, he doesn't fold, even thrives, has the stamina to prevail in the championship rounds, as he did against Shawn Porter. Only time will tell.

Stevenson hits harder, bigger, has the achievements, the level, but I think Jack will have too much for him.

I have a fight recommendation for you, Ugas vs Robles.

I think he can give Saunders problems, but will still come up short. I can see him winning 4 to 5 rounds.

I think they should push for a unification at some point. I think Thurman wants to be more active and get some fights in before Spence. He said it was a get back year, he might just want to be on form to fight Spence. I personally think he's ready for Spence after a tune up fight. Thurman is one of the few fighters that I would pick to beat Spence, I give him a very good shot of beating Spence. I think Crawford could beat both Thurman and Spence. With Spence, he's not the best boxer, but he is a great puncher and has great stamina. How do you think Crawford does against Thurman and Spence? Honestly I would love to see Crawford fight both at some point, hopefully after he fights Horn he can fight one of them.

I still give Stevenson a good chance because of those reasons, but I think with Jack being younger it will help him. Decision or stoppage you think?

I'll check it out when I have time.

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Really? Well that's very interesting, I don't agree, but some think Saunders has a good shot at beating Golovkin, timing us very important, and suits Saunders, not Golovkin. So do you think Saunders beats Canelo too? And where do Jacobs, Andrade, Charlo, Murata fit into it?

Understandable, he is coming off a break, Spence has had 2 very productive fights in the time between Thurman's last fight and now, both were against very good opposition, both went at least 7 rounds, he boxed well, learned something from both, got hit only in one of the fights, was hurt, dropped, at no stage, mentally, confidence wise, and I terms of getting into that rhythm, sky is the limit you would think, for Thurman, could be a different story, so obviously he is going to want to get back into that solid rhythm, be consistent again.

I would say maybe 2 to be honest, he needs to get the general experience back, so an opponent who can give him rounds, but not have success, then maybe a Jessie Vargas, Jamal James maybe, that way he doesn't take much punishment this year, mentally, physically, he is in prime form, and he has had an extra fight to really run off that ring rust, then, in theory, he fights Spence in 2019, he might want to, you never know, Thurman is a warrior, he can have a dogfight, he is no coward, he doesn't take the easy way out (look at the decision he made to continue against Robert Guerrero when he could have gone to the cards, with that forehead injury, and he fought absolute tooth and nail with Shawn Porter, he was in agony in those mid-late rounds, but he but down, showed heart, and clung onto the belt), maybe Spence being such an intimidating rival, maybe that only motivates him to fight him more, it could be his long term, ultimate goal, but at the same time, he might intend never to fight Spence, it isn't about being a pussy or being a warrior, it is about a fighter who is smart, who will voluntarily take a fight he fancies his chances in, but not a fight he doubts his chances in, I think the truth is what we want to hear, I can see reasons why Thurman would have a lot of confidence in beating Spence, he has a lot to lose, but also a lot to gain.

Can I give you some advice?, if you say that online, you will get abuse, a lot of it, don't let any fools bully it out of you, because if the fight happens, and Thurman manages to pull it out, I tell you, it is great when you predict an upset, and get it right, the big mouths will have egg on their faces.

Actually I think he is an underrated technical fighter to be honest, I think Mikey Garcia said Spence is a better technical fighter than Thurman, I'm sure Claressa Shields said he had underrated defence, and all round skill as well. Spence has a great jab, he judges distance very well, but he is a bit static when he takes even a slight step back, I think mentally he struggles to be defensive when he is on an offensive quest, it doesn't matter so much, because he doesn't get hurt, but Thurman can really punch, so we'll see either Spence use more defensive resources, or he could be in a spot of bother. It is tough to say, because both are far, far bigger than him, let's not forget that Crawford fought at 135 for a while, and Spence and Thurman both started out at 154, they are younger than him as well, especially Spence, so you never know, it depends how Crawford does from 30-32. He could fight both of them.

Tough to say, very tough, I think stoppage, what do you think?

A lot of people are basing it off the Lemieux performance, I don't know if that's the performance that makes him beat Golovkin. If they fight I wonder how Saunders will deal with GGG's jab, since Canelo or Jacobs couldn't stop it yet. Personally I think GGG has the best jab in boxing. I'm picking Canelo, GGG, Charlo, Jacobs, and Andrade to beat Sunaders but I think he'll give them all tough fights. I think he beats Murata.

I think Thurman and Spence deserve easy fights their next fight, considering Thurman has been out a while and Spence has had back to back tough fights. I won't be mad if they fought easy fights next. I think Thurman just wants to get back into a consistent rythym of fighting like you said. Spence is a fight like you said, a lot to lose but yet a lot to gain. Also do you think Spence doesn't like Thurman? I get that vibe from him, not a bad thing just something I have noticed.

The Jessie Vargas fight is a good one, I feel. If he doesn't want to fight Spence this year maybe fight the Porter rematch or Garcia rematch since he's shown intrest in fighting those 2. Maybe 2019 might be the perfect year for the fight to happen. I want to see the winner of that fight Terence Crawford, those 2 both make an interesting fight against Crawford. It could be like an Oscar Dela Hoya Fernando Vargas situation. At first Oscar Dela Hoya didn't have any interest in fighting Vargas because he doesn't want someone who hates him to make money off him, then a few years later he eventually did fight him. I'm not saying Spence hates Thurman with a passion, it's just Thurman might not want the fight right at the moment and doesn't mind waiting a year before it happens.

I don't really listen to people's opinions if they bully me about it. People tried to convince me that Mcgregor had an actual shot to beat Mayweather, but I stayed realistic and went off what I knew. I might change my opinion if what someone says makes good sense. People gave me so much crap for saying Mcgregor had no chance, and I was right. Sometimes I'm right in predictions sometimes I'm wrong it happens.

His jab is phenomenal, I saw highlights of the Peterson fight and he did a great job of controlling distance. I think we'll see Spence be more defensive when he fights more top dogs like Thurman and so on. It's a bold pick, but I think Crawford can beat Thurman and Spence, Crawford is a special type of fighter, reminds me a lot of Floyd Mayweather.

I think it goes all 12. I think it will be close though.

How do you see the Usyk fight playing out tomorrow?

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Oh OK I got you, I misunderstood, I thought you were saying Saunders beats Golovkin. On the one hand, what did he have to do?, stop him?, well some fighters rarely stop guys, doesn't mean they really lack in any crucial way, if he didn't win every round, which he might well have done, he did not lose many, it was an absolute landslide, but on the other hand, Lemiuex is fairly old, he wasn't the same fighter against Saunders, that he used to be, and more importantly, if you are to be compared to Golovkin, Canelo, you should be able to box rings around Lemiuex, to his credit, he did just that, but Lemiuex is little other than a puncher, and really, the reason for him fighting Lemiuex, was to look as good if not better than Golovkin, he is doing that with Murray now. I think early, he could get beneath the jab of Golovkin, but I think it would drag Saunders into exchanges, I think Golovkin is too versatile, too experienced at this level, I think at this level, he is a class above Saunders, he has a lot more power too, then again, Golovkin has slow feet, he neglects his head movement, Saunders has a lot of skill, I could see Saunders matching Golovkin for 6 rounds, but I don't think Saunders has built himself up through the levels well enough over the years, that he is good enough to get the better of Golovkin down the stretch. I think the jab could be more of a problem for Saunders late, when he is less well prepared for it. Golovkin could well stop Saunders late, could go all 12 though, I think Saunders is capable or winning 3 or 4 rounds, but that does not win you a fight.

I think Jacobs lacks slightly in terms of head movement, and Canelo was carrying some unnatural weight, he didn't want to keep moving his head, dipping down the knees, especially seeing as Golovkin makes you wasteful, times his jab well. I honestly struggle to rank them.

I think Thurman should have an easier fight than Spence next, but Spence needs less activity this year, maybe just one more, Thurman should have 2 if he can. Peterson wasn't a tough fight I don't think, he didn't lose a single round. It is what we want to hear, because it is good news for the fans, I'd he intends to fight Spence, just later, rather than never. To be honest, I think Spence doesn't get drawn into all that, personal opinions are to be left aside, this is a sport, a business, and a job, some fighters, are real professionals, Spence is one of them, he doesn't like any of his opponents, he doesn't dislike them, I don't think he he has any real dislike for Thurman as a person, but I think he is very frustrated and tested for patience, because Thurman has what he wants, what he is willing to train however hard it takes to win, he has shown respect, suggested the fight should happen, and he hasn't seen any communicational evidence that Thurman will agree to fight him if he doesn't have to, and so that is potential a problem for him, but it is as simple as that.

Yeah absolutely, I think without doubt, for Garcia to get the rematch instead of Porter, that is wrong, because what has Garcia done since the loss?, nothing, Porter has beaten 2 solid opponents in Berto and Granados, plus, it isn't like Garcia was more impressive against Thurman than Porter was, if anything, I would say less so, so if either of them get a rematch, it has to be Porter. Surely Thurman wouldn't fight Porter again coming off a layoff, when Porter has had 2 fights in the time it has taken him to have none. Let's not forget as well, that Porter is still very much a threat, he made the first fight close, he has a decent chance of winning the rematch, he could ruin Thurman vs Spence, but in the event he wins, apart from the fight not being all '0's, how is it any less significant a fight? You have more historical knowledge than me, that's interesting, but I don't think so nowadays, and De La Hoya was always a businessman, I think the current welterweights are better at leaving negotiations and finance, to their promoters. I don't know, it is not good for any fighter to let their personal opinions take over, that's a bad idea. I think Spence wants the belts, he is willing to use the time he has to spend waiting, to train, but he doesn't want to wait any longer than he has to, because let's remember here, in boxing, you don't waste time, your twenties don't last forever. For whatever reason, I think it is clear that Thurman has no plans on fighting Spence this year.

Fools, the lot of them, McGregor beats Mayweather, don't know what bull dropped than on the barn floor. No but aside from that ridiculous excuse for a fight, people focus on the wrong things, don't learn the significance or insignificance of certin things, they will give you abuse for saying Thurman beats Spence, they will give me abuse for saying Wilder beats Joshua. Interestingly, Leonard Bundu, without doubt, the best person to ask about Thurman vs Spence, obviously, he said Thurman beats Spence, according to Shady Slim (don't ask who he is if you don't know already because he is the biggest shit talker on YouTube), that makes Bundu a 'salty hater', that one was from where you are, but most f******** come from the UK. On a more positive and more relevant note, if Bundu says Thurman beats Spence, you don't have to agree, heck, I don't, but based on that, you cannot write Thurman off, yet, he will be written off and rather than being prepared to approach with a learner's attitude, people will say Bundu is the problem, that is what is wrong with the public nowadays, sams spoilt kids who cry about boxing 'being dead' even though last year we got to see that war between Joshua and Klitschko, and Golovkin vs Alvarez.

Oh I agree on that, I think he is slightly better than Thurman and Spence, but if he is not much better, which I'm not sure he is, then being even slightly older, and with the weight going against him, it could really cost him, I think Spence is the highest threat, Thurman too though, absolutely, undefeated world welterweight champion, has proven himself time and time again. No I rank Crawford number one in the world, I think he is everything but as good as a prime Floyd Mayweather Jr.

I think it will be a fight with 2 halves.

I think Usyk wins, I think it does the distance though.

You looking forward to seeing Okolie vs Chamberlain next week?

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I do, absolutely, David Tua was fantastic, wins over Michael Moorer, Hasim Rahman, John Ruiz, big shoes to fill, but I think Parker will be the best heavyweight New Zealand has ever had, do you agree?

News to me. Man, tough break, that's a shame for both, these things happen, only time can really heal breaks, fractures, sprains, tears and all these setbacks. Hopefully Lipinets makes a full recovery, and Garcia gets a good replacement. It is a solid bill in San Antonio, it would be a shame if the whole card got scratched. I wouldn't mind seeing Garcia vs Indongo, I wonder if that's a possibility, there are other good options if not.

He was a good fighter, fun to watch as well. Had some impressive victories in his career. In my opinion he has potential to, I think he has more tools then Tua, but I think the general public will still say Tua is the best from New Zealand.

Yeah, what can you do. I saw a picture of the hand injury and it looked pretty bad. I think they'll look for a replacement sometime soon. Hopefully it doesn't get scratched.

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Well it's a bit early, because Parker hasn't had much of the prime of his career, but we'll see, he's very underrated, and not many people are going to say he is anywhere near as good as Tua was, not now anyway. I wrote my prediction analysis for Joshua vs Parker, not necessarily much of it if you don't want, but because time is limited and valuable, but would you read just the important parts, the outcome? And maybe reply and say how it compares to your prediction?

I now gather that it will be postponed, because Lipinets is the champion, I think he is in a less tough spot than he would be as challenger, Garcia will wait for fight for a new title, but not necessarily to defend a title he already has, against the same opponent. I think it is a good enough night of boxing that they can still have the rest of the fights, the co main event could become the main event, this is one of the main reasons why a good undercard is important.