Regis Prograis vs Viktor Postol

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Regis Prograis vs Viktor Postol
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Friday, March 9, 2018
Buffalo Run Casino, Miami, Oklahoma, USA
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Interim WBC Light Welterweight World Title


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This is a great match up!
This is a great test for Prograis, and an opportunity for Postol.

Viktor Postol is good, he has some good wins, one great win, and his only defeat came against strong candidate for the world's best boxer, Terence Crawford. Postol has defeated Selcuk Aydin, Yvan Mendy, Henry Lundy, and best of all Lucas Matthysse, he's the only fighter ever to have stopped the heavy hitting Argentine. In July 2016, what was a big fight, maybe even a 50/50 fight, Crawford out classed dropped Postol.

I question how solid Postol currently is, at 34, having fought once in the 18 months since the Crawford loss, having been dropped and troubled in his only fight he has has since his only professional defeat. I certainly think Postol is not the fighter he used to be, but it will be interesting to see what he still has left, he's still a good fighter at any level, but how much has he declined?

Regis Prograis is a very dangerous fighter, at 20-0, having won over 80% of his fights inside the scheduled distance, he has a fair amount of experience as a professional, as well as being heavy handed. Prograis is untested, he isn't so well known, he doesn't have a big name, doesn't really mean anything, this is his best chance, it would be a meaningful victory, a big step towards a world title fight, he's up against such a big name, there have been fighters in his shoes who have taken step up fights like this and found themselves way out of their depth, there are also fighters in his shoes who take tough fights like this, and deliver at a higher level, make a statement, and are successful at world level in the sport, Prograis is 28, so this is his time, he is in his prime, timing wise, this fight is good for him, and he's fighting a guy who is past his prime, boxing, so often, is about timing.

Prograis has some good wins, he has beaten a lot of opponents with losing records, often it is either these fights, or no fights. Prograis hasn't fought at a shocking level, he stopped Aaron Herrera in a round, a fighter who went 6-7 hard rounds against Brandon Rios, went the distance with Jessie Vargas, both former world champions, he also stopped Luis Eduardo Florez, in 4 rounds, and he stopped then unbeaten Abel Ramos. The win that stands out got Prograis, is his latest win, against previously unbeaten prospect (23-0), Joel Diaz Jr, he not only beat him, but destroyed him in a 2 rounds mismatch.

I think Prograis wins this, by stoppage, maybe brutally. I think Prograis will start fast, try to take the fight to Postol, discourage the more experienced fighter. I think Postol will have some good success in some early rounds, I think Prograis won't be making impossible target to hit, but he won't be able to hurt him, and he'll take harder shots back. I think the pace, relentless pressure from Prograis, movement from Postol, pressure on him, but Prograis setting a really high, enthusiastic pace, will be tiring for both of them, but because Prograis is the younger fighter, it will be Postol who seems to be fading in rounds 5 and 6, Prograis has never been tested beyond 8 rounds, but he has done boxed the 24 minutes twice, so he has done the rounds to a degree.

I think Prograis will knock Postol out in round 7.