Billy Joe Saunders vs Martin Murray

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Billy Joe Saunders vs Martin Murray
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Saturday, April 14, 2018
O2 Arena, Greenwich, London, England, UK
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WBO Middleweight World Title


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Champion97's picture


Very surprised to read this fight was finalised.
This should be competitive, Saunders has a lot to lose, Murray has a lot to gain.
Saunders is the favourite, he must be, he has age on his side, he's in his late twenties, Murray is in his mid thirties. Saunders is the better counter puncher in there, maybe the overall superior skills lie with him.

It is obvious to me what Frank Warren is doing, he's setting fights up for Saunders, against faded guys who Golovkin beat when they were younger and better, to make Saunders look good, well that doesn't fool the people who really know boxing. Against Lemieux, Saunders still couldn't do as well as Golovkin, I think he'll also fail to do a more convincing job on Murray as well.

Neither of these guys are big punchers, Murray has the much higher stamina, the higher output. Murray has more experience at world level, Saunders has had more success at world level so far, with the meaningful victory over Andy Lee. I would give Saunders a narrow edge if they were the same age, but due to the advantage for Saunders, I think he will win this one, one sided.

Murray's best chance is for Saunders to be working harder than he wants to, so he can drag him into deep waters late in the fight, use his volume, but the problem is, age can really hamper your ability in this regard.

If Murray walks into too many clean power shots from Saunders, and finds he has lost durability, he might come apart, Saunders could win this one by stoppage, but I think it will go the distance. I think Saunders wins 117-111 on all the cards.