Lenroy Thomas vs Dave Allen II

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Lenroy Thomas vs Dave Allen II
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Saturday, March 3, 2018
Sheffield Arena, Sheffield, Yorkhire, UK
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Commonwealth (British Empire) Heavyweight Title


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Champion97's picture


I think Allen will win this time, he was talked up when he beat Jason Gavern, as a future top British heavyweight, but since, it has become clear, that he is certainly not! I think both these guys are decent at commonwealth level, but I can't say anything more for either of them. Thomas boxed out of his skin last time, and Allen has no conditioning, he wasn't prepared, his desire isn't so strong, he might so what Odlanier Solid did against Tony Thompson and be even worse the second time around, but I think he is young enough, and he can get his act together to the extent that he can beat Lenroy Thomas.

It would be good to see Thomas win again, Dave Allen is foul mouthed, and a terrible sportsman, it is not good for the sport.