Terry Flanagan vs Maurice Hooker

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Terry Flanagan vs Maurice Hooker
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Saturday, April 14, 2018
London, UK
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WBO Light Welterweight World Title


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I think Flanagan will win this one, and with some ease, Hooker oise decent, he can punch a bit, but Flanagan has skills on a different level. Flanagan is not great I don't think, but he is very good, he is fast, awkward, and I think he can out class an opponent of the calibre of Hooker. The guys over here (Brits) are talking big about Flanagan as a top fighter, he won't prove that until he fights a great opponent, which he has not, and in none of his fights does he look under challenged, Fana, Matthews, Petrov, all going 12, winning rounds, some fighters do rise to the occasion, bring their skills, abilities up a level, while some bite of more than they can chew when they move up in levels, one thing is for sure, if Flanagan doesn't stop fighting domestic level sluggers like Matthews, old fighters like Petrov and Fana, Fana, drilled in 2 by Barrera long before Flanagan struggled against him, Petrov, stopped in 3 by Maidana well before Flanagan struggled against him, if he doesn't step up, he won't ever get respect all around the world on the level he does amongst British pundits who are biased, he avoided fighting Mikey Garcia, that was disappointing, smart, to a degree, maybe Flanagan is a fighter who wants to be a world champion for as long as possible, and stay away from top fighters, that's not what him and his team have said, if they do want to fight the best, they should try to get tougher fights.