Terry Flanagan vs Maurice Hooker

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Terry Flanagan vs Maurice Hooker
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Saturday, April 14, 2018
O2 Arena, Greenwich, London, England, UK
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WBO Light Welterweight World Title


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Champion97's picture


This is a decent fight.

Terry Flanagan is not being promoted well, and I don't think this fight will improve his reputation so much. Flanagan has talent, he has had a lot fights, won every one of them, and to his credit, he won a world title at 135, and defended it a few times, he has skills, speed, and he can fight.

Maurice Hooker is good, unbeaten, he can punch, but I don't think he is world class.

These guys are both young fighters, both undefeated, but neither, I don't think, are top level, I don't think either are spectacular fighters, but I think Flanagan has less flaws, more skills, and more importantly, is a level above Hooker.
Hooker might be unbeaten, but Flanagan is unblemished, Hooker certainly isn't, he has drawn 3 times, one of those draws, very, very controversial.

This fight could be interesting despite the reasons why Flanagan is likely to win, for the following reasons,
- Hooker is more adapted to the weight, Flanagan has not been at 140 for a long time
- Flanagan has been out of the ring for a year, Hooker has been out for a bit, but not that long

I think this will be a tough fight for him, but Flanagan will get the win, I think via UD, I think a narrow win.

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Tale of the tape

Age: 28
Fights: 33
Year of debut: 2009
Wins: 33
KO percentage: 39
Title contests: 10
World title contests: 6
Fights at 140: 4
Career heaviest weight: 145
Career lightest weight: 123
Unbeaten opponents: 1
Opponents with losing records: 12
Activity rate (2016-present): 4 fights
Time since last fight: 1 year

Age: 28
Fights: 26
Year of debut: 2011
Wins: 23
KO percentage: 62
Title contests: 5
World title contests: 0
Fights at 140: 17
Career heaviest weight: 146
Career lightest weight: 138
Unbeaten opponents: 3
Opponents with losing records: 5
Activity rate (2016-present): 5 fights
Time since last fight: 8 months