Yordenis Ugas vs Ray Robinson.

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Yordenis Ugas vs Ray Robinson.
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Saturday, February 17, 2018
Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino, Events Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
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Eliminator for the IBF Welterweight World Title


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Champion97's picture


This is an interesting fight.
This could well be viewed as a 50/50 fight, Ugas has the much better amateur career behind him, Robinson has had a few more professional fights, not a lot in it though, these fighters are the same age, a similar size, which makes increases the chances of a close, competitive fight. Ugas and Robinson have 5 losses between them, back in 2010, Robinson lost to Shawn Porter, I think Porter is the best fighter who either Robinson or Ugas has fought by far, so that suggests Robinson has fought at a higher level than Ugas, on the other hand, Ugas'a latest win is very impressive, more impressive than any of Robinson's wins, Ugas beat Thomas Dulorme back in August. From 2014-16, Ugas fought 4 unbeaten fighters in a row, he lost twice in a row, beaten by Emanuel Robles and Amir Imam, these are good fighters at any level, but not great, Imam, best known I think for being defeated by Adrian Granados, but Robles, having lost his last 3 fights, not to fighters I've seen fight, and I think Ugas is the best opponent he's beaten. Ugas following those back to back losses, defeated Bryant Parella, and Jamal James, neither of which have big names, both were both undefeated having fought over 12 times before fighting Ugas, James, recently, in his latest fight, defeating Diego Chaves in an impressive upset.

Two of Ugas's losses have been disputed decisions, which is something to take into account, more importantly, he has won his last 5 fights, and fought 7 times in 4 years, which is a good activity rate for a boxer. Robinson has not beaten an unbeaten fighter since early 2014, and though few fighters he has beaten in recent years have had losing records, most of them have been opponents who were defeated many times before Robinson fought them, on the other hand, while his upcoming opponent was beaten twice in one year, in 2014, Robinson hasn't lost a fight since 2010, at which point, Porter beat him, star ugh after he lost to Brad Solomon, his only other loss. In the 7-8 years since the Porter fight, Robinson has won all 13 of the fights he has had, so he has been fairly active, he's also fought 8 times in the last 4 years, which is a similar activity rate to Ugas. Robinson's last fight was back in June, against Breidis Prescott (30-10), a fighter is past his prime and with many losses, but he beat him by a very wide 7
round technical decision, all 3 judges gave him every round, that's an achievement, considering Prescott has wins over Amir Khan and Richard Abril.

Their records suggest Ugas and Robinson punch with a similar level of power. I've never seen Ray Robinson fight, so I can't form an opinion on him as a good technical fighter/brawler/fighter. I've only ever seen Ugas fight once, that was the Dulorme fight. I think Ugas is a really good front runner, he is a spiteful puncher, not a lot of power, but he knows how to put his opponent through pain, he started very well against Dulorme, dropping him twice, he really hurt him to the body, also, Ugas is good at holding centre ring, he's strong, he's great at landing an overhand right, with power, accuracy. Against Dulorme, Ugas struggled after 3 rounds, his dominance lasted 2, for the rest of the fight, he was thoroughly out worked, he was the much more fatigued fighter, he was dropped as well, he was in there, toughing it out, but I think he won the fight based off a great start, leading by 4, and Dulorme, I think wrongly, losing 2 points, and Ugas, over powered, out worked, out fought, so Ugas, based on that fight, is not a long distance fighter, he may even be something of a 4 round fighter, I think he is trained to box well for longer than that, but I think he is something of an amateur boxer who was great in the unpaid bouts, but (though still a good fighter) never a great professional.

I think Ugas will win this, I wouldn't be surprised if Robinson won, but I think Ugas will win, I think it will be close, I think Robinson will finish strongly, I just think Ugas will start too well, have too much skill.

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Interestingly, both these guys beat Terence Crawford as amateurs, it doesn't mean much now, for many reasons, but it shows you how good these guys were before they were professionals, at the same time though, it shows you how great amateurs can be only good pros, and decent amateurs, they can end up at the top of their sport, without being outstanding before they turn pro.