Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz

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Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz
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Saturday, March 3, 2018
Barclay's Center, Brooklyn, New York, New York, USA
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WBC Heavyweight World Title


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Anthony Joshua - Wilder
Eddie Hearn - Wilder
Lucas Browne - Wilder
Mikey Garcia - Wilder
Harold Lederman - Ortiz
Robert Garcia - Wilder
Dillian Whyte - Wilder
Paulie Malignaggi - Wilder
Malik Scott - Wilder
Spencer Fearon - Wilder
Lou DiBella - Wilder
Freddie Roach - Wilder
Bill Haney - Ortiz
Jesse Hart - Ortiz
Brandon Krause - Wilder
Robert Guerrero - Wilder
Coach Reg - Ortiz
Knocks Train - Wilder
Marcellus Williams - Ortiz
Dave Allen - Wilder

Wilder: 15
Ortiz: 5

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Most people consider this an interesting fight, maybe even a 50/50 fight, I think very differently. Luis Ortiz is very highly regarded, highly rated fighter, he's an awkward southpaw with a lot of tricks up his sleeve, he has great amateur pedigree, he hits hard, he moves quite well, he has good feet, he has a lot of good offensive skill. As well as being 38, I think Ortiz is very limited, I think he is overrated, and I think he will end up on his back in this fight.

Wilder is the favourite, a fairly heavy favourite, but not confidently predicted to win, by many, and some people (I would say maybe even as many as 25%) think Ortiz will win. I respect other people's opinions, not only that, but some people who think Ortiz wins this, know much more than I do about boxing, but I stand by my prediction, Wilder wins this, I'm almost certain of that, and I'm confident that this is a mismatch.

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Tale of the tape

Height: 201
Reach: 211
Age: 32
Fights: 39
Wins: 39
World title contests: 7
KO percentage: 97
Best win (opinionated): Bermane Stiverne (January 2015, UD)
Year of debut: 2008
Amateur record: 30-5
Career heaviest weight: 229
Career lightest weight: 207
Unbeaten opponents: 6
Opponents with losing records: 7
Amateur CV: 2008 Olympic Bronze medalist

Height: 193
Reach: 213
Age: 38
Fights: 30
Wins: 28
World title contests: 0
KO percentage: 80
Best win (opinionated): Bryant Jennings (December 2015, TKO 7)
Year of debut: 2010
Amateur record: 349-19
Career heaviest weight: 243
Career lightest weight: 217
Unbeaten opponents: 0
Opponents with losing records: 8
Amateur CV: 2005 gold medalist in the Panamerican world championships in Brazil. Quarter finalist at the World amateur championships in China, in 2005.

Best opponents between them (opinionated).

1. Bermane Stiverne (Wilder won, UD. Wilder won, KO 1)
2. Bryant Jennings (Ortiz won, TKO 7)
3. Johann Duhaupas (Wilder won, TKO 11)
4. Eric Molina (Wilder won, KO 9)
5. Artur Szpilka (Wilder won, KO 9)
6. Lateef Kayode (Ortiz fought Kayode, no result)
7. Gerald Washington (Wilder won, TKO 5)
8. Chris Arreola (Wilder won, TKO 8)
9. Tony Thompson (Ortiz won, KO 6)
10. Malik Scott (Wilder won, KO 1. Ortiz won, UD)
11. Siarhei Liakhovich (Wilder won, KO 1)
12. David Allen (Ortiz won, TKO 7)
13. Nicolai Firtha (Wilder won, KO 4)
14. Kelvin Price (Wilder won, KO 3)
15. Monte Barrett (Ortiz won, KO 4)