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Agit Kabayel

Dereck Chisora

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Didn't expect chisora to get upset.

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I did!
I think he's washed up now, I've said it since he got taken to pieces by Tyson Fury.

Just watched Bivol crush Broadhurst, what a shot! I hope Broadhurst is OK, hit looks like it, he is standing up, but that was some knockout! Very impressed by Bivol.

I didn't really. I agree he hasn't been the same since Fury destroyed him, but I thought he had enough to at least win this one. I think Chisora should retire.

I saw that to, crazy ko. What do you think is next for Bivol?

Also what did you think of Wilder vs Stiverne 2 last night?

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He won't, but I agree he wouldn't be unwise to, but wheh he is in the ring, he doesn't take concerning punishment, and he fights guys, also, who can't trouble him sometimes, he may need the money as well.

It is hard to say, I think he is the best in the division now, I mean, the Beterbiev, Stevenson fights, are great fights for the future, but for now, I think he should continue to gain experience. I wouldn't mind seeing him fight Sullivan Barrera.

Like I thought, over in a round, Stiverne got up off the deck, and he went 2:59 I think, or maybe 3:00, I predicted it to be over in 00:45, it was a mismatch, Wilder looked great, very sharp, the jab was great, he caught Stiverne clean, set him up, drew him onto the shots, hopefully those 3 minutes will be of some significance in terms of his activity, I still think though, he should fight again, once more before fighting Anthony Joshua.

I don't think he will either, but it's a good idea I think. I might be overexaggerating since he has a lot of losses, but there's fighters with more losses then him. That's always a possibility he might need the money/

I think Kovalev might be the best in the division right now since Ward retired. Maybe Badou Jack but he hasn't been in the division a long time. I think jack beats Stevenson and possibly Kovalev. Sullivan Barrera vs Bivol is a great fight.

I thought 2 at most. I think the ko was last second. Yeah it was a mismatch, but that's no fault of Wilder, Ortiz is to blame for that. I think Stiverne should retire now. Also I agree on him fighting one more time before fighting Joshua. Who do you think that should be? Also I'm glad to see more people talk about Joshua vs Wilder, it's a fight I think everyone will enjoy.

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He certainly doesn't have any important reason not to retire, not in terms of his boxing capabilities.

I certainly don't agree with that, especially considering his age, and what the Ward defeat might have taken out of him. I just don't see anyone in the division who I believe would beat Bivol.

Good question, he'll fight Whyte next, if Joshua is guaranteed, but if not, he probably won't. All the excuses about dehydration really annoyed me, we see now what a load of BS that is. It is a hard question to answer, maybe Takam, not a bad match up, could make a statement if he looks like he does a better job than Joshua, a possibility, but the problem is the imbalance, Parker, Miller, they are not tune ups, they are huge fights in themselves. I would say Takam would be the perfect opponent. Yeah absolutely, hopefully people will grow up now, and appreciate the fight for what it is, not the AJ show, Wilder just the guy who has the belt, he'll lose, but this is a great 50/50 unification fight between the heavyweight top dogs.

Did you see Porter vs Granados?

He hasn't been brutally knockout in a while, I think Fury was the last time they stopped his fight. But for Stiverne I think he should retire.

Kovalev was the first name that came to mind as to who I think is the best at 175. He's the most accomplished that's why I picked him. I think 175 is up for grabs at this point. Maybe Jack and Beterbiev might beat him, but I could be wrong. Also I want to see Beterbiev fight a big name soon.

I think that's fair, why fight Whyte if Joshua isn't guaranteed? They should do something like Ward Kovalev like if they fight other people then by a certain time fight each other. I do think him beating Whyte will raise hype for the Joshua fight, because of the hype Whyte has for him right now, I'm not saying it is deserving or not but he does have some buzz around him. I like Whyte, entertaining fighter and all but he's overrated. I call it like it is. He makes for fan friendly fights, but when he's in there with a Joshua, Wilder or a in shape Fury he would get crushed. I think even Bellew or Haye beats Whyte to. Parker and Miller aren't bad fights for either Joshua or Wilder, but I want to see Joshua Wilder first possibly before any other fight. Also who are you rooting for when this fight is official? This is a great fight, I'm rooting for Joshua but I will be more then happy if Wilder wins. I've noticed more people are talking about this fight happening, which is great.

Yes, it was a very entertaining fight.

I'm going to touch on this real quick on Tyson Fury. I'm not taking anything he says serious until he gets back in the ring, everything he says is just talk right now. If he does actually come back in shape do you think he will be good enough to beat the top dogs?

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He had the fight beaten out of him by Tyson Fury, Fury boxed his head off, won every single round, Chisora landed single figure punches throuhgout, and Fury began to beat him up as well, I couldn't believe how one sided it was, since then, he's only been declining, he shouln't have any more meaningful fights. You saw how vulnerable he looked in the fight, as I knew he would, Wilder really hurt him with every shot he landed, the jab had an affect, the first decent right hand he commited to, and down he went, that was a bad beating, the only thing about it which isn't concerning, is that he didn't take a long beating, it was like my prediction, he needs to retire! Wilder ruined him the first time!, he should have settled for the achievement of being the only one to go 12 with Wilder, and called it quits at that point.

I see, but I disagree because boxing is about timing, no 34 year old, with the lack of resistance of Kovalev can beat Bivol, and he is only going to get worse. Kovalev shouldn't blame his losses on John David Jackson, Jackson is a good trainer, he put up with a lot, was loyall, Kovalev won't be a better fighter for the trainer change. Beterbiev seems to ahve the amateur background, the pedigree to be great, he was on fire when he beat Tavoris Cloud, but he hasn't quite lived up to it, he hasn't delivered, he is 32, 11-0, I think when he does step up, it may be too late. I think Bivol is the best in the division, heck, he has had a fight more than Beterbiev already, and he is 6 years younger!, Ward vs Bivol would have been some match up!

It would be stupid, Eddie Hearn, and this isn't a bad thing on his part, doesn't want Wilder near Joshua, certainly not for a while, I think he would love to see Whyte beat Wilder, I mean, who could blame him?, Joshua is the star, he doesn't need much more publicity, especially if he gets the reputation as the best in the division by far, wins all the belts, dominates the divsion with no trouble, Hearn is being bold, thinking Whyte could beat Wilder, it's a bit silly really, it is an absolute mismatch!, but Hearn doesn't want Wilder to fight Joshua. I agree that that would be the case (it'd add hype), but I don't like that plan, it would just cause arguemnts, extreme opinions both ways, it would make people think Wilder needs this fight, but for goodness sake, Wilder doesn't need to fight a leftover of Anthony Joshua's, and Joshua and Hearn can't criticise him for his lack of opposition and then expect him to fight a fat guy who hardly beat Dereck Chisora late last year, a fighter with poor defence, slow hands, many flaws, slow feet, I mean the fight is a stupid idea at this point.

I do not for the life of me mind, I can't root for AJ to lose, he's a great guy, him winning is onky good for the sport, and he deserves to win, he has the discipline, heart to train hard enough, he has the humility to know when he won't win a fight, or when a fight is high risk. Ah I don't know man, I will struggle not to root for Wilder though, he is one of my favourite fighters, liek Joshua, an inspiration, a great guy, great fighter, I think I'll be backing Wilder, for 3 reasons, 1, call me selfish, call me big headed but I want to be the guy who got it right, again, 2, Deontay Wilder needs the win more in the sense that he has less time ahead of him, if Wilder loses, at 32, being avoided, that could be it for him, Joshua, if he loses, he can get many more opportunities in the future, 3, Joshua is a gangster come good, his story is great, he gets the credit he deserves, the recognition, as a fighter, as a person, he has had the honour of fighting Wladimir Klitschko, Wilder, like his rival, has a great story, he was our age when he started boxing, he became a dad at a young age, late teen I believe, it is always overwhelming, there are sacrifices to make, but the love he had for his daughter, and how proud he was of her for I think being brave even as a small child (despite her disability) that inspired him to be great, he has battled through hard times, just like Joshua, a late starter in boxing, stopped as an amateur, he has kept on the wagon, had 39 pro fights now, he's providing for his family, as we all try to when we have wives and kids, and he is excelling at one of the hardest sports there is, that is a great story, just like Joshua's story, well Wilder gets absolutely no credit, no recognition for his boxing journey, it would be great to see that change, and finally, he would get the respect he deserves if he beat AJ.

Let's just hope it does, because now, I'm not sure about Joshua and Hearn in terms of wanting the fight, back to the Whyte thing, at the very fucking least, and I'm sick of this now, at the least, why doesn't fatty go to US? How can they expect the champ to come to chump's backyard, he's been here before, he isn't interested in extra money, just to be controlled, dictated, so if the burger snatcher wants the fight that badly, hop on the plane pal, and get on with it, or shut up, this is all part of the reason why it is likely to me that Hearn is not out to make Joshua vs Wilder, if it was th otyer way around, and Wilder really was "windmill Wilder, a bum, no resoomae", like the morons say, and people thought he was as good as he really is, then it would be the dream fight for Hearn and Joshua, but Wilder is a nightmare, Joshua is giving away power, gas tank, professional experience, height, agility, reach, and it is a fight everybody expects Joshua to win, they are smart not to want it, Wilder is almost a decade younger than Klitschko, hits harder, more durable as well, and he would get far less credit for beating him than he did for beating Klitschko.

Porter looked great until the last 2 rounds, a broken hand is no picnic, he was really angry, understandably, but it was a great performance overall, and given the circumstances, and he has been active this year, hope the Thurman rematch happens, but speaking of Thurman, the Spence fight would be great, very interesting fight, close to the top of my wishlist.

No, not Joshua, not Wilder, the damage is done, he's mentally unstable, he has 7 stone to lose, he might think, at 29, having been out for 2 years, that he wants it, but part if his mental illness is that he goes from crazy highs to crazy lows I think, the public shouldn't be seeing him talk big. Best case scenario, Fury fights in March, which he might, fights again in 2018, fights AJ in 2019, he'll be in shape, he won't really be rusty, but he'll still be a fighter who has put his body through substance abuse, and put miles on the closk with stupid training tactics, besides the inconsistncy catching up with him, he might do well for 6 rounds, but as soon as Joshua was able to find his range, Fury would get battered, and Wilder would just knock him out cold. Fury should not be allowed a licence!

I remember that, in the rematch Chisora really couldn't do much and Fury broke him down. I was shocked to because in the first fight Chisora gave Fury a tough fight, won 3-4 rounds. I think Chisora is good for a journeyman level sadly.

He's about to leave his prime as well, he can't get much better. I still want to see what he has left in future fights. He has no one to blame but himself for the losses to Ward. Also, I noticed he has a poor attitude towards people who beat him, even Beterbiev. The thing with Beterbiev is that I think he has the skills to be a great fighter in the division, but he just needs to step up in competition. Ward vs Bivol would've been a great fight. I really wish Ward was still fighting, he was one of my all time favorites.

It seems like Hearn genuinely believes that Whyte beats Wilder which is expected. I think Hearn wants to wait once Joshua improves a little but more before they get in the ring.

I'm rooting for Joshua in the fight but I will be happy if Wilder wins as well. With Joshua it's hard to root against the guy. He's a class act, entertaining and a heavyweight, not much more to ask from him. With Wilder, he's a good guy and has a different side to him. I did what you might do for this fight with Canelo GGG. I really liked both fighters but I leaned toward GGG because he is the older fighter while Canelo has a whole career ahead of him. Both Joshua and Wilder have great stories and it's hard to pick a side and a winner for the fight.

I think it's reasonable for that to happen. But I don't think Whyte is the worst option out there, there's way worse. It's somewhat of a high profile fight and Wilder will win big against a decent name in the U.K. I never thought of it but Whyte should come to the U.S. if anything, it's not like a Joshua fight where either the U.K. or U.S. can host it. Where do you think this mega fight will take place at the states or the UK?

He did look pretty good. I would imagine a broken hand would make you throw less, but still managed to get the win. Great performance, non stop pressure and landing bigger shots the fight. I hope the Thurman rematch happens, but I don't think it will happen till late next year. What you think is next for Porter?

I think you may be right on that. He's mentally unstable, and will be going through a lot to keep the weight off. I mean the fan in me wants to see a return so we get some good matchups, but reality is telling me that it isn't that great of an option. Whatever the board says I'll go with.

Who do you think is the best welterweight?

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It just shows you what an outstanding fighter Tyson Fury was. I think he's a thug, so I'm not sad to hear that.

Yeah I do too, he's still a very good fighter. Excuses aren't good, they're never good, he got beaten by Andre Ward, twice, fair and square, he should fave that, and try to use it as a learning experience in his own mind, like Alvarez did when he lost to Mayweather, like I'm sure Joshua would do if he lost to Klitschko, it is different with Kovalev because he's older, but still, on a mental basis, it doesn't look good for him. I think Beterbiev against Kovalev would be an interesting one, Beterbiev has the win as an amateur, it means nothing now, but it shows you how good an amateur he was, if the timing is right, I see Beterbiev beating Kovalev, but just what can he take from 11 fights?, what did Ward take out of Kovalev?, I would think it unlikely the fight would happen though. Yeah that's the issue, but the questions we need to ask are, how much does he really want to win at a high level? Can he get bigger fights before he gets too old? Yeah, but at the end of the day, he did what he had to do, he had enough money, he didn't want to put himself at risk, mentally, he was getting too humble maybe, he seemed more relieved after the Kovalev win, didn't call out other fighters, didn't seem like the start of a new chapter in boxung or anything, it was an understandable retirement, but as long as we respect that, it is fine to think about what fights like that (Ward vs Bivol) would have been like, what a fight that would have been, but, haha, I don't think Joshua vs Ward would have been a good match up, at all.

That's stupid if he does, in my opinion, Hearn has said it before, "Whyte is a pain in the arse", and he is, he lets his mouth take over, and it becomes a problem for him, his opponents, his promter, his attutide stinks, after all the crap he talked to AJ before their fight, the next day, "I was surprised by how slow he was", come on man, what a cabbage. It is silly to think Whyte beats Wilder, let's look at it, Whyte looked vulnerable in the Chisora fight, Chisora isn't a puncher, never has been, Whyte's conditioning is terrible, he had 2 good rounds against AJ, and that was all, he hasn't impressed me since, did you see how shaken he was by Helenius he was in round 2?, how could he handle Wilder's power, Wilder's pace?, I think Wilder beats Whyte in every department, he's beaten at least 3 guys who are stronger opponents than Whyte, and I would be shocked if Whyte went 6 rounds. I don't think Whyte beats Parker, Bellew, let alone AJ and Wilder. Yeah that's right, spot on, it is a question of when, not if, but guts wise, Joshua has nothing to prove, Hearn knows that, and what they say and what they know are 2 different things, Hearn says, "Whyte beats Wilder, Wilder doesn't go 3 with AJ" he means, "this guy can cause damage, we might want to be careful about taking this fight, we don't this guy just yet, it would be a relief to get this worry out the way, maybe, and I know this is a long shot, if Whyte could land a hail Mary on him, everyone would forget about Joshua vs Wilder, meaning AJ can go right ahead and start his era of heavyweight dominance". Of course Hearn is going to say Whyte is going to beat Wilder if they fight, he's his promoter, Frank Warren used to say Frankie Gavin beats Amir Khan all day, that was when Khan was active, Gavin had just beaten Bradley Pryce, it is just what promoters say, Hearn doesn't think Whyte beats Wilder, and if they want the fight, Hearn should try to assure Wilder he will do everything he can to make the Joshua fight likely if guaranteeing it isn't possible, offer him enough money (to be fair, Hearn is no cheapskate, he did offer Wilder a good amount), and don't try to get him to come to UK, yes it would build hype in a certain way, but the atmosphere of a previous fight doesn't matter when it comes to the big fight, what has happened i the ring, in previous contests, but when the bug ine happens, everyone's minds will be on tnat, people will have forgotten about Wilder vs Whyte whether it happened at the 02, or in a little Hall in a small town outside of London, what I'm saying is, Wilder is the A-Side, go to the US.

Absolutely, but in my opinion, the same can be said for Wilder. And those are the fights you enjoy most I think because you aren't tense in rooting, hoping, on the edge of your seat, hoping the guy you want to win, wins. The only negative, is that we don't want to see either guy lose.

No, but this is crunch time, not bad, won't do, and the point is, Wilder is the champion, his rival's promoter shouldn't have power over him, why Whyte?, why not Andy Ruiz?, Carlos Takam?, Kubrat Pulev?, they are all much better than Whyte, it is just the particular obsession with the Whyte fight which is silly. Yeah I know, but ultimately, that was an option, Wilder said no, he's the champion, let's respect his answer. The Brits over here can get angry, accuse Wilder of being scared, etc, but let's not forget who Wilder is objecting to fight, a guy who AJ already dealt with, just got hurt by a fat Helenius, a guy who got stopped when he has younger against a guy Wilder has already battered, Whyte, as well, scraping past a washed up Chisora, if Wilder beat him, would it help the fight?, build hype?, as you think, because I doubt it, "LOL Wilder just beat AJ leftover, Windmill Wilder" would be the general idea, if he was being treated fairly, he would already be getting credit for what he has achieved in the sport. I think over here, I think for atmosphere, we do the best, even if in some ways, Vegas, New York are a bigger deal, but no I think Wilder would come here to unify against Joshua, Joshua is not Whyte, that is for sure, and Hearn, and I agree with him on this, he won't have Joshua travel, when Joshua is bringing in the numbers at Wembley that he is, he is the face of boxing, I think there is more of argument from Joshua's side for Wilder to come over here, than vise verse, but ti be fair to Wilder, he has said he would be happy to travel to fight Joshua, just funnily enough, haha, not Whyte.

They want Thurman next, I think they have given uo on the Garcia fight now, Garcia doesn't want that fight. I would say Thurman vs Porter II is next, but I'm not sure Thurman would fight as tough an opponent as Porter, who made it close last time, when he is coming off a layoff.

Good way of thinking. We should remember that Fury probably relies on illegal substances as well, he doesn't really want it, he might now, but he won't, the guy is a let down, a disappointment, a disgrace to the sport, and the biggest waste of talent out there, mental issues, yeah yeah, I'm on a high dose of a strong drug, I'm very, very mentally troubled, and I can tell you now, it is not an excuse for the way he behaves.

Crawford, followed by Spence, followed by Thurman, who do you think?

He was something else in his prime, sadly we probably won't see how he could've ended up like. I really wanted to see how he would capitalize on the Klitschko win.

He's a good fighter it's just Ward has his number and there's nothing wrong with that. I think that's how you should approach failure, like you said as a learning experience. It goes for all aspects of life. I think it will be hard for him to come back mentally, but I think that's something we have to see in future fights. Beterbiev looks the part as of right now he just needs to show it against better opposition, and I think it's hard for him to get fights with big names for some reason. I remember last year he was supposed to fight Barerra last year and it fell through. I think when he gets to a big stage he will impress. He might even beat Kovalev. For Ward, I would've really liked to see Ward vs Jack or Stevenson. Bivol as well.

He really is hard to deal with as it seems. I didn't like his attitude after the Joshua fight. Like was he really that slow, I mean that uppercut Joshua landed to end the fight definitely wasn't slow. I haven't seen his fight with Helenius yet but I'll take your word. I don't think Whyte can do all that well against Wilder. I mean Joshua hurt him numerous times throughout their fight, Wilder will do pretty much the same to Whyte. I think Wilder knocks him out inside 3 rounds, same with Joshua if they rematch. I think with Joshua getting better and Whyte declining Joshua could get him out in less then 3 rounds as well. I don't get the hype around Whyte, he's not a top heavyweight just because he gave Joshua a tough fight for 2 rounds. I think Whyte is only good at a certain level, and I wouldn't call him an elite heavyweight.

That's the only negative of the fight is that we have to see someone we are a big fan of lose.

That's true, Wilders rival promoter shouldn't have power of him. I like fights like Takam, Ruiz, or Pulev those are all good fights and I think they can also add hype to the Joshua fight. I think the best thing for the Whyte fight is that have it part of the contract to get a Joshua fight. I think I would rather see Wilder vs Haye Bellew winner then Whyte. I'm sure Joshua or Wilder would go wherever to fight, it's crazy how Whyte wouldn't.

I think the Porter fight is a dangerous one for Danny Garcia considering he's coming off a loss. I like Thurman Porter 2 better. It's hard to say whos next for Thurman he might want an easier fight since he's coming off an injury. One thing I will say is I hope he fights more then once a year, I know he couldn't help getting injured but if he's healthy he should fight 2 times a year.

One of the biggest disappointments in the sport. Also did you see him an Joshua go at it on social media? It was pretty entertaining I guess.

I agree with you on that.

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Oh I'm the same, no disrespect to them, but Wilder, Joshua, I don't think will ever be as great as Fury could have been, but Fury can never be as good as them now, just shows you how boxing is all about timing. The comparison between the Joshua and Fury wins over Klitschko was interesting, I have to say, overall, I was mkre impressed with Fury's win, for a few reasons, but on the other hand, Fury said "I took a big right from Klitschko, laughed at him, same shot buried Joshua to the canvas", that isn't true, it wasn't the same shot, Klitschko never landed with real leverage against Fury, he certainly never caught him really off guard, but Joshua, Klitschko drew him onto a right hand, landed it absolute flush, took Joshua's legs away from him, no heavyweight would have stayed up from that shot, not all would have gotten up, fewer would have gotten through it, and even fewer would have bounced back with the win.

I was disgusted by Kovalev's disrespect to John David Jackson, it isn'this fault the bitter no mark drank vodka during training, it isn't his fault he broke down against Ward, Kovalev, I think will shock you with how relatively bad he is in the ring from now on. It is a race against time, he won't inress if it takes another 3 years, if it takes a year or less, then I think yes, but he doesn't have bags of time ahead of him, he should be able to beat Kovalev though. Yeah well, we can still look back on his career highs, not just the Kovalev wins, but the Carl Froch win, beating Mikkel Kessler, Arthur Abraham.

Anybody who calls AJ slow is an idiot! It was a disappointing fight, I wouldn't recommend it. He's been made to look good, and he gets credit for having a great fight with Dereck Chisora, well that isn't impressive, it is entertaining, but he wouldn't be having a great fight witn Chisora if he was that good, people need to realise that, it is also more that people over here, idiots, give Wilder no credit, insist Whyte beats him because they don't think he is any good.

They're possibilities, and Takam, well given that Whyte was a good idea because it would give them a common opponent, wel duh, forget about the fatty, and give a chance to a dedicated athlete who went 3 rounds longer against an improved AJ, boxed with a disadvantage, won a round or two maybe, has looked impressive, gave Parker a hard night, forget about a fighter who is never in shape, doesn't really train, I wouldn't give Whyte a 10% chance against Takam! Hearn can't guarantee it, it is one of those situations where it is nobody's fault, it is just annoying for everyone. He doesn't want it enough, he's a bully, why does a bully who won't travel, doesn't train hard enough, has a history of taking drugs, why does he deserve the opportunity?

Yeah, and I think Garcia is smart not taking the fight, who needs Porter? Maybe, I think he will, but we'll see. Oh he will all being well, he has tried!, he isn't Amir Khan, he has had two unfortunate years, 2 terrible injuries, two great victories in as many years, but I bet you a fight every 12 months, instead of a fight every 6 months, it angers him, I hopethe Spence fight happens in 2019, but they may be at 154 by then.

Yeah I saw that, it's bullying, Joshua 'broke character', well to me, everyone is the same in that regard, if someone is pushed far enough, they will say "f*** off", I mean, it isn't like Joshua beat Fury off, he just lashed out verbally. I think it kills Fury that he knows he could have been better than Joshua could ever be, but because Joshua has the dedication, the commitment that Fury doesn't have, it is no good to him now, what a waster! If Fury fights Joshua, he will get battered, if Joshua was 5 years older, and Fury started training, now!, then maybe it would be a different story, if he got AJ at the right time, but AJ is younger than Fury so that can't happen. Tell you who I think is a hypocrite, and a fool, Frank Warren, he had a go at us for comapring Joshua to Ali and Lewis, laughed, because of his experience or apparent lack of it, then said that Daniel Dubois is better than Joshua, a 20 year old, who has had 5 fights, no disrespect to Dubois, I think uf they were at the same career stage, it woukd be a 50/50 fight, but Joshua is 7 hears ahead of him, and 7 good years, 15 fights ahead of him, I hope Dubois leaves Warren, I think he will when he realises he will get much better options under the promotion of Eddie Hearn, I think Dubois will be a top heavyweight in 5 years time, maybe him vs Joshua could happen, but you would think that it would either be slightly too early for Dubois, or slighlty too late for Joshua, after unless Dobois boxes like a 28 year old, when he's 23, in which case, maybe he coukd fight an absolute prime Joshua, and be fairly ready, what a fight that could be! We are talking a minimum of 3 years though surely, probably more, I'd say 2021 is when it should happen.

This is unrelated to boxing, but I've had a tough day, just been to the vet with my doggy, he has a partial tear in one of the ligaments in his leg, poor dog!, somwe have to keep him him rested, and give him some carrots instead of dog treats, hopefully he won't have to have surgery!, how are your dogs?

I know what you mean. You are definitely right, boxing is all about timing. Like Jeff Horn would've went the distance or even beat a 2009-2015 Pacquiao, but he caught Pacquiao on the decline and was able to beat him this year, like Ali would've never lost to Spinks or Berberick hen Ali was at his best they just caught him at the right time. Even though I liked the Joshua fight way better then the Fury fight at an entertainment standpoint, I was more impressed with Fury's victory because he was the first one to beat Klitschko since 2004, he was the guy to end his reign at heavyweight, and he made it look easy. He took away Klitschkos weapons and made him throw the lowest amount of punches in his career. I was still impressed with Joshua's victory because Klitscko looked great, and as a fighter I think you need those passing of the torch fights in your career. He showed us a lot in that fight, and I think that was a fight that made Joshua even better as a fighter.

I was a turned off by how unsportsman like Kovalev was during the 2 Ward fights. I had a lot of respect for him before the fight. I mean I still do now but not what it once was. I didn't even know that the vodka thing was true. And it's still something I want to see for future fights, you are probably right that he won't be the same. I think Beterbiev will still be good for at least 5 or so more years.

I agree on that, AJ is very fast for a heavyweight and just in general. I liked the Whyte fight, good domestic rivalry and I got the result I wanted. I would recommend the Joshua Klitschko fight before the Whyte fight but I still recommend both. That was a great ko by Joshua. You are right Whyte is meant to look good. I think he gets beat at the elite level.

The only reason why Whyte deserves a fight is because a name but me and you know just being a name doesn't automatically get you a big fight, you have to earn it. I think whyte would lose to Takam to, he's more durable and is more skilled then Whyte. I think Whyte gets too reckless and makes a lot of mistakes.

I mean a Porter fight is good, but just not right now. I think Garcia needs an easier fight before he gets back into a big fight. For Thurman, I hope he gets an easy fight for his return, then fight Crawford or Spence down the line.

Bullying on Joshuas or Fury part? I don't consider it bullying on Joshua's side because he constantly provoking him, but it was definitely rude of him to say to Fury. I think he just responded like that because he was pushed. I think it does bother Fury that Joshua is the dedicated athlete getting positive attention while Fury isn't getting any good attention and doesn't have a license. Andre Ward said this and I think it relates to Joshua and Fury, he said that once you get to the big stage everyone is as good as you and you need to separate yourself from the rest. I think what seperates Joshua form Fury is that Joshua is dedicated and is willing to learn and is doing the right things. And yes Frank Warren is a hypocrite, he's basically saying the same thing he's criticizing about Joshua. It's too early to say about Daniel Dubious, I mean he could be the part but it's too early to tell. Joshua vs Duboius would be great to see in 4-5 years, maybe 3 years if Dubios improves very well.

That's a shame. Hopefully he makes a speedy recovery. My dogs are good right now.

Broner vs Lipnets what do you think of that fight?

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Good example. Bang on! Also, Fury was never in trouble, so it is hard to say Joshua physically did a much better job as a boxer against Klitschko than Fury. He used his intelligence against him, because Klitschko, the reason why he's been so effective with the fundamental tools in his offensive arsenal for so long, is because he knows when to throw, in the heavyweight division, you don't want to be throwing too many wasteful shots, bjt because Klitschko knew he couldn't hit Fury, he didn't throw. Oh yeah you had to be, I think he was behind, he was losing, after 5 rounds of what had been a solid performance from Joshua, the wise old veteran was taking over, dominating by my reckoning, and out of nowhere, Joshua found that shot, showed that adaptability, and turned the fight around, it takes a certain type of fighter to find a finish like that, and really, it was a one punch stoppage, that uppercut was the beginning of the end, and had that been a low level fight, I'm not sure I'd have stopped it was soon as that landed, but I'd let it go on only a few seconds more, and with the first fall, I'd have called an end to it, I definitely think the stoppage should have come with the second knockdown, and the more you watch that finish the more you seeth at the notion that it was a premature stoppage. If Joshua had the stamina issues Fury and Whyte said he did, he would not have been able to produce what he did against Klitschko in round 11. Without a doubt, nothing beats experience, that has made him a much better fighter.

Respect for him as a fighter, absolutely. Yeah well, it is a test he failed, at this level, commitment, dedication, boxing is not like other sports, you have to be prepared to do it safely, that's why Fury shouldn't box again. I don't think so, but he could have a great 3 years ahead of him I think, he hasn't got miles on the clock, granted, on a different but not unrelated topic, I'm nkt sure Beterbiev takes it on the chin so well, could be wrong about that.

Whyte's success added drama to the fight, but Joshua showed his guts, got through the tricky moments, and sparked the guy, great performance. Yeah I mean, haha, Whyte is not Klitschko:).

I would say if there is a reason, it is because he has been active, had a good few fights, not lost since the Joshua fight, won a world title eliminator. Yes, and he doesn't have the style which works so well, and that is just part of how he boxes, it is a sign I think, that he slacks off in the gym.

That's it, in a 50/50 fight like that, little things can make the difference, but something like a difference in activity, almost certainly would turn it in Porter's favour, and Garcia probably knows it would be an unwise risk, to fight Porter under the current circumstances regarding activity.

Fury! I do think Joshua is a bit of a hothead, but one thing he is not, is a bully, absolutely not. Well poor Fury, haha, nah man you're right but if someone is going to ctry out to recieve insults, by constantly trying to rile people, they will get insulted, if he can't take it, then I guess his mum should bring him a blanket and a bottle, Joshua called him fat, I mean it's not like he went too far, said something really, really nasty, you should hear what some skumbag ob YouTube said to me the other day, after I got mad because he wished death upon David Haye for the Bellew rematch, he ended up commenting, saying he hoped my children got cancer, yeah Anthony Joshua is just, and Fury should shut his mouth. That's it, and Joshua is training everyday, always trying to be just that little bit better.

Yeah thanks man, he should do. I'll tell you my dog is a rascal, a couple of months ago, we were taking a walk in the countryside, we had walked quite a long way, it was very public, and Charley, the naughty doggy, went and rolled in a large, fresh cow pat, he was half green, it was disgusting, and everybody was looking at us, trying to keep their distance, we had to cut the day short, he got not much telling off and no punishment, what's the worst thing one of your dogs has ever done?

Good match up, great match up!, interesting, Lipinets is a solid fighter, does most things very well, great amateur, looked good so far as a professional, we just don't know if he has the ability to raise his game, prove to be an ultra great boxer, Broner, more tested, more experienced, more dangerous I think, I think he is as talented, but does he want to win as much as Lipinets?, that could be the million dollar question, desire could be a difference, because mentally, what have those defeats taken out of him?, then again, Lipinets couldn't overlook him, if he did, he could be in a world of trouble, Broner is still only 28, absolute prime, and at 140, he is much faster, stronger, more powerful than at 147, so far, it has taken Maidana, Porter, and Garcia to beat him, if we see him as he was against Mikey Garcia again, and he is that motivated, that hungry, I think Lipinets would struggle, I'd be surprised if he beat him, then again, we don't know how good Lipinets is, he could be honestly better than Broner, never write off an unbeaten fighter I say. I think we know Lipinets is motivated, we know Broner has the talent, has the potential, does Lipinets have that kind of talent? How good a fighter can he be?, what does Broner have left mentally?, is he motivated to become a world champion again? What do you think?

That's true Fury was never in any real trouble. He made it look so easy. I think Klitschko was too cautious starting out, but as you said as a heavyweight you have to know when to throw and not throw for the sake of throwing a punch. If I remember right the last 2 rounds Klitschko did open up and start throwing more, but for the most part he was neutralized. I agree with you on the fact Joshua did better job at boxing physically then Fury. He was able to hurt Klitschko, and he was able to make it entertaining as well. Joshua does have stamina issues but not as bad as Fury or Whyte said. Like you said if they were bad, it would've cost him the fight and it didn't he was able to recover, get a second win and get the stoppage.

Yeah, he deserves our respect as a fighter. For Beterbiev, him having not a lot of fights I think will have him last longer. As for his chin, it's something I still have to see because he hasn't been in there with a great puncher.

That's true about whyte. It also shows that he doesn't have the skills to be a great fighter.

Porter vs Garcia is a good fight I want to see down the road, just not next for Danny. For Porter, I would like to see a Thurman rematch.

Joshua can be a hothead but who isn't. If you are pushed to a level you will lash out. I mean there's worse you can say then what Joshua said but it was just a response, and Fury shouldn't trash talk if he can't take it himself. And that's fucked up someone would say that to you.

That's good to hear about the recovery. I think the worst thing my dog done was attack one of my other dog and bit me in the process. That was painful.

I like the fight to. Lipnets is the more fresher fighter and is undefeated. I think this is a fight where Broners dedication and mental state come in to play.Broner is more experienced at the big stage and only lost at an elite level, and we still have to question if Lipnets is elite. I think Lipnets is a winnable fight for Broner, I might even edge him as my prediction for a future fight.

I'm also considering making a second account for a rewatch on some cards, what do you think?

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Klitschko just simply went for it hammer and tongs in the last round, landed 2 really good shots, probably won the round, but that's it, and in round 11, at the end, right before Fury fell into the trap, and let Klitschko trick Tony Weeks into taking a point whilst recovering on instinct, Fury landed those left hooks bang on the jaw, Klitschko was really hurt, but he sensed Fury tiring, and I think looking back, his mental issues came into play, people who suffer with a kind of personality disorder, or whatever, often have OCD, maybe that's what was going on with Fury, in case you don't know what I mean, I'm talking about the fact that in round 12, he kept focusing his attention on pulling up his shorts, and I think the point deduction was really playing on his mind, he couldn't let it slip out of his brain, but even so, Fury's reflexes was so good, he still had a fair amount in the tank, and he is naturally bigger than Klitschko, Klitschko still wasn't able to produce much good work, and he never really hurt Fury like we said. There isn't a lot in it, it is very debatable, it is hard to say Fury did a better job physically, because he never put Klitschko down, hurt him only once or twice, and Joshua was able to produce that finish, he also bullied him with speed, strength more than Fury did, but one could argue, Joshua got dropped heavily, Fury never did, and at the same time, someone could say that Fury didn't need a stoppage the way Joshua did, and maybe Fury just didn't let physicality into the equation, then again, that might be harsh on Joshua, because Fury loaded up a bit in that last round, missed quite badly, he did try to finish Klitschko I think, couldn't do it. In some ways, Joshua is smarter than Fury, like when Klitschko turned around and Fury hit him in the back of the head, lost a point, well I don't think Joshua would have taken the bait, something I notice about Joshua is the way he channels his anger in the ring, he chooses when to be angry, after the nose injury against Takam, he remained composed, but against Klitschko, he was talking, being horrible, trying to be nasty, and that is good, because this is a blood sport, and Joshua is good in that sense, but also in being smart, and my point here is that he's angry when it doesn't suit the opponent. I think really it is a bit of a physical impossibility to have that kind of muscle, and not have stamina issues, the main thing is, he knows his limitations, he works around it, and has the stamina to find that extra gas in the tank, and we've seen that from him twice now. Basically, what Fury says about Joshua is 10% true, he finds valid points, and in a desperate attempt to find negativity, he exaggerates, blows it way out of proportion when he talks about AJ, for example, yes, the Takam stoppage was premature, yes, Takam may have gone 12, but what reason was there to think AJ was 'saved by the referee'?, 'the midget was going to knock you out', shut up, man what a joke, and also, 'Wlad hit me on the chin, I laughed at him, same shot buried Joshua to the canvas' well it wasn't the same shot was it?, Klitschko never landedon Fury's chin with leverage, never was able to set himself, that right hand he hit Joshua with, was a killer, he drew him onto it, that would have dropped any heavyweight out there, and also, this was great, 'that put a lot of miles on the clock', clue is in the sentence, 'mile-s', plural, it is an accumulation thing, it happens over a number of years, a fighter becoming a spent force, it does not happen to a 27 year old fighter who was dropped once, in a fight he won, in a fight in which there were 2 rounds he was hurt in, what an idiot Fury is, it's like saying one shot of vodka will give you liver problems next year, just because something, in excessive amounts, over excessive time courses, can limit people, give them some problems, doesn't mean it is going to cause any problems for someone based on one occasion.

Yeah I think so, so he could be a good 34, 35 year old fighter, but he's not going to last long at the top even so, as soon as Adonis Stevenson faces a hungry fighter, he's going down, but he's 40 to be fair, mind you, his opposition has been poor, but back to Beterbiev, I think we could see him in a couple of super fights, but realistically, he'll do well to retire on 20 fights, unless he goes on too long, I know he got dropped by Jeff Page Jr, I'm not saying this confirms anything about his resilience, but it is something to take into account.

I think Whyte might be using illegal substances, he's been rumbled for it before, I don't think he is an honest athlete.

That's what I was saying, Joshua is not perfect, he is not a nasty person, not a bully, nkt like Whyte and Fury, he is a normal, down to earth guy, like me and you, like my mates, your mates, just a decent man, providing for his family, doing the best he can to achieve, if a bully angers him, he won't threaten to shoot them, but he won't pray for their souls, show extraordinary tolerance, he'll just say "fuck off" which is fair enough, like a normal person. What it is is jealousy, but also I blame social media, we shouldn't be seeing or hearing any of this crap, Fury should be able to act like a whiney fat kid and get told to shut up in private, and Joshua should be able to tell a fat pain in the neck to shove off without it being big news, they are boxers, this isn't a personality show, and also, unrelated to Joshua, one day Fury says "I won't return, I'm off to Burger King", the next day, "Wilder, AJ, bums, I'll beat them one handed", we shouldn't be seeing any of this, just as you shouldn't see the rehearsals when you go to theatre, or see the mistakes on set in the run up to a movie, we shouldn't know if he's been going to the gym for 2 solid weeks, or whether he has not been in 6 months, we should either never hear about Fury again, or it should be news if and when he gets his licence back.

You know Mike I've had people say horrible, inexcusable things to me before, throughout schooldays, but that was something else, I mean, I wanted to batter him, but I also wanted to cry to be honest with you, I just messaged him and said, "you win, you got to me", but I asked him if he was proud of himself, I asked him to ask himself some questions about who he was, and he deleted the reply stack, maybe he felt bad, or maybe he didn't want people to tear into him, but if I wanted to, which I do not, I could make a public villain out of him, tell people about him, I know his name, but I'm not going to do that, I only hope he is a kid, and he will grow up, I feel sorry for his parents, and he was lucky this time, I like to think I don't hold grudges, I wouldn't let my family down, go and set out to hurt someone, but if he says that someone more vengeful, more dangerous than me, and maybe someone who is just a rough diamond, a decent person, he could end up getting hurt very badly, because that is the worst comment someone could make. Above all though it was my fault in a sense, because he said 'I really hope Haye dies in the ring', not to me, just as an open comment on YouTube, and I didn't have to send him a comment saying "You scumbag (angry emogies) and I am not a Haye fan!", so really I should have known I was getting my mind shaken with a sickening insult or illness wish.

Yeah it sounds it, was that your chihuahua?, minicher pincher?, I'm going to guess it was the latter, and I'm also going to guess that that was a long time ago, before your dogs got used to each other. My dog is loved by the neighbours, but what a rascal, he's been in their houses uninvited many times!

I think I would edge Broner, but Lipinets is a solid, very skilled, powerful fighter, and Broner is no Crawford, Garcia.

Yeah it's not a bad idea, why not? The more scorecards on here the better, you could easily change your mind on a fight, any day, I mean, watch GGG vs Jacobs 6 times, you might have each edging it by a round 3 times, same with Canelo vs Lara, Mayweather vs Castillo, Garcia vs Peterson, Broner vs Granados, Whyte vs Chisora, Degale vs Jack, the list goes for longer than anyone can watch or listen to it go on.

First off sorry for late response. I saw Klitschko have some late success on Fury and he went for broke more. That's an interesting take on Fury's issues coming into play, I never really thought of it like that. Even though Fury didn't really hurt Klitschko like Joshua did, it was still an impressive win. He was never really in any trouble and he neutralized him as well, but Joshua still deserves credit for the win. You can take away things that Joshua did better against Klitschko and what Fury did better, those were 2 impressive wins against the most dominant heavyweight of our time. Also, i think that Joshua handles some situations better,like handeling anger. I think that Joshua is mentally tougher then Fury, I'm not trying to be rudee about Fury, but you can see a difference in talent and dedication. You see that Fury is more talented then Joshua, but Joshua has the dedication to get better. I thought that was stupid of Fury saying that Takam was about to beat him and that Joshua was saved by the ref, he might of went 12 rounds but he wasn't even in the fight. I don't even think he hurt him once in that fight.

I think you could be right on Stevenson. He's older now, not very active, competition hasn't been the best so if someone younger and more hungrier comes along they could beat him. I think his age and competition will be hi downfall.

It's definitely possible.

Exactly, he's not a bad guy, he probably responds to people when irritated. He doesn't go pick a fight just for the sake of doing it. I think it's unfair to criticize Joshua for responding. Fury has been taunting him, he has a right to respond even if it is the way people don't expect him to. He didn't go way to overboard. I don't really mind the back and forth talk between Fury and Joshua, it adds entertainment a build up for a potential fight. One thing that bothers me about Fury is that one day he calls out Joshua and Wilder next day he's done with boxing. I'm not taking much of what he says about a return seriously until i see him in the ring for an offical fight, which is still a battle since he doesn't have a license.

Same here man, and it's rough. On social media I rarely comment because people are brutal and will hate on anything you say.

Border collie. And it was like a year ago, it was pretty gruesome.

I agree on that.

True. I'm watching some fights just because they are great and some to get a better score in my mind.

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That's fine! It means you have a lot going on in life, that's always good, I need to get busier, I'm doing a lot of running, but it doesn't really take up much time, I've got some courses coming up, but I've got too much free time, so don't worry about responding to me a few days later than you try to.

I didn't until recently, but it makes sense, OCD, any issue like that, it can do that to you, it controls you, if that was going on, Fury did well, Klitschko only landed 2 quality punches, only one which really registered. Absolutely, but in all fairness, we have to give Fury more credit Klitschko wise, because he beat a better Klitschko than Joshua, but not a lot, and that's just one fight comparison, Joshua has fought since, Fury hasn't, Joshua is the gold medalist, he is improving much more efficiently, but I think Klitschko against Fury, woukd have beaten Klitschko against Joshua, I know he didn't look as good, but Canelo wasn't a worse fighter when he fought Mayweather than when he fought Hatton or Mosley, some fighters are made to look bad, made to look old, that is one thing Joshua couldn't do. Really, I just think because Klitschko was 17 months younger against Fury than Joshua, he was coming off that amount of time out of the ring, and against Fury, it wasn't half that, and for what it is worth, he was in his backyard against Fury, the opposite against Joshua, having said all this, Fury, almost certainly, was further ahead in his career than Joshua, meaning Joshua had more improvement ahead of him, maybe, in fact, Fury was always going to retire after Klitschko, was that the conclusion to his career? No that's fair to say, I call him names, it's all fine, given what he has said, and it's true, he isn't doing anything, Joshua is training, probably close to having his next fight confirmed, it's funny people are comparing to the two fighters, boxing is about timing, Joshua has had 5 fights in the time it has taken Fury to have none, Wilder knows it, that is why he praises Fury, because he doesn't see a 2 year inactive, wasteful, obese, drug using, mentally unstable man as a threat, he knows Fury shouldn't return, I think he feels sorry for him, why else would he come over here to offer support?, Fury feels patronised, that's why he trashes Wilder all the time, but Wilder trash talks, fires shots at AJ, because he sees him as his rival, he knows Joshua is the competition, if anyone is a threat to his title and unbeaten record, it is AJ, Fury wouldn't beat Carlos Takam at the moment!! No, he took the body shots really well, Joshua, but I'll tell you something, if Fury comes back, fights an opponent like that, they successfully attack the body, he will be finished!, I think that might even have been the tactic Klitschko was planning to apply for their rematch, it can't have been "just try harder, throw more punches", Klitschko is too intelligent for that, tell you something, Klitschko would beat Fury now!

Yep, like I was saying, like me, like you, like a normal guy who does his best in life, to accomplish, and be as good a person as he can, no saint, but a reasonable guy. People will, because of the character which has been built up by the media, but in all honesty, what does Joshua care?, he has his fans, friends, family, achievements, goals, why do some critical, negative, bitter morons matter? No, haha, he callee him fat, I mean, if someone calls that "overboard", they need to toughen up, and learn to face the world, people say worse things than that on a daily basis, he said it to a sexist, homophobic, racist waster, not exactly an unprovoked verbal attack, if you can even call it a verbal attack, which I wouldn't. Yeah I agree to the extent that, one, of Fury was fighting, had he won 4 fights since the Klitschko win, and he and Joshua were both world champions, if they were going to fight, yes, but they are not, and two, if they spoke to the media, an interview each, called each other out, took some digs, like Joshua and Wilder are doing, GGG and Canelo, Jacobs and Charlo, Thurman and Spence, but all this twitter, facebook nonsense, video messages on YouTube, is what is stupid. If he does return, he will not be the same fighter he was, he'll be at least 30, I mean 27-29, those are the years you don't waste in boxing, it's why for Gervonta Davis, if he has to have some bad years, if things are to go wrong, and the fighter lives and learns better it happen to a 22, 23 year old fighter, than a fighter who is frittering away his prime years, yes heavyweights can often come off age, be as good as young in the ring at 30-31, even 32-33, but not Fury, because of the issues we discussed, I mean, punch resistance, fitness, stamina, reflexes, speed, these things won't be there for Fury, it is what I said about Stiverne before he fought Wilder, he can trash his opponent, convince himself he's invincible, all he likes, but when he gets in the ring, different story, I honestly think that if Joshua could hammer away at the body with some hard shots, shots he really commits to, he could break Fury like a toothpick, it would be sad if Fury wasn't a nasty bully, because of what a great fighter he could have been, but I don't like him, so I don't care if he loses badly when he returns to boxing, if he even does, he shouldn't be allowed to return to the ring, let's get that right.

I have a personal goal, to never let my kids go through what I went through at school, to make people aware of bullying in schools and how to tackle it. I'm still seething about what that scumbag said to me, this is NOT me mouthing off, acting tough, I'm not proud of it, but I want to beat the crap out of him.

I can imagine, did you need stitches? He likes a tissue does Charley, take one off him, and he will bite, my dad learned that the hard way, cut, bleeding, but nothing like what happened to you.

Yeah cool, by the way, if it is ok with you, maybe I could write a synopsis for fights you added, I could send the text to you, and you could add my analyses to the fights.

I mean I want a balance between school and talking boxing, because I really enjoy talking boxing nd scoring the fights.

It does make sense when you think about it. I think we have to give Fury a little more credit to. He beat Klitschko when he was the king of the division and was active at the time. When Klitschko fought Joshua he really looked like he hasn't lost a step and could give the top heavyweights a tough fights, he looked great that night against Joshua. I think the difference between Joshua and Fury is lifestyle choices and dedication. Like we both said in his down time he uses drugs and alcohol has an incositent training habits, Joshua seems to not use drugs or alcohol and is dedicated and in the gym all the time. He says he stays ready so he doesn't have to get ready. Although I have seen some of Fury's training videos recently and moves pretty good for being overweight. I still beilieve that Joshua will beat Fury if Fury does come back. Same with Wilder. I also believe that's why Wilder doesn't call him out, he feels he isn't ready to comeback. It's understandable to see him call out Joshua, he's the real competition at the moment not Fury. Also I think Joshua is a better fight for Wilder then Fury is. I feel if Fury returned and looked in good shape he could be a good fighter but not what he once was. I think Joshua and Wilder caught up to him and passed him up.

I hated how everyone was pointing to Joshua as the bad guy for responding. Like what's he supposed to do be silent? I really don't mind the trash talking because it add hypes but i get what you're saying. I mean I like Fury, but I won't be upset if Joshua made him quit or something like that. To be honest it is still a fight I'm interested in seeing if Fury is in good shape.

That's a great idea.

Yeah, around 3-4.

What fights are you thinking of adding a synopsis for?

What do you think of Haye withdrawing against Bellew? I think Haye needs to retire he is too injury prone and that's not good for someone his age.

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Yeah that's cool, and that's the key word there, balanced, in all aspects of life, a good balance is the way to go, and work, leisure, down time, they're things it is easy to do too much, or too little of, at the moment, running is a big help for me, I did 10k today, first one in a while, it really helps me mentally, I hope I'll find the time to get a few runs in per week when I'm busier.

It is very easy to forget that, because people don't remember Klitschko as he was pre Fury, they remmeber him as a warrior who fought in that gutsy, brutal tear up against AJ. Yes, but that was because Joshua couldn't make him look bad, Fury could, a bit like how Floyd Mayweather made Canelo look terrible, Golovkin, well I think really he won that one, but he didn't make Canelo look awful, far from it. Klitschko did look great, his wise years served him well, but his legs, in the end, at 40, let him down, a younger Klitschko would have beaten Joshua, then again, AJ in 2 years time, for sure, will be much better than AJ back in April, I think he'll come of age, so he may even improve in his early thirties. That is the difference between a fighter, and an athlete, when you have that tough guy mentality which Fury has, you don't pay attention to scientific risks to the body caused by cocaine, other drugs, training the wrong way, and if you are not motivated to achieve anymore, you rebel, and that's it, the less you do, the less you want to do, until embarrassment takes over, whereas Joshua, he'san athlete, he was a bit of a brute in his teens, but rather than just taking that into a sport like Fury did, he applies his toughness, fight, grit, to the training, the long hours, everything, that is what being an athlete is, it is tough, some can't hack it, stick to the diet, Fury has failed.

I like that, "be ready so I don't have to get ready", and that is key, Mayweather had that kind of attitude, Lomachenko, Garcia, Crawford as well I think. I'll tell you something, I haven't boxed in years, and I could make you believe I'm a pro boxer by how hard I smash the pads with my straight shots, fleetness of foot, and I might look the same on the pads, next to a real boxer, if we fight, I'm getting slaughtered, and the same with movement, movement can look good when it is against nothing, you don't see real speed, skill until you get in the ring, I bet Manny Pacquiao looks the same on the pads as he did 4 years ago, and in an empty ring, he'll look the same as ever. I think Wilder could kill Fury, Wilder would be scared of himself in that fight, no it's Joshua, Wilder, Parker, Fury is irrelevant. A good fighter, yes, he could move well, box rings around Chisora, Hammer again, and he could look a million dollars in the ring, maybe for 6 rounds, tops, but he would be a very vulnerable fighter, couldn't cope under the pressure of Joshua or Wilder that's for sure. Easy.

Exactly, there is being the bad guy, and there is defending yourself, two very different things, which people seem to mix up, but again, it is the exaggerations, obsessions with AJ, 0% his fault, but they are really bad for his reputation and career, it is like with Parker and Wilder, I will be very impressed if he beats either, simply gets the win, but because of the stupidity of the British media, and poor analyses of the pundits, ut has become all about Joshua, and Parker and Wilder are bums as far as the public over here are concerned, I mean, they think Whyte beats them, for the life of me!, but my point is, uf Joshua fights another champion, wins but it is tough, people, because of their ridiculous, unrealistic expectations, won't be impressed with the win, they will be unimpressed with the struggle. It is the crap on YouTube, Twitter that needs to stop, not the trash talk, by all means, go on the radio, put youself forward, take a dig at your rival, I agree on that. Fair enough, I don't. The bully woukd get what he deserves, but I couldn't see him quitting, just getting battered into defenceless, physical inability, this is a damaging sport, there are some fighters, who, for whatever reasons, can't take punches, and Fury, I guarantee, would not hold up under the power of AJ, he could soak it up for a few rounds, and if he could catch AJ early, it could be interesting, but after 3 rounds, goodbye Fury, and Joshua would take over, we've got to remember as well, his body, you think he can take body shots?, I don't, I think Joshua would have an easy time breaking him to the body, early. You're a boxing fan, you're in the majority, I would enjoy watching the fight, it would be a big event, but I don't like the fight, because I think it goes against safety. Fury was deemed medically unable to fight last year, terrible sign, I mean, to me that is telling.

Nasty, did I tell you about the time, I squeezed the lightbulb? Burned the heck out of my hand, I was only 3.

Let's think, Broner vs Garcia, the big 154 bill, AJ vs Klitschko, Brook vs Spence.

A massive shame, I do feel sorry for Haye as well as Bellew. He shouldn't have been scheduled to fight in the first place, he shouldn't have returned, but he did fight again, and he will fight again, sadly, it might take a beating to teach him he isn't the fighter he thinks he is.

What's going on with the photos not coming up when I share could you fix it asap.