Billy Joe Saunders vs David Lemieux

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Billy Joe Saunders vs David Lemieux
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Saturday, December 16, 2017
Place Bell, Laval, Quebec, Canada
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WBO Middleweight World Title


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EndOfMe1994's picture

Pick'em fight IMO. Saunders is the superior boxer, but Lemieux is never out of a fight because of his freakish power in both hands.

Excited for this one.

Champion97's picture


Rooting for Lemieux, Saunders is a piece of garbage, good fighter though, granted, and I think he'll win this one wide, Lemieux, I don't think is a good boxer at this level, nkt a good technical boxer anyway, but he isn't terrible outside of power, and he might just be the heaviest handed middleweight on the planet, so he must be considered a threat, he is dangerous, he can do some damage, so Saunders could find himself on his back if he makes a real error, I just think he'll know how not to make any serious mistakes, and if he makes it about boxing skill, about defence, reflexes, a tentative fight, this could be a very one sided one, also, I think Lemieux is similar to Khurtside, who Saunders was scheduled to face for July, but was banned for racketeering, so that could be an advantage for Saunders.
I don't think Saunders can stop Lemieux, he doesn't have a lot of power, and he doesn't have it in the tank to put some serious volume, some accumulation of punches on an opponent, but I don't see him struggling to win every one of the first 6 rounds, and if losing the second half, losing it by 4-2, and more likely not to lose even that amount.

Lemieux needs to take advantage of the late rounds, Saunders has never won round 12, he usually struggles after 10, he does fade in fights, he took some heavy leather from Chris Eubank Jr late in their fight, and Lemieux is a much harder hitter than Eubank, so if Saunders is really tired late on, and Lemieux can really rally, it could be very painful for Saunders. I think if Lemieux catches Saunders, properly, with a clean, well timed shot, flush, he can destory him, but it is so hard to get a clean shot on Saunders, I don't think Lemieux will have any real success in the first half of the fight, and I would struggle not to write him off if Saunders was more busy, powerful, had better stamina, speed, but Saunders is not Golovkin, Canelo, Jacobs, he is a class below, and because Saunders can't do the 12 very well, and he does gas, the fight is interesting, and one of the important questions we should ask, is how much easier will Saunders be for Lemieux to catch clean, when he is physically drained?

I think Saunders will win by at least 4 points, maybe up to 8, so a wide win, but no walk in the park, and this fight is a risk, it would be great to see it backfire, I don't expect Lemieux to have any chance of winning a decision, but it is possible he can knock Saunders out cold, I don't predict it, but it would be good to see. If Saunders wins this as I think he will, I hope he has the balls to fight Jacobs, Charlo, he can't beat these guys, he should not be a world champion, he doesn't make the top 5 in the division, I expect him to beat Lemieux because he is a puncher and not much more than that at all, but I think, quite rightly, when he stops picking on the Akavovs and Monroes of the boxing world, and fights a really good fighter at this level, the WBO belt will be won by, at least, a top 5 fighter, whether it is Murata, Jacobs, Charlo, I think they all beat him, and Jacobs gives him an absolute thrashing.