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Vasyl Lomachenko

Miguel Marriaga

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I know I asked you before, I just forget what card I asked you on but what do you think of the fight being at 130 instead of a catchweight?

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I think it would be very disappointing, but this is Rigondeaux, he's particularly smart, a businessman in a sense, he wouldn't take the fight if he wasn't confident, maybe he knows Lomachenko won't come down to 126, but Rigondeaux wants to beat him anyway. I'm actually going with Rigondeaux here to be honest.

I think it's official at 130. I think if he doubted himself at fighting at 130 he wouldn't do it. I think the move can pay off, I mean at 122 he's not going to be challenged, and at 126 some fighters don't want to fight him so he went up to 130 to challenge himself and get a big payday in the process. Are you rooting or picking Rigondeaux or both? I'm picking Lomachenko to win.

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It is for sure. Both, he'll be the favourite and it's not hard to see why.

I'm picking loma to win but I'm neutral. Even though loma is higher on my favorite fighter list then rigo I respect him for jumping up in weight to fight a great fighter. Also it's hard for me to pick rigo based of weight.

Also Andre Ward announced his retirement. Thoughts?

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I'm struggling with my prediction, but I think Lomachenko will come apart when he is challenged, and I mean really, really challenged at this level.

Surprising, I would have liked to have seen him continue for another year or two, but I understand, and respect his decision, he has had a great career, with the victories over Kessler, Abraham, Froch, Bika, Dawson, and of course, Kovalev, and being 33, 32-0, retiring isn't necessarily premature. I think the 175 lb division will more competitive now because Ward would have been so dominant.

I will reply on that other card soon.

I give the edge to Lomachenko. Because of the weight and because Rigondeaux has a questionable chin and I don't think it will be that great at 130. I still believe he will give Lomachenko a tough fight. I think that Lomachenko won't fall apart against Rigo, you can make the case he did in the Salido fight but he was only in his second fight and got so much better after that.

I wish he would of fought at least 2-3 more times, but I do see where he's coming from. In his 13 year career he accomplished so much. Winning the super six and beating Kovalev twice are his biggest accomplishments. What was your favorite Ward performance? Mine was his last fight with Kovalev. Also it gives other fighter chance to fight for a belt.


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We'll see, I don't think he's quite as good as Rigondeaux in a sense, of he wins, I believe it will be through age, weight, but let's see, I want to be fair, props to Lomachenko, he is skilled, dangerous, so, so many attributes, best footwork in boxing I think, best amateur record in boxing I think, how can I not be sold on him as a fighter?, I do not think Lomachenko is overrated, but I do think people are getting carried away, against Sosa, Marriaga, I saw man who was very busy showboating, I don't think he used to using his experience in the best way possible, and let's be honest, he hasn't had a tough fight since Gary Russell, I think Crawford and Garcia have just beaten an opponents who are better than Walters. I take back what I said about him coming apart in the ring, I was just annoyed about his ridiculous demands for this fight, he should have been fair, come down to 126, but I do think Mikey Garcia and Terence Crawford are slightly better.

His last one, and that master class against Carl Froch.

This is unrelated to boxing, but I beat my sister at tennis today for the first time in a while, we played a set, and I won 7-5.

maybe in their respective weight class he could be but I think the move could be big. I think if Lomachenko wins it's off of weight as well as age. I still believe that Lomachenko deserves credit, even though I think Rigo is coming up in weight he's still a tough opponent and can give him a lot of problems. And I agree on the last 2 fights, and I think Freddie Roach said that to about hi showboating. He says Lomachenko probably won't do it against Rigondeaux. I think Walters was supposed to be a tough fight but it could've been that he was a little overrated going into the fight. I think he should of went to 126 for the fight, but I do remember that when he was still at 126, the fight was offered to rigondeaux at a catchweight and money and declined. I don't know how true that story is but that's what I've heard. I think Crawford is better but Mikey is a close one. Mikey vs Lomachenko is a fight that is too close to call for me.

I would say his last one was mine just because I got to witness it live.

That's awesome, tennis is so fun.

Also, what adjustments do you think Canelo and GGG need to make in the rematch to win clearer?

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Wait you were in the Arena for Ward vs Kovalev II?

Yeah I love it.

Very interesting to think about. I would say for Canelo, claim centre ring early, try to work in consistent small spurts rather than looking for a big finish to a round. For Golovkin, I would say more jabs early, commit to body punching more, late. What do you think?

No, I meant to say I saw it live on tv.

I would say for Canelo to fight more consistent, and also when he's defending from Golovkin he should throw back to because there was times where he would make Golovkin miss but not throw anything back. For Golovkin, I would say start earlier, and commit to body punching earlier.

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Oh right yeah, so did I.

Very good point, because I saw times there when he could, do have used his hand speed, with him and Golovkin both being phenomenal counter punchers, especially in rounds 3-6, when Golovkin seemed on top the majority of the time, but the difference in natural size hadn't kicked in yet, I think shaking his head at Golovkin, telling him he didn't feel his power, I think that was a mistake, Golovkin obviously wasn't going to take any discouragement from that, and in my experience of watching boxing, a boxer laughing after getting hit, saying it didn't hurt, often means the shot did hurt a little bit.

I think certainly try to get the jab going earlier, but I'm not sure agree about throwing power shots to the body early, not against a counter puncher like Canelo, which has speed, power in both hands, and throws from awkward angles, we learned that when he beat Miguel Cotto, but I think Golovkin should have taken his offence to the body more when he was, well, I might go as far as to say dominant in rounds 7 and 8. I really would say Canelo wins the rematch, but what a fight it would be. One thing is for sure, the later it happens, the better it is for Canelo. Here's an idea, next year, Golovkin fights Charlo, maybe in May, Canelo fights, maybe Murata in the same month, and Saunders takes on Jacobs, and let's the better boxer take what is rightfully his, or at least, what rightfully does not belong to BS.

Gilberto Ramirez vs Jesse Hart tonight! I think Ramirez will domiante, stop him, you agree?

One of my favorite moments of the year.

I think Golovkin is an underrated boxer. People think of him as one dimensional and he has more tools then people expect. Has a great jab, great power, great counter punching ability, and is great as cutting off the ring. The first 2 rounds Golovkin couldn't find range and wasn't throwing much, maybe not invest early to the body, but definitely start the jab going. When a fighter shakes his head it's pretty much a telling sign they are hurt. I also saw them doing that when they made each other miss to.

For sure, he has the best jab in boxing why not use it as early as possible. I do think when Golovkin has Canelo on the ropes or is dominating he should throw more to the body. For Canelo, I think he's out until May, hopefully he fights Canelo. For Golovkin, if he can fight in December fight Cotto or Saunders then get a rematch in May. I prefer Saunders because he's a middleweight and that we could see a GGG canelo rematch for all the belts.

I think he will dominate and win a UD. Also are you watching Linares vs Campbell and that Crusierweight tournament fight tomorrow? I'm going to try to watch both.

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Yeah, awesome, bit of a shame Ward didn't have quite enough time to really tee off to the body more clearly cleanly, but still, a great finish!, once that big right hand landed, Kovalev was reeling, I don't think he had anything left, and those body shots, they weren't low really, no Kovalev, he didn't want it enough to have the motivation to really fight for his chance of winning the fight, and Ward managed the finish, impressed us all!

Absolutely, look at his performance against Lemieux, look at his amateur achievements, his performance against Curtis Stevens as well, man he can box! Yeah I agree, but at the same time, Canelo is great at landing that counter right hand over that jab.

I think it would have been wise to have fought maybe a little bit dirty, get in close, clinch a little, but negate Canelo's counter attack before investing in good body shots. Yeah that's good, 8 months, plenty of time after a hard fight, got plenty of time, but not too long. I don't agree, there is no way Saunders will fight him in December, and I don't personally like the match up, Golovkin vs Cotto, I mean, Cotto, at this stage of his career, he is no 160 lb fighter, could Golovkin make 155?, there are more reasons why I don't like that one, no I think it is unrealistic to think that either of them would fight in December, I think they will be out until an unlikely minimum of 5 months, probably at least 6, I'd say 6-8 months for the gap between their fight and their next fights. I don't think Canelo would want Golovkin in May, I would be very surprised if that happened, no to be honest, I'm not that confident that the rematch will happen at all, if I was Abel Sanchez, I might want to avoid that one. I think Jacobs should be included in this, I thought he did slightly better against Golovkin than Canelo did, many understandably disagree with that, but I think he should get the WBO shot, maybe in March if Saunders has the balls to fight him, so Jacobs takes the belt, then hopefully he gets the rematch against Golovkin. I think Golovkin might be wise to retire at the end of 2018, so fight Charlo next spring/summer, then fight Jacobs again, then retire, but I'm not at all against the Canelo rematch, I just wouldn't be disappointed if we didn't see it.

Yeah I ho pe to as well, but of course there is Parker vs Fury as well, come on Parker!

True, but I think with beating a guy like Ward it takes a lot out of you and that's probably what gassed Kovalev out. At first I thought the body shots were low then getting a second look it wasn't that bad. It was impressive he won, if we predicted that to anyone pre fight no one would've believed it.

Exactly. I hate that people say those aren't good names, but he's still showing fans he could box.

That could've worked to. I just don't think he's the type to fight dirty. I like Golovkin vs Saunders because it is for all the belts. For Cotto it's a tough situation with Golovkin. I don't care for it but fans are talking about it happening. I do want to see a Jacobs rematch happen somewhere down the line. Did you hear he signed with Eddie Hearn? I think that's a great move, Eddie Hearn is a great promoter. As for Canelo rematch my guess is that it will happen in May of 2018.

I'm going to catch up on the weekends fights sometime soon.

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Yeah absolutely. No, well Ward has always been underrated as a fighter, people didn't give him a chance in terms of stopping Kovalev, and many thought he would lose. I think a lot of it was to do with Kovalev's trunks being too high.

Every fighters has critics I guess, but any purist knew he was a great technical boxer well before the Lemieux fight, but that was when it became clear to me.

I don't know, I think you'd be surprised, I mean, Mayweather, Canelo, Cotto, Ward, Hopkins, all fighters who bent the rules in the ring, I think when the adrenaline is pumping, and fighters are in that state of mind, fighting dirty, I think just becomes another tactic, only one which could result in punishment. Yeah, awesome! I'm not sure, Canelo has refused to commit to it, not refused the fight, but won't promise anything, we'll see, but they might want to be smart, smoke Golovkin out as best they can.