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Manny Pacquiao

Jeff Horn

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Not at all, only a few could say they were competitive with him.

I don't know much about Cox so I am probably off on that. I'm picking Groves because I think he's the better of the 2, and I really thought he looked great against an underrated fighter in Chudinov.

Yeah, he looked bad at 175. Also we are seeing his full potential now I feel at these heavier weights. You see more power and skill.

I can see that. If they do fight I hope Ward wins, even though I really like Stevenson to.

I'm saying a split decision for Garcia. I mean Broner does have some advantages in the fight, he's faster and he is the naturally bigger guy and if he uses everything right he can win. I agree he seems bitter about losing to Porter. One thing I know about this fight is that we will be happy for each other over who wins. Also I like Mikey a lot, and Broner is one of the few fighters I would root for over him.

Lomachenko beats Marriaga by 9th round stoppage, and Crawford stops Indongo in the 8-10 rounds. What about you?

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Since Castillo, I think only really De La Hoya, Maidana, Cotto.

Yeah fair enough, this a good chance for Groves to prove he can do the full 12 at a fast pace, and if he does take a big shot, show everyone that he can take punishment.

I'm not sure what to make of Stevenson. I think Ward stops him inside 10 rounds.

Ok, I highly doubt that, but I highly doubted Davis would stop Walsh, like that, I highly doubted Mayweather would school Pacquiao, I highly doubted Jeff Horn would come close to beating Pacquiao, so it could happen, but in my current opinion, which will only change if the fight proves me wrong, is that Broner is not even on the same level as Garcia. He does, but I believe that when the other guy's conditioning is better, his timing is better, he's more skilled, he has more power, then speed is an overrated attribute, and Broner isn't that much bigger than Garcia, he is naturally bigger, but you see guys who are in the same weight and fight with one of the guys being naturally bigger, Kovalev was naturally bigger than Ward, Alvarez was naturally bigger than Mayweather, Chavez was naturally bigger than Alvarez, and the guy at the weight disadvantage wins big, I'm not denying that weight favours Broner, but given that Garcia did what he did at 140 against Rojas, and Broner is not a real welterweight, the difference in weight isn't a lot. I believe that no matter what Broner does, he can't beat Mikey Garcia, that is what I strongly believe, could be wrong of course. Well as a person, he's, well I won't go into all that, but yeah he lost to the better boxer the better man. Yeah definitely. Yeah cool, my prediction is that Broner wins 2-3/9 rounds, and then Garcia stops him in round 10.

I think Lomackenko will stop Marriaga in 6 rounds, and Crawford will beat Indongo with a wide UD.

Santa Cruz vs Mares II should be a good one, who you got?

I agree.

I think so to. And to make a guess I think he can take a shot well and fight at a 12 round pace.

It depends, he hasn't went over 4 rounds in nearly 2 years, and hasn't been pushed super hard since then. I did think Williams pushed him but the thing is he couldn't sustain it for very long. I think that Ward can take a punch better than Williams and will push him more. I think Wards crazy inside game could help stop Stevenson.

Garcia could be on a higher level then Broner, it's something we have to see. I mean I'm leaning towards Garcia, but I think Broner could do better than most thing. The reasons I see Garcia winning, is because I think he has better conditioning,and power. That's true about being naturally bigger. Sometimes the smaller guy wins, and the weight difference isn't huge, it's not like Mikey is jumping 2 weight classes or anything. I think Broner needs to be focused and he can make it competitive.

Great predictions. I honestly think that Crawford is a league above everyone at 140 and will stop him. I like that both fights are on ESPN in america. I like that 2 of the top pound for pound fighters in Lomachenko and Crawford are showcasing their skills on free tv.

Santa Cruz, what about you?

The first Mayweather Mcgregor press conference was today, did you watch it? I'm going to say this about the fight, although I think it is a blatant money grab, I'm kind of excited for it. Boxing will gain in popularity and that s a positive. I really hope he stops Mcgregor.

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He can, he doesn't take a shot very well, he can be hurt, but he has the heart, thd courage, the conditioning to get through it.

I agree, I mean Stevenson's game plan would be to box at range, fire in combinations, hurt Waard early, but I don't think he has it in the tank, I don't think he has the skill either, not against Ward.

I think he is for a few reasons, Garcia has never come close to being beaten, Broner, well whenever he has stepped up to top level, Maidana, beat him at least 114-111, and Porter, well he beat him at least 115-111, could well have been wider in each fight, Broner hasn't been consistent with his training, and before too long ago, he was coming off an SD, the fourth disputable decision of his career by the way, and was out shape, I also believe that Mikey Garcia outdoes Broner in the departments in which Broner usually excels in, not speed, but apart from that. He could do, I mean, Maidana, Porter, I do think they would tear through the next guy who struggles with Quintero, De Leon, so Broner, he does rise to the occasion, and maybe he will do more so this time than he has in the past. I think he will make it competitive, I've written a long prediction analysis.

Yeah that's great. I wouldn't be surprised if Crawford stopped Indongo, wou.d you like to write prediction analyses?

I think so too, I think he stops him this time, but I think Mares might drop Santa Cruz, and I think he'll do a lot better than he did the first time, when he got absolutely schooled.

No. I think if it does, it will be more through the build up than the fight itself, however, I do think Floyd might go the extra mile to entertain the fans this time.

I forgot about the Froch fight. He was hurt bad in that fight. But he is tough enough to get past it.

That would be a good gameplan. I think he is better if he fights at a distance, he will lose the inside game. I would also try to take that away from him, but that's hard to do. I think Ward has great body punches and that would hurt Stevenson more since he's almost 40. Stevenson has skills, but not on the same level as Ward. Also how do you see Kovalev vs Stevenson going now? I remember you picking Kovalev at first, but did anything change your mind?

I think that's due to competition. Not discrediting Mikey or his skills,but I think Broner has fought better opponents. I think Porter and Maidana are better than most if not all of Mikeys opponents. But the thing is Mikey is more dedicated, and is more consistent in training and everything else. That's why I'm picking Mikey. I mean Broner has struggled, and has had distractions, that could effect him to. I think this is a big test for both, and will be interesting to see how it goes.

I think he can pull off the stoppage against Indongo. Do you think Indongo is Crawford's biggest test? Also I do want to write a prediction analysis, but I can't write a ton for that.

I think Mares has improved since they last fought so it could happen. If he drops SC. I believe he will do better than the first time.

I think he will to. I think we will see a more aggressive Floyd this fight. A lot of people are rooting for Mcgregor over Mayweather surprisingly.

Also, I just saw a video of Prichard Colon in rehab. That's a good sign.

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I think he would have recovered the first time, not sure if he would have won the fight, but the second time, the word 'quit' crossed nobody's mind at any point, as soon as he woke up, he got up as fast as he possibly could.

That's an interesting question, both have vulnerable chins, both struggle with the distance, both hut very hard, I'd say Kovalev, just, but it is very close.

I disagree, because Salido, Martinez, Burgos, Zlaticanin, these are good solid opponents, I mean, the only really big fights, and I mean top level fights Broner has had were his losses, I think Salido, Martinez would have good chances against De Leon, Malignaggi, Granados, Zlaticanin was underrated as well, DeMarco, Perez, good fighters, but in my opinion, not really any better than! Martinez, Salido, Broner's resumé is better, he's been in with the slightly better opponents, but not by much. They are, but he lost wide both times, I mean, didn't you rank Garcia in your top 10 Pound for pound?, above Porter and Maidana, no worries if not, maybe you didn't and I got that wrong, if you Garia isn't as good as Maidana, Porter, that's your opinion, which obviously, is absolutely fine, but I think Mikey Garcia is a class abive both of them, and when we consider he is probably a bigger puncher than Maidana, we see how much of a risk he is to Broner.

Much more consistent with his training, not with fighting, because of the time between Burgos and Rojas, but with training, discipline, yes. I see it as a test for Garcia because this is probably the toughest fight of his career so far, but I'm 95% sure he wins this, and 65% sure he stops Broner. For Broner, it is more of an opportunity.

I'm not sure he's quite as good as Gamboa was when he fought Crawford, but apart from that, probably. That's fine, whatever you like, in whatever word count.

I think they are both better fighters, whether or not it goes the distance, I think Mares will do better, if Cruz wins, then hopefully next year, we see Santa Cruz vs Frampton III, I think they should fight in the US, because in Ireland, the judges might not be trust worthy.

No that doesn't surprise me, I mean Mayweather, as a person, well you got understandably annoyed with him at the Davis vs Walsh presser, I personally, think that is the showman in Mayweather, I don't think he is a bully, and I bet you, he hates violencs towards women just as much if not more than the people who hate him for it, I won't even root for Mayweather because I'm so confident in his easy victory, that I just won't think of it as a real fight, more of a joke, but something well worth the watch, but no people wanting McGregor to win does not in the least bit surprise me. I still believe McGregor will try to beat Mayweather under boxing rules, but isn't so deluded that he thinks he can do it without an advantage, I think he'll foul Mayweather early, and try to beat an injured, disadvantaged Mayweather, I think for him to have a chancem the injury would have to be so bad the corner would be on the edge of pulling him out, and if this plan doesn't work, and Floyd is himself, McGregor has a 0% chance.

Great! I'll pray for him, I hope he makes a full recovery.

Very true.

I don't know how it would go for me. I think that it would be competitive.

That is a good point, those fighters you mentioned are very solid fighters, and that the elite fighters Broner fought were one sided losses. I do have Garcia in my top 10 pound for pound. I think Garcia is better than Maidana and Porter, I just think he can be competitive with Garcia. I can be way off though. Maybe it's just wishful thinking for me that he'll be very competitive with Garcia, and getting a chance at winning. I think he is taking this fight seriously, and that will help him.

True, I think what happened against Rojas was ring rust. I'm about 80% Garcia wins this. This is the toughest fight for both.

I agree on that, they both improved a lot. Santa cruz was able to get redemption against Frampton and Mares looked great against Cuellar.

The reason I got annoyed at Davis Walsh press conference was because I felt he tried to make it about himself. I don't mind him trash talking to Mcgregor, because it's a good way to sell the fight. The fight is a joke, but I'm rooting for Mayweather because he will school Mcgregor in front of the world and that would be good for boxing. Mcgregors best chance of winning is beating an injured Mayweather, something serious like a torn achillies or something like that. But against an on form, maybe even a slightly injured Mayweather Mcgregor has no chance.


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I don't think it would be a popular fight, I think it would be tentative until someone gets hurt.

Right, so you must rate Broner very highly if you're predicting an SD, I don't agree, but these are our opinions, of we disagree, it is more interesting. I think it will be competitive, but there is a difference between a competitive fight, and a close fight, I mean, Thurman vs Guerrero, that was a competitive fight, Mayweather vs Cotto, that was a competitive fight, these were not close fights. I think the cards will be 88-83, 87-84, at the time of the stoppage, but I think up until that point, it will have been competitive, and close at times, Broner might even win a clear individual round, but I think Broner will definitely win at least two rounds, and more improtantly, for every round Garcia wins, he will have to work hard, so yes I do think the fight will be competitive, although I said the same thing about Zlaticanin vs Garcia, then again, Zlaticanin, though very good, probably isn't as good as Broner, especially not the best Adrien Broner. I personally, think there might be an element of bias there, not much, and that's not a bad thing, there is nothing wrong with believing in the underdog as a supporter. Yes, but in my opinion, not enough to make it close, and in my opinion, with Mikey Garcia being more athletic, more powerful, and better at setting up KOs than Maidana, Broner will get hurt in this fight, besides, we should consider that he was in tip top shale against Maidana, on the other hand you could argue in favour of Broner, that he will be a very, very different fighter at 27, 140, than 24, 147, and the fact that Mikey Garcia might not have the chin which Maidana has (he may or may nit at this point in time) and isn't as physically strong, Broner does have a good chance in this fight, but I just think Mikey Garcia is better in too many departments, he's simply a level above Broner, he'll be ahead, and he'll stop him in 10, we'll find out on July 29.

Yeah, but the first two rounds were of little significance when he did what he did in rounds 3, 4 and 5, and he showed he has power at 140.

It has the makings for a great fight, two experienced Mexican warriors, who can it disappoint?!

That isn't out of character for Mayweather, do you remember how he acted with Ortiz, Maidana, Hatton, Guerrero, Canelo? I'm don't personally see it that way, I mean, he's not going to teach boxing fans anything they don't already know. That is the one injury which would make Mayweather not half the fighter he is. Absolutely not!, it is a situation, where we know 100% who the better boxer is, and we are 99.99% sure who will win, anything is possible, but for the underdog to win, there has to be a circumstance.

What a great thing that would be if he were to recover! That referee should be sacked, because he is at fault for the tragedy.

Zou Shiming vs Sho Kimura should be fascinating to watch.

I think it will be a tentative fight until one fighter figures the other one out.

It's not that I rate him super highly, I think he can rise to the occasion in this fight. I believe he will bring out the best Broner this fight and, he is training hard for this one, we can see an AB we never seen before. I think I might be a little biased for this one though. I can be completely wrong, and I will admit it if he looks bad.

That's true.

The first fight was great I can't see how this one will disappoint.

That's true. Floyd Mayeather is very outspoken. What I meant by saying he's schooling him in front of the world being good because some people don't know. Big boxing fans like you and me know this is an easy win for Floyd, but there's so many people picking Mcgregor to beat Mayweather and they will be shown something that will prove the world. Hopefully the way he beats him he makes a big statement to show that he is many levels ahead of Mcgregor, which I think he will. I think for Mcgregor to win, he will have to fight Floyd at a huge disadvantage. I'm not buying the whole unorthodox Mcgregor being tricky for Floyd. Also, I haven't thought of it since I think it is unlikely but what if Mcgregor wins? I am 99.9 percent positive Floyd wins without issue but I'm just thinking what happens if Mcgregor shocks the world.

When is that?

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Possibly, my trouble seeing it that way, is that I don't think Stevenson has it in the tank to sustain his work, and Kovalev, well I don't think he can use ring intelligence against Stevenson to high enough extent that he could take over the fight, I'm not explaining this very well, you could be right, but I just think the fight would catch fire if one of them got hurt, I don't think these guys will be big forces in the light heavyweight division for much longer, I think Ward showed Kovalev what was what with that fantastic stoppage, and Stevenson, well he's getting old now, and I think there are vulnerabilities there, I think he is fighting E Alvarez, that should be a good one, Alvarez has a chance, I just wonder if he has the skills or experience, interesting.

I think so too, because a Broner who isn't on his game, I don't think goes 6 rounds with Garcia, and doesn't win any, that's my opinion, but Broner on form, I think he will give Garcia a good fight, I think he might hurt Garcia, win at least 2 rounds, and make it competitive, I think Broner being better than any other Mikey Garcia opponents will bring out a better fighter in Mikey Garcia too though. And that's 100% fine, he's one of your favourite fighters, and I take my hat off to you for supporting him, and with ut not even being a state thing, even more so. Well same here if Broner does better than I say. I did not expect that fantastic performance against Molina, he did better than I thought he would against Theophane.

Santa Cruz was fantastic in the Frampton rematch, and Mares has the best trainer in the world in my opinion.

They are the people who don't know boxing, but yeah I see where you're coming from. Oh man, I can't imagine it!, heck, Floyd Mayweather would be devastated, everyone would be forced to eat humble pie. I do wish McGregor all the best for his UFC return, it is a lesser sport than boxing in all opinions, just my personal opinion, and it is another tough combat sport.

A couple of weeks. Do you think Shiming would beat Ruenroeng in a rematch?

My bad, I thought you meant Ward vs Stevenson, because I think that's how that fight will go. One thing that I see Stevenson Vs Kovalev going is I'm not sure how both will do later on in the fight. Since we seen Kovalev tire out against Ward just last month, and we don't know how Stevenson being 40 will be energy wise later in rounds since we haven't seen him going late rounds since the Bika fight. For Kovalev, I felt the Ward fight exposed him a lot in the last two fights. He has shown to have a bad gas tank, and can't fight well when things don't go his way. I think that the skills are there he just tires out easily in a grueling fight. For Stevenson, with him not being in really tough fights it's hard to say where he's at when going in at against an elite level fighter. Also, he got a late start which could help him. Him being 40, he can be very vulnerable against a younger fighter. I do wonder as well on how Alvarez would do against Stevenson.

Yeah, if he isn't in his best shape he stands no chance against Mikey. I think if Broner is taking the fight serious and is good on weight, he can give Mikey a good fight. And I think Broner is taking this fight very seriously. I think he understands that it will be harder to come back from this loss. And since he lost bad to Porter and Maidana. I do agree with you, we will see the best Mikey Garcia in there against his best opponent which is Broner. I can't find the Molina fight, but against Theophane, he did very well and stopped an opponent who was never stopped before. I can't wait for this fight, whoever wins I will be happy for.

I agree. He made the proper adjustments and was able to pull off the win. I think Robert Garcia is the best trainer in the world. I think he is a good trainer to help defeat the defensive fighters.

Yeah, but the thing is sadly there's a lot of people who feel that way. But I guess they'll find out soon enough who's the better fighter that night, and I don't think it will be Mcgregor. I would be so embarrassed and pissed off if Mayweather loses. One I am already bragging about Mayweather winning and saying it's a huge mismatch, and I would have to accept the criticism after the fight, but I doubt I'll have to. I think it is a tough sport but, boxing takes more skills.

I also want to say this. I wish social media would push for amazing fights like Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder instead of a fight like this. I'm 100% positive it will deliver if it happens and fans won't be disappointed, unlike Mayweather Pacquaio or the Mcgregor fight if it goes the way I think it will go. Joshua and Wilder have fan friendly styles and I don't see how it would disappoint.

I think so.

Also, what is up with Luis Ortiz? I haven't heard much of him after the fight with Rossy was called off.

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Oh right, well I think that could be a similar story to Ward vs Kovalev II, I think he'd take more shots, maybe get put under less pressure, I think he's win that fight with a late stoppage all the same though. True, and when fighters get old, Barry Jones was saying when he was commentating for Pacquiao vs Horn, they don't find out until fight night, they can feel great in the gym, no denial, but in the second half of the fight, we see the decline, that is what some people said about Cotto against Canelo, but I disagree strongly, I think that had little if anything to do with age, but rather Canelo's educated pressure. Yeah that's true, and I'm not sure entirely why, maybe he doesn't follow instructions, maybe it is alcohol related, maybe it is a combination of a lot of things. I think if Alvarez can sustain a high pace, and he can use his power with method, he might get the win, in which case, maybe he could fight Ward, if Alvarez beats Stevenson, and impresses, that could be a very big fight, I mean, he's already beaten Bute and Pascal, so he's proven himself at that level, and I believe he can beat Stevenson.

Yeah, I think it will be a good fight, I think it will be a bit like John Riel Casimero vs Charlie Edwards in terms of how one sided it is, the guy who loses, comes second best most of the night, it is competitive, he wins 2-3 rounds, and then gets stopped in the tenth, I think Broner will give Garcia a good fight in the same way Edwards gave Casimero a good fight. That's a good way to think, win-win, I personally, am confident that Garcia will win this one. So do you think Garcia wil beat Broner like Canelo beat Lara?

I mean what he did with Chino Maidana, that was great, we can see the improvement in Abner Mares, and of course his brother Mikey, well a fighter that good has to have a good trainer.

I mean, you have to remember, some of these guys don't take any of this seriously, at first glance, how can someone be so stupid?, how can one make the assumption that McGregor has a chance? Well that always comes when you talk, I mean a nasty, aggressive guy on YouTube thought he got one over on me back in May after Davis vs Walsh, the guy had insisted that Walsh was nothing but a bum, even though I was right because he isn't a bum, he is a good fighter who came up against the real deal, a guy who just had his number, but nevertheless, that guy got the upper hand. It does, and it takes a certain kind of toughness, a certain kind of durability, different to UFC, not better, not worse, different.

Or Casimero.

I have no idea, but he has no time to waste, I really don't think he's that great, I don't think he would really give Joshua a hard fight.

I can see it going like the Ward Kovalev rematch. Ward can pull off the win against Stevenson the same way he did Kovalev. Ypu can look good in the gym, but that doesn't translate all the time and especially when you are older. Stevenson can look great in the gym, but look bad in fight. I don't know the root of Kovalevs stamina issues, but now it is exposed that he has them bad. I think it might be his stubbornness, John David Jackson said he can be very stubborn and sometimes wants to do things his way. I don't doubt that. I also heard that Kovalev might move up to crusierweight, and who knows maybe that will help with his stamina issues. I think if Alvarez can takes Stevensons punches well, and can execute his gameplan he can beat him possibly, but I still think Stevenson wins. If he gets past him, Ward would be great fight.

I see what you mean, that score wise it won't be close at all but Broner will give Mikey a few challenges in the rounds and might take like 1 or 2 before getting stopped. I think that we'll see Garcia edging it like Canelo did with Lara.

The gameplan against Mayweather was great. Even though Maidana came up short, he was still very competitive with him.

That's true, although I heard Fury pick Mcgregor to actually win. There's no way he actually believes it. I talked to people pulling for Mcgregor and asked them why they won. People say that he knocked out Jose Aldo who is a legend who they said Mcgregor had no chance against in 13 seconds, they say he's never faced anyone like Mcgregor and so on. I call bs because, yes the Jose Aldo ko was impressive but it was also in 4 oz gloves, if anyone gets hit clean in the face with 4 oz gloves they are going down. And for something Mayweathers never seen I mean he's dealt with speed, awkwardness, and power in Pacquiao, speed with judah, strength in Canelo in Maidana. He's faced every style. For the awkwardness they said Pacman would be like that and will beat Mayweather off that, and he's one million times the boxer mcgregor is. I like UFC, but boxing is a different world. To the people who say Mcgregor will win, let them say it, they'll find out who's better soon enough.

I think Ortiz would give Joshua problems early on, but when the gas tank runs out Joshua stops him. I would like to see Joshua beat Ortiz.

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I agree with that. Exactly, the fight is the test, which doesn't help with these older fighters being in denial, potentially quite dangerous denial about not being the fighter they once were, I personally believe that when a fighter is that the right age, 34 or older, looks declined in the ring, and has accomplished their full potential, it is time to retire, I think we should even only see one fight in which the fighter looks past his prime, 2 fights maximum, Pacquiao didn't look great against Vargas, and he looked mcuh declined against Horn, I think he should retire now really, but it looks like the rematch will happen. I think Miguel Cotto might well feel like the same fighter as he was 10 years ago now, in the gym, but in the last half of his fight against a relentless Kamegai, we will see a Miguel Cotto who is not the same Cotto as we saw in 2015 or earlier, I mean, I thought Mayweather looked declined against Berto, and now, and he admits this, he isn't anything like the fighter he once was, at 40, I'd give him a very slim chance against Spence, Thurman, Porter, Garcia, Khan, Garcia, Crawford, Lomackenko, Andrade.

I think Kovalev wasted Jackson's time. If he does, then I don't see anything there for him I think Bredis, Usyk beat him with some ease, and I don't there are many great fighters at 200, there are some, Drodz, Perez, but no it isn't the best division in my opinion, I'd love to see Bredis vs Usyk. Could be a 50/50 fight, let's hope it happens, because the Fonfara fight was very disappointing, and Stevenson, in my opinion, should stop with the 'my way or the high way' attitude, I don't think he's 'running scared like a b****', I do think that most of the people who say that would if Stevenson went near them, but I do think Stevenson is insistent on having 100% control over who he fights, he doesn't seem to want to acceot requests from fans who deserve that, he isn't a fan friendly fighter, and it is a shame, but anyway, I hope he takes a big fight soon, Alvarez would be a good opponent.

Well, maybe a little bit closer than than, I think Broner will make it competitive, give Garcia some work to do, to put it lightly, win 2-3 rounds, I don't think it will be close at the time of the stoppage, but maybe fairly close, I don't know, maybe close after 6 rounds, and when Broner wins a round, he will genuinely win the round, what I mean is, Garcia won't lose 2 rounds to rounds to Broner the same way he lost two rounds to Rojas. We disagree on that, but hey, in your defence, I predicted Canelo to stop Lara in 10 rounds, funny that.

Absolutely, he hurt him in both fights, Floyd won the majority of the rounds in both fights, but he was dragged out of his comfort zone, and to work around that to do so, I mean, let's forget Mayweather being 37, the Maidana who got schooled by Devon Alexander, can you imagine what a boxing lesson that would have been?, Garcia is the man, I watch a lot if Ellie Seckbach's videos on YouTube in their gym, Robert, big G, Pita, Mikey, Frank the cook, everybody else, they almost never have a bad word to say about anybody.

That's just Fury being Fury, it could be an Irish thing, but if he really thought that, he would make a much bigger deal about it. Mayweather is the adjustment king, that is what makes him such an outstanding boxer, he can adapt to any style. What they say is just rubbish, everything McGregor would bring that Pacquiao, Canelo, Maidana didn't, are things, which don't get me wrong are impressive, threatening to say the least, to any man, but they are things which are outside of the rules if boxing, and not only this, but the foot positioning, everything, the way UFC fighters move around the cage, it is so different from that of a boxer, all the more reason why Mayweather would be toast in the UFC cage, but yeah, you know the rest. I think Mayweather might stage this fight, maybe go easy on McGregor, it might turn out to be a show more than a fight. One positive thing I can say about Mayweather vs McGregor, is that if people say McGregor just believes a UFC fighter can beat a boxer at boxing, and he thinks "because Mayweather runs all night", they are wrong, no, McGregor is not an idiot, he is a 27 year old athlete who is one of the best UFC fighters on the planet, he knows about UFC and why it is not similar to boxing, and at the same time, there is no way he is going through all this build up and fight hype, all the talk, just to lose and get paid, no no, there is an element of mystery to this fight, he genuinely believes he can do this, he is 100% confident that he will win despite knowing the difference between UFC and boxing, that is something, and anyone who says this is 100% about money, doesn't understand a fighter's pride, and doesn't know a warrior's heart.

I can see that, but I personally don't think even that, especially if Joshua gets behind that underrated jab, Joshua's footwork is great for a fighter of his size, no I think when you are outweighed and in against the younger, more athletic man, who has a 100% KO ratior, plus, you are a vulnerable fighter who's body has endured substance abuse, and you're not used to these hard fights, you're in trouble!

I think some fighters who are older and still continue to fight when declined fight for a paycheck to. Because some of these fighters don't save money wisely or didn't make a ton of money throughout their career and fight to make money. I think denial plays a part to, nobody wants to face being declined and feel like they can still compete at a high level. That's a good point if someone accomplished their full potential by 34 and doesn't have anything left they should just call it quits. I think for Pacquiao he should retire now, or fight Horn then retire, I see no point in him fighting Crawford, Spence or Thurman now. I mean he looked declined against Vargas, and Horn. If he looked great against both, then I would say bring on Spence, Crawford or Thurman. And I think that Cotto will feel his age in the later half of the fight against Kamegai. Dealing with a fighter of Kamegai, his pressure will take it's toll on Cotto. Are you picking Kamegai over Cotto in the fight? For Mayweather, I think he's the best athlete over 40 and go on for a little longer if he really wanted to.

Possibly. I don't think he'll be that good at crusierweight. I think Usyk stops him to be honest. The skills and weight difference of Usyk will be too much for Kovalev. The fight I want to see is Usyk vs Gassiev. I think Usyk would beat gassiev, he is level above everyone at crusierweight. I hope Stevenson fights a top level fighter soon. Time is running out for him and he needs a few big fights before he retires. I think the Ward fight is great, and one of the best fights to be made. I think his style is fan friendly, but I just think he isn't liked because of who he faced.

I see Broner giving Garcia more problems then people expect. Not you but others say he will run through Broner, and I don't see him going out that easy. He trained hard for this fight and I don't think he will quit or get stopped easily. I see what you men by losing the rounds to Rojas compared to Broner. Rojas won rounds based off Garcia having ring rust, as with Broner it's with him being competitive.

The Maidana that got beat by Alexander would get beat bad by Mayweather. The Garcias are good people, I watch a lot of Ellie Seckbacks videos to and they seem like great people.

I think it could be an irish thing. He might just be rooting for Mcgregor. Another thing is Fury said a lot of things that are just out there, and I don't know if he's serious or not. The things that Mcgregor will give Mayweather problems in are things unrelated to boxing. I hope this fight isn't staged like a wwe match, becuase then that would give Mcgregor a chance. If Mcgregor wins I would really question if the fight was staged. I think when Mayweather wins you will hear a ton of excuses from Mcgregor fans like " he fights like a bitch" or " Oh he would beat Mayweathers ass in a real fight" I've already heard that excuse and I won't be surprised if I hear it again from other people. People say that Mcgregor spars boxing all the time, but the thing that people don't realize is that it is so different from a real fight, because one you're in front of an arena of screaming fans, and 2 fighters fight different in sparring then in the actual fight look at Anthony Joshua. In sparring that's where you can try new things and you can get dropped or something else. The actual fight is worlds different from sparring.

I think for a few rounds. I don't see Ortiz dropping Joshua like Wlad did, but being tricky for him in the first few rounds. Then when Joshua takes over Ortiz is done. Joshua has all the advantages over Ortiz such as youth, strength, power, and everything like that. I would love to see Joshua ko Ortiz, what about you? Also I think Ortiz shouldn't just focus on Joshua, there's so many other heavyweights out there like Wilder, Parker, Fury, and so on.

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Yes, I don't like to point that out, because I don't want to give anyone the impression that I think boxers are motivated by money more than anything else, but in all realism, you are absolutely right, it can be very much a financial matter. Something I've learned through my years of working for a Christian charity, is that people who don't have a lot of money, well, many of them, are great at making the best out of what they've got, and I don't think that is as often the case with richer people, especially those who become rich quite suddenly, rather than being consistently wealthy on a high regular income. I think part of the reason is a boxer's mindset, before Josesito Lopez fought Andre Berto, he said 'you could be the strongest, you could be the fastest, you could be the most physically fit, but what really matters when all said and done in that ring, is heart', word for word, I'm sure that quote is not of complete accuracy, but I think because of that mindset, boxers find it hard to accept, and they are right in believing that they will always have that heart, the willingness to fight, but ultimately, they are in a toll taking sport, and they at a point in which it is impossible that they can perform to their full potential, I mean, when David Haye said he was better than he ever was before, Carl Froch explained that at 36, having been out of the ring for what?, 4 years, even more so if he is heavy, it is biologically, physiologically impossible to deal with the late rounds better than he did when you were you were younger, provided that in the fighter wasn't lumbered with any kind of mental health problem, physical health problem, didn't lack discipline. He is not the fighter he once was, I believe they are all better than he ever was, these guys are all under 30, they aren't getting any older in the ring for at least another 5 years, Pacquiao, well he will definitely decline from now on, even as, well, not a Pacquiao fan, I don't at all want to see a boxing legend who can't do what he as a man had the potential to do, take a beating, take unnecessary punishment because he's deluded. I certainly don't think he'd win those fights, but had he looked great in those fights, then that is fair to say. No I don't think he'll upset Cotto, I think he'll make it physically tough, I don't think he can confuse Cotto or give him any tactical problems, but I think he'll be there, and willing to make Cotto work for 36 minutes, I think Cotto won't take the gamble of pushing for the knock out when there no signs it is on it's way, I mean Kamegai is extremely durable, such a hard head, but I think after 6, it will be without a doubt 60-54, but I think Kamegai could even make the second half close, and I think he will win 2-3 rounds with relentless work rate, out hustling and overpowering Cotto. I don't agree, but fair enough.

Wouldn't surprise me, Usyk isn't the biggest puncher, but with what power he has, like Ward he can hurt you. I think Usyk might just be the most underrated fighter on the planet, along with Wilder, Berchelt, Porter, I think Kovalev is one of the most overrated, in my opinion, along with Manny Pacquiao, and James Degale, David Haye. I think Usyk vs Bredis would be better, I mean, the guy demolished Charr in one round, and beat Huck wide. But does he want the big fights?, not insulting or disrespecting a defending world champion, or denying his willingness to fight other top level fighters, I'm questioning it, and I think I have good reason to. He's a fan friendly fighter in the ring, apart from the fact that he isn't the most durable, but hus attitude is not fan friendly.

Don't get me wrong, so do I. If people who are messing around on YouTube are saying Garcia will destroy Broner with ease in 3 rounds, I mean they haven't given this any thought, yes it could happen, because with punchers, it does, but by that logic, I don't think there is much more chance of that happening than Broner doing it, and I'm not just saying that. He won't quit, he's many things, but he's not a quitter. That is very significant, just as every round Maidana won against Mayweather, he genuinely took the rounds from him, but every round Canelo, Guerrero won against Floyd, were rounds which Floyd reduced his punch out put.

They are, unless you are Frank the cook, haha.

I don't think Mayweather would stage it to the extent that he could lose the match. Well the thing is, I think Mayweather will put a beatdown, so, they can say what they like. Well, I'll tell you first hand, they aren't boxers, they don't understand boxing, I've probably sparred about 200 rounds, haha, doesn't mean I'd have any more than a 1% chance against an amateur prospect with a 30-4 record. Those are some of the reasons why a fight is just something different. That's true, I mean, I do think Joshua has the weaknesses thatbhis 'haters' say, but I don't think it means what they say it means, great fighters can have a vulnerable chin, what matters, is heart, how they work around their weaknesses, and Joshua has certainly shown he is a good learner, as a late starter, and a 27 year old world champion, and he showed heart against Klitschko, and then some!!

Definitely, and I think he would. Yes, and fighters who have, let's say less busy schedule.

It's sometimes the sad truth in sports in general. Athletes might extend their careers becuase they really need the money. Their are athletes over here who lose a lot of money and might play longer then they need to. I think it's that fighters mentality as well. No one wants to give up, if they feel good they'll keep going. I think for Pacquiao, when he goes through training camp he feels like he can go on for a while, and thinks it will translate in the ring. If he sees his speed is still there and everything else he feels he can go on. That's big of you to say about Pacquiao. I know you don't like him but it's good you don't want to see him get brutally hurt, most people aren't like that. I think Cotto will win in a tough fight. I see a lot of people complaining about this fight, but I think it has potential to be a great fight. The only complaint I have is it's for a vacant world title, but I'll ignore it since it is a good underrated fight. Also, Cotto is getting older and has been beaten brutally he has nothing left to prove so I feel this is a good fight. Not to forget he hasn't been in the ring since late 2015, he needs a tune up.

I say Usyk has solid power. I think Usyk is very underrated to, and probably one of the most underrated fighters in the world right now. For someone at his weight to move like that and to have good power as well is fantastic. He's a bigger version of Lomachenko, but with more power. I think after the Ward fights Kovalev was exposed as being an overrated fighter. I'm probably taking him off my pound for pound list. I like Usyk vs Bredis. With the tournament happening, I think the fight will happen now. Usyk will be tested like he has never been tested before, he is fighting a bunch of fighters who have a lot of power and have good skills. I think Bredis could be his toughest challenge.

I know, you actually put thought into these fights, and don't make an opinion based off personal feelings. I think people say Broner would get crushed easily just because they hate them. But it could happen and anything is possible. That's true, Broner has shown heart in his fights that's something you can't take away from him. He was getting beat bad by Maidana and fought back, and I don't think he'll back down to Garcia either.

Haha yeah.

If it's staged like a wwe match who knows. I think Mayweather might drag the fight out to give the fans what they want. He's not going to knock him out first round, I think he knows that people are paying 100$ for this at home, and diehard fans from all over the world are traveling far away and paid a lot of money on tickets, so he'll probably drag it out a little. I think he'll start out hurting Mcgregor bad in the opening round, then him humiliating him until he stops him in the 7th or 8th round. For Joshua, I don't think vulnerable chin is anything to seriously worry about it. One, he has crazy heart and he's shown that in the Klitschko fight. And two it's the heavyweight division, most of those guys hit very hard, and if you get hit clean by a heavyweight you are getting knocked down.

He just needs a fight, maybe a tuneup then world title shot. He could be a wasted talent if he runs out of time. Personally, I think he should've stayed with Hearn, I believe he would've had a fight in 2017 if he stayed at Matchroom.

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Financial advisers are improtant, when it gets to the point when Mayweather, a guy who made 9 figures a year, owes the IRS money, it really is getting out of control. I agree, something I will say, is that Robert Guerrero needs to retire, 100%, he should lose his licence, in my opinion, he should receive compensation, if he has hospital bills to pay, from when his wife was unwell, because if he does have to pay anything 100% vital like that, he'll fight until he's 55 if he has to, I mean, I'm devastated for him, but you can't underestimate a puncher like Figueroa, he has underrated power, just ask Estrada, Abner Cotto, but he doesn't punch like Keith Thurman, Danny Garcia, and let's be honest, you've been 12 with Thurman, Garcia, you get off your back, and compete in round of the year with Thurman in the next round, but don't last 3 against Figueroa, you need to retire, but hey, wins over Berto, Cassaymor etc, he has had a great career, been in with the best, didn't suck against Mayweather, round of the year against Thurman, did everything but win against Garcia, people who call warriors like the Smiths, Burns, Guerrero bums, they can take a trip up cardic hill, haha, maybe not, but it really gets my goat, when people say any fighter who isn't top level is a bum, I mean it is the same to an extent with most fighters particularly in that division, Algieri, Rios, Broner, etc, they might not be Mayweather, Crawford, Lomackenko, but they are very good fighters who between them have lost only to Maidana, Porter, Pacquiao, Khan, Spence, Alvarado (avenged, 2-1), Bradley. Yes of course, I think that should be the assumption anyone would make, fan or not, I mean, anyone who disagrees on this is one lowlife, or someone who has no idea what kind of a toll taking potentially dangerous sport this is, I mean, the attitude STINKS, that "we hate Pacquiao, so let's see him take punishment, haha", as if he is some kind of droid from Star Wars, I mean, disgusting, the man is a human being, this is a sport, not world war III, I would be devastated to any man die from a fight, I would be devastated whether this is Pacquiao, Broner, Walsh, Wilder, whoever, if they are diagnosed with any kind of serious brain damage, any real boxing fan, does NOT want to see that happen, and would prioritiese not seeing it happen over seeing a person they hate get beaten up unnecessarily, sorry for the rant, but yeah there is no joking around here, I would rather have seen Kovalev beat Ward, Haye beat Bellew, Saunders beat Jacobs, but every fighter is safe, than the other way around, and every boxing fan should think this way. I've seen worse world title fights. People are unpleasable, if it's Mayweather vs Pacquiao "this is boring, I want to see a war, where's the blood?", if it is Cotto vs Kamegai "shit fight,,,,,,,,,,Kamegai, who he fort,,,,,,....,.......,,,,,,,, smh, lmfao, karasss is a bum, and coudunt even,,,,,beet guero, corto too old he know he lost to camelo", it is a very interesting match up, you have to disacknowledge any idiot that claims to like a good old fight, and complains when the fught involves, well, Miguel Cotto, and a relentless, strong, powerful, shark headed warrior with a great deal of Japanese pride, but not a agreat deal to lose. Kamegai is one tough tune up, one thing I do know, is that Cotto has said he will retire after two more fights.

Yeah, along with Tete, Berchelt, Yamanaka, Wilder. He knows how to use what power he has, and the key is that it comes from the calves, this kind of athleticism supports you in movement, and power. Usyk doesn't over commit, he let's the power come, I think he waits until his opponent is weaker from the accumulation, then puts more weight behind the shots, very, very skilled fighter, I don't think he's the most exciting fighter out there, but skills pay bills. Lomackenko can punch, I don't see any more natural power from Usyk than Lomackenko, I mean, that KO over Martinez, you won't see many better knock outs than that. I agree with what you about Kovalev and what you say about Usyk vs Bredis.

I try to stay unbiased, especially seeing as I write long prediction analyses. Yeah and he's better than meets the eye, I mean, to a casual, at first glance, 4 debatable wins, 2 wide losses, etc, and they want to believe he will lose, you can see why they say what they say, but ultimately, anyone who analyses it, Broner rises to the occasion, and then some, develish, frightened puncher, fantastic chin, great counter puncher, fantastic at sustaining his power, what would happen in rematches with De Leon, Granados etc?, the guy is unbeaten at 140, and has never been a real welterweight, he lost to two massively underrated fighters, this guy has been fighting since the age of 8, about 400 bouts as an amateur, weight on his side, all these things taken into account, I believe what I believe because there are few fighters who are better than Garcia, who is the a top 5 pound for pound fighter in the world in my opinion, and not because Broner is anything less than a great fighter. No well there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to predict him to quit, he's never looked close to quitting, I don't care how annoying, disrespectful, plain nasty he can be, quitting isn't in the man's DNA. I think Broner ultimately really struggled against Maidana because Maidana is extraordinary at taking punches, I think Mayweather hit him very hard in both fights, Maidana would think I'm joking, the Ortiz fight, and the Khan fight, 3, 4 body shots, like that!, and he beat he count, look how strong he was in the late rounds, so I think for Broner, was that Maidana was only getting more brave, motivated as Broner was hitting him, but Maidana has just said that he took a lit of punishment in that fight, and it is part of the reason he is retired.

Yeah I think something similar, I think he will hurt him maybe in round 3. Well, in my opinion, yes and no, a fighter who has a vulnerable chin, HAS to rely on defence as plan A, that is crucial, I mean, ine mistake, one shot, that is all it takes, then again, heart, that is what really matters in the deep end. Something I hope Joshua learns, is what to do when he is hurt, against Whyte, he shouldn't have stepped on the ropes, in that split second, as the stronger fighter, take advantage of his wild swings, you won't walk into one, hold.

I agree.

Very important. When boxers turn pro they should hire one right away. It's crazy even guys like Floyd Mayweather have some financial problems. I mean he does owe money but I think he's far from broke. But there's athletes that aren't in the same place as him, like Felix Trinidad. It's a shame a legend like him is having financial issues. I agree with you on Robert Guerrero, I saw highlights from last night and he needs to retire. It's really a shame because he's going through a lot of things outside of boxing, and there needs to be a way for him to retire but to get some sort of compensation or something. He's had impressive wins over Berto and Casamayor. He had a good career but it is time for him to retire. That's something I wish fans would get, and you obviously get it. There are fans that hate fighters with passion and wants to see them lose and get brutally koed. I mean it's ok to root for someone to lose, but to wish for them to get serious damage after a fight is just awful. There's life after boxing, these guys have families, and have hobbies outside of boxing and they should be able to do what they want and live a healthy life. I see that with Pacquiao, Ward and Broner a lot. For Cotto Vs Kamegai, it is a good fight and there have been worse title fights you are right on that. I think we should just enjoy the fight and not complain. One thing I noticed with some boxing fans is excessive complaining. I mean yeah there are some things in boxing that deserve complaints, like bad robberies or a bad ref, but for fights it's hard to complain because we sometimes have to wait for the fights we have to see.

Usyk has good patience. He doesn't force his power, he lets the power to come to him. He breaks down his opponent round by round then goes for the stoppage. I find Usyk and Lomachenko very entertaining. I think Lomachenko has great power as well, it's hard for me to say really who has better power at their weights out of him and Usyk. That KO of Martinez was sensational.

I think you do, putting personal opinions aside to make a prediction. For me, I'm leaning towards Garcia, but I'm hoping Broner can make it competitive and most don't believe it. I could be wrong though. I heard that to about Maidana saying that Broner is one of the strongest he's fought. That's interesting because agianst Khan he got dropped by a body shot. I wish that Maidana continued after the Mayweaether fights, he could've done big things at 147.

Another thing Joshua needs to do is come in lighter, but we've discussed that a lot to. Coming in lighter will help him from not gassing out. I hope that is something he is considering for his next fight and the future. And learning how to hold is important, when you do it is important to. He should've done it against Whyte. And catch someone while they are swinging wildly is good to.

Did you hear allegedly Mcgregor got beat bad in sparring by Brandon Rios? What do you make of that? Jesse Vargas said that Mcgregor was out cold.

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I don't know who these nasty people are, but I guarantee they've never felt the weight of a good shot in the ring, they don't think about it, and they don't have kids, I mean, even if I did hate Pacquiao to the ridiculous extent that I wanted to see him at high risk of permanent damage, he has a wife, kids, do these selfish cowards think about that. Without a shadow of a doubt, Guerrero should retire, I think Miura has a few fights left though, yes he lost, but he's coming off a good win against Miguel Roman, went 12 with Berchelt.

What gives you the idea that most don't believe it?, most casuals maybe, you know most people from the Mayweather gym think Broner wins? He could have done, but those last three fights, 36 fantastic rounds, he took a lot of punishment against Broner, I mean, I think maybe retiring was the right thing.

He has to put that first, before entertaining the fans, but I mean, Joshua has the heart, he's got some good skills, I predict he has 8 years, maybe 20 fights, I'd say 12 or more big fights, 2 or less losses, ahead of him, he'll only improve unless he goes on too long.

No I didn't know that. Yeah well if Rios tries, and it is boxing, obviously McGregor will have a very hard time. And yes, even though I think that is probably an exaggeration, I can easily believe he knocked him out, 'knocked him out cold', to me, Spence vs Bundu, Froch v Groves II, Garcia vs Zlaticanin.

I see it with certain fighters, that they want to see get koed. The fighters families is something we have to think about, and that's bigger than boxing. I agree on Robert Guerrero, there is no reason to continue fighting.

I'm not saying you but most people don't think it will be competitive because of how he lost to Maidana and Porter. I saw the prediction videos from the Mayweather gym of Broner vs Garcia. I think some were biased to, like one said he was picking Broner not based off anything except he's pulling for the guy from Ohio. I think that he could've continued, but I'm not going to criticize him because it's his choice. I really wanted to see him fight Thurman, Porter or Danny Garcia.

That's true. Joshua's skills are underrated I believe. And heart, we saw that against Klitschko. I think it all depends on how Joshua's career goes to see how many fights he should do.

Yeah, Jesse Vargas said Mcgegor was knocked out in sparring by Brandon Rios. If so he's even worse off against Mayweather then I already expected. I really hope he stops Mcgregor. People are telling me Mayweathers a bitch and a pussy, and I would love to see the look on their face when their guy loses. If Mcgregor loses to a "bitch" or "pussy" what does that make Mcgregor?

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Where do you meet these guys? In person?, talk to them on YouTube?, Facebook? No comparison. There is also a lot of reason for him not to.

That contributes, doesn't finalise anything, but contributes towards my opinion. Well that's very honest of you, but people who know Broner know he takes some beating. So did I, ultimately though, he became a legend when he beat Broner.

He has fast hands, fast feet, great, underrated jab, muscle doesn't slow a fighter down so much as tires them out, and Joshua has a lot of muscle mass which will help him early in fights. Maybe, I hope the Wilder fight happens, I think he loses, but what a fight!

I'm 98% sure he will, and he will torture McGregor. Again, who are these people?! The answer is that someone who says that either doesn't have the balls to get in the ring themselves, or they know that isn't true, they just say it because his style frustrates them.

Mostly youtube. Robert Guerrero just announced his retirement.

Oh I think it does have some effect on some opinions, but I sometimes think that people forget Broner did have some success against Maidana, and it wasn't a complete wipeout of Broner. I would agree, that Maidana beating Broner cemented his legacy. Everybody wanted to see Maidana upset the coky Broner and he did.

Definitely. He is a very good fighter. I thought that having muscles like Joshua would tire a fighter out later on in a fight. I have a lot of confidence the Joshua vs Wilder fight will be made. It's the biggest fight in boxing that can be made now that Canelo vs GGG was made. Even if Joshua loses I would still love to see it. I also like Joshua vs Fury.

Friends of mine who are huge MCgregor fans, who also hate Floyd. They say Floyd's a pussy because he won't go to the octogon. I think it's ridiculous because Floyd is the A side and he's not going to pick to fight in the octogon, he's going to pick what he's more familar with.

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If I see any of these shithouses, I'm giving them a piece of my mind. That is a relief, without a doubt, it is time to retire.

Yeah well like the Garcias say, Maidana took a lot of punishment from Broner, Broner was the biggest puncher he ever faced, I think Broner was so confident that if Maidana came forward, traded with him, he'd catch him with all his power, this happened, but he was not prepared for a man who could take that, and only grew in motivation. My favourite night of boxing ever without a doubt.

I personally, don't, I hope Fury never returns.

Did you tell them that? People have good reason to hate Floyd as a person, but if they think that, they don't understand boxing.

What's your opinion on Yamanaka vs Nery?

Yeah, I'm glad he realized this is a good time to retire. He didn't look like the Guerrero of old.

That is true, Broner was the hardest puncher he's faced. I think that Broner also thought that Maidana was one dimensional and underestimated him, and could out box him. I don't know what my favorite night of boxing was, either Ward stopping Kovalev, or Joshua stopping Klitschko.

I would rather see the Wilder fight, but I don't mind the Fury fight. I think Joshua and Wilder have a good shot of upsetting Fury. The more Fury waits for his return the better they have.

I say why bother, they don't care to listen. They hate Floyd so much it doesn't matter to them. It's the truth if your'e the a side you call the shots, Floyd's not going to pick the octogan, not because he's a pussy but because he's going to pick what he has an advantage in. If Conor was calling the shots I'm 100 percent positive he would pick the octagon, not because he is a pussy but because he is more familiar with MMA.

Don't really know to be honest. What do you think of Saunders vs Monroe?

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He took a lot of punishment, he has had quite a career, and if he carries on fighting, he can't do himself justice, the harsh truth is, he can't ever be the same Guerrero again, noth the real Guerrero, between the age of 25-33. The good news is, 34, in general life, I mean, he could have a kid and be a fairly young father, he could have another 30 years in a normal job, if he takes care of himself, he will be shocked at how young he still is in comparison to how old a boxer he seemed against Peralta and Figueroa.

Yeah, well it was Robert Garcia's ability as a trainer, and Maidana's willingness to learn, which he really underestimated, the Maidana who got schooled by Devon Alexander, the Maidana who lost to Khan, the Maidana who barely beat a very declined, he was a bit one dimensional, but Garcia joined a jab to his attributes, a fantastic jab, fitness, educated pressure, ability to attack the body with hurtful intentions, without over committing, defence, to a certain extent, and above all, there are no strengths Maidana had, which Garcia took away from him in the process of improving him. Both great nights of boxing, another one of mine had to be Spence beating Brook, Gorves won, Allen lost, awesome night!

I'm against it, but I'm in the minority. Yes and no, I mean, what we have to remember, if Peter Fury is confident Tyson is at his best, he might let him fight Joshua or Wilder, if he doubts his chances, he won't let him fight him, and I'm talking a micro amount of doubt, so in that sense, they won't beat him, I hope he never returns, at least for now, I'm forgetting Fury, Joshua vs Wilder is the real fight.

Fair enough. I get that, they have understandable reasons to. Same thing I said about the Wilder vs Whyte situation. Exactly!, most of these probably understand this, but rebel against it.

Ok, I think it will be a great fight. Interesting one, I know who I'm rooting for!, I think Munroe, stylistically, can give Saunders a lot of problems, he's faster, more athletic, he's been more active, more consistent, it won't be easy for Saunders, but I just think the skills of Saunders, the use of his power, neither Munroe or Saunders are very big punchers, but Saunders uses his power so well, and let's be honest, Munroe's punches where all bouncing off Golovkin, it was Golovkin, and he saw them all coming, but I still don't think he is great at puuting impact behind his shots, and Saunders, in that third round against Lee, that was a small mistake, boy did he capitalise, with that fantastic right hook, this is a significant difference, use of power, timing, counter punching ability, I think he is physically stronger as well, I think Saunders will win, I hope I'm wrong, but to be honest, I think wide, but I don't think Munroe lasts 8 rounds with Jacobs, Charlo, and is dominated almost if not completely throughout against both, I think Munroe will win at least 3 rounds against Saunders, I really don't think Saunders compares to GGG, Canelo, Jacobs, Charlo. What do you think?

He did. I think this is the good time for him to retire, I think he doesn't have a shot of winning a world title. He's accomplished a lot and it's the perfect time to retire.

Maidana going to Robert Garcia was a smart move. As you said he added a jab, and educated pressure to his skill set. He changed him into an elite fighter that ended Broner's undefeated streak, and nearly beat Mayweather. There's too many good nights of boxing to pick from, but I'll stick with the ones I did.

That's true. If Peter Fury doubts Tysons chances he won't let him anywhere near Joshua or Wilder. I'm not worrying about him until he returns, we should look forward to Wilder vs Joshua.

Looks like Wilder vs Ortiz might be happening next. What do you think of that? I think that Ortiz starts out by giving Wilder problems then Wilder stopping him round 7-8 while being down on the cards.

I think you can be confident in Monroe honestly. I think it's possible he pull off the upset. He doesn't have the power to knock Saunders out, but I think his boxing is underrated. You can see that inactivity effects Saunders so I give Monroe a good shot of winning. If I rate the middleweight division it goes Canelo, GGG, Jacobs, Charlo, Saunders.

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I think at this point, it is not too late, not too early, 34, two past prime fights, lost them both, one brutal, one against a less than stellar opponent, perfect time to retire, but like I said, it is good to think of it as a long life outside of the ring, I wonder if he will end up as a trainer.

I think that is wise. Yes, assuming it happens, which I think it will, eventually.

Yeah that's great, so people can stop talking rubbish now! I think the judges would be split after 5, then Wilder knocks Ortiz out cold in round 6. A lot of people will predict Ortiz to win, but time is on Wilder's side, Ortiz is coming off a layoff, I think Wilder has destroyed more durable guys than Ortiz before, and above all, I think Wilder is a class above.

That's interesting. I did predict Rosado to beat him, and look what happened there, tremendous performance from Munroe. I think inactivity is bad for any fighter, but more so for an inconsistent, under disciplined fighter like Saunders, I do think he will struggle against Willie. I doubt he wins, but that's just my opinion, and I would like to be wrong.

I think something similar, but I am now leaning towards Golovkin to edge Canelo, (I've never had so much trouble predicting a fight in my life!), and I think Ryoto Murata beats Saunders, maybe even David Lem.

Sorry for late response. I think that the loss to Peralta was a sign he was declining. It could've been off night though. This time it wasn't against Figueroa. I think becoming a trainer is a good idea, if he still loves the sport that can be a great job for him.

I think Joshua vs Wilder happens within a year. I hope it's in America because then I think it will be even bigger, and this is the fight to bring in new fans because they both have fan friendly styles.

I know right, people can't call him a cherry picker now. A lot of people are picking Ortiz to win, but I'm siding with you and picking Wilder to win by ko. I'm saying 6th or seventh round with Ortiz being up by a round or 2 on the cards. I think this fight is a good test for the 2. Ortiz is older and has been inactive like you said, and that's a big advantage for Wilder.

Dream fight Lennox Lewis vs Wilder who wins?

I might of picked Monroe to beat Rosado. I think inactivity effects Saunders worse, since he is very overweight before training camp, although I have seen him train with Tyson Fury so he probably is taking it serious.

What made you change your mind? I don't blame you because this is a tough fight to predict. It's hard to say on Murata beating Saunders because I haven't seen much of him, and Lemieux I can see that, he's been looking good as of late.

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I think the Figueroa fight solved that mystery. Whatever he does, 34 is very young in general life, yes he's taken toll taking punishment which other people haven't taken, he's also someone who lives a strict, healthy lifestyle, so if he continues to do this, I don't think there is any concern for his health in the long run, if the Guererros have hospital bills to pay, they should no doubt get compensation funds

I agree, Vegas, New York, a big Arena, should be fight of the century so far.

I don't think of it so much of a test as much as an overdue opportunity for Wilder to prove he is the real deal, and Ortiz, it is the whooping he deserves, haha, no but I think Wilder will knock him out cold, oxygen masks, maybe even a stretcher, of course, I hope Ortiz comes out 100% safe though!!!!! And I hope there is no Serious concern for his well being, but I do think and hope he will get knocked out.

I think Wilder, you?

Very interesting fight, I think Saunders will win, but it would be good to see Munroe get the win.

It's just a combination of a few possibly crucial details, there is a gulf in amateur experience, I mean what did Canell have? 20 amateur fights? Golovkin is 345-5, he beat And Lee, Andre Dirrell, Lucian Bute, I mean, the difference is just huge, and I think this could be more of a factor than people think it will be, but, timing, in two ways, for Alvarez, Alvarez been in there with the better fighters, Golovkin, the more established middleweight, now, I want to predict Canelo, I change my mind on this fight every day, I think I might end up predicting a draw. I recommend you watch his fight against N'Dam, he got robbed there.

Warren vs Arroyo, who do you think wins that?

He sure did. Thirty four is pretty young and he can be in better shape when he's older now that he retired earlier. I think he should be good health wise in the long run.

Oh yeah, Vegas and NY are great places for the fight.

I think it's more of both to be honest. I think that Ortiz is the best fighter Wilder has fought, I think he'll give him some problems before he gets knocked out. I think Wilder will prove a lot of people wrong in this fight, lots of people are picking Ortiz and they could be all wrong. What do you think Ortiz needs to do to win?

I say Lewis.

I think it will be a close fight. I like the fight.

I'm leaning towards Canelo in this one. I think he is getting better every fight and adding new tools to his attributes every fight. I think that he is getting better head movement, defense, counter punching and all of that. But I do see Golovkin giving him a lot of problems. People think he struggles badly against boxers, I don't agree with that 100 percent. Yeah you can argue that Jacobs beat him, but Golovkin is great at using the jab, cutting the ring off, and has an advantage over Canelo in power so it will be interesting to see how it plays out. I think Golovkin also is very accurate, and he showed that against Jacobs. I will be watching the N'dam fight soon.

Warren could edge the fight. I think the matchup is great.

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I hope so, he's worked so hard, he's fought so hard, he's a good guy, and he has been an asset to the sport.

I can't savr this c9mment, so I'll send the restvof my reply later.

He was everything boxing fans wanted.

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Probably the two biggest boxing cities in the US right?

Well yes and no in my opinion, you are undoubtably right in that they are two unbeaten world class fighters, with a lot to prove, and they are ib a fight in which questions can be answered, questions which haven't veeb answered in any of their other fights, but in my personal opinion, Wilder is on a different level, and Ortiz will be in a position where it isn't a matter of a test of how good he himself, but rather he will be there as the opponent, the guy who is part of thr proof of how good his opponent is, do you see what I mean?

Sorry again I have to submit and leave the Internet, I'll add more to my reply later.

I would say so.

I think they both have things to prove. We will see how Wilder does against a slick boxer like Ortiz. I wonder how Ortiz fights when going the distance against a fighter like Wilder. I think Ortiz has better skills, but Wilder has every other advantage over him. I get what you mean that Ortiz is an opponent that Wilder can show us how good he is, right?

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Yes, but more specifically, from my personal perspective, I don't see jt as a test for both, the same way you wouldn't look back on Lomachenko vs Walters and say it was a good test for both, like Walters, I think how good he is will go out the window, he'll be proven to be a level below his opponent, it will become all about the guy who dominates him. This reminds me of Ward vs Kovalev, people everywhere saying the American is a pussy, insisting the other fighter wins, I'm 90% confident Wilder knocks Ortiz out, and it will be explosive.

On paper before the fight you could say Walters would be a test, but now looking back it was a mismatch. Lomachenko proved to be a level above Walters. I remember before the rematch people were calling Ward a pussy, then he gave it to him, then stopped him and people say it was dirty, he can't catch a break. I think Wilder will knock out Ortiz to, although if Ortiz wins I think it will be by knockout as well. I don't think Ortiz's power is up there with Wilder or Joshua.

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That is part of the reason why I don't see the fight as a test for Wilder and Ortiz. I think as soon as Wilder lands the right hand, it might not even be properly on target, but Ortiz will react, he'll know Wilder can hurt him easily, I mean, also, let's not forget, Ortiz is not a young fighter, I don't think his stamina, athleticism, foot speed are relatively good, I certainly think he will have declined in these areas since his pathetic attempt to stop Malik Scott, who by the way, couldn't out dance Wilder for 3 minutes like he did with Ortiz for 36, so Ortiz might be more skilled in a lot of ways, but he doesn't have faster feet, he does not have the legs, his hand speed isn't getting any better, I think Wilder will get a reaction if he hits his glove. Certainly not Wilder, and I think Joshua hits quite a lot harder than Ortiz too, the right uppercut stands out for me from Joshua, it was the fight changing shot for him against his top 2 opponents.

If Ortiz proves me wrong, and we see a brave, durable (he might prove me wrong there) exceptionally skilled fighter, who inevitably shows all the signs of being the older fighter, struggles, but finds a way to work around this, and gets the win, I will take my hat off to him, no accusations from me, but,

I can see that. I think that Ortiz knows Wilder is a big puncher and will take him seriously. I'm not 100 percent sure on how good his stamina is because he hasn't been tested like he will against Wilder and he's much older, I don't think his foot speed is bad. But he probably is declined since his fight against Scott. I think both Joshua and Wilder hit harder then Ortiz, I think if Joshua lands a clean uppercut on Ortiz he is getting knocked out.

Same here, and that is a fair assessment.

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If he doesn't then he's an idiot. I highly doubt it is strong. He's not great at cutting off the ring. Ortiz reminds me of Kovalev, dangerous, great at a certain high, world class level, but not on the same level as special fighters like Ward and Wilder. Yeah I think that's true, that shot which was the beginning of the end for Klitschko, the fight changing punch, and the shot which took out Whyte, I don't think Ortiz can take that, I think for basic, standard boxing, Joshua is better than Wilder and Ortiz, I think his jab is the best as well.

Butler vs Hall II who you got?

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if Ortiz makes Wilder's punches bounce off him, looks faster in hand and foot for more than 6 rounds, and looks suddenly younger, fresher than he did against Scott, sorry, but I'll ask questions, the man has a track record.

That's true, he has ruined trust with boxing fans and if he shows signs of him looking younger then it would be fair to call him out. If he's clean and beats Wilder he deserves all the credit.

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I will know from watching the fight whether he is clean or not, well, not 100%, but the way he does in fight, if he wins (which I highly doubt) will tell me a lot as to whether or not he is taking drugs.

I think it would be easy to tell if he's taking drugs.

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I don't think he'll give him any major problems, some minor problems, he'll be tricky at times, but I think as soon as Wilder hits Ortiz, Ortiz's skills will be nullified by the fact that they both know Wilder can hurt him, with the highest level of power in the sport, and his ability to use it. It doesn't surprise me that a lot of people think Ortiz will win. Good question, well, I think ultimatley, he's got to take away Wilder's power shots, he shouldn't take a 'hit and run' approach to the fight, he should aim to be negative, nick the early rounds with his hand speed, combination punching and more polished initial offensive skilset, he's going to want to counter Wilder, but also take advatage of Wilder, early, not having a massive amount of physical strebgth, try to overwhelm, negate those power shots, what do you think?

I think the fight would be similar to Joshua vs Wilder, I think Lewis woukd take a lead, possibly a long lead, hurt, maybe drop Wilder, but I think Wilder would rally, come back with the stoppage. I'd think this if Joshua and Lewis hasld iron chins, which they don't have.

So do I, it is particularly interesting because of their similarities in my opinion. I think Munroe has the upper hand in physical attributes, but technically, Saunders is superior.

At the start he will give Wilder some problems. He will struggle with Ortiz's movement and will be down on the cards before the stoppage. I think he might even knock Ortiz down before he gets stoppage. I see it going like the Washington fight, but Ortiz being more tricky then Washington.

That could happen. I see if Wilder beats Joshua, I could see it happening with him being down on cards to Joshua before knocking him out. I'm still picking Joshua to beat Wilder, but with 2 guys with great power anything can happen and I'm not writing off Wilder.

I wonder how this plays out. This fight and GGG vs Canelo. It's hard for me to pick a winner and someone to root for. I like both too much.

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I agree. I don't think he will be far behind if behind at all, I think Wilder's technical ability is underrated, I think the cards might be 2-1. I don't think so, I think as soon as he lands properly, Ortiz is done. I'm not sure, I think Washington is more athletic, but no I think Ortiz is more powerful, much faster hands, more technically skilled, but I don't think this fight will be much harder for Wilder than Washington, but I think we will see a better Deontay Wilder.

Yeah well that's the long and the short of it, but Wilder is more than just a puncher.

Same here.

Interesting to hear about the 8 rounds sparred between McGregor and Malignaggi.

So you think it will end in 4? I could see that if Wilder has a good start and lands that right he's probably going down. I think one thing Washington has over Ortiz is durability. We will see the best we've seen of Wilder so far against Ortiz, and same for Ortiz. We will see what he can do against a fighter like Wilder.

I think so to, but I do believe Wilder can be technically sloppy at times.

It's hard to pick who I'm rooting for.

Did you hear any details?

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Crumbs! Lost my response.

I think 6.

I think Wilder is like Muhammad Ali, I mean Ali could be technically sloppy at times, Wilder rises to the occasion.

Interesting 8 rounds apparently, Malignaggi: McGregor Has Game Plan, It's Not What People Think

I say around the 7th to 8th round.

I think Ali was better technically then Wilder, but they both can rise to the occasion.

I hope there's some new footage on Mcgregors sparring.