Andre Ward vs Sergey Kovalev II Scorecard by mike25

scorecard by MIKE25



Andre Ward

Sergey Kovalev

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'That's what happens to bullies', well said Hunter!

I'm so happy Ward won. I mean I think some of those punches were low, I think there was at least one but maybe not more than that like others said. People could argue the about the stoppage but Kovalev looked gassed, it was bound to happen. What's next for both?

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Me too! We were right, Kovalev called Ward a 'm***********', he was horrible, Ward was humble, Kovalev appears to be the tough guy, but Ward out fought him. I think it is hard to land clean body shots when your opponent is bent over like a 95 year old woman, I think that last shot was low, another one may have been boarderline, but I think it was annissue kf vatching the leg on the way to the target, because of Kovalev being in that position which it made it hard for Ward to fight clean, no those body shots wree clean, at least 2 of them at the end, and they beat the fight out of Kov, some fighters just aren't quite tough enough to get through that (they are still warriors), that right hand also did a lot of damage.

People criticise the stoppage, maybe it was a few seconds too early, but why would a veteran referee like Tony Weeks stop a fight of this magnitude for no reason? No, Kovalev, the bully, was on the egde of quitting, may well have quit had it continued, he didn't want to be there, was sitting in the ropes, as the ref stopped the fight, he didn't protest, he sat down.

Let's forget the third fight for now, for Kovalev, maybe retire, I don't know. For Ward, fight in December, maybe Lucian Bute, or an opponent of that calibre, good fighter, a fight worth having, but not a hard, hard fight, and next year, maybe fight Stevenson in a unification bout.

I'm glad we were. To be honest I was getting worried in those early rounds for Ward. I thought Kovalev started out very well and was landing harder punches. Even though I had Kovalev up in the eighth round I knew he was starting to fade even if the stoppage was pre mature it was bound to happen. Also Kovalev should've just taken a knee to regroup instead of taking what he thought were low blows. I'll rewatch the stoppage again, at a first glance I thought it could've been dirty.

That's true, why would stop a high profile fight for no reason. I think if it were to continue, he would've lost a lopsided decision or been stopped.

I'm not sure what Kovalev should do as of now. I say take some time off then make a decision on whether or not to return. One thing I will say post fight is I didn't like Kathy Duva's attitude at the press conference post fight. She said Ward should've been dq'd and that's a bunch of bs and telling the fans to shut up made it worse. At worse a point deduction for Ward. For Ward, there's so many options. I say fight an easier fight in November or December then fight Stevenson next year.

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I wasn't, he took all Kovalev's punches very well, people call these guys like Ward, Mayweather, pussies, but they always take their share of shots, walk through them, and respond, a broken nose, in three places didn't stop Mayweather beating Cotto, and all the big shots Kovalev landed last night, didn't stop Ward from beating Kovalev.

I'm 90% sure he would have been stopped, do you think my prediction was good?

She's horrible, I knew that beforehand. Yeah that's exactly what I think, I think Ward should retire in 2020, maybe have 5-6 more fights, it would be good to see him in 2 or maybe 3 more big mega fights in my opinion, one of which, I think should be Stevenson, this is great for Stevenson, because now, he doesn't need to fight Kovalev, next year is his chance to prove his guts, if he fights the guy who just beat the heck out of Sergey Kovalev, then people will have to shut up.

I thought Flores was dreadful last night.

He did take Kovalevs punches well, I mean in terms of losing. I thought some rounds were very close and thought Kovalev edged them. After the seventh is when I started to get more confident, it looked like Kovalev got tired and looked like he was either getting stopped or losing every round after the seventh. The thing is the fighters that are defensive are called pussies because they don't try to engage a ton or get knockouts, but it's been proven that they are tough to. Like look at Postol against Matthysse, Duran against Leonard in the rematch, and Mayweather against Cotto.

He looked like he was going to be stopped, the body punches were to much for Kovalev. I think Kovalev should've taken a knee to avoid getting stopped to be honest. In fights it's hard to protest to the ref about low blows you pretty much just have to deal with it until the ref does something. Your prediction was good.

I know, and I'm starting to realize that more. The whole way she handled everything after the first fight was very unprofessional. I also didn't like how she had the towel at the press conference and say to Virgil that is this the towel you'll be throwing in on Saturday night. I haven't seen any promoter act that unprofessional. I mean Bob Arum says dumb things but he's not a sore loser or anything like that, at least from what I know of. For Ward, 2020 is a good year to retire. I want to see him in a few high profile fights before it's all said and done. I would like to see him fight Stevenson, then maybe move to cruiserweight. I wonder how he would do at cruiser and heavyweight since he says he wants to be heavyweight champ. How do you think he does at those 2 divisions?

Same here, I thought Flores did that to get Rigondeaux dq'd.

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Fair enough, and I thought Ward edged them, Feldman and Moretti both had Ward 67-66, I think one point either way, Steve Weisfeld stinks. The best chin is the chin that doesn't get hit, if you can win without getting hit, don't get hit, but that doesn't mean these guys can't take shots when they have to.

I think most of that was clean, and because the belt was high, they looked a lot lower than they really were, and at least 2 of those last 3 lefts, were clean, crushing body blows.

Well she doesn't have the highground now, after losing her rag at the press conference. Kovalev and his team are sore losers, he isn't even acknowledging that Ward is the best opponnet he has ever faced!! I don't think he should get ahead of himself, I mean, nos long nas he been at lightheavyweight, 2 years ago, he was at 168, I think if he was a bigger man, maybe Bellew's size, maybe naturally 10 pbs bigger, it would still be crazy, but much kore realistic than it is, I don't see him heing the same fighter up there, I think jumping up weight would be a massive mistake. Why do it?, when he is a competitive division as we've said.

He must have done, very disappointing, definitely not the Mexican way!!

It's possible, I saw a lot of wide scorecards for both fighters. I saw someone have Ward ahead, then some that have Kovalev ahead. I think 68-65 is a little of a stretch for Kovalev but 67-66 is I think the best possible score for him. That's true, and also taking the opponents best shot shows a great chin to. He took all of Kovalevs shots very well.

I think they were at the belt line so they were legal. Those last body shots Ward really put a lot into those.

They showed their true colors last night. I mean Ward is a very skillful fighter, but sometimes skills can get you so far in terms of bumping up in weight. If he wants to who are we to tell him, but still you could be right it might just be too much. I think if he wants to go to cruiserweight, get an easy winnable fight and go from there. Get a feel for the division. I would like to see him at 175 personally, there's so many fights to be made there.

Do you think he tried to take the easy way out?

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And that's wrong. Kovalev is the biggest puncher, but like I said before the fight, Ward is more durable, he's a special fighter, he's a class above Kovalev really, he's adaptable.

Kovalev couldn't take those, I think he might well have quit had it continued, I definitely think the stoppage was coming.

It's stupid, it's a bad, bad idea. I disagree with even that, I mean, why?, no names up there, no I definitely think he shouldn't what we should also remmeber is that he would be moving up 14% of his current weight, I mean the gap between 175 and 200 is wide, and considering Ward isn't the biggest of light heavyweights, I don't think he should. Stevenson, Beterbiev, Browne, Stevenson, Jack, Alvarez, I mean, apart from Usyk, who at Cruiseerweight is worth moving up to fight?

Definitely, I mean it wasn't even that hard a punch, and as Paulie Malignaggi said, when you get knocked out cold, you go down instantly, you don't take it, stand for a second, then fall down nearly unconscious, he just had the idea, Rigondeaux was wrong to hold and hit like that, but I think the other two fouls were accidental.

Yep, Kovalev is the biggest puncher and wasn't able to knock him out, and the exact opposite happened. Kovalev really can't adapt when things aren't going his way. Ward was knocked down in the first fight, and didn't fold he got back up and made adjustments and won.

I think he would have to, he was gassed and was looking for the ref to save him on low blows. I think he was lying when he said he wasn't hurt or tired.

When you put it that way it makes sense not to do it. It's not like he's going up 6-8 pounds he's going up 25 and that's a huge gap. There's plenty of big fights at 175 and staying there will be the best option as a fan of his and I think for himself to.

Yeah, it wasn't a ko punch. I think he just tried to take the easy way out and get Rigo dq'd.. There was a delay on when he went down. Rigo did break the rules with holding and hitting but the last punch was accidental. I also heard they are changing it to a no contest.

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Adaptability, heart, dedication, Ward is a warrior, and a grest fighter, he'll be remembered as an all time great, he's beaten Kovalev twice, Kovalev isn't even on his level, and Kovalev doesn't have those attributes, I don't think there will be a third fight, nd he doesn't deserve the Stevenson shot. 'That's what happens to bullies', what a way to finish a fight, and what an inspiration Ward can be to bullying victims, because repeatedly calling someone a 'mother******', and belittling all their abilities is bullying, Kovalev is now saying Ward isn't the best he's ever fought. I think Kovalev's belt being high made Ward's shots look a lot lower than they really were.

I gained a lot of respect for Max Kellermen for his post fight interview.

I mean, moving like that, I think would be a massive mistake, and it is just so stupid given that he is in a competitive division. If he moves up, I like Joshua vs Usyk.

I really don't think that should happen now, I mean, does Flores really desereve that?

I agree 100 percent. Ward has accomplished so much and it will be hard to to put him up there with the all time greats. I think Ward is a good mix of offense and defense, and is able to adjust his offense and defense very well. For Kovalev I think he's just more offensive minded and doesn't really focus on defense and can't make adjustments. I did think Kovalev was making better adjustments offensively from the last fight by going to the body more. I think he's also lost the Stevenson shot. He should try to rebuild, but I think it's going to be hard since his reputation is ruined. For Ward the sky is the limit. Also I heard Kovalev say worse things to Ward then that. His belt line was higher than usual, and also I don't even want to see a 3rd fight between them, we already know Ward is better. Even if you thought Kovalev won the first fight Ward proved he was better.

I've always liked him, but that's because I always listen to his opinions in other sports as well.

I think so to, look at Roy Jones Jr, he wasn't the same after the Tarver fights. But I would love to see Joshua vs Usyk. I think it's realistic since Usyk is talking moving up. I think that's a good move for Usyk because there's not many big fights for him their and he's skilled enough to beat some solid heavyweights.

I think a no contest is fair.

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I can't disagree with that, offensively, a great fighter, but overall, not adaptable like Ward.

No need for a third fight, as time goes on, more people will realise who really won the first fight. Ward has proven himself twice now, Ward is the better boxer, the tougher warrior, the better fighter all round, 2-0! Ward has beaten the bully.

I like Max Kellermen now, you were right, I was quick to judge because of the foolls he works with, not Lampley, Jones, maybe not Lederman, don't like him, but Merchant is the real villian.

I think Usyk beats Joshua if the weight isn't too much for him, but man, Joshua is really improving I'm sure, wouldn't write him off, wouldn't be at all surprised if he knocked the Ukranian out.

I disagree, I mean, that bull**** which he pulled, Flores deserevs a defeat.

Yep, Ward has the tools to adapt.

Exactly, the only time a rematch would be suitable was if Kovalev won and he didn't. There's no need for a rematch when he's proven twice that he's better. Ward showed he was tougher than Kovalev. He showed he's mentally tougher, the way he got off the canvas and won in the first fight proved it.

Yeah, he seems knowledgeable about the sport. And I think he uses his position on espn the right way to promote boxing on a big platform, unlike Dan Rafael. I think Lampley is the wort of the HBO crew, I don't think Lampley is horrible and Lederman can be bad at times with some scores but isn't as bad as Merchant. He comes off to me as a hater.

That's such an interesting fight to see. I hope it happens in the future.

That's also a good way of putting it to. Flores does deserves a loss for his actions.

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And the heart, I hope Ward doesn't jump up in weight, and I hope Stevenson fights him next year.

When we consider that stoppage was clean, and Ward definitely won the first fight despute what everyone says, it is clear that III isn't necessary.

Lampley can irritate, I don't like Rafael, Skip Bayless is a well known circus clown, but Merchant has to be the worst, when we are talking about an old man who has just given a detailed analysis on why 'Andre Ward and Terence Crawford will never be stars in boxing', always scores fights terribly, and has spent his whole career bullying the greatest fighter in the world and if all time (that's debatable), it gets ti the point when we need to say enough is enough, and he should never have had the job he did.

Merchant was just plain nasty to Mayweather in the interview for Castillo I, and when Mayweather had finally reached the point, he fought back after the Ortiz fight, and had that out burst, what did Merchant do?, like a school bully, he laughed at him, that shows me he wanted Mayweather to do that, he's still doing it now.

And Rigondeaux shouldn't be punished for Flores being an idiot either, I think it was a question of when, but he was gkung to knock him out.

I would rather see Ward stay at 175 and fight Stevenson then go up to Crusierweight or Heavyweight to fight Anthony Joshua which has been talked about. I think we have to worry about Stevenson stepping up for the challenge instead of Ward.

Yep, that and he's 2-0 Vs Kovalev.

I agree with you, Lampley can be annoying at times, but he's not as bad as the others. People said that he's bias, I don't see it that much compared to someone like Rafael or Bayless. I can't believe he is actually picking Mcgregor to beat Mayweather.

I don't remember the interview but I can imagine he was a dick to him. I think he was part of the reason that he went to showtime. Merchant would always hate on him and it got to the point where it was irritating.

I think Merchant wants to see Floyd lose.

That sounds reasonable.

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Sorry again for the late response,

Really? Well, that's your opinion, fair enough, but I disagree with that highly, because we're talking about, not even a big 175 fighter, fighting a 250 lb champion with a 100% KO ratio, it's insanity, for Joshua, Usyk is a great opponent, now, I think Usyk beats him, in a couple of years, who knows?, I definitely think Joshua has more than enough potential to beat Usyk. What do you mean? Stevenson jumping up to heavyweight instead of Ward?

And legitimately so.

I do think there is some bias, but he's just too much of a talking machine to me, a bit of a robot, I mean, he has just found a rhythm of talking about statistics too much. Let's forget Bayless, because he's a comedian, of you met him personally, he'd admit he's no analyst, he's there to create debate which opens your ears, to make Steven A Smith look intelligent and analytical (he is, but he shouldn't use his knowledge for that show with Bayless), but no Bayless can't really be taking himself seriously. I recently had to argue against a couple of idiots who said 'Americans are dumb', I don't need to tell someone who's looking at training to be an accountant that that isn't true, you're much more intelligent than me, and true we have Oxbridge, but you have Harvard, anyway, Bayless helps there false points, and gives them more ability to make people think they have a case.

He's just a horrible man, failure of an analyst. It got ridiculous, Mayweather was bound to react that way, but the key piece of evidence here, is that Merchant didn't try to calm Fliyd down, ry to explain himself, he laughed, and made a disrespectful comment, he's a bully, I mean 'Ward and Crawford will never be stars in boxing', come on.

That's fine I have been busy to.

I said that I would rather see Ward fight at 175 then crusierweight and heavyweight. I think Ward fighting Joshua could be a bad idea. But Usyk vs Joshua is something I would like to see, I'm not sure who I would pick as a winner. Also with Stevenson I meant that I would rather see Ward fight him at 175 then to move up to the other divisions.

Same here, I can see there's bias. With the whole hbo crew, minus Roy Jones Jr. I think Roy Jones Jr does a good job with fair commentary. I'm not going to say a whole lot about Bayless except that I find him more funny then knowledgeable, and reporters and fans like him are why we are seeing the Mayweather Mcgregor fight. I like the guy but he doesn't know what he's talking about. Stephen A smith, I like him to. He's a funny guy and he knows his stuff on all sports, he makes good points on certain subjects. Him or Kellerman should be writing about boxing on ESPN not Rafael.

He really is. I remember for Zab Judah vs Demarcus Corley he was making fun of both of them. Making fun of Judah for having a bad temper, and Corley for having a lot of kids and shopping at Victorias secret. I just thought that was rude, so I can see why Floyd would freak out on him.

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It is definitely a bad idea, I mean, we're talking 30 lbs or so, of what water, unnatural muscle mass, no, that would work against him, think how much speed, power he would lose, think how that mass woudl drain him, you think he would be in any fit state to take Joshua's punches, and with the natural size and strength of Joshua against a small light heavyweight, it would all be on Joshua's terms, he wouldn't even have to work hard to damage Ward, I think Joshua would stop him in 6. I don't think Ward should ever move up to higher divisions, in all honesty, I think Cruiserweight should be 190, then heavyweight should be 220, and super heavyweight should be higher. Ward vs Stevenson would be great.

That's what he's there for, he's a comedy analyst, I mean, he's that bad. I don't mind Stephen A, but I do find him a tad annoying at times, and he should stop messing about, wasting time with Skip Bayless and try to use his knowledge in a fruitful way, because really when he's out arguing Skip Bayless, he's doing what we could so. I wish we weren't seeing Mayweather vs McGregor, I shouldn't complain, but I agree with Paulie Malignaggi about the 'car crash' comparison. I honestly think Bayless should be taken off air, because it is quite sad in my opinion, that he is actually allowed to argue as if he knows anything about boxing. I think Steve Farhood, Kevin Lole are two of the best US analysts.

He's a horrible old man, and him retiring, good riddance.

Same here. We also saw what happened to Roy Jones Jr when heavyweight. He got knocked out by Tarver and Glen Johnson. Jones might have been more skilled but he didn't have physical advantages over them like size and power. I also think Joshua would be too much for Ward. Joshua is a giant compared to Ward. He has every physical advantage over Ward. For Ward to win he basically would have to walk a tightrope the whole fight and not fall. He would have to fight a perfect fight. I think it's brave of Ward to talk about winning w heavyweght title but he has to think of his health to.

Yeah, most people don't like Skip. When athletes come on his show they pretty much tell him off every time. The things Skip says are ridiculous. I wish we weren't seeing Mayweather vs Mcgregor either. The fight was made pretty much out of ignorance, somehow people think a guy who's 0-0 really has a chance against arguably the best to ever fight. I guess they'' find out it's not that easy. The only reason people are defending the fight is because it generates a lot of money. Not everything that makes a lot of money is a good idea, you have to think about health to. This could pave the way for more fights like this to happen and will be justified because it makes a lot of money. For analysts I really like Bernstein. Farhood and Lole are good to.

Yep. Also did you ever hear him say that about Judah and Corley?

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It would take bravery to climb the London eye, still stupid, Ward doesn't have to prove his courage, and if he fights Joshua, I think his career will be ruined. His weight would work against him, and after 4 rounds, he would be in danger, I think he would be battered, and knocked out brutally.

You're 100%, it is a business. It is good that athletes tell that moron what's what, like I said the other day, he gives the idiots over here who say Americans aren't clever, ammo.

No but that doesn't surprise me, he probably still talks crap about Mayweather now. After the Berto fight was confirmed, Merchant took another shot at Floyd, ffs, you old f*****, the guy just schooled your man, boxed his fucking ears off after you spent years saying he was running scared, and now your calling him out on his final opponent, who by the way, was a good oppoennt for a fight that isn't supposed to be a close, 50/50 fight, the iidot doesn't understand boxing, or how often champions should fight and for what reasons. Sorry for the rant.

I think he proved it already by moving up to fight Kovalev. At the time Kovalev was undefeated and was avoided, and to come up and weight and beat him not once but twice tells a lot about his courage. I think Joshua would crush Ward to. Everything is bad for him in that fight.

True. I like when they do it because it shows not everyone believes him.

I thought it was uncalled for.I'm not a huge Merchant fan at all. He got all mad after the first Ward Kovalev fight saying that he wouldn't want to see a rematch because it was a sloppy fight.

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Exactly, and to beat him in the way he did, he came through that dark chapter last year, and now he is on top of the world. Absolutely, I think he wpuld show skills, he would show his level of skill, maybe out box Joshua, negate the reach, but not comfortably, and not for longer than 3 rounds, and before long, it would be a very sad night for Ward supporters, and not as great a victory for Joshua as some would believe. I think that there should be another division, super heavyweight, I think the difference between cruiserweight and light heavyweight is too wide, I think cruiserweight should be 190, not 200, so it is 15 lbs, not 25, and due to the fact that, out there, Mike Tyson early in his career, Holyfield, Haye, Frazier, they weren't cruiserweights, 210, 215, whatever, they couldn't make 200, but they were at too much of a size disadvantage against Lewis, Klitschko, Joshua, Fury, I think 220 should be the heavyweight limit, so that's 190 for cruiserweight, 220 for heavyweight, and unlimited for super heavyweight.

Anyone who believes him needs a reality check.

He's just a bastard, who was bad for the sport of boxing, I saw an interview of him disrespecting Bernard Hopkins after one of his fights earlier today, Larry Merchant is a disgrace to the sport!, and I would hear a word in his defence.

Sorry for late response.

In a perfect world the second fight should prove that he was the better fighter. Sadly some people thought it was all low blows from there. I think Joshua vs Ward would go like Canelo vs Khan, but only Ward being better than Khan, with him having success but for a short period of time, maybe 3 rounds like you said. I mean Joshua is my favorite fighter but I would hate to see him fight Ward. Best fight for him now is Deontay Wilder. For me, I think Joshua should have Wilder as a first priority for a super fight, then a healthy and on form Tyson Fury should be saved for later. That is a good point about the weight classes. I like the idea about crusierweight because it used to be 190 pound limit.


I think he's bad for the sport to. He does that to everybody, Judah, Corley, Roy Jones Jr, Mayweather and Hopkins.

Also, Jermall Charlo is fighting Jorge Sebastian Heiland, and Gerald Washinton is fighting Jerrell Miller on the Broner vs Garcia undercard.

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100% okay.

Well some of them are idiots, some just aren't informed, it was decieving, Kovalev's belt line was too high, I mean it seemed like Ward was struggling to hit him above the shorts, for a fighter who knows he has a weakness tothe body, for whatever reason, it makes sense for him to play that trick of setting the other guy up flr low blows, fortunately, the situation has been analysed, and the people with power, they know the truth. I don't even think so, because the weigyt difference is a lot bigger, the weight didn't play as much a part in thqt fight as I thought it would, what a fantastic KO from Canelo! I agree, without doubt. Fury has a long way to go yet.

I don't know how that piece of shit's job lasted so long, I would be ashamed if he was my grandfather, Merchant was an illness to the sport. The people I hate, are people who are calm, calculated bullies, I have no time for selfish people who try to cause problems.

I know, awesome fight! What a card.

It seems Mikey Garcia is angry with his cook, the guy doesn't seem to be doibg a good job, we know Mikey Garcia, good guy, humble as they come, to piss him off, you have to take the biscuit, I mean you would be mad, you put a day's work in, a hard day's work, for a fight you are taking very seriously against a dangerous opponent, and you have a diet to follow and you have everything strictly timed and mapped out, and then the cook let's you down, he should fire him.

Wouldn't it be great if Washington beat Miller?!

Yeah, and some of them just hate Ward enough not to care about logic. At a first glance I thought they were low, then I saw them landing on the belt line which is perfectly legal. For the Canelo Khan situation was different in weight, I meant how the fight would play out between Joshua and Ward. For Fury, I think if he wants to get a boxing license quick, he should move somewhere else, Like the U.S. If that could work he should do that instead of wait even longer.

Me either.

I can't wait.

Really? So there's a problem with his dietician already? He should get a new one if that's the case, he's in the biggest fight of his life and needs everything to go right.

Yeah it would be. I mean I have nothing against Miller it's just I like Washington more and seen him fight more.

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They hate him for stupid reasons, I'm mad at Carl Froch for bad mouthing Andre Ward. Yeah I know, but I think Joshua vs Ward is taking it to another level. Highly doubt he'll do that, he should get a boxing licence at some point, but he's such a nasty man, I hope he doesn't return.

Biggest fight so far yes. Marcos Maidana has said that Broner was the strongest, toughest, biggest puncher he ever fought, Mikey Garcia won't underestimate him.

He's another one of these guys who wants you to want him to lose.

Also Victor Ortiz is fighting Saul Corral, I still want to see Rios vs Ortiz, and then Rios vs Broner if he loses to Garcia.

Yeah, I really don't know why. Andre Ward is a great person out of the ring to and people should admire that. I still like Froch and all but he shouldn't still be upset that Ward beat him. I think Joshua vs Ward is a bad idea. As for Tyson Fury, do want to see him comeback, I want to see the Joshua fight even if Joshua loses. Even though I'm picking Fury to beat him I can still see Joshua pulling off the upset, and wouldn't that be great?

I think Maidana and Mikey being in the same gym helps. Maidana will give Mikey some help on beating Broner.

I can see that. Miller talked a lot of trash on all the top heavyweights.

Not a huge fan of Ortiz vs Corral. I would still like to see him fight Rios at some point.

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There are no justifiable reasons. Yes but that was way out of line, I mean, to talk like that about a former opponent, who has been nothing but respectful to you, that's not good. It is, that isn't our opinion, that is fact. In my opinion, Firy shouldn't return, I think that ring, no place for someone with me tal healty issues of that type, but that is subjective. Yeah definitely.

Absolutely, and Robert Garcia is a great trainer, besides knowing how dangerous Broner is.

Basically, he talks trash, he wants us not to like him, I have no serious, dislike towards him.

Have you heard the story or Rios and Ortiz?

That's very true, he should just show respect to a former opponent who's done nothing to him. I can see why people say Fury shouldn't return. I don't know it's just I want to see him fight Joshua, and he might be able to pull it off.

He also knows what it takes to beat Broner.

That's true.

I think so. What was it again?

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I think it will happen, and in terms of the future, I think Fruy still being overweight, mentally unstable, it is going in Joshua's favour. I hope Deontay Wilder fights Dillian Whyte, but Hearn and Whyte must accept that Wilder is the champion and has just as many rights as Joshua, so if he refuses to come to the UK, that is fair, Whyte should go to Alabama. I think Wilder knocks Whyte out cold.

The Garcias are great guys, when they are asked, they almost never have a bad word to day about anyone.

The bad guy, as long as he doesn't take it too far, is good for boxing.

Victor Ortiz was sendinf him death threats, and I believe he sent someone round to his house, and it resulted in Rios girlfriend (who is now his wife) getting hurt, which is terrible, Ortiz is lowlife in my opinion, and I think and hope Rios destroys him, and gives him the pasting he deserves, against Floyd Mayweather, never, ever, ever, should a fighter embrace their opponent, during a fight, least of all when they are not certain that a greak has been called, idiot. I think Leonard Bundu would beat Victor Ortiz.

Omar Figueroa vs Robert Guerrero who you got?

I think Joshua shouldn't worry about Fury for a while. It doesn't look like he's coming back anytime soon. I hope Wilder and Whyte fight to. Wilder should be the A side in the fight and have the fight on his terms, obviously not terms that make the fight unfair. I also believe that Wilder knocks Whyte out cold.

That's why I like them so much.

Oh yeah that is what happened. To be honest I was never a fan of Victor Ortiz, and he really isn't a good guy at all.

Omar Figuera, what about you?

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Joshua, sensibly, is letting Eddie Hearn do his job, and just focusing on training, I hope the Klitschko rematch doesn't happen, but I think it probably will, I highly doubt Klitschko could pull off the victory in the rematch. No as long as they wear the same weight gloves, there are no unfair weight conditions, and he gets enough money, I'm sure he would get his fair shake. I think in 6 rounds.

The only time I've ever heard them disrespect or really criticise someone is when Mikey said Victor Ortiz has no heart, and we can't blame him, I mean, let's be honest as well, against Maidana, against Lopez, against Berto, I saw the fights getting too tough.

That was very low, and against Mayweather, yes it was frustrating for him, yes Mayweather uses the elbow, but that isn't a malicious thing, it is just part of his style, like Evander Holyfield, Tim Bradley, Shawn Porter with their heads, but Ortiz being an idiot with the badly timed apology, and that was a nasty headbutt, you could make a case for a DQ, I would have taken two points rather than just one, Maidana especially in the first fight because of all the inside action but all his other opponents too, they had to take elbows, they didn't try to break Mayweather's nose.

Me too, I think it's close, I don't think Omar is great, he's no Crawford, no Thurman, no Lomackenko, and I think the Guerrero who fought Garcia, I think he would beat Fig, we saw him struggle with Demarco, Burns, I know many think Belmontes beat him. I would like to see Guerrero win, but based on the Peralta fight, he's taken some beatings, I think he is an old 34 year old in the ring, I hope I'm wrong about that, maybe his conditioning will help him with that, I don't know if he is declined, I don't know what Guerrero has left in the tank, maybe the Peralta fight was an off night, maybe we will see the Guerrero who won 5 or 6 rounds against Garcia, I think that Guerrero beats Omar. My prediction is a close victory for Fig.

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By the way I think Easter will surprise you against Shakivov, I don't see an SD, I see a stoppage.

That could happen. I'm changing it to UD by Easter.

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Campbell vs Easter would be a good match up.

Ohara Davies vs Josh Taylor who you got?

That would be a good fight to see.

Not sure yet, I haven't seen much of either too be honest.

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I think Davies has the edge.

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About Rigondeaux, yes he's avoided, yes he's extremely, talented, skilful, experienced, but I don't think he's genuinely that frustrated, I don't think he minds one bit being known as the guy who is avoided, without actually getting the major fights, I mean, he's not exactly jumping through hoops to get fights against Lomackenko, Gonzalez, and I think both those guys beat him.

I agree with all of that. I think he doesn't do enough to get people to step in the ring with him. Sometimes you need to come into the ring post fight, or attend a fight of Lomachenko or something. I definitely think he needs to move up to get bigger fights, that is a must I feel. I think he uses the avoided fighters as a gimmick.

Also did you add Mayweather vs Mcgregor?

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I think Lomackenko is the fight he should target, Boxing Knowledge thinks Rigondeaux would have too much for Lomackenko, but I don't agree. It suits him I think, it is convenient, because he doesn't have to do anything, I believe it was the same for Manny Pacquiao, I don't believe he was ever really frustrated about Mayweather, I think he was more than happy being the guy who was known as avoided, having everybody think Mayweather was running scared of him, but there are champions who are better than that, Spence for example, he us no cherry picker, he never complains, he really wants the tough fights, and wants to earn all his credit, which is great, same for Thurmam, Charlo, Golovkin.

Yes I did, do you like the picture?, because if you find a better one then feel free to point it out. I also added Hurd vs Trout, Cotto vs Kamegai, Rungvisai vs Gonzalez II, and I will add more, I added all the missing Andre Ward and Floyd Mayweather fights, and I'm adding all the missing Crawford fights now.

Agreed. I don't think Rigondeaux will beat Lomachenko to be honest. I mean he's a good boxer and all, but I think Lomachenko is better all around then Rigondeaux, he can use angles better, and is more athletic, and being younger helps to. I also think Loma can take a punch better then Rigo. Another reason why I don't think Rigondeaux gets the big fights is because he asks for too much money. He's good but business wise he doesn't have a style that sells tickets, and being at an unpopular weight division doesn't help either.

I do. I was going to add those recent fights, thanks for doing so. At some point I'll add the undercard for Rungvasi vs Gonzalez 2. Since your'e adding Ward and Crawford fights, I might pick someone else to add fights for. Maybe Winky Wright or Sergio Martinez.

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I think because Lomackenko was 396-1 as an amateur, and achieved what he did in the unpaid ranks, he takes away that out standing aspect of why Rigondeaux is so good, plus, he has been in with Russell, Walters, Sosa, these are very good fighters, I know Rigondeaux beat Donaire, but still, and like you said, athleticism, strength, durability, and I think Lomackenko will go the extra mile to win a fight, will Rigondeaux? I'm not sure, and I think Davis woukd stop Rigondeaux early, it takes one shot, if Liam Walsh can't recover from a big Davis shot, Rigondeaux can't. I honestly think Tete would have a strong chance against Rigondeaux. True, he is almost impossible to work with. No not at all, I believe he would be fine at 126.

No worries. How about this?, we share all three, so, for Crawford, lets say you add these,

Crawford vs Hartman
Crawford vs Delgado
Crawford vs Robbins
Crawford vs Rios
Crawford vs Rodela
Crawford vs Siqueira
I'll add the rest, and then maybe for Wright, Martinez, you lead, we split those fights, maybe half, and you send me a list of fights to add, so to keep it fair, we take it in turns to decide who adds which fights.

Lomachenko vs Rigndeaux makes for an interesting fight. You got 2 guys with over 700 amateur wins and 4 gold medals between the 2. I think at this stage of their careers Lomachenko wins this fight. He's younger so he will be able to use his athleticism, strength and durability better on Rigo. I also think Donaire was his best performance but he was dropped in it to. I think Lomachenko will also do more to win against Rigondeaux then the other way around. Also what makes me think Lomachenko will beat Rigondeaux is that he has shown to be good against better opposition, like Gary Russell, sosa, and Walters. I think the Russell fight shows a lot because it was against another southpaw and he made him look bad.

I'll add them later tonight or tomorrow. I'll start with a list of fights for each. We'll start with Winky Wright. I'll make a list of fights I'll add then fights you'll add. Sound good?

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Yeah absolutely, man that's a lot of bouts and between two fighters only. Yeah exactly, I do think with his crazy speed, exceptional upper body movement, combination punching, it is clear to see why some don't agree with us, but Lomackenko is defensively fantastic himself, he can set up a KO as he showed us against Martinez, he has exceptional skills, and strength, work ethic, stamina, all his attributes, it just seems to me as if there are a few areas which Rigondeaux edges Lomackenko out in, but a few areas which Lomackenko is a lot better than Rigondeaux in, which is one of the main reasons I think Lomackenko wins that fight.

Sounds great! I've also started adding GGG fights. Tomorrow, I'll crack on with the lists, should be fun. I still haven't managed to attach a video, I'll give it another shot tomorrow.

So much experience between the 2. I think the fight is more likely to happen because Rigondeaux said he'll fight him at 130. All those attributes you mentioned is something that I believe Lomachenko has over him. I would also say his angles are pretty good to, his footwork is phenomenal. Hopefully we can see this fight soon.

I'll add those Crawford fights now then decide on which winky Wright or Sergio Martinez fights we add.

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I highly doubt he'd go to 130, 126 maybe. You're right, but Rigondeaux's angles are fantastic too, then again, although, his footwork is fantastic, I don't think abybody out there now has foptwork like Lomackenko, and if anybody does, it's Crawford, not Rigondeaux. I think the fight would go more and more in Lomackenko's favour as it went on, he seems to finish strong, he did agaisnt Salido, he only improved against Walters and Sosa as well.

Ok awesome, I added all GGG's fights, and I'm in the process of adding Roman Gonzalez fights, plus, BK has some new requests, but yes by all means I will add whatever you ask me too, with pleasure!

I don't think so either, but if he's not lying more power to him. I think the way Lomachenko does angles is way better than how Rigondeaux does it. Also I agree with you on the footwork, he probably has the best right now. I think at 130 everything is in favor for Lomachenko, since that's his weight class and that Rigo has never fought above 122. For me Lomachenko looked a little off against Salido, but felt he did enough to win.

Ok, I am a bit busy right now but whenever I can I'll get onto a list of Winky Wright fights. Then after that Sergio Martinez.

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I think Rigondeaux is better at using his power to put more pain on his opponents, I think he is better at finding vulnerabilities, and hitting opponents precisely where he knows it will hurt them, but Lomackenko is a better finisher, I think Lomackenko can set up a knock out better. I think Rigondeaux is more spiteful, Lomackenko is more explosive. I agree his variety is better, he is very selective with his shots, and Rigondeaux is not used to be outdone in these departments. Yes, but at 126, it is more interesting, I would be shocked if Rigondeaux went to 130, at 126, I wouldn't be shocked if Rigondeaux won, but no my prediction would be Lomackenko, and I say that with a degree if confidence in all honesty, I hope I'm right, I don't like Rigondeaux. I thought it was a draw, good that it was an SD.

Ok cool.

I think Rigondeaux does have the edge in power. I think Lomachenko has a better work rate and will be able to get the better of Rigondeaux at times. What Rigondeaux will struggle with is work rate. He's too economical at times and that can hurt him, especially with a guy who moves like Lomachenko. I think Rigondeaux's chin won't hold up at 130 if the fight happens there. I'm with you on the prediction, I think Lomachenko beats Rigondeaux to, but I wouldn't be surprised if Rigo won either.

I'll comment on another card to see what fights you should add. Also, what do we do about first round ko's and ones that aren't televised?