Andre Ward vs Sergey Kovalev II Scorecard by mike25

scorecard by MIKE25



Andre Ward

Sergey Kovalev

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'That's what happens to bullies', well said Hunter!

I'm so happy Ward won. I mean I think some of those punches were low, I think there was at least one but maybe not more than that like others said. People could argue the about the stoppage but Kovalev looked gassed, it was bound to happen. What's next for both?

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Me too! We were right, Kovalev called Ward a 'm***********', he was horrible, Ward was humble, Kovalev appears to be the tough guy, but Ward out fought him. I think it is hard to land clean body shots when your opponent is bent over like a 95 year old woman, I think that last shot was low, another one may have been boarderline, but I think it was annissue kf vatching the leg on the way to the target, because of Kovalev being in that position which it made it hard for Ward to fight clean, no those body shots wree clean, at least 2 of them at the end, and they beat the fight out of Kov, some fighters just aren't quite tough enough to get through that (they are still warriors), that right hand also did a lot of damage.

People criticise the stoppage, maybe it was a few seconds too early, but why would a veteran referee like Tony Weeks stop a fight of this magnitude for no reason? No, Kovalev, the bully, was on the egde of quitting, may well have quit had it continued, he didn't want to be there, was sitting in the ropes, as the ref stopped the fight, he didn't protest, he sat down.

Let's forget the third fight for now, for Kovalev, maybe retire, I don't know. For Ward, fight in December, maybe Lucian Bute, or an opponent of that calibre, good fighter, a fight worth having, but not a hard, hard fight, and next year, maybe fight Stevenson in a unification bout.

I'm glad we were. To be honest I was getting worried in those early rounds for Ward. I thought Kovalev started out very well and was landing harder punches. Even though I had Kovalev up in the eighth round I knew he was starting to fade even if the stoppage was pre mature it was bound to happen. Also Kovalev should've just taken a knee to regroup instead of taking what he thought were low blows. I'll rewatch the stoppage again, at a first glance I thought it could've been dirty.

That's true, why would stop a high profile fight for no reason. I think if it were to continue, he would've lost a lopsided decision or been stopped.

I'm not sure what Kovalev should do as of now. I say take some time off then make a decision on whether or not to return. One thing I will say post fight is I didn't like Kathy Duva's attitude at the press conference post fight. She said Ward should've been dq'd and that's a bunch of bs and telling the fans to shut up made it worse. At worse a point deduction for Ward. For Ward, there's so many options. I say fight an easier fight in November or December then fight Stevenson next year.

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I wasn't, he took all Kovalev's punches very well, people call these guys like Ward, Mayweather, pussies, but they always take their share of shots, walk through them, and respond, a broken nose, in three places didn't stop Mayweather beating Cotto, and all the big shots Kovalev landed last night, didn't stop Ward from beating Kovalev.

I'm 90% sure he would have been stopped, do you think my prediction was good?

She's horrible, I knew that beforehand. Yeah that's exactly what I think, I think Ward should retire in 2020, maybe have 5-6 more fights, it would be good to see him in 2 or maybe 3 more big mega fights in my opinion, one of which, I think should be Stevenson, this is great for Stevenson, because now, he doesn't need to fight Kovalev, next year is his chance to prove his guts, if he fights the guy who just beat the heck out of Sergey Kovalev, then people will have to shut up.

I thought Flores was dreadful last night.

He did take Kovalevs punches well, I mean in terms of losing. I thought some rounds were very close and thought Kovalev edged them. After the seventh is when I started to get more confident, it looked like Kovalev got tired and looked like he was either getting stopped or losing every round after the seventh. The thing is the fighters that are defensive are called pussies because they don't try to engage a ton or get knockouts, but it's been proven that they are tough to. Like look at Postol against Matthysse, Duran against Leonard in the rematch, and Mayweather against Cotto.

He looked like he was going to be stopped, the body punches were to much for Kovalev. I think Kovalev should've taken a knee to avoid getting stopped to be honest. In fights it's hard to protest to the ref about low blows you pretty much just have to deal with it until the ref does something. Your prediction was good.

I know, and I'm starting to realize that more. The whole way she handled everything after the first fight was very unprofessional. I also didn't like how she had the towel at the press conference and say to Virgil that is this the towel you'll be throwing in on Saturday night. I haven't seen any promoter act that unprofessional. I mean Bob Arum says dumb things but he's not a sore loser or anything like that, at least from what I know of. For Ward, 2020 is a good year to retire. I want to see him in a few high profile fights before it's all said and done. I would like to see him fight Stevenson, then maybe move to cruiserweight. I wonder how he would do at cruiser and heavyweight since he says he wants to be heavyweight champ. How do you think he does at those 2 divisions?

Same here, I thought Flores did that to get Rigondeaux dq'd.

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Fair enough, and I thought Ward edged them, Feldman and Moretti both had Ward 67-66, I think one point either way, Steve Weisfeld stinks. The best chin is the chin that doesn't get hit, if you can win without getting hit, don't get hit, but that doesn't mean these guys can't take shots when they have to.

I think most of that was clean, and because the belt was high, they looked a lot lower than they really were, and at least 2 of those last 3 lefts, were clean, crushing body blows.

Well she doesn't have the highground now, after losing her rag at the press conference. Kovalev and his team are sore losers, he isn't even acknowledging that Ward is the best opponnet he has ever faced!! I don't think he should get ahead of himself, I mean, nos long nas he been at lightheavyweight, 2 years ago, he was at 168, I think if he was a bigger man, maybe Bellew's size, maybe naturally 10 pbs bigger, it would still be crazy, but much kore realistic than it is, I don't see him heing the same fighter up there, I think jumping up weight would be a massive mistake. Why do it?, when he is a competitive division as we've said.

He must have done, very disappointing, definitely not the Mexican way!!

It's possible, I saw a lot of wide scorecards for both fighters. I saw someone have Ward ahead, then some that have Kovalev ahead. I think 68-65 is a little of a stretch for Kovalev but 67-66 is I think the best possible score for him. That's true, and also taking the opponents best shot shows a great chin to. He took all of Kovalevs shots very well.

I think they were at the belt line so they were legal. Those last body shots Ward really put a lot into those.

They showed their true colors last night. I mean Ward is a very skillful fighter, but sometimes skills can get you so far in terms of bumping up in weight. If he wants to who are we to tell him, but still you could be right it might just be too much. I think if he wants to go to cruiserweight, get an easy winnable fight and go from there. Get a feel for the division. I would like to see him at 175 personally, there's so many fights to be made there.

Do you think he tried to take the easy way out?

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And that's wrong. Kovalev is the biggest puncher, but like I said before the fight, Ward is more durable, he's a special fighter, he's a class above Kovalev really, he's adaptable.

Kovalev couldn't take those, I think he might well have quit had it continued, I definitely think the stoppage was coming.

It's stupid, it's a bad, bad idea. I disagree with even that, I mean, why?, no names up there, no I definitely think he shouldn't what we should also remmeber is that he would be moving up 14% of his current weight, I mean the gap between 175 and 200 is wide, and considering Ward isn't the biggest of light heavyweights, I don't think he should. Stevenson, Beterbiev, Browne, Stevenson, Jack, Alvarez, I mean, apart from Usyk, who at Cruiseerweight is worth moving up to fight?

Definitely, I mean it wasn't even that hard a punch, and as Paulie Malignaggi said, when you get knocked out cold, you go down instantly, you don't take it, stand for a second, then fall down nearly unconscious, he just had the idea, Rigondeaux was wrong to hold and hit like that, but I think the other two fouls were accidental.

Yep, Kovalev is the biggest puncher and wasn't able to knock him out, and the exact opposite happened. Kovalev really can't adapt when things aren't going his way. Ward was knocked down in the first fight, and didn't fold he got back up and made adjustments and won.

I think he would have to, he was gassed and was looking for the ref to save him on low blows. I think he was lying when he said he wasn't hurt or tired.

When you put it that way it makes sense not to do it. It's not like he's going up 6-8 pounds he's going up 25 and that's a huge gap. There's plenty of big fights at 175 and staying there will be the best option as a fan of his and I think for himself to.

Yeah, it wasn't a ko punch. I think he just tried to take the easy way out and get Rigo dq'd.. There was a delay on when he went down. Rigo did break the rules with holding and hitting but the last punch was accidental. I also heard they are changing it to a no contest.

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Adaptability, heart, dedication, Ward is a warrior, and a grest fighter, he'll be remembered as an all time great, he's beaten Kovalev twice, Kovalev isn't even on his level, and Kovalev doesn't have those attributes, I don't think there will be a third fight, nd he doesn't deserve the Stevenson shot. 'That's what happens to bullies', what a way to finish a fight, and what an inspiration Ward can be to bullying victims, because repeatedly calling someone a 'mother******', and belittling all their abilities is bullying, Kovalev is now saying Ward isn't the best he's ever fought. I think Kovalev's belt being high made Ward's shots look a lot lower than they really were.

I gained a lot of respect for Max Kellermen for his post fight interview.

I mean, moving like that, I think would be a massive mistake, and it is just so stupid given that he is in a competitive division. If he moves up, I like Joshua vs Usyk.

I really don't think that should happen now, I mean, does Flores really desereve that?

I agree 100 percent. Ward has accomplished so much and it will be hard to to put him up there with the all time greats. I think Ward is a good mix of offense and defense, and is able to adjust his offense and defense very well. For Kovalev I think he's just more offensive minded and doesn't really focus on defense and can't make adjustments. I did think Kovalev was making better adjustments offensively from the last fight by going to the body more. I think he's also lost the Stevenson shot. He should try to rebuild, but I think it's going to be hard since his reputation is ruined. For Ward the sky is the limit. Also I heard Kovalev say worse things to Ward then that. His belt line was higher than usual, and also I don't even want to see a 3rd fight between them, we already know Ward is better. Even if you thought Kovalev won the first fight Ward proved he was better.

I've always liked him, but that's because I always listen to his opinions in other sports as well.

I think so to, look at Roy Jones Jr, he wasn't the same after the Tarver fights. But I would love to see Joshua vs Usyk. I think it's realistic since Usyk is talking moving up. I think that's a good move for Usyk because there's not many big fights for him their and he's skilled enough to beat some solid heavyweights.

I think a no contest is fair.

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I can't disagree with that, offensively, a great fighter, but overall, not adaptable like Ward.

No need for a third fight, as time goes on, more people will realise who really won the first fight. Ward has proven himself twice now, Ward is the better boxer, the tougher warrior, the better fighter all round, 2-0! Ward has beaten the bully.

I like Max Kellermen now, you were right, I was quick to judge because of the foolls he works with, not Lampley, Jones, maybe not Lederman, don't like him, but Merchant is the real villian.

I think Usyk beats Joshua if the weight isn't too much for him, but man, Joshua is really improving I'm sure, wouldn't write him off, wouldn't be at all surprised if he knocked the Ukranian out.

I disagree, I mean, that bull**** which he pulled, Flores deserevs a defeat.

Yep, Ward has the tools to adapt.

Exactly, the only time a rematch would be suitable was if Kovalev won and he didn't. There's no need for a rematch when he's proven twice that he's better. Ward showed he was tougher than Kovalev. He showed he's mentally tougher, the way he got off the canvas and won in the first fight proved it.

Yeah, he seems knowledgeable about the sport. And I think he uses his position on espn the right way to promote boxing on a big platform, unlike Dan Rafael. I think Lampley is the wort of the HBO crew, I don't think Lampley is horrible and Lederman can be bad at times with some scores but isn't as bad as Merchant. He comes off to me as a hater.

That's such an interesting fight to see. I hope it happens in the future.

That's also a good way of putting it to. Flores does deserves a loss for his actions.

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And the heart, I hope Ward doesn't jump up in weight, and I hope Stevenson fights him next year.

When we consider that stoppage was clean, and Ward definitely won the first fight despute what everyone says, it is clear that III isn't necessary.

Lampley can irritate, I don't like Rafael, Skip Bayless is a well known circus clown, but Merchant has to be the worst, when we are talking about an old man who has just given a detailed analysis on why 'Andre Ward and Terence Crawford will never be stars in boxing', always scores fights terribly, and has spent his whole career bullying the greatest fighter in the world and if all time (that's debatable), it gets ti the point when we need to say enough is enough, and he should never have had the job he did.

Merchant was just plain nasty to Mayweather in the interview for Castillo I, and when Mayweather had finally reached the point, he fought back after the Ortiz fight, and had that out burst, what did Merchant do?, like a school bully, he laughed at him, that shows me he wanted Mayweather to do that, he's still doing it now.

And Rigondeaux shouldn't be punished for Flores being an idiot either, I think it was a question of when, but he was gkung to knock him out.

I would rather see Ward stay at 175 and fight Stevenson then go up to Crusierweight or Heavyweight to fight Anthony Joshua which has been talked about. I think we have to worry about Stevenson stepping up for the challenge instead of Ward.

Yep, that and he's 2-0 Vs Kovalev.

I agree with you, Lampley can be annoying at times, but he's not as bad as the others. People said that he's bias, I don't see it that much compared to someone like Rafael or Bayless. I can't believe he is actually picking Mcgregor to beat Mayweather.

I don't remember the interview but I can imagine he was a dick to him. I think he was part of the reason that he went to showtime. Merchant would always hate on him and it got to the point where it was irritating.

I think Merchant wants to see Floyd lose.

That sounds reasonable.