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I don't think he wants those fights, he'd rather spend the rest of his life acting like the fat pig, urchin that he is. Of course, either one would be a massive victory, but I'm literally 99% sure he loses both fights, and 95% sure he loses to Danny Jacobs and Jermall Charlo. Yeah well he's not the kind of guy to train for the sake of training, when there is no assignment, he sits on his backside, and probably spends most of his outdoor time intimidating the public, behaving anti socially, eating maccy ds, what a twit, but back to the point, Mikey Garcia was saying in an interview recently that his job, social life, is in the gym, 'the house is boring', I don't think he is out of gym apart from the obvious hours everybody spends at home, and tiem with his wife, friends and family who don't socialise in a boxing gym, I reckon it is the same with Deontay Wilder, Shawn Porter, Gervonta Davis, Errol Spence, Jermell Charlo, Gennady Golovkin, many, many more examples, and this is the difference between fighters who can box, like it enough to put their hearts and souls into camps, whip themselves into shape, and fight, but would choose a life of leisure over a life of fitness, health, improvement, and fighters who live and breathe boxing, Floyd Mayweather had 3 days off after beating Guerrero, and then he was back in the gym everyday, and I wouldn't be surprised if that was about the swelling on his hands going down more than anything else, Canelo, having 2 weeks off after beating Chavez, and then it is back to the gym. Oh yeah, Adrien Broner, Keith Thurman, Kell Brook, all do it, but like you said, they can get back in shape in good time. Ok, I accept that opinion with 100% ease, 9/10 people would agree with you, Saunders has more skills, and is more talented.

Absolutely, I mean, he went 8-9 rounds with Canelo, won maybe a round or two, made it very competitive.

Haha, you want to know what I think?, I think that's a fib, I mean, he made 130 for a while, when he was in his twenties, and now, at 27, it is likely he would very much struggle to make 130, because he was in his early twenties whe he fought at this weight, and hey, it isn't surprising 135 is a struggle, but 140, I mean, come on, no way that is too much of a struggle, 27 years old, early prime, and apparently he's moved up 3 weight categories naturally, I don't buy it, I don't think he is a real welterweight, don't get me wrong, he can carry the weight well, he can compete at 147, but Miguel Cotto beat 2 very good/great middleweights, and dominated them, he admitted that he wasn't a middleweight, Tony Bellew, he isn't a real heavyweight, doesn't mean he can't beat David Haye, and probably a few other good fighters in the over 200s, Kell Brook, not a middleweight, still won 1-2 rounds against GGG.

I think he has the discipline inside him, there just aren't the right fights to bribg it out of him, do you know why he took the Theophane fight?, because Floyd Mayweather said he would lose, and he was offended, I know he failed to make the weight, and I know he looked gassed after 5 or 6 rounds, but that is because he over trained, and probably under ate for, I'm guessing well under 6 weeks, and 6 weeks, in my opinion, should be the minimum, for me, I've been training for this half marathon for about 3 weeks now, I've lost maybe about 7 lbs, I have 39 days to go, and I'll probably lose another 10 lbs, if I tried to do what I've done and am currently working on in insufficient time, I would be light, but dead on my feet, drained, weak, and take over 2 hours to finish, now Broner's situation with the Theophane fight was similar, he wasn't sluggish throughout, for the first few rounds, he looked good, which tells me he probably didn't spend one week torturing himself, but probably trained and dieted properly, for an insufficient amount of time, I'd estimate 4 weeks. To conclude this, I think if Broner is serious, he can make 140, no problem.

It's pretty much dead even for me, I'm changing my mind as I'm thinking about it, Broner has the better resumé, I think he goes through the gears well, gets up for a challenge, rises to the occasion, but Indongo, great at using his attributes, hits hard, very athletic, very technically skilled, just out classed Ricky Burns 12-0, tough to say, very, very tough to say, I think I might give Indongo a 51/49 edge, but there is tissue paper between them. So you would predict Broner to have the edge?, I think he would be a slight favourite. Absolutely, I think he should get the win, I think the hard night against Comney really helped him as a fighter, I think learned a lot from that fight, he's improving for sure, who knows?, one of these days, maybe he'll bring a world title back to Ohio!

I saw an interview with Gervonta Davis today, have you heard his story? He was saying he will spend all the moeny he earns from the Walsh fight, in his mum, I think that's cool, great guy, I think him and Walsh are great role models in the sport of boxing, I wouldn't mind seeing a draw, but I would like to see Walsh win, and then they have a rematch,I'd probably want to see Davis win, that would be a great trilogy, I'll be shocked if this fight isn't close. I hope Frank Warren doesn't ruin the aftermath of the fight by getting on the wrong side of Floyd Mayweather.

It doesn't look like he does either. Hopefully I'm proven wrong because I want to see who unifies all of 160. It's probably not likely. He also doesn't strike me as someone who trains in the off days even if there isn't a fight. Mikey Garcia along with the other you mention always are in the gym and that's what makes them good. Having a dedication to the sport like Mayweather, Canelo or Mikey Garcia. I saw an interview with Conor Benn today and says even though he hasn't had a fight since December, and he's been in the gym for a lot of the time since then to work on his skills and fix the flaws in his game. I think that's good for the sport. In boxing it is a sport you need dedication in, and if you aren't fully dedicated it can go wrong. I mean it's ok to get away with partying after a big fight or going on vacation then back to the gym.

That sounds reasonable. I did think he outgrew 130 and 135 a while ago. I think 140 might be an issue for him. In the fight he missed weight against Theophane, and then had to move the fight to 147. It could be cause of discipline issues or that he is actually having trouble making 140. Those are good points. Just because Tony Bellew isn't a "real" heavyweight doesn't mean he can't beat them just like Cotto not being a "real" middleweight beating Sergio Martinez. By the way do you think Broner can do better at 140 or 147?

I think he does to. I just think at times he doesn't take certain fights seriously. If he diet and trains properly he could make 140. I say wait until his next fight to see what weight, if he's at 147 that would indicate he isn't comfortable at 147. What do you say is a good amount of time to diet and train before a fight?

I say Broner has the edge. I could be wrong. Indongo has looked great as of late, the fight I want to see him in is with Crawford for all the belts. For Easter, I think he gained experience with the Commey fight. He should beat Shafikov, but it might not be easy I think. Shafikov has looked good recently against Commey and Herring. Easter is a world champion I think, he has the IBF belt.

I heard about him growing up in Baltimore and having it rough. He grew up with people ended up in prison and it's good he didn't get caught up in all the crime. It's great that he is spending money on his mom. Him and Walsh are good role models and whoever wins will be good for boxing. I would like to see Davis fight Walters soon if he can come back and get some wins. I don't think Warren will cause any problems with Mayweather unless Walsh gets robbed or something.

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Best case scenario, Khurtside takes his belt, that way no more Saunders, and we could still see a unification.

Yes, but why is it an issue?, I mean, my point was, he wasn't motiavted, and really pumped to beat Theophane, he probably gave himself too short a period of time to lose a certain amount of weight, and exhausted him, plus, just failing to get to 10 stone, but had he really taken it seriously, and trained properly. I bet he didn't have to move up to 147, he chose to, but just because he's bug enough to carry the weight, and compete at 147, doesn't mean he's a real welterweight, and I don't think he is. 140, no doubt, I mean, I think he maybe just about makes the top 10 at 147, he could well make the top 5 at 140, but to be more relavent, I don't think he is a natural welterweight, I mean, look how much stronger his opponents looked at 147, it was clear from the Maidana fight that it wasn't really his weight category, I think Broner shouod remain at 140 for the time being, and I'm sure he can make the weight easily if he does everything right.

It would indicate that, but in all realism, he's done it may times before, why not do it again?, plus he might get a better fight option at 147, but that won't mean 140 isn't his weight category. I think it depends on a few things, current fitness level, fight magnitude, a few other things, but I think an absolute minimum of 6 weeks, usually a lot more, I know a lot of the time fighters spend 12, maybe even 16 weeks preparing for a fight.

Don't we all, but the IBF have made it loud and clear that they have other ideas, either Indongo takes on Sergey Lipinets, or is stripped of the belt. I think Easter will win, but it's a tough fight.

I definitely think the timing would suit Davis there, I mean, unless Walters gets back in the ring in the mean time, he would be coming off a lay off, and I think Walters is made for Davis, he doesn't take a shot so well does he Walters?, I mean, one good shot, and it could be all over. No, well, I mean, let's look at it this way, Degale vs Jack, that was a draw, fair result, Mayweather reacted badly, Jack vs Bute, Jack was robbed, but I think it was closer than Mayweather said, if the fight could go either way, and Walsh gets it, Mayweather will react that way, and of he does, Warren will insult him, in other words, they're biased, what to us is 'not robbed', to them, is 'robbed'.

Can't wait for Brook vs Spence! I don't mind too much who wins, I think I'll root for Spence, but be very happy for Brook if he wins, I'm 55/45 on Brook just having the edge. Have you heard about Khan helping Spence?

I know we said we would upload a bunch of fights, and let's still do that at some point, but first, I have some fights which have been asked for, to be uploaded, I think I'll prioritise the requests, and the upload a bunch others.

That would be good to see Khurtside win.

That's a good point. I think he was motivated, but just went about training the wrong way. He did seem pissed off at Mayweather saying Theophane would beat him. I do see what you mean though, if he takes more time to lose the weight he should make 140 with no problems. I think 140 is the better weight class for him to be honest, at least boxing wise. At 147 he got beat by Porter and Maidana. He's undefeated at weights other than 147 and will do much better at 140.

I think it depends to. I think he should fight sometimes at 147 if he wants to. He should regulary stay at 140 though. I think it depends on what type of shape the fighter is in when there is no fight scheduled. If there is a fighter who stays in shape all year long, then it should be shorter than someone who is out of shape in the off season.

I heard Indongo is injured right now, so it will be a while before his next fight whether it be Crawford or Lipnets. I think Easter will win by split decision.

I mean if Walters returns and looks good he should get a fight sometime next year. He can take a shot it's just I think Lomachenko was too much for him and didn't have an answer to him. Boxers and promoters have a different view of a robbery from you and me so they will act different. Also they have to defend their fighter no matter what.

I can't either. I'm neutral for this fight, I like both of them a lot and won't care who wins. All I hope is that it is a classic fight. I'm probably giving him a 55/45 chance of winning to. I heard about Spence going to Khans gym to help him out.

Ok, and if you need any help let me know. I'll add whatever fights you need me to. After you're done adding we can both add a bunch of fights like we said.

Apparently Mayweather vs Mcgregor is on, what a joke.

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Not to be expected, but man, what a result that would be, I could see Saunders retiring if he loses that fight.

That's my point, and also, a guy who is now 27, started out at super featherweight, now tells you he can't make, or is genuine struggling to make suoer lightweight, do you believe that?, I don't, 10 lbs is a lot, for natural weight, natural size, natural growth from early adulthood, that is a lot of weight, I'm not accepting that he can't weigh in 10 lbs heavier. Something else I find interesting, is that when Broner was a lightweight, at 135, the power in that left hook, right uppercut, incredible, Gavin Rees said he was "stunned by Broner's power", Rees is a durable opponent. It is interesting to compare the power of Broner at 135, to his power at 147, I mean, he never bothered Malignaggi, even that left hook which brought a bit of a reaction our of him didn't hurt him, Malignaggi has a granite jaw, and is very durbale, but Broner did not budge him, and also durable, are many lightweights who Broner pancaked, against Granados, his power didn't seem to be what it once was, I think he can carry his power up to 140, but not 147.

Yeah if he gets a big opportunity, if he was really too small to compete, Porter and Maidana would have stopped him, he can carry the weight well, he can compete at welterweight. You know some idiots were calling for Canelo vs Broner, haha, I mean, at what weight? We've established Broner is better off at 140, Canelo just made 164 no problem, and is in the fight of his life, the biggest fight in boxing, at 160, fools.

I didn't know that, that is a shame, and all that will do is it will delay everything, the IBF are still going to give him the sams ultimatum. I wouldn't disagree with that, if we wins, what a win!, he doesn't quite do it, and that's very much alright, he can put it down to experience, and bounce back stronger than ever having learned from the fight.

It will be interesting to see how he comes back from such a defeat. In lames terms (not being literal), he can't take a shot well, he isn't a durable opponent, he can take punches, so can every professional boxer out there, Malik Scott, Sergey Kovalev (I think), Amir Khan, George Groves, Guilermo Rigondeaux, these guys just aren't the best at taking punches, they are "chinny". I think Walters was struggling to withstand those shots, but more so, he didn't believe he could win. Yes but Floyd Mayweather is not a cool tempered person who can separate his personal feelings from the fight, and we know he's not, there is a difference between supporting fighters, and strong bias.

I'm rooting for Spence, I think he has trained for this for longer, probably trains harder really, hasn't complained about coming over here, not once, I would like to see Spence win, but I'll enjoy the fight, support the fight rather than just Spence, I am a Brook fan too really, and I'll be happy for him if he wins. Khan is disappointing, I mean, you want to the guy to lose, you don't like him, fight him!, he doesn't care about Spence. I don't think Khan can teach Spence anything, I mean, what does he know?, they sparred what? One round, once, back in the amateurs I believe or Kell's early pro career stage. If anyone's advice is going to be useful for Spence, it will be Porter's, Porter, unlike Khan, gave Spence advice for the right reasons, he's a good guy, and you have to take your hat off to your fellow Ohion (haha, do you say that?), it would make him look better if Brook beats Spence, but he just wants former sparring partner and friend to do well and become a champion, and not because he has some grudge against Kell.

Thanks man, it would be helpful if you would upload some historic fights for Boxing Knowledge, is it OK if I send you a list?

I heard Mayweather isn't taking the fight.

Mayweather has clashed with the Walsh brothers at the press conference, I haven't seen it, but I don't think Mayweather should have done that, he should calm down, because people are going to take their frustration out of Gervonta, but in defence of I believe the best boxer who has ever lived, I think Michael and Ryan Walsh probably played their part, especially Ryan, I know very well, haha, you don't run like Davis when you're "chubby".

He has said that if he loses to Khurtside he might as well retire, so I think you're right with that if he loses.

I mean I might believe it, but I'm not 100 percent sold on it. I think he could train better and make the weight for 140. One thing about Broner was at 135 he was at his best, and I think we would both agree on that. I read somewhere that he is undefeated at 135, and it shows his power was great there. I still think he carries good power at 140 to.

I say if he's offered a good fight at 147 take it, but I like him at 140 to. At 140 I think he's top 5 at 140 and I'm not sure where I rank him at 147, I think Brook, Thurman, Spence, Pacquiao, and Porter all beat him. Danny Garcia is a toss up to me, I really give him a good chance of winning that. All those people wanting Canelo to fight Broner just want to see him get seriously hurt. He won't just lose I feel like that would damage him.

A fight I would like to see is Barthelemy vs Crawford at 140 now that Barthelemy is at the weight. I say if Indongo isn't available later in the year go for a fight with Barthelemy. How do you see that fight going? I say Crawford by decision.

Ok, I know what you mean. There's fighters out there that are chinny and he's one of them. I don't think Kovalev has a bad chin at all. I guess we'll have to see in future fights.

I'm a huge fan of Spence and Brook so it's hard for me to pick. I think I will enjoy it this way. Don't get me wrong I like rooting for a certain fighter but it's cool for me to be neutral. I like Khan, but I'm getting tired of all the Brook stuff. I mean instead of just helping Spence fight Brook, actually fight him to. I think Porter would be more useful to help then Khan. Porter went 12 rounds for him and he knows him best. Do you still have interest in the Brook vs Khan fight anymore?

I'll help you add some tomorrow.

I hope he doesn't take it.

Yeah, I wasn't really into the whole calling the Walsh's pussies things. I find him so annoying as a promoter at times. I mean it's great that he's a good mentor to young fighters, but he tries to make a lot of this about himself, it's nuts. He tries to take the spotlight away from his own fighters and I find that annoying, and failing to any credit to Anthony Joshua is just annoying. He was asked on Joshua and refused to acknowledge him, and saying Davis and Jack are bigger stars than Joshua is just ridiculous. I love watching Mayweather fight and he's top 3 of all time and I can't say anything negative about him as a fighter tho, I like watching him fight.

By the way, what American athletes are popular in the U.K.?

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It would be great to see him lose.

You know some fighters start out ata a certain weight, and don't budge from that weight for their whole career. I question how much Broner wants to continue with his career, I question how motivated he is, I can definitely see him retiring before the end of his prime.

At 140, you got Crawford, Barthelemy, Indongo, I would love to see Catterall against Broner, I think he has a chance if winning there, I think he definitely has the talent and the potential to, but what a leap up in class that would be, you have to understand, over here, in the UK, amongst fans and fighters, Broner is very unpopular, and that is the way he wants it to be, so when he fights we all want to see him lose, but anyway, Catterall vs Broner would be a good, 50/50 fight in my opinion. Of course Broner against Mikey Garcia could always happen in the future, I think Mikey would come up to 140 for that fight. I certainly don't think Broner beats Garcia or Khan, I also think Bradley has the beating of him, I think the best fights at 147, for Broner which are winnable, Felix Diaz, Jessie Vargas, Rios is 50/50 if Rios has a tune up or two and everything goes well, and so is Peterson I think, I think Broner beats Jeff Horn with no real trouble, here's a good fight Egginton vs Broner, I think Broner beats him, and quite comfortably now, but what a fight that would be. Gavin vs Broner, the battle of the wasted talents, undisciplined world level contender with a lot of power vs undisciplined British level contender with almost no power, yeah Broner would have no worries there, I reckon Broner would love to take that fight. Maybe, or they might just be fools, Robert Garcia's reaction to that fight suggestion was funny.

Yeah I think so too, I think Barthelemy is very good at this level, very awkward, good some very good skills, experienced, unsurprising Cuban amateur background, but I don't think he is a spectacular fighter, and I think Crawford is a special fighter, and I think he is a level above really, and it would show in that fight, especially beyond 6 rounds, I wouldn't be surprised if Crawford was to pull off the stoppage.

Fair enough, we don't know, but I think he is, and I think Ward might well stop him in the rematch, wouldn't that be awesome?! I think Ward is both the better boxer, and the man in there, you can be nasty, be sexist, seem to come across as the alpha male, but that doesn't give you a pair of nuts, it doesn't say anything about your heart, hopefully Ward knocks him out.

That's a great attitude to have! Hopefully get to see a great fight it Well yes itis always a great fight to talk about and it would be good to see, but it isn't what it once was, especially with Khan's inactivity, and it is so unlikely, there there is little point in thinking about it anymore.

For goodness sake, I'm having trouble with boxrec, I think if I log in later, and just look into it, I should be able to sort out the little issue, and we can resume the adding of fights.

He shouldn't, but might, let's just ignore it.

I didn't like the way Floyd acted towards Liam Walsh, trying to twist his words, not giving a chance to speak, I understand that he feels he should get more credit than he is given, after all he achieved throughout his career, but he went too far. In defence of the Americans, Ryan and Michael were far from blameless, especially Michael, but to be fair to them, they are great guys, just defensive of their brother who was not being a fair shake by Mayweather, although I'm disappointed with Michael for calling Davis retarded, it is rough knowing the right things to say but struggling to speak clearly, not good for your confidence, and I think Davis is good at speaking for himself when he is directly asked a question. I don't think Davis was blameless either, talking crap about Walsh and sniggering about his prediction, just disrespectful, "you ain't got no chin", we'll see won't we! Ultimately there is one man who was at that press conference who kept his cool, acted like a good role model for the sport, and that is Liam Walsh, what is funny is, with Gervonta Davis, there is one man there who is a good role model for him, and that is Liam Walsh, Davis should look up to Walsh, and hopefully he will after Walsh beats him, I really, really hope Walsh wins now, I won't be gutted if Davis wins, because I'm a big fan of his too now, but, "Go On Walsh! Take this title!", I'll definitely be rooting for Walsh for a few reasons. Something I will say in the defence of Gervonta Davis is that I get the sense that his confidence is not high, and it is tough to talk to the media, struggling to talk clearly, etc, I get that, and maybe he said what he said to Walsh to add something to the press conference, and when you feel like an animal, a beast you've never hit someone without being able to hurt them, you also feel unbeatable, invincible, and a guy without a high KO ratio, and a guy who you are 100% sure you can knock right out says he will knock you out, maybe you do kind of want to laugh, and speak your mind, if that means being disrespectful, so be it, we're building a fight here, I get that, 100%, but I still think he shouldn't have said that, and maybe really he was just showing off to Floyd. But seriously, it would be awesome to see Walsh win this fight for anybody surely, I mean, you'd HAVE to be happy for him, who cares if a 23 year old former world champion, who has his best still to come, under the guidance of Floyd Mayweather, loses to a great fighter?, and after the Mayweather has behaved, it would be satisfying tonsee his man lose, and see his reaction, if Walsh wins, the good guy wins.

Davis is at a similar stage of his career to Joshua, both new world champions, both young, both had 15-20 fights, both won all or all but 1 by KO, both got a lot of potential, both got a similar amount to prove, but you have to say at the moment Joshua is further ahead than Davis, a couple more fights, but more improtantly, he just beat an on form super champion, and Davis just beat all be it a very good, capable world champion, but a champion who must have really underestimated him, and good days/bad days aside, Jose Pedraza - Wladimir Klitschko. For Badou Jack, well he has been world champion for longer than Joshua, defended three times to be fair, and win against the odds three times, underdog against Dirrell, I believe Groves was the favourite against him, and Jack was definitely an underdog against heavily favoured James Degale, although that should have always been looked at as a 50/50 fight, and the draw expresses this, so Mayweather has a point, but I don't agree with him, because Joshua has just beaten Klitschko, he has two belts, granted, he isn't in the most competitive division, and I do believe he is overrated, but in terms of who is a bigger national, worldwide star in the sport of boxing, I'd say Joshua, although I'm not annoyed with Mayweather for that, he's just not getting carried away with all the hype like a lot of the public are, and besides, Mayweather never got the support Joshua gets, and that is when he beat Corrales, Gatti, Hatton, Pacquiao, and that isn't right, so I don't blame Mayweather for not tabbing Joshua as the biggest star in boxing. I agree with you in a sense, in the sense that Mayweather can make the point that aside from 1 single fight, Joshua has proven nothing as a professional at this level, but the deal is, if he is going to do that, he has to put Davis, Spence in that category too, and he isn't doing that, and that's out of order to be fair.

You're best off just taking everything Mayweather says with a pinch of salt, he's a good guy really, he just has an exterior character to him which brings out the worst in him, he has a temper, and being under praised and under appreciated has damaged his temperament, I think as a person, he isn't too dissimilar from Anthony Joshua, and that's just my honest opinion, I'm not saying it's not great you support Anthony Joshua, but one thing I say about Mayweather (and this is probably related to the American freedom of speech) he is honest, he is who is, he doesn't act like mr perfect for the cameras, pretend to be a really nice guy, and then talk crap behind scenes, and act like a thug, that is one of the things I like about the US, and something which frustrates me over here.

Oh absolutely! Ali, Tyson, Mayweather, all massively popular over here, even other athletes, Michael Jordan the legendary basketball player, many others, the answer to that question is yes!

He would be humbled after that.

That's how Marvin Hagler was for his career. He seemed to make middleweight comfortably for all those years. For right now I think Broner wants to continue, but I'm not sure for how long he wants to. I wouldn't be surprised either if he retired in his prime.

That weight class has some good fighters. I mean Crawford is elite, and Barthelemy can get their possibly. I think that Broner has a better chance of having success at 140 then 147. I don't know much about Catteral so I don't know how I would pick it to go. I know for a fact Broner would lose to Mikey Garcia, he would be too much for Broner. At 147, I like all those fights you mentioned like Diaz, Peterson, and Vargas. I think that he beats Eggington, Gavin and Horn pretty easily. I won't even talk about the Canelo fight because that's just unfair. I remember Danny Garcia said he would beat Canelo after Thurman.

I think Crawford is on a higher level than Barthelemy. I wouldn't be surprised if he stopped him. I'm changing my prediction to Crawford to decision to a stoppage.

Ward is the better boxer and person than Kovalev. Even though I don't think he'll stop Kovalev, it's always possible. In history guys like Roberto Duran and Mike Tyson were given the tough guy attitude and quit in fights. That could happen with Kovalev because he has the label as the tough guy being made quit by a better boxer. I hope Ward makes it clear the second time that he is better. I changed my card back for the first fight to what I had it the first time, I feel it was better the first time.

I think we will. They are both entertaining fighters, and won't fail to deliver. I'm honestly over Brook vs Khan, I don't think it will happen, but if it does I will watch because I'm a fan of both. I'm mad about Brook taking the Golovkin fight, now his undefeated record is gone.

No problem, I've had trouble with Boxrec to.

I guess it's better to ignore it until it will actually happen. So many people are hyping up that fight and I think it's stupid. Some people are picking a guy (Mcgregor) that has a 0-0 record, no amateur experience, no license as of now to beat a guy (Mayeather) who is undefeated, beat the legends of his sport like Pacquiao, Marquez, Cotto, Oscar and so on. I don't get it. People don't understand how hard it is to develop as a fighter in the ring, it isn't that easy. Theyr'e expecting a guy who's never fought a boxing match to beat an all time great. Last thing I will say about it is that people told me Mcgregor's power will be too much for Mayweather, that makes no sense because power is useless when you can't hit the target.

Same here, I find it annoying as a promoter to act like that. I do agree with him on one thing, he does not get much credit. I can understand his frustration over that. The one thing that annoys me with Mayweather is that he has to steal the spotlight at times from his fighters, he makes it about himself. The walsh's aren't blameless like you said. I'm rooting for Davis to get the win, but I'll be happy to see Walsh win and prove Mayweather wrong.

I say they are at the same stage in their careers. Talking about Joshua and Davis that is. I think Joshua gets hype because he's a powerful heavyweight and he's huge that's all very marketable for a fighter. Also him being humble helps as well. Davis is gaining popularity right now as well. I just think that Joshua is getting more popularity because of the reasons I mentioned. Badou Jack is a great fighter, but for some reason not a lot of people know of him, I think he is underrated. Mayweather does make some points about Davis being a star. For right now I feel Joshua is one of the biggest stars in boxing right now regardless of the lack of opponents minus Klitschko.

Yeh, I guess. He is a good guy but just has a bad temper at times, and we really shouldn't fault him for it. Everyone gets mad at some point. Something I respect about Mayweather is that he is a genuine person, he doesn't put on an act for people.

That's awesome.

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Haha yeah, something I hate about Billy Joe Saunders, is that he complains about racism "they all think we're pikeys", and then he goes and takes food off someone's plate, that's what a dog does, that's the most 'pikey' thing I've ever seen anyone do.

Yep, and GGG has been at 160 his whole career, Kell Brook started out 147, at age 17, he hasn't budged, so you see when these guys can make the same weight for so many years from a young age to start out as a professional, you see how little plausibility there is in the suggestion that Broner can't make a weight 10 lbs more, or even that he genuinely struggles, I know everybody is different, but I don't believe it, and Broner could probably still make 135. Oh yeah I know he doesn't want to retire now, he wants to continue, but how badly does he wants to be successful? How much passion, drive, hunger does he have? I know right now he is partying, not thinking about boxing, his win over Granados was 3 months ago now, he might want to get back to the gym, if he continues like this, then he can forget the Bradley fight.

No well he's not known outside of the UK, bjt soon he will be, and mark my words, he'sa fantastic fighter, I think he might even have the beating of Broner already, maybe, tough fight, but in a couple of years, he has a massive chance in my opinion. Haha, yeah well fighters do get carried away. If Pacquiao beats Horn, I think Garcia and Khan know they hve strong chances against Pacquiao, a 39 year old Pacquiao surely isn't the same fighter as the Pacquiao who beat Cotto, Barrera, De La Hoya, so why not have a rematch, good 50/50, either could edge it out, I give Garcia the edge, and the winner fights Pacquiao, although I think Khan is taking the WBC route, and he wants Keith Thurman, I believe Garcia and Khan botb lose to the top 4 Thurman, Brook, Spence, Porter, so Pacquiao is the biggest and best fight for both of the, I think.

I know from personal experience as well, I remember at school therevwas this nasty kid who was known as the toughest kid in the school, and I was known as a 'pussy', yet, this guy got a black eye, I saw him cry like a baby, I saw him break his finger, or dislocate it, and cry like a baby, I was a boxer, I tested my own nose out of interest when I was 13, and I knew I could get the better if him in a fight, this kid had a tough exterior and came from a hard family, I don't, and I was a shy, nervous looking kid. The guy is a drug dealer now, I wouldn't mind getting in tne ring with him and doing what I shoukd have done 4 years ago. My point is, well the same point we have both made, Kovalev may be nasty, he may seem like He man, doesn't mean he really is an actual tough guy at this level, and I'm convinced that when Ward lands on him attacks him from head to body, we'll see weakness, we'll see vulnerability, and the nicer guy, the better man, the better boxer, will win.

Couldn't disagree with that even if I wanted to. Yeah that's the way to think. I don't think th fans would enjoy it, I don't think it would catch fire, I think it would be a bit like Frampton vs Quigg, well the first six rounds, a bit like Lee vs Saunders, a Rigondeaux kimd of fight, I mean, with Virgil Hunter, no way Khan would go to war with Kell Brook, if he takes a seneible yet not fan friendly or believedwidely to be entertaining defensive approach against Alexander, Collazo, you think he'lltake risks against Brook? No for Khan, he should have get a couple of good wins under his belt, and then hopefully (and the later the better) fight maybe even a 40 year old Pacquiao, win, and retire.

Yeah I think I'll just have to log in, the problem is, I'm having some email addres trouble at the minute, but hopefully that will solved very soon, so we can start adding fights again.

I think if they were to have some kind of charity match, fake blood, fake grudges, fake fighting, for kids, they could raise money, Mayweather loves to be in the spotlight, would be good for McGregor too, but we have grown men and women, genuinely believing McGregor could move from sport to another, and fight it out with Mayweather, come on, strange world we live in.

Well he's only 40 I guess. I knew he would do that, it isn't great but that is just the way it is. No they are not, Michael went too far, and Ryan had already disrespected Gervonta, calling the American "chubby", I mean, haha, ridiculous, but Liam, can you believe how calm he was throughout the whole press conference? I noticed him trying to signal Michael, I think he was waving a pen or something, probably trying to say "it's all cool, calm down bro". I mean it would just be so awesome to see Walsh win, and seriously, like I said, Davis, and every other fighter in the world should look up to Liam Walsh, hey, I should be more like Liam Walsh, very few fighters, and I mean proud warriors could stay that calm throughout a press conference like that, if he wins, then that will be great for the sport, will be a shame if he loses, COME ON LIAM!! No but to tell the truth I like Davis a lot, am a big fan of his, I do like his relationship with Floyd Mayweather, I do think it is great, when they are just talking about why they make a great team when training, without confrontation, but it really doesn't take much, just a misunderstanding or something, and that brings the worst out of Floyd, he acts like a bit of a bully, and like we saw yesterday, so does Davis, what he said was out of order, and I think if Walsh beat Davis then that would be better for Davis' career in the long run in a sense. If Davis was in against one of mkst of the other super featherweights, I would be behind him, and want him to win, I won't be gutted of Walsh loses to him, but I will be gutted if he stops him early and with ease, because I want Mayweather to eat at least some of his words, and give Walsh the respect he deserves.

Yeah that makes sense, but I don't like that. Yeah the humble character of Anthony Joshua is good for the sport. I feel he is overrated, and I'm sorry but I don't buy the good guy act at all, but yes, Joshua is a star, I just feel, even if I did buy the good guy act, why support a fighter who almost everybody supports? That's only my opinion and not a question that needs an answer, it just seems like stating the obvious to me, the fighters who should get more support are your other favourites, Ward, Stevenson, Alvarez, I admire you daring to be different there and supporting these guys who should be more popular, and with Joshua, by all means, he's your favourite fighter, good for you, I'm sure he appreciates support drom all his fans, especially his USA fans.

Yes! And with Broner too! At least he is an obvious villian, just his character, but Pacquiao, Haye, they decieve people.

Yeah, I think The US is awesome, I have nothing against the UK, it is a good place to live really, but appreciating the UK just makes me more excited to go to America one day.

I see what you mean. He's coming off as a hypocrite. He's not helping his case at all.

GGG has been making the weight pretty well throughout his career. I also think he isn't a huge middleweight and is able to make the weight easier than others. I saw on the 30 day weigh in that he was like 5 pounds over and I think he walks around 5-10 pounds over the division. He doesn't have to kill himself to make the weight. I noticed that with Pacquiao to. Kell Brook has been good with the weight until recently. I think it all depends on Broner, if he really wants to dedicate himself with the sport. He's shown to not be at times.

I'll have to check him out. Even though Pacquiao is older, I think he's still good enough to give tough fights or even beat the best of the welterweight divsion. I guess after the Horn fight we'll see if he has the same speed skill. He looked good against Bradley then average against Vargas. One thing for sure is that he wasn't the same as when he was beating Barrera and Morales.

The people who are known as tough guys or think of themselves as tough for the most part aren't. Maybe they look tough to certain to people, but will back down to others. It's sometimes the people you least expect to be the actual tough one.

I'm just done waiting for Brook khan. If it happens great, if it doesn't I'm not going to be mad because I'm pretty sure it won't happen. I'm unsure as to what Khan will do with career, it's been incosistent as of late.

I think I would cool with it if it's an exhibition and for charity, but I doubt it will be if it happens. I really don't see Mcgregor beating Mayweather in a non stage fight, I really don't. It's beyond me how anyone gives him a chance. I've had people tel me that Mcgregor will beat him and that Mayweather's a "bitch" who wins cheap on points. It's so hard to become a world champion in like 20 fights let alone first pro fight. Look at Lomachenko, in his second fight he lost in a title fight because it was way to early, now it's a different story because Lomachenko improved.

I guess in a high profile fight and 2 outspoken groups involved it's bound to happen. Not saying I like it but it happens. I'm rooting for Davis and would like to see Walsh give him a tough fight to prove Mayweather wrong. I forget but what did Davis say to the Walsh's? It was something about Liam having a bad chin right?

For me he is either first or second best in his division. I do believe him on his good character, but I mean I can be wrong in the future. He hasn't done anything in the past few years to make me think he's just a bad guy. For the most part I do promote the fighters who aren't as popular. Like if Stevenson, Ward, and Crawford are fighting I try to get people to watch the fight because they aren't super popular, but are very skilled.


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He's showing his true colours, he is a hypocrite, and a nasty piece of work.

Yeah true. So what do you make Joshua talking rubbish and taunting Golovkin?, 'go on take a risk, move up and fight Kovalev'. I think Broner loves boxing, wants to fight, will take it seriously, train hard, get in shape, but just not enough, he doesn't have boxing running through his veins.

Yeah do that, I'm sure you'll become a fan of his. Oh yeah he'll give them toigh fights for sure, but for Garcia and Khan, against Pacquiao, time is on their side, and what a win that would be, I'm saying it is the best win out their for them, well, best win which I think would work out for them, Khan vs Garcia II should happen in my opinion, I think both have improved since the first fight, I think Khan would probably be ahead after 6 rounds, and Garcia would maybe just about catch up or almost catch up in the second half, real 50/50 fight in my opinion. He was impressive in a different way, more intelligent performance against Bradley than Morales, Barrera, but in no way was he as impressive against Vargas, if he looks old against Horn, then that will say a lot about his age, he has been a professional since I believe about 1994, he has been in some wars, some very hard fights, moved up 8 weight divisions, he should retire in my opinion, but for Khan, Garcia, Pacquiao is the ultimate opponent for them.

That's right, I believe Ward has more balls than Kovalev, will win if it is a dogfight.

Yeah it's hard to predict, he just simply does not aim to fight often enough. I really don't think Khan wants to fight Kell Brook, I'm not saying he wouldn't be 99-100% he could beat Brook, because I'm sure he would be extremely confident, but I do think he just can't be doing with being the B-side, he knows the fight is high risk, he could be in trouble if he gets caught.

Oh of course not, it's obvious, of he's serious, he should start from tne beginning, join an amateur club, hey, I think he has some boxing experience behind him, and I think fighting ability from being at such a high level in UFC will give him a bit of a boost, he should have a short but at least 30 fight long amateur career, then turn professional, and start talking in ten years time, then he might have a chance against a 50 year old Mayweather, even then I'm not sure he wins, hahaha, no seriously it's all a load of crap.

Of course, a lot of it isn't genuine, boxing is a business at the end of the day, and I'm sure they will all look back and laugh, they will all enjoy the publicity as well. The reason why I really am rooting for Walsh is 0% about nationality, 10% because I like him more, but mostly because he needs this win so much more than Davis, you tell me a better time to lose for Davis, this is why I'm 100% rooting for Walsh, but because I'm a big fan of Davis and would root for him if it was almost any other featherweight he was fighting, I will be very happy for him after the fight, if he wins in a tough fight, and Walsh's stock rises, it would do Davis professional experience level a lot of good if this was to go all 12. Of Walsh loses this, he will be easily, a potential world champion, I think he is just facing a great fighter, most other champions, he would beat, obviously I'm not talking about Lomackenko, but Farmer etc. This,


35:10-37:00, out of order from Davis, but not really when he called Ryan Walsh a 'cold bum', and I've already stated my opinion on what Davis said, once again, Davis, me, you, every other kid, should look up to Liam Walsh, he showed a lot more class than Mayweather, Walsh, proud fighting man, cool customer, very nice guy.

I don't for a second, and I feel like I can be honest, I mean, I chose specifically not to tell you about what he said to Vitali, but you found out about that, so I can be honest, I think he's a bully, and I don't buy any of the act he puts on, true good guys in this sport, GGG, Mikey Garcia, Shawn Porter, Terence Crawford, Joseph Parker, Liam Walsh, Jorge Linares, Roman Gonzalez, Andre Ward, Canelo Alvarez. Well if you ask me about Joshua, I'll tell you my true opinion, it is as simple as that, but because he's your favourite fighter, I don't like to speak my true opinion. And that is awesome buddy! Keep that up!

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Most did, he really was an underdog. I really think Groves is number one, followed by Smith, followed by Ramirez, followed by Degale.

Good, that's the way to think. Well that's just typical of him isn't it, taking the fight which make him look good, but aren't genuinely hard fights, he is a 'bum beater' in boxing if there is one, all fans are surely getting annoyed with all his BS, world champion, what a joke.

Well, the answer to that question is very long, but the short answer, I believe is a bad indecision and a bad balance between two very different kinds of tactics. I was very unimpressed with Nacho Bernstein, and Chavez was quite disappointing as well. I believe, that for 8 weeks or so, Chavez has been training hard and working physically very hard, getting into great shape, maybe better shape than he has ever been in in his life, but I question how they worked tactically. One tactic which many believed (and I agreed) Chavez should have applied to the fight, was to use his size advantage, put pressure on Canelo, tried tomout hustle him, wear him down, take shots to land shots, our fight him, fight with that great Mexican fighting spirit, I think in the second half of the fight, he could have tried this, it would have been better, he needed to take risks to carry out these tactics, risks he did not take. Many thought that, early, Chavez should have used his longer jab, used his reach, kept Canelo at distance, now, this involves the downside lf hesitance and that it isn't so fan friendly, but as the underdog, if he had got the better of some of the early stages, he would have made it a much more exciting and fun fight to watch for the fans. The thing is about using reach, is that a fighter can not choose not to pay attention for years, neglect the idea of using his advantages, and then suddenly become good enough frustrate Canelo Alvarez with use of reach in the space of time of 2 or 3 months, if he even really trained hard for that long.

Chavez was boxing without the upsides of the two different ways of boxing I just mentioned, he boxed with the punch susceptibility and the lack of defence in the first one, well, for large portions of the fight, he was completely stationary, he was there to be hit, and the same time, no commitment to his offence, so he was boxing with the downsides of both ways of fighting. I think had Chavez had less of an advantage in size, he wouldn't have been able to withstand those shots as well as he was able to, I mean, no questions about hisntoughness though, because, yo his credit he took all those shots very well, but that's just about all I can praise him for.

I didn't like the position Chavez put Canelo in before the fight, obviously, Canelo looks up to Chavez Sr, you can tell he is fan, of course he is, and I think Chavez tried to use that against Canelo's defence during their face off. After the fight, Canelo showed a lot of respect to Chavez Sr, he was sort of saying "it's not your fault he couldn't compete with me tonight", he briefly gave Chavez Jr a tap on the glove, as if to say, "you weren't on my level tonight", he obviously couldn't respect him anywhere newr as he respects Oscar De La Hoya as a fighter, Chavez Sr, Mayweather.

Chavez Jr is now calling out Danny Jacobs, he has said he wants to go to 168, given that as far as I know, Jacobs has no plans to move up, and 168 could be a struggle for Chavez anyway, I have no idea what that's all about. I didn't like the way Chavez Jr seemed to ignore his dad's advice before the fight, "my dad must understand he is not my trainer", well why not take his advice?, I mean, he can give him way better advice. Before the fight, in the dressing room before the fight, Chavez Sr was trying to give his son some advice on, I believe itbwas setting up the right hand, and Chavez Jr just didn't seem to be taking it in.


Is Liam Smith a lot more popular in the US now, after the Canelo fight?

Yeah sure, I'm busy writing my prediction analysis for Brook vs Spence at the moment (would you like to read it?), but when I've finished writing it, I'd definitely be up for that.

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I'm doing my prediction analysis for Brook vs Spence now.

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Would you like to score Foreman vs Schulz later?

Yeah. After that I'll probably score Margarito vs Clottey. After Foreman vs Schulz want to compare Whitaker vs Wilfredo Rivera?

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Cool, well I've seen the first 8 rounds, I'll have it up in the next 20 minutes I think. Yeah sure!

I just finished the fight and submitted my card. We'll see how yours looks soon.

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