KO of the year?

Man, that Wilder KO of Breazeale was a doozy. Casually stepping up, and sending Breazeale to la la land. For me, this is KO of the year so far. Any other nominations for KO of the year?


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Yeah it's up there, Breazeale got up at the count of 12, but he didn't beat the 10 seconds, didn't beat the referee's count either (the referee's count is often not 100% accurate), but he was gone, no way he could have continued, that was a great KO.

Donaire against Young was a great KO, but I agree Wilder's KO over Breazeale is the best KO so far this year.

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Crawford's KO of Khan

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The Sacko KO

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Russell's KO of Martinez.

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For last year, Andrade's brutal stoppage over Akavov.

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I was at that fight, everyone was just confused. Such an awful fight ending with that bs

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It was a bad stoppage, the result was going to be a landslide UD for Andrade, but Akavov deserved to hear the final bell, and the stoppage was very unnecessary. I think ut was an underrated performance from Andrade though, wasn't entertaining, but he was winning most of the rounds, doing what he needed to do, but he didn't make a statement, it was one paced, and Akavov isn't as good as he was made to look in the Saunders fight.

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It was a super weird event. the crowd was rabid to watch the Chris Algieri fight earlier in the night.

But when it came to the main event Andrade fight 3 hours later a quarter of the crowd had left. Atleast we got to see Linares upset. That stoppage was so poor though it look fixed. Very shady, I think Sulecki with beat Andrade

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yeah it was - no doubt about it for me


Chisora's KO over Szpilka was the most brutal yet.

Dorticos KO over Tabiti might be it for me and Donaire's KO over Young was also devastating