Yunier Dorticos vs Mairis Briedis

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Yunier Dorticos vs Mairis Briedis
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Sunday, July 11, 2021
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Champion97's picture


Dorticos has proved me wrong in his last 2 fights, it was a great finish against Tabiti, he got a clean KO, unlike Briedis, who battered Glowacki after the bell. Although Dorticos proved me wrong twice, I still think Briedis wins this fight. Briedis was terrible against Gevor, it was a highly controversial win, but he isn't old enough and doesn't have enough miles to logically be the shot fighter he looked like against Gevor, there is very litte to go on from the Glowacki fight, because it only went 2-3 rounds, but Briedis didn't look as bad as against Gevor, against a better opponent, so the Gevor fight was probably just an off night, and based on Breidis's career before the stinker against Gevor, I think he is better than Dorticos, especially based on the Usyk fight.

Both fighters can punch, both have great right hands, are counter punchers, but Dorticos is very flat footed, Breidis gets into range faster. Neither are defensively great, but Breidis moves his head more. Both have good chins, I don't know who has the better chin, Dorticos was stopped against Gassiev, but not until the last round, he took Gassiev's power well until Gassiev broke him down, and Briedis was hurt against Usyk at least once. Both are come forward fighters, Briedis isn't a good back foot fighter, but Dorticos is reliant on being on the front foot, is worse on the back foot than Briedis. Dorticos is technically limited, Briedis isn't technically great, but I think he's technically better than Dorticos.

I would be surprised if Dorticos won more rounds than Briedis, but I wouldn't be surprised if Briedis won by decision, or if either get a stoppage. I think Dorticos will hurt Briedis, but Breidis will be ahead on the cards, and will stop Dorticos in 10.

Guy Incognito's picture

Yunier Dorticos should win this one. Either by late stoppage or close decision. Dorticos will almost certainly manage to hurt Briedis at some point.