Yunier Dorticos vs Andrew Tabiti

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Yunier Dorticos vs Andrew Tabiti
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Saturday, June 15, 2019
Arena Riga, Riga, Latvia
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World Boxing Super Series, semi finals.


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Champion97's picture


Interesting fight, two ways of looking at this one.

Tabiti is the younger, fresher fighter, but Dorticos doesn't have too many miles, and he is not old for a cruiserweight, Tabiti is the unbeaten fighter, but Dorticos has fought the better competition, been in against Gassiev, has had more fights, hits harder, and has the better amateur career, although, for opposition in recent fights, it is interesting, Masternak, Kalenga, good wins for Dorticos, but Tabiti beat Cunningham, Kayode, Tapia isn't bad, and in his last fight, he fought another unbeaten fighter, won, and Fayfer, another one of these guys who was unbeaten and untested, therefore it isn't clear if beating him is impressive at world level.

Dorticos proved against Masternak that the Gassiev defeat didn't take away his desire, he did well in that fight, won, and won clearly, against a tough veteran.

Tabiti didn't impress against Fayfer, it was not an entertaining fight, and Tabiti didn't showcase a lot of skill or talent, it was a fight he must have learned quite a lot in, but still, it wasn't a good performance, or it didn't seem so. Fayfer had no name, unbeaten, untested, so it is difficult to say whether Tabiti did well to beat him at all, or whether he should have beaten him better.

Tabiti is the one who is improving I think, he might not be good enough, be ready for an opponent of the skill level and power of Dorticos, but he also might be, he is unbeaten, has only recently struggled against another young, unbeaten fighter, he didn't have much difficulty against Cunningham, Kayode.

I think this depends on Tabiti, we know how good Dorticos is I think, but we don't know exactly how good Tabiti is, we'll find out in this fight.

I think Tabiti will win this, I predicted against Dorticos last time, and he proved me wrong, but Tabiti is unbeaten, he's got a good enough resume that he's stopped a guy who drew with Tarver, beaten a guy who dropped Fury, he's at his best, and Dorticos is beatable, it would be Tabiti's best win so far, I would not be surprised if Dorticos won this, but I think Tabiti will win.

I think it will be a fight with two halves, but Tabiti will win the second half more clearly than Dorticos will win the first half, and I think Tabiti might get a close UD, maybe 113-115 on all the cards.

Tabiti win....?.