Yordenis Ugas vs Cesar Miguel Barrionuevo

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Yordenis Ugas vs Cesar Miguel Barrionuevo
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Saturday, September 8, 2018
Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, New York, USA
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Ugas is on a winning streak, got wins over Perrella, James, Dulorme, Robinson. I thought Ugas was fortunate against Dulorme, I thought he won by a point, but I also thought Dulorme didn't deserve to lose either of the points the referee deducted from him. Ugas was very impressive against Robinson, he is an active fighter, and I don't think he is undeserving of a world title shot. I don't rate Ugas highly at world level, but he is a good fighter, definitely at a certain level.

Barrionuevo is very good at Argentine and Latino level, 34-3, I don't recognise any names on his record, I don't think he has ever been near world level, but he has not lost since 2013, he has stopped his last 4, all title fights as well. Barrionuevo can punch, he is 29, he has never been stopped, and he has had 40 fights, he is in his prime, so assuming he takes the fight to Ugas, 100% determined as you would expect from an Argentine he should be able to make this a good fight, at least.

There is a gulf in class, amateur wise, Ugas was a great amateur, even beat Terence Crawford, but in terms of their professional careers, obviously more important, although Barrionuevo isn't world level, I don't think Ugas is great at world level either, although, despite not being in top 5 in the division, maybe not top 10, I think he is still world class, and a level above Barrionuevo.

I think Ugas wins, but I think by hard fought decision, I wonder if Barrionuevo can hurt Ugas, and really capitalise, Ugas does not have a good chin, and he gasses. I think Ugas wins maybe around 116-112. If Ugas wins this, I think he should get a world title shot next.