Victor Ortiz vs Saul Corral

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Victor Ortiz vs Saul Corral
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Sunday, July 30, 2017
Rabobank Theater, Bakersfield, California
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I think this a low key fight, there isn't a lot of hype, no real buzz surrounding this fight, but it's a decent match up, I think it's quite an interesting one.

Victor Ortiz is a big name, he has talent, he is skilful, he is powerful, he is strong, but for a lot of reasons, his career hasn't gone the way he had hopes, his career hasn't gone so well really, certainly not as well as at one point it looked like it could potentially go. Ortiz isn't a very popular fighter, I do feel sorry him really, but I'm not the biggest fan myself in all honesty. I think it is very sad to see when a fighter doesn't find the motivation, the heart to give a fight his 100% efforts, in this sport, in my opinion, with the exception of serious health issues, it is the saddest thing to see, and Ortiz, although he is skilled, doesn't cope so well when his opponents come on strong, when he takes npunishment, when he has to dig deep, it is a shame. I think the legendary Marcos 'El Chino' Maidana may have somewhat ruined Ortiz's career, Maidana was dropped three times, kept getting up, Ortiz couldn't discourage the warrior, and Ortiz seemed to break down as Maidana only seemed to get more motiavted, stronger as the fight went on, and Maidana out lasted Ortiz in the deep end, trench battle. Since the Maidana defeat, Ortiz has suffered defeats to Andre Berto, Josesito Lopez, Luiz Collazo, Floyd Mayweather Jr, all by stoppage, and these stoppage defeats have come inside his last six fights, so it is hard to know where Ortiz gies from here, he has a lot of issues, I'm not sure if he is truly motivated to rebuild his career, I'm not sure if he wants badly enough to correct past mistakes, to fulfill his true potential, to use his talent, I'm convinced he is.

Saul Corral isn't a great fighter, he's not world class, I don't think he's capable of lasting two full rounds against an on form Keith Thurman or Errol Spence. Corral is half decent, he has lost less than he's won, he has 9 losses, but many more wins, that is something he deserves credit for, he's a professional boxer in his own right, who wins more than he loses. I don't know what Corral's ambitions are, off the top of my head, I know he fairly recently lost a third round stoppage to Mike Alvarado, and not an active, and I think a past prime Mike Alvarado, he has also lost decisions to Sadam Ali and Josesito Lopez, maybe Corral is taking this fight mostly to earn a living, maybe he is training very hard, and is really preparing for Ortiz, we don't know how seriously he is taking his career, how much potential he has, I'm not expecting much from him, we'll see, but whatever he brings to this fight, I have to respect any boxer who keeps getting in the ring, taking punches, going through pain, risking his life, as his livelihood, in my opinion, boxing is all about respect, and when we think this way, everyone who steps in that ring, they've already won, there is no loser in a sport like this, there is a winner, and a runner up.

I think Ortiz will win this fight, and without trouble or much difficulty. I think he will box on the outside, I think he will be cautious, ring rust, flashbacks from his defeats, may show a little bit in the first couple rounds, but I think he'll win them, and he'll grow in confidence after he establishes his dominance over Corral, I think he'll aim to fight with some bravery, not over commit, but I think he'll make it a more positive fight than people will expect. I can see Ortiz dominate from round three onwards, I think he'll drop Corral once in each of rounds 4 and 5, and in round 5, I think he'll stop his over matched opponent, securing a decent victory, getting back to winning ways.

Victor Ortiz is still only 30, so he has plenty of time ahead of him to reinvent himself as a boxer, to reconstruct his career, to do himself justice, because I think it would be great to see him get a big opportunity, and win or lose, earn a lot of money, but also, show all the heart, all the toughness anybody can ask of him, get his pride back, make the fans and fighters take their hats off to him. If a boxer knows they could have been braver than they are in a fight, it is devastating, so I hope that this win, is one of more victories, I hope he steps up his level of opposition soon. I'm not that confident that Ortiz will redeem himself as a fighter, but I believe he can, if he does, then he will have to make a lot of adjustments, because if you come up short against Andre Berto, Luis Collazo, Josesito Lopez, then I don't fancy your chances against Keith Thurman, Errol Spence, Shawn Porter, Danny Garcia etc, if you struggle to withstand the power of Berto, Lopez etc, then I think you'll struggle to withstand the power of Thurman, Spence etc, so if Ortiz is aiming to get to the top, then there are a lot of things he has to work on, defensive ability is something I think vulnerable fighters need more of. Maybe Ortiz is just aiming to get some wins, and isn't determined to get the big fights, or maybe he is interested in fighting Brandon Rios, taking or leaving the top level fights, competing in tough fights against fighters of high level, top 10 fighters, targeting them, but not 5 fighters, I hope Ortiz digs deep in tough fights, win or lose, world title or not, and gains respect, gains fans, whether or not this will happen, I don't know, a lot of ways Ortiz's later part of his career could go after this win, assuming he does win.

For Saul Corral, well I don't think he has anything to lose here, I think as long as turns up, tries his best, he has nothing to be ashamed of whatever happens. Sometimes, these guys with nothing to lose can be tricky opponents early on in fights, I wonder if Corral will make it difficult for Ortiz, take a gamble, he does have 15 stoppages in 24 wins, whilst having only been stopped twice in his nine losses, so he can take a punch, Lopez couldn't get rid of him, but Ortiz does pack a punch, and he's 'vicious' in the ring, but if he can't knock Corral out as I think he will, the fight will be more interesting. If Corral was to cause the upset here, that would be interesting, it would be the victory of his career so far without doubt. There is no pressure on Corral to win this fight, but he'll know there is pressure on Ortiz to win this fight, but whether or not he wants this win enough to try to use the pressure against Ortiz is a different question, my expectations aren't high on what Corral will bring to this fight, but hopefully he'll try his best to win once he's in there.