Vaughn Alexander vs Denis Douglin

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Vaughn Alexander vs Denis Douglin
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Saturday, August 4, 2018
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
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Official Judging
Mark Consentino 90 - 100
Alan Rubenstein 91 - 99
Larry Layton 91 - 99


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Champion97's picture


This should be a good fight.

I think Alexander stops Douglin, but I think Douglin will give him problems. I wouldn't be surprised if Douglin won this one, he has lost to Charlo, Groves, Dirrell, Benavidez, but we don't know if Alexander is in that class, he is 32, still only 12-0, and the first 5 of his fights were in 2004, but this is a good test, a step up for him, we don't know good he is, he has looked solid against a certain level of opponent, but he didn't have it all his way in his last fight, against an opponent I thought he would have no trouble against, and I think definitely it is an interesting fight that Douglin shouldn't be written off in, but what sort of desire does Douglin have?, he's only 30, but he's been stopped a few times, I don't think he's the most consistent fighter, he might not be that disciplined, want it less than in previous fights, but maybe not, maybe he will be determined, have trained hard, he is coming off 9 month break though, and he isn't so strong at this weight, Douglin.

I think Alexander stops Douglin late, but I wouldn't be surprised if it went ghe distance, and I wouldn't be that surprised if Douglin won.

Champion97's picture

Alexander is not world level, we know that now.