Vasyl Lomachenko vs Miguel Marriaga

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Vasyl Lomachenko vs Miguel Marriaga
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Saturday, August 5, 2017
Nokia Theater, Los Angeles, California
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WBO World super featherweight title


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well...better than nothing...

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I think this is a decent match up.

Vasyl Lomackenko is one of the best boxers in the world, many believe he is the best, I don't, but I have him in the top 5. It is hard to find opponents who can challenge him, ever since he out pointed Gary Russell Jr, he has had really only quite easy fights, with even Nicholas Walters failing to give him any real difficultly at all, he has been dominant, and has impressed, time after time. Lomackenko is known for having the best amateur record, and the best footwork in boxing, he can box, to say the least, and against Martinez, against Sosa, he showed he can punch with spite, with hurtful intentions, he put quite a beating on Sosa, and executed the perfect knock out over Roman Martinez. I don't think Lomackenko is avoided, but I do think there are few fights out there for him which are likely to be difficult, it is hard to find a challenge for Vasyl, but I think for this fight, the selection could have been much worse, I don't think Marriaga is a bad opponent.

Miguel Marriaga is a tough Columbian warrior, who in his last fight, did fantastically, he didn't win, and it wasn't close really, but was in against undefeated WBO featherweight champion Oscar Valdez, so there was no shame in the defeat, it was a competitive fight throughout, they battled in potentially the round of the year, and Marriaga enhanced his reputation, having given a great account of himself. I think Marriaga deserves this opportunity, and there aren't many fighters in the 130 lb division who are ahead of him on the waiting list to fight Lomackenko, and besides Miguel Berchelt and Gervonta Davis, I don't think anyone else in the division can give Lomackenko a much harder time than Marriaga. Like Jason Sosa, the Nicholas Walters comparison in relation to Lomackenko doesn't make the fight look great, like Sosa, Marriaga lost to Walters (legitimately, Sosa lost to Walters), but Nicholas Walters being disappointing was a factor in his fight against Lomackenko letting the fans down, and Sosa was able to do slightly better against Lomackenko than Walters did, so I think Marriaga might well give Lomackenko some small problems, give the fans a fight to watch, and make Lomackenko put his foot on the pedal to some degree.

I think Lomachenko will do the expected and win this fight, in dominant form, I think Marriaga, mentally, will be unfazed from the first bell, I can see him trying to take the fight to Lomackenko, walking into shot after shot, but I think his style is awkward, and Lomackenko might take a few good shots in this fight, which I think might be competitive for a couple of rounds. I think Lomackenko will begin to take control around about round 3, and from then on, it will be pretty much one way traffic, I think Lomackenko will secure the stoppage in round 6, (with the scorecards being 50-44, 50-44, 49-45), having dropped, hurt Marriaga more than once, I think Marriaga will get up every time, but in the end, take too much punishment, be in too much trouble, and Lomackenko will stop him.

I don't have a hard time understanding why many people think Lomackenko is the best boxer in the world, he is talented, he works hard, he is experienced in the sport, even after 9 fights, he has more experience in the pro game than a lot of people think, Lomackenko does everything right, the remaining questions, can't be answered until he has a really hard fight, I don't think this fight, against Miguel Marriaga, is nearly difficult enough for Lomackenko to answer those questions. I believe this is a good fight for Lomackenko, I think it will be a fruitful 5-6 rounds for the Ukranian, a good way to maintain his activity.

I think at 130, Gervonta Davis, and Miguel Berchelt are two guys who can give Lomackenko a very hard night's work, they are both massive punchers, with a lot of skill, especially Davis, I think it would be fantastic for boxing, and for the super featherweight division if one of these fights (or both would be even better) were to be made. For Lomackenko, the future looks very bright, I think the Mikey Garcia fight, is an absolute super match up, a 50/50 fight, and one of the biggest fights in boxing, Lomackenko called Garcia out after beating Sosa, and I think that is a fight Lomackenko wants to happen more than any other fight, of course, Terence Crawford against Lomackenko would be great as well, weight wise, there could be an issue, but that fight could still happen one day, although I don't think Lomackenko against Rigondeaux will happen, but Rigondeaux aside, there are great potential future fights out there for Vasyl Lomackenko.

If Marriaga was to get the win here, it would be fantastic for Columbian boxing, probably the best night in Columbian boxing history, he doesn't have a great deal to lose, so the pressure which will be on him, he will put on himself in his own mind, he isn't expected to win this fight by anybody, so as long as he goes a few rounds, and gives it his best effort, which I have no doubt he will, he won't disappoint the fans, but he should, and will do his best to take every opportunity he has in the ring, to hit Lomackenko, and try 100% to be as motivated as he can, and try his best to win, but if he loses, then there is no shame at all, if he is out classed and stopped inside 6 rounds, no shame at all.