Ulises Solis vs Brian Viloria

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Ulises Solis vs Brian Viloria
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Sunday, April 19, 2009
Araneta Coliseum, Barangay Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
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IBF light flyweight world title
Bruce McTavish

Official Judging
Muhammad Rois 92 - 96
John Wright 92 - 96
Yongsak Na Songkha 92 - 96


Solis came in ranked as the # 2 junior flyweight in the world by The Ring Magazine. Vilario was ranked as the # 10 flyweight by the same publication. Following the upset victory Vilario was moved to the #1 contender spot for Ivan Calderon's Junior Flyweight Title. Solis fell to the # 5 overall ranking in the same weight class.

Viloria came out and pressed that action in the opening round and caught Solis with several flush punches that put him momentarily against the ropes. In Round 3 after previously being warned, Solis was deducted one point for a low blow. During the round, Solis developed a small cut on his left eyelid. In Round 5, Viloria came out throwing big punches and opened a cut on the right eyebrow of Solis. Action was paused midway through the round to allow the doctor to view the cut. A pair of debatable low blows led to another one point deduction for Solis. Round 6 was stronger for Solis as he largely controlled the action. Apart from a nice right hand, which was Vilora's best weapon all night, Solis looked as though he may gain momentum. Viloria was warned for a low blow in Round 7. A left hand late in Round 8 almost led to a flash knockdown as it appeared that Viloria may have used the rope to regain his balance and avoid being ruled down. By the end of Round 8, Solis had begun to develop noticeable swelling to his left eye. Solis appeared to be a bit wobbled midway through the 10th but was able to maintain his poise and avoid the greater attack by Viloria. Solis then turned the action and landed well himself in the final minute of the round. In Round 11, a big right hand on the button sent Solis to the canvas, down on all fours. He did roll over and get to his knees, but remained down as the referee reached the count of ten. Solis stayed down for sometime before making it to a stool to gather himself.

In the post-fight interview, Villoria mentioned his rededication to the sport and referred to it as a "storybook ending" and a fight that he knew he had to win to keep his professional career moving.

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