Tyson Fury vs Francesco Pianeta

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Tyson Fury vs Francesco Pianeta
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Saturday, August 18, 2018
Windsor Park, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
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Good that Tyson Fury is staying active, he beat Sefer Seferi, but that is a start, and nothing more really, but credit to him that he has his next fight set, and he is active again.

There are two ways of looking at this.
On the one hand,
Pianeta is a lot bigger than Seferi and he must be significantly stronger, he is a good 5 years younger than Seferi, whilst he has had more fights, and he has competed at a higher level than Seferi, has been in against Klitschko, has a win over Duhaphas, which is much better than Seferi achieved at any point, he has had a lot of success at European level, beaten past prime but still defeated Oliver McCall and Frans Botha, which is much better than Seferi, and in comparison to Seferi, there is more you say for his resume and opposition, and really, seeing as this is Fury's second fight back, it sgill hasn't been long, he hasn't been 5 rounds in nearly 3 years, all we should be expecting from Fury is that he fights an opponent who is better than Seferi, and more than just very slightly better, and I think Pianeta is definitely significantly better than Seferi.
On the other hand,
Pianeta is not tougher than Seferi in every aspect, he does have more losses, he has taken much more punishment. You could argue that Fury was 27, 25-0, coming off a brilliant win, a career defining win, had the WBA, IBF, WBO belts, layoffs aside, should! Fury have ever fought Seferis again?, would Pianeta have been a good enough opponent for Fury's first fight back but not the second? Aside from Seferi, the facts are, Pianeta is coming off a loss, and very soon, only 2 months, and he was knocked out in one round by Chagaev in 2014, he was beaten up by Klitschko, stopped in 6, in 2012, ans more recently, two fights before his recent defeat, he lost to Kevin Johnson, he was stopped in 7, Pianeta is not the most durable, he doesn't have a good chin, and with his 4 losses, 3 stoppage losses, he will not be any more durable against Fury.

Pianeta has another 4 weeks, let's hope he has been training hard, and will prepare as well as he can for the next 4 weeks, it is a big opportunity, he should be motivated, it will be disappointing if Pianeta doesn't prepare so well, if he doesn't try his best, but I think he will be as well prepared as he can, and will give it everything in the ring.

Fury should be lighter in this fight than in his last fight, it is only 2 months, and he jas lost a phenomenal amount of weight already, and the pounds get more stubborn, but he still shouldn't be 276 in this fight, I think he should be below 275. I think Fury will be better in this fight than against Seferi, and he should be, and really, if he impresses, is better than against Seferi, then that is all we can expect of him given that this is only his second fight back after a long layoff and a bad layoff. Fury's rhythm should be slightly more on track in this fight than last time, his timing should be better.

I think Pianeta will be active, early, make Fury have to move a bit, but Fury will use his feet, use his range control, land almost all the clean punches. If a real heavyweight hits him clean, let's see how he takes it, if he gets hurt, let's see how he can use survival skills, recover. I think Fury will be in complete control by round 3, I think the first 2 rounds will be aggressive from Pianeta, he will test Fury's instinctive defence, but I think he will be countered, rarely find the target, I think he might catch Fury once or twice in the first two rounds, but won't be able to build on it, and by round 3, Fury will have settled down, he will find his rhythm, start to pick Pianeta off, box for a round or two, and in round 4 or 5, he will start to beat Pianeta up, I don't think Pianeta is resilient, and when Fury begins to get through with a lot of power shots, he will put Pianeta down, without much of an onslaught, Pianeta won't quit, but after a round of being beaten up, dropped at least once, his corner will pull him out, I think Fury will be tiring after 5 rounds, but not enough that an exhausted and vulnerable Pianeta can exploit his fatigue or anything, and after 5 rounds, Pianeta's corner will make a compassionate but difficult decision to pull him out.

I won't be surprised this goes further than 5 rounds, but Fury shouldn't be taken 10 rounds against a guy who is coming off a recent loss, and has been stopped by Klitschko, Chagaev, and most recently, most importantly, Johnson. I expect Fury to stop Pianeta definitely in 8 rounds, and he should be able to finish him in 6.

Fury should fight once more this year, maybe in December, and he should fight an opponent who is similar to Pianeta, but more durable. Fury needs rounds, he needs to re-adapt to doing the rounds, that means doung 6, 8, 10, building that gas tank back up, he doesn't have time to waste even though he is still young, he needs to be active but have productive fights, and Pianeta is not a bad opponent, but he would be better tested if he would fight an opponent who he hits clean, and really struggles to hurt. I will be impressed if Fury gets Pianeta out inside 4, and I will bd impressed if he makes it a complete mismatch from the start.