Thomas Dulorme vs Eimantas Stanionis

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Thomas Dulorme vs Eimantas Stanionis
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Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Eimantas Stanionis UD

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Stanionis is a great inside fighter, has slow feet, doesn't cut off the ring well, but when the opponent uses the ring, he stifles them with his jab. Dulorme is faster in hand and foot, is more experienced, but Stanionis has been more active, has more momentum. Dulorme is elusive, makes feet adjustments, gets low, moves his head, Stanionis fights stationary, he blocks head shots, but is a target to the body, Dulorme is a good body puncher. Dulorme offsets the opponent with feints before he cuts the distance, but he's not a counter puncher, and he attacks in spurts, Stanionis's jab is a problem for him at long range, I doubt Dulorme's reach advantage will be a factor. Dulorme is a 12 round fighter, is a good inside fighter, but Stanionis is stronger, is a great body puncher, has good variety, is very accurate, and he has a great uppercut, Dulorme might struggle to negate that shot by getting low. Stanionis can definitely hurt Dulorme, Dulorme doesn't have a good chin, but his recovery is good, Stanionis hits hard, but I don't think he has top level power.

I think Dulorme will use his feet in the early rounds, but Stanionis's jab will be the difference. I think Dulorme will cut the distance when he gets off first, will give Stanionis problems in the mid rounds, both will attack the body at close range, but Dulorme will make Stanionis miss at mid range, and Stanionis won't be able to keep up with his footwork. I think the early and mid rounds will take more out of Dulorme, he'll have used his legs more, taken more shots overall, taken the more accurate shots, especially to the body, and his foot speed will be less of an issue for Stanionis in the late rounds. I think Stanionis will force the inside fight in the late rounds more often than in the mid rounds, he'll tire, and Dulorme will do his own work, but Stanionis will do a lot more damage, and the accuracy and power of his body shots will stop Dulorme using his feet, which will force him to fight Stanionis in the pocket.

I think Stanionis wins a UD, but no outcome would surprise me, Dulorme shouldn't be written off.