Terence Crawford vs Julius Indongo

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Terence Crawford vs Julius Indongo
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Saturday, August 19, 2017
Pinnacle Bank Arena, Lincoln, Nebraska
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Unified Super Lightweight titles


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I'm surprised this fight has been confirmed, and in such good time, I don't think are many, if any, better fights at 140 which Terence Crawford could be involved in, Julius Indongo is a fantastic fighter, I believe, better than Postol, Diaz.

Terence Crawford, in my opinion, is the best boxer in the world, I don't think he's as good as a prime Floyd Mayweather Jr, but I believe he is the closest thing to being that great in the ring. It is a shame that Spence, Thurman, Garcia, Lomackenko, for weight related reasons, aren't in a position to fight Crawford, and whilst Viktor Postol, Felix Diaz are good, solid opponents, there are not on the same level as the guys who are often ranked in the top 10, pound for pound. As far as fights at 140 go, I think Crawford is doing a great job of beating, and really dominating, good, difficult opponents, and this fight is a great example of that, it is good that Crawford is getting these fights, against decent opposition, experience wise, it is great for him, and they are also chances for him to show the world how good he is.

Julius Indongo was not known around the world before he devastatingly knocked out the then undefeated Eduard Troyanovsky in one round, after this victory, he caught the attention of observers in the sport of boxing, but there were questions. Indongo had, to say the very least, a test ahead of him before he took on veteran, and three weight world champion Ricky Burns, I believed Burns would be able to out box Indongo with his solid, basic, seemingly simple standard boxing, and his experience, I didn't believe Indongo's win was 'a fluke', but I didn't think he had enough overall skills and tools to overcome the Scottish warrior. Indongo schooled Burns in his back yard, taking the title, and impressing everyone, earning respect as a top fighter in his division. One could argue that before his two big, meaningful victories, Indongo was unknown, and he can't be on Crawford's level, but Indongo is skilled, awkward, more experienced than people believe, strong, athletic, and he can punch, I believe he is underrated. Interestingly, Indongo may have beaten Ricky Burns very slightly wider than Crawford did, I think he might have done, there isn't really anything in it, it means almost nothing in all realism, Crawford was not at his best that night, and was it the same Ricky Burns?, but it is fascinating to take into account, and I think Indongo might take some extra confidence from it.

I think Terence Crawford will win this fight, and win it comfortably. I can see the first 2-3 rounds being tentative, close, intriguing, and the kind of ring scenario in which the two boxers are trying to work out what each other's game plan is, I think they will both be patient, it might well be a case of them both trying very hard not to make the first mistake. I can see Crawford having narrowly boxed his way to a lead in the majority of opinions after 6 rounds, and he will be the one boxing patiently within himself whilst Indongo may be going out of his way to box quite evenly with his opponent in rounds 5 and 6, and become slightly frustrated. I think in the second half of the fight, I think Crawford will take over, and dominate, I think the punches will really start to fly around round 7, and it will be a brave Julius Indongo on the end of most of them. I think Terence Crawford will put up a master class performance, I think he will be methodical, I think he will push for the stoppage at exactly the right times, I think he will be accurate, I think he will begin to really hurt Ingondo in round 9 or 10, drop him in round 11, and control and beat up a tired, confused Indongo in the championship rounds, but I believe Indongo will have the toughness, heart, conditioning to get up, and see out the fianl bell without going down again. I think Crawford will be awarded a wide unanimous decision victory (116-111, 117-110, 118-109), and defend his titles in an impressive way.

I believe that if anybody will beat Terence Crawford, it will be Mikey Garcia, if not him, then it will be, an in my opinion extremely slightly less likely Vasyl Lomackenko, these are two massive potential super fights for the future. I don't think Freddie Roach and Manny Pacquiao want Terence Crawford if they were to out earn Bill Gates, I think they both genuinely doubt their chances of winning that fight, and I believe Crawford would out class Pacquiao like Mayweather did, so I don't think fans should get their hopes up about that fight. Mikey Garcia is fighting Adrien Broner on July 27, in New York, at 140, which is Ternec Crawford's weight, I hope, the time will come when the two boxing stars are both comfortable and confient at 140, and the fight could possibly be made, Mikey Garcia is planning on dropping back down to 135 after the Broner fight, hoping to take on other champions in unification fights, but I wonder if late next year, or early in 2019, he might return to 140, more comfortable at the weight, and Crawford is still able to make the weight comfortably enough, because if that is the case, I definitely believe the fight can happen, it is a great 50/50 fight, between two undefeated world champions. Interestingly, I think Julius Indongo is about as good as Adrien Broner, and I would struggle to predict a winner of that fight, if I'm right, then Garcia and Crawford, as well as being closely contested themselves, are fighting two tough opponents who are also closely contested, so it will be interesting to compare the two performances.

If Crawford is to remain at 140, there are fights there besides this fight, the UK has a lot of very good 140 lb fighters, Jack Catterall, Josh Leather, Ohara Davies, Josh Taylor, others, these fights all have talent, have all impressed at domestic level, none of them are ready for Crawford, but they are all potential future opponents to join Crawford in a great fight, especially Catterall. Regis Prograis just comfirmed himself as a fantastic fighter, and a threat to any champion, with a 2 round destruction of the previously unbeaten Californian Joel Diaz Jr, he should be taken into consideration when you assess the 140 lb division, and I think he would be able to challenge Crawford. There is also the possibility that Crawford will move up to 147, and take on Thurman, Spence, which would be fantastic, as would super fights against Lomackenko, Garcia.

I highly doubt Indongo will pull off the upset, but if he does, what a win that would be, what a night for African boxing, and what opportunities that could potentially set up for him. If Indongo makes the fight competitive, and shows heart, courage, as I believe he will, then that will also set up great opportunities in the future, this is a hard fight, and there is absolutely no shame on coming up short against the best.

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Indongo is one of those fighters who don't look impressive, but they are a different story when you have them in front of you in the ring. The guy has very basic feints and telegraphed powershots, and still he manages to use them effectively. It looks like he is capable to mix up well his arsenal to a point where timing him can be hard even if he is really slow.

I think Crawford will give away the early rounds, as he tries to figure Indongo out. By Mid Rounds Crawford will know everything Indongo can show, and overwhelm him with speed. I'm expecting a UD win for Crawford. No Surprises.