Saul Juarez vs Ganigan Lopez

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Saul Juarez vs Ganigan Lopez
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Friday, July 19, 2019
Auditorio Blackberry, Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
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WBC Light Flyweight Latino Title


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I think this will be a great fight, an all Mexican fight usually is, and both these guys have Mexican styles, and in these lower weight classes, they can still hurt each other, but they have the high output, can throw a phenomenal amount of punches.

I think Juarez will win this, he is 28, he is in his prime, he might never be a world champion, but this is a winnable fight for him, Lopez is 37, very, very old for such a small fighter, I think he is shot, has a fair few miles on the clock, he did great against an inexperienced and raw Ken Shiro in 2017, but he seems to have declined a lot since then, he got knocked out in 2 rounds in the Shiro rematch, and in his last fight, against Angel Acosta, he got knocked out.

I think this will be a great fight, because the fighters both have entertaining styles, and are well matched, Lopez is shot, but Juarez is not Shiro, Acosta, he is limited, only been stopped once, but he has lost hapf is his last 10, not all to good fighters, and although he gave Menayothin problems, he wasn't in the fight against Shiro.

I think Juarez wins a UD.