Saul Alvarez vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr

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Saul Alvarez vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr
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Saturday, May 6, 2017
Las Vegas, NV
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albertocastany's picture

An interesting yet uncalled for fight. Money is the only real driver here.

Depending on how Chavez Jr prepares for this fight, we could have either a competitive fight, or an absolute annihilation of Chavez Jr by Canelo. Money is on canelo even if the fight gets to be competitive.

Worth to watch, but don't set your expectations very high on this one.

Champion97's picture

You can't say Chavez against Alvarez is worth the watch but Smith isn't, Smith is getter than Chavez.

Champion97's picture


I don't think this is the best match up in boxing, I think it should be good yo watch while it lasts, and any high profile fight like this, is a big deal, but I think Julio Cesar Chavez, has a reputation which based very much off his dad, who is known to have been a boxing legend, I think he is overrated, I don't think he has been impressive enough since losing very badly and disappointingly to Fonfara, and I don't think he has what it takes to even give Canelo a minor struggle in knowing how to make the fight swing massively in his favour.

Canelo, in my opinion, is a top 10 fighter, is underrated, and doesn't get appreciated as a great fighter and a warrior because the Golovkin fight hasn't happened, and doesn't look like it is going to happen anytime soon.

I think Saul Alvarez will win this fight with ease, it might even be a bit of a mismatch, I think Chavez is tough, and can withstand Alvarez's power for a few rounds, but I think Alvarez will domiante, beatdown, and stop Chavez in five rounds.

Hopefully, Golovkin vs Alvarez can be arranged.

Canelo by UD in a somewhat competitive (but not really close) fight.