Ryosuke Iwasa vs TJ Doheny

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Ryosuke Iwasa vs TJ Doheny
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Thursday, August 16, 2018
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan
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IBF Super Bantamweight World Title (Iwasa's 2nd defence)


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Champion97's picture


I think Iwasa is good, but he might be the champion to take on if you want to win a world title, that might not be fair, he is a world champion who has already defended, and is a champion in his own right, just like Roman, Vargas, Dogboe, but whenever he's stepped up to that higher level, he's lost, he was stopped by Shinsuke Yamanaka and Lee Haskins. Iwasa has impressed in his last couple of fights, winning the title, and defending it, he's 28, he may have learned from his losses, be at his best now, and be a very good world level fighter.

Doheny is undefeated, but untested at this level, he hs hd success at PABA level, but he hasn't competed at world level before, he's 19-0, but he's 31, not young for a super bantamweight.

Doheny could be great fighter who hasn't proven himself, but that might be unlikely, and because Iwasa has age and experience on his side.

I think Iwasa wins by UD.