Rubin Carter vs Jimmy Ellis

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Rubin Carter vs Jimmy Ellis
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Friday, February 28, 1964
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USA
Rounds Scheduled: 
Joe LoScalzo

Official Judging
Jimmy Riccio 6 - 3
Frank Forbes 7 - 3
Joe LoScalzo 7 - 2


Unofficial AP scorecard: 8-1-1 CarterAttendance: 3,800.Odds: Carter was a 3-1 favorite.

From The Associated Press:

Rubin (Hurricane) Carter, a one-time wild man, turned crafty Friday night and carefully, methodically carved out a dull 10-round decision over James Ellis in a nationally televised middleweight bout from Madison Square Garden. Ellis, a lanky lad from Louisville and one-time sparring partner of new heavyweight champ Cassius Clay, came in at 155¾ for his Garden debut. Carter, a seasoned pro from Patterson, N.J., weighed 157¼. Carter, angling for a title shot with middleweight boss Joey Giardello, had it all his way, abandoning the frantic style of his early career for a more journeyman-like performance. He scored heavily throughout with a left hook and dropped the 24-year-old Ellis with a right to the ear in the fifth. His performance solidified his ranking as the No. 1 middleweight challenger.

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