Roberto Garcia vs Breidis Prescott

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Roberto Garcia vs Breidis Prescott
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Friday, July 25, 2014
UIC Pavilion, Chicago, Illinois, USA
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Celestino Ruiz

Official Judging
Patrick Morley 96 - 92
Mike Fitzgerald 95 - 94
Mauro Di Fiore 96 - 93


Garcia Once Again Victorious on “Friday Night Fights”

By Javier Garcia Once Again Victorious on “Friday Night Fights”

By Javier Cantu

This past Friday evening on ESPN 2’s popular “Friday Night Fights” series, Weslaco’s Roberto “La Amenaza” Garcia (36-3, 23 KO’s) maintained his unbeaten streak dating back to 2011 by putting in a workman-like effort over the tough and dangerous Breidis Prescott (27-6, 20 KO’s). The event, which took place at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago, IL and marked Garcia’s third fight this year (all on “Friday Night Fights”) lived up to the hype of a tough and rugged matchup as both fighters finished with heavy swelling on their faces.

The fight started off slow for Garcia in the opening round as he looked slow and a bit rusty. Prescott began working behind his jab and working to the body all the while moving around the small ring, becoming a hard target for Garcia. The 2nd round provided more of the same, only Prescott began to open up his offensive arsenal a bit more, unleashing hooks and right crosses after his piston jab. This writer scored the first two rounds for Prescott based off Prescott activity and jab use.

The 3rd stanza would be a game changer for Garcia. The stalking and pressure which “Amenaza” is known for started to show up. Prescott continued to score with the jab and some body work, but Garcia’s punches started to be put together. A left hook to the head followed by the same to the body showed the edge in power to Garcia, and the round belonged to him based on landing the harder punches. Prescott would continue with his game plan of sticking and moving but to no great success.

The 4th and 5th rounds provided more of the same action as Garcia preyed and found Prescott often against the ropes. Doubling up with left-hooks to the head and to the body began to expose Prescott to Garcia’s straight right hand. Garcia had fully warmed up and was now winning every round since the 3rd.

In the 6th round, Garcia’s pressure and power punching clearly began to show on Prescott’s face as the Colombian began to show swelling around the eyes from those left-hook and straight right combos to the head. Garcia himself did not go unscathed as a mouse developed under his right eye, surely a product of the Prescott piston jab he pumped throughout the night. Garcia’s right jaw area also showed swelling.

In the 7th round a war erupted in the ring as Prescott’s ability to stick and move had been diminished and he began to stand and trade with the Reynosa-born fighter. A big overhand-right and left-hook combination landed on the tough Colombian, and Garcia’s straight rights kept finding their target as he continued to sweep the middle rounds of the fight with power shots. The same rhythm would continue into the 8th round as Garcia clearly was starting to pull away.

Possibly overconfident with the way the fight was going, Garcia walked right into a flush jab – straight right combo early in the 9th round which put the Valley fighter on his butt for a flash knock down. He easily beat the 8-count and resumed the fight. Prescott would continue with a left-hook, left-hook body combination and clearly took the round. Garcia’s right jaw area was now very obviously swollen and deformed. The Colombian was picking up steam as the fight came to the end.

In the 10th and final round, however, Garcia would reestablish his dominance through pressure and once again find the target for his straight-rights and left-hooks.

In the end, Garcia came out on top by the scores 96-92, 95-94, and 96-93.

Despite this solid win, chinks in Garcia’s defensive armor were obvious as he was consistently tagged with the jab to the point of heavy swelling around the right side of his face. Yet it is with these defensive flaws that makes Garcia such a fan-friendly fighter.

One thing is for sure, with his third consecutive win on network television Garcia will get heavy consideration for a big name fight in the near future.

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