Robert Easter Jr vs Javier Fortuna

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Robert Easter Jr vs Javier Fortuna
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Saturday, January 20, 2018
Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, USA
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IBF Lightweight World Title


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Champion97's picture


Interesting match up.
The champion is bound to be the favourite here, he's unbeaten, he seems to be improving, fight by fight, he is tall for the weight, long arms, he's a tricky opponent for anyone, that's for sure. Easter has some good wins, against Commey, Shafikov, tough fights, he struggled in both, but against tough opponents, he came out victorious.
Javier Fortuna is probably the underdog in this fight, but he shouldn't be written off, he's a good fighter, he's awkward, fast hands, good work rate, a lot of movement, he can punch too. I've seen a few of Fortuna's wins, I remember him beating Abner Cotto, he also has wins over Patrick Hyland, Miguel Roman, Omar Douglas. Fortuna has only lost once, that was against tough, heavy handed slugger, Jason Sosa, Fortuna was ahead, winning, but was stopped by a strong, determined Sosa, late. Since defeat to Sosa, 18 months ago, Fortuna has been active, he's secured 4 consecutive wins, it does not seem his career has been hindered by the Sosa loss.

Easter is 5'11, Fortuna is 5'6, Fortuna was competing at 130 until he lost to Sosa, Easter is the bigger fighter, that's an advantage for him, he may have the psychological upper hand, the more the momentum, motivation, but Fortuna is only 28, maybe the Sosa loss will only turn out to be experience for him, there is a good chance Fortuna will be well prepared, and in a good place mentally.

I think Easter wins this one, and I actually think he stops him, but I see it being a very competitive fight.