Raymundo Beltran vs Jose Pedraza

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Raymundo Beltran vs Jose Pedraza
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Saturday, August 25, 2018
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
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WBO lightweight world title


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Champion97's picture


Good fight, should be very entertaining.

Beltran is good, been around for a while, must have a lot of miles, but a good fighter with a lot of experience, and now he is a world champion, after 3 failed attempts at this very title, coming away with a draw against Ricky Burns, a fight many people thought he should have won, a very one sided loss to Terence Crawford, and a 2 round no contest against Takahiro Ao, after all that, he fought Paulus Moses, a veteran, a former world champion, and in a classic fight, Beltran walked away with the belt. Beltran is not great, he is good, he is awkward, tough, has the 12 round engine, can punch, is just very experienced, offensively very good. Beltran is 37, and with all the wars he has been in, 7 losses, stopped twice, knocked down at least 4 times, all the high action fights, comimg right off a very toll taking fight, I think he has to be coming to the end of his career.

Pedraza is a good fighter, was a world champion, won the title when he dominated, basically shut out Andriy Klimov, didn't really impress in victory over Edner Cherry, but boxed very well against Smith, he was knocked out against Davis, and he took punishment, lost quite badly, and there were questions, he was out for some time, over a year I think, but since, he has returned, looked good, won a solid 8 round UD on the Ramirez vs Imam undercard, and on the Horn vs Crawford undercard, last month, he beat Antonio Moran, in a really entertaining, interesting fight, Moran was tough, rugged, in shape, as is not a bad fighter, but Pedraza had more skill, and really the extra punch power. Pedraza needed his last 2 fights, even though he was hurt, did take some damage in his last fight, and it is less than 3 months, which isn't long between tough fights, but I still think he needed to prove himself again, get his activity back, do the rounds, and I think in all fairness, based on what Davis has achieved since the fight, getting knocked out 7 against Davis isn't that bad. Pedraza can still win a world title, he is still a young fighter, but I think ut is also now or never, because he is fighting a guy who is past his prime, was never a top level fighter, has many losses, that doesn't do Beltran justice, but Pedraza is unlikely to be a two time world champion if he doesn't win this fight.

I think Pedraza will win this, I can see how you might disagree, how good is Moran? That was a close fight even though it was still a UD, and Beltran is experienced, still has that desire I think, is one of those fighters who loves to fight, keeps winning when it isn't going his way, and Pedraza has flaws, is beatable, will never be a top 10 fighter, but I think Pedraza will win this, the younger, fresher fighter, and maybe the better technical fighter, he has heavy hands, has variety, is a good, awkward offensive fighter.

I think Pedraza stops Beltran, I think Beltran will make a good start, hurt Pedraza, but he will punch himself out, struggle with the movement, pace of Pedraza, and Pedraza will recover from being hurt more easily than Beltran will recover from gassing after a really big effort. I think Pedraza will land clean without any trouble, won't struggle to find yhe target of Beltran, and as his punches take a toll, sap more and more out of Beltran, Beltran will fade, and in round 7 or 8, Pedraza will start to beat Beltran up, will be able to rest himself without letting Beltran get a good rest because he's less fatuiged and he can land punches that knock more out of Beltran without having to exert himself, and Beltran will struggle to force pressure, any return flurries of punches. I think Beltran will take a beating in rounds 9 and 10, try his best, have guts, but will get dropped, take a beating, and after 10, his corner will pull him out.

The winner of this fight might well get a brilliant opportunity this year against Vasyl Lomachencko, that would be a unification fight, big money, just a career changing opportunity.