Rau'shee Warren vs vs McJoe Arroyo

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Rau'shee Warren vs vs McJoe Arroyo
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Saturday, July 29, 2017
Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, USA
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Eliminator for the IBF Super Flyweight World Title

Official Judging
Robin Taylor 118 - 110
Larry Hazzard Jr. 117 - 111
Anthony Paolillo 117 - 111


Fan Cards: Rau'shee Warren vs vs McJoe Arroyo

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Prediction, (unfinished)

I like this match up very much, two very good fighters, both having lost fights recently, both former world champions, it has to be a very interesting fight.

Rau'shee Warren is a very good fighter, he has a lot of good skills, he moves well, very good combination puncher, he has a lot of power as well, defensively, Warren is a strong fighter. Warren impressed with his close, but well boxed win against Juan Carlos Payano, to become a world champion, in a necessary rematch, after a mathematically bizarre first meeting between the pair, which resulted in Payano winning, despite many believing Warren had done what it had taken to win. Warren's first title defence came against Zhanat Zhakiyanov, Warren scored two early knockdowns, and looked like he was going to keep the belt, but down the stretch, the challenger from Kazakhstan took over, got the better of the champion in many rounds, pulling off the upset. It is hard for any fighter to lose a title, and when this happens, questions will always be asked, and a fighters desire, ability to bounce back from defeat, will be tested, but some fighters can become better fighters for losing. It is good that Warren wants to get straight back up to a high level, because if he didn't, he wouldn't agree to fight McJoe Arroyo, I think this is a good move from him, some could argue it's too much, too soon, and maybe he could have built up confidence with some easier wins before stepping up to this level, but I think given that he's been world champion, he's as good as he's going to get, maybe he should have these hard fights sooner rather than later, besides, this is a world title eliminator, boxers rarely turn down opportunities like this, and I think had Warren not taken this opportunity, it would be a mistake.

I think McJoe Arroyo is underrated, he was undefeated until he lost to the not so well known, but still master class boxer, Philippino, Jerwin Ancajas, who has since defended the belt, the wice, and impressed in doing, this was Arroyo's latest fight. Arroyo is coming off an 11 month layoff, this isn't a terrible amount of time to be out of the ring, but I think it can be difficult for fighters when they have had any more than 8 months between fights, so one could question whether ring rust might play a small part in this fight.

The outcome of this fight is very hard to call, and my prediction has been a struggle, but I think McJoe Arroyo will win this fight.I can see Warren starting well, taking a lead after 4 rounds, I've seen Warren start fast against Payano, and Zhakiyanov, whereas, Arroyo, well I have seen him start quite slowly in the past, and he is the kind of fighter who gets stronger as the fight goes on. I think Arroyo will improve through the mid rounds, out working Warren, using his blocking ability as he walks forward, moving his head, sustaining pressure, making Warren work, controlling the pace, getting the better of rounds 5-8. Warren is the bigger puncher, so I think if the two guys open up and take a lot of risks in the late rounds, Arroyo could be made to pay a bit. I think Warren will stay in the fight, but I think Arroyo will out work him, and get the better of him on the inside, use that wide left hand to help him close the distance, and make it so that Warren if the one with catching up to do after 10 rounds, I think both fighters will be tired at this point, I think Warren will push for the finish in the last two rounds, and Arroyo will know how he can't let the last two rounds slip away, so he'll keep it on Warren, he'll be relentless, try to take advantage of Warren's fatigue as he gambles with a big shot, but I think in the end, it will be a closely contested battle, the guys will go all out, the fans will love it, and they'll both feel they've won. I think Arroyo will be awarded a unanimous decision (115-113, 115-113, 116-112).

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I just read that Rau'shee Warren beat McJoe Arroyo, before I had the chance to finish my prediction analysis, ah well, at least I put down my prediction itself.

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Like the Lipinets and Dawson vs Fonfara fights on the Danny Garcia vs Keith Thurman undercard I wonder when we will ever get to see this fight.