Ralph Dupas vs Charley Scott

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Ralph Dupas vs Charley Scott
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Wednesday, May 13, 1959
Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Rounds Scheduled: 
Bernie Weismann

Official Judging
Bernie Weismann 45 - 46
Lou Caparelli 46 - 47
Jim McManus 47 - 43


"Charley Scott, an upset victor over high ranked welterweight Ralph Dupas, looked today for a match with any scrapper with a better rating. Scott was ranked 7th among the world's 147 pounders when he tripped Dupas, 2nd rated, last night with a split decision in 10 rounds in the Wednesday TV fight. Dupas, floored in the 1st round for a count of three by a Scott left hook, said he never was hurt." -United Press International

">Unofficial UPI scorecard - 47-44 Dupas

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">"I don't feel like I looked good. But he's a hard guy to fight. He's so fast, zip here and zip there, and hard to hit. But he didn't hurt me anytime." -Charley Scott"); "What do you have to do to win a fight? Every fight I've ever lost, outside of the Joe Brown knockout, was a split decision." -Ralph Dupas

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