Rafael Herrera vs Venice Borkhorsor

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Rafael Herrera vs Venice Borkhorsor
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Saturday, October 13, 1973
Forum, Inglewood, California, USA
Rounds Scheduled: 
Contracted Weight: 
Titles at Stake: 
WBC Bantamweight World Title (Herrera's 3rd defence)
Larry Rozadilla

Official Judging
Chuck Hassett 141 - 145
Larry Rozadilla 143 - 141
Rudy Jordan 144 - 142


"Mexico's Rafael Herrera retained his WBC bantamweight title Saturday night by scoring a split decision over Thailand's Venice Borkorsor in a punishing 15 round fight at the Forum. Herrera had the shorter Borkorsor on the canvas in the 7th round for the fight's only knockdown. However, at the end, Herrera could barely see from both eyes while Borkorsor, the former WBC flyweight titleholder, was unmarked." -United Press International

Borkorsor lost a point in the 13th round for a headbutt
Attendance - 12,200
Gate - $121,400
Purses - Herrera - $80,000, Borkorsor - $17,500
Unofficial scorecards:

UPI: 143-141 Borkorsor
AP: 143-141 Borkorsor
Pasadena Star-News: 145-141 Borkorsor
Los Angeles Times: 144-143 Borkorsor
Boxing Illustrated - 143-142 Borkorsor
International Boxing - 145-143 Borkorsor
Post fight comments:

"It was a dirty fight. Borkorsor started butting me about the 2nd round on. I will give him credit, though, he hits very hard." -Rafael Herrera
"It was a very good fight, but I feel it was a bad decision." -Venice Borkorsor
"There is no chance he can fight Romeo Anaya this year. Maybe in January or February." -Cuco Cuate, Herrera's manager, when asked if Herrera would be ready (healed) to unify the title before the end of the year.
"The split decision win for Herrera, who fought the last five rounds almost totally blind, was almost as absurd as the reluctance on the part of Referee Larry Rozadilla to take points away from the Thai fighter for continually head-butting Herrera." -Craig Doolittle, of the Pasadena Star-News.

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