Pernell Whitaker vs Carlos Bojorquez

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Pernell Whitaker vs Carlos Bojorquez
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Friday, April 27, 2001
Caesars Tahoe, Stateline, Nevada, USA
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Joe Cortez


The 37-year-old Whitaker was returning to the ring after a 26-month layoff.

In the first round, Whitaker landed 15 of 61 punches and Bojorquez connected on 8 of 53.

After throwing a left cross in the final minute of round two, Whitaker winced and grabbed his shoulder. X-rays later showed that he fractured his left clavicle.

Whitaker threw only three lefts in the third round.

At the beginning of round four, Whitaker grabbed his shoulder and turned away after being pushed by Bojorquez. Whitaker then fell to the canvas after ducking under a left hook. He got up holding his shoulder, and referee Joe Cortez called time to have him checked by the ringside doctor. Whitaker recoiled when the doctor squeezed his shoulder, and the bout was stopped.

Trainer Tommy Brooks said Whitaker's shoulder had troubled him during training.

"I am done," Whitaker said. "I can't keep suffering these injuries. I'm not even going to think about it."

Two days after the fight, Whitaker was admitted to a hospital in Virginia after his girlfriend called 911 and said she believed he was having a seizure on the bathroom floor.

When pressed by the person handling the call, she suggested the cause might be cocaine.

Whitaker was released from the hospital the following day and claimed a mixture of pain medication and alcohol led to his hospitalizations.

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