Oleksandr Usyk vs Mairis Bredis

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Oleksandr Usyk vs Mairis Bredis
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Saturday, January 27, 2018
Arena Riga, Riga
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Unified Crusierwieght titles


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Champion97's picture


I love this match up, I think these are the top two cruiserweights on the world. Usyk, I think is the best cruiserweight in the world, by some distance, but if anyone can beat him, it is Briedis. Briedis has had a lot more professional fights than Usyk, and he's the more experienced fighter, he knocked out Manuel Charr in one round, won decisions over Marco Huck, Mike Perez, but Usyk, with the stand out amateur background, he has also beaten former long time world champion Marco Huck, he has some experience in the pro game, 13-0 now, he seems to have adapted as a professional, efficiently.

I think for Briedis, if he is going to win the fight, he's going to have to bully Usyk, make him work, take him somewhere he doesn't want to be, fight in close, push him back, because if he tries to match Usyk blow for blow, at distance, he won't win. Usyk will know it is Briedis who has to work himself ragged to make the fight suit him, has to push the fight, force the pace, I think Usyk will be happy to let Briedis walk onto counter punches, break him down, bit by bit, I don't think it will be that simple, Briedis is tough, he's 23-0, a world champion in his own right, for a reason, he can punch, which is something Usyk has to be prepared for, he has got his work cut out for him, but as experience, tactics, ring IQ becomes really important in the fight, Usyk will take over. I think in rounds 7-9, Usyk will start to beat Briedis up, hopefully for Briedis, he'll still believe he can win, he'll fancy he can out last Usyk, and late in the fight, he can turn the tables on giant Lomachenko (as I call him, haha), but I think Usyk is too clever, teak tough as well, and in the end, Usyk will win a wide decision.

albertocastany's picture

This is a very interesting fight. It's going to be a pivotal event for both fighters.
I cannot pick any to win, but it will be very fun to watch.