Nino Benvenuti vs Luis Manuel Rodriguez

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Nino Benvenuti vs Luis Manuel Rodriguez
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Saturday, November 22, 1969
Palazzetto dello Sport, Roma, Lazio, Italy
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Titles at Stake: 
WBA & WBC Middleweight World Titles
Dominico Carabellese


- Undisputed World Middleweight Title
- Rodriguez knocked out with single left hook.

"World middleweight champion Nino Benvenuti, his face a bloody mask from the 3rd round on, retained his title Saturday night with a stunning knockout of American challenger Luis Rodriguez in the 11th round. The end came at 1:10 of the 11th in a fight Rodriguez seemed sure of winning. The 32 year old challenger had cut Benvenuti's face open with slashing right hooks and counter-punching left jabs that left Benvenuti glassy-eyed. But Benvenuti came back with one sudden shot - a tremendous left hook - to Rodriguez' face. The challenger fell back and took the full count almost unmoving. A crowd of 18,000 erupted in wild cheers and fought its way into the ring to raise Benvenuti into the air. Rodriguez remained semi-conscious in his corner." -United Press International

Unofficial UPI scorecard (through 10 completed rounds) - 5-4-1 Rodriguez
Unofficial AP scorecard - the AP stated they had the bout even at the time of the knockout.

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