Moruti Mthalane vs Masayuki Kuroda

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Moruti Mthalane vs Masayuki Kuroda
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Monday, May 13, 2019
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan
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IBF Flyweight World Title (Mthalane's 2nd defence)
Mark Nelson

Official Judging
Masakazu Murase 116 - 112
Neville Hotz 116 - 112
Ian Scott 117 - 111


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Champion97's picture


Mthalane is very, very old, but he proved against Waseem that he isn't a shot fighter, he has been down a couple of times, been in a few tough fights, but he doesn't have too many miles, but still, he did extremely well to win a world title at 36. Mthalane is a veteran, had 39 fights, been in against Tete, Donaire, Casimero, he is a 2 time world champion. Mthalane beat Muhammad Waseem last year, it was a close fight, but it was a UD win for Mthalane, he has defended once since then, got an 11th round TKO, so he is an active fighter.

Kuroda is a veteran, had 40 fights, doesn't have the best record, 30-7, lost at Japanese level a couple of times, but he is also a 2 weight Japanese champion, and has fought for a world title once before, lost wide against Reveco, but Reveco is good, and he didn't get stopped in that fight. Kuroda is durable, only been stopped once, he is quite old himself, but he is a lot younger than Mthalane. Kuroda has defended his Japanese title 3 times on the spin, he is on a winning run.

I think there is a difference in levels in this fight, Kuroda is a very good Japanese level fighter, but Mthalane is not bad at world level, and I think he should beat Kuroda without trouble. I think this will be a fairly competitive fight, Kuroda will try his best, will be tough, but he will lose a landslide. I don't think Mthalane will stop Kuroda, he can punch, Mthalane, but Kuroda has a good chin, and I don't think Mthalane will stop him.

I think Mthalane wins a UD, 118-110, 119-109.