Milton McCory vs Colin Jones

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Milton McCory vs Colin Jones
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Saturday, March 19, 1983
Convention Center, Reno, Nevada, USA
Rounds Scheduled: 
Contracted Weight: 
Titles at Stake: 
WBC Welterweight World Title
Octavio Meyran

Official Judging
Jose Juan Guerra 116 - 113
Newton Campos 114 - 116
Dimas Hernandez 115 - 115


Title Fight a Draw
AP | March 20, 1983

RENO, March 19— The fight was for the vacant title after the reigning champ, Sugar Ray Leonard, had retired from boxing with a detached retina.

Colin Jones and Milton McCrory fought to a draw today in a 12-round bout for the vacant World Boxing Council welterweight championship.

Jones seemed to dominate the fight much of the way.

Blood flowed freely from McCrory's nose beginning in the second round. The decision was loudly booed by the crowd of about 4,000 at the Reno Convention Center.

Jose Sulaiman, the W.B.C. president, said that he would order a rematch that will take place after a rest period of at least 45 days. Judges Dimas Hernandez of Venezuela scored the bout even at 115-115; Newton Campus of Brazil gave it toJones, 116-114, and Jose Guerra of Mexico voted for McCrory, 116-113.

McCrory, a 146 1/2-pounder from Detroit, was staggered by Jones, 146, with a roundhouse right to the temple in the third round. McCrory came back in the fourth round, landing combinations to the head and body, but Jones landed a powerful left to the body that rocked McCrory in the corner. McCrory landed a left-right combination to the head near the end of the round that jolted Jones momentarily.

Jones suffered the first cut of his career in that round, a gash under the left eye, but he dominated the next three rounds. Jones rocked McCrory again with a right to the head in the ninth round and continued to move in on McCrory. Jones battered McCrory's head and body in the 11th. McCrory unleashed a furious series of combinations in the final round, but failed to seriously hurt his opponent.

McCrory, 21 years old, had a 20-0 record going into the fight and Jones, 23, a 24-1 record.

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