Mike Tyson vs Mike Jameson

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Mike Tyson vs Mike Jameson
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Wednesday, January 22, 1986
Trump Plaza Hotel, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
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Joe Cortez


Mike Tyson 16-0 (16 KOs) vs. Mike Jameson (Announced as 17-9 (8 KOs).
Round 3 was mistakenly only two minutes long.
This was the first fight for Tyson to go beyond four rounds.
Jameson was forced to shave his full beard the morning of the fight.
In January of 1986, Tyson appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated labeled "Kid Dynamite".

Tyson came forward in the opening round, looked to get in close, and land power shots. He had success with several solid body shots in the first half of the round and closed landing shots to Jameson's head. Jameson moved around the ring, threw sparingly, and repeatedly tied up Tyson when in close. Tyson continued to bang away with power shots and a right uppercut opened a cut above the left eye of Jameson in the opening minute of Round 2. Jameson threw more early in Round 2 and landed his best punch of the fight, a good right hand at 1:09. Much of the second half of the round, he spent in retreat and clinching. Tyson was warned for a low blow early in the two-minute-long Round 3, a round in which Jameson continued to retreat and hold excessively. Jameson was warned in Round 4 for holding. Tyson came forward immediately following the warning and landed a flurry that sent Jameson down at 1:07. He got to his feet at the count of four and clinched for much of the remainder of the round. A right hand sent Jameson down to his knees early in Round 5. He got to his feet at the count of five. Referee Joe Cortez gave Jameson a long look and asked him if he was OK, before waving an end to the bout. It appeared Jameson indicated he was OK to continue and he was upset with the stoppage.

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