Mike Tyson vs Conroy Nelson

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Mike Tyson vs Conroy Nelson
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Friday, November 22, 1985
Latham Coliseum, Latham, New York, USA
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Sid Rubenstein


Mike Tyson 12-0 (12 KOs) vs. Conroy Nelson (Conroy's record was announced as 19-5-2 (14 KOs) and appeared on the poster as 19-5-1.
Tyson was just nine days removed from knocking out Eddie Richardson at 1:17 of the opening round.
Nelson claimed to have earned $5,000 for the fight.
Ticket prices for the event were $12, $15, and $20.
Nelson claimed in a 2005 interview he had been out of the ring for the 14 months prior to the Tyson fight because he had been diagnosed with skin cancer on his right hand, and three inches of skin had been taken off his hip for the graft.

Tyson came forward in the opening round and threw power punches, with success to the body, against a circling Nelson, who occasionally threw a decent jab and kept his gloves high. A left hook to the body that got around Nelson's elbow hurt him and likely caused his knee to touch 50 seconds into the first round. It was not ruled a knockdown and action continued. A followup right hand wobbled him, but he was able to cover up well enough to get through the barrage. To his credit, Nelson caught Tyson with a good right uppercut at 1:36. Much of the second half of the opening round was fought on the inside, with Tyson landing hooks to the body. Tyson ducked under a left hook and landed a left hook that put Nelson down on his back 16 seconds into Round 2. Nelson spat out his mouthpiece and staggered to his feet just after the referee reached the count of ten.

"Was a very good fighter, experienced fighter, was a good fighter, but a friend of mine from Canada (inaudible) was telling me about him and he'd either clutch or try to hold all the time. He surprised me because he wasn't trying to hold, he was fighting. Maybe he was a little leery about the punching power. He took some good shots and if it had been anybody else they would've quit." - Mike Tyson in the post-fight interview
"If everything goes the way it's been going, I'd put Mike in the ring in about June or July (1986) against somebody in the top ten, but you must remember, once you break into the top ten, you can't go backwards. You can't beat somebody in the top ten and go back and fight eight-round fights" - Jim Jacobs, Tyson's manager
"When I fought Mike Tyson it was on a week's notice. We set up training camp in a car garage, set up a couple heavy bags. I wasn't totally ready to fight, but the money was there. At the time, I said to myself "I'll go in there and box him. He's a shorter guy.' Usually my jab is pretty good, but the way that he avoided the jab ruined the plan I had for him. He set the pace for himself. He ducked underneath it and came up with a body shot, a left hook. Then it was bam, bam, bam! I was on the ropes, and he broke my nose. The referee came over and my eyes were watering. I wanted to continue, but I couldn't see." - Conroy Nelson in a 2005 interview with ESPN.com.


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